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Those in music talk life, those in life chat music... and more.

Those in music talk life, those in life chat music... and more.
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Those in music talk life, those in life chat music... and more.




002 Eliza Hull

Eliza Hull (musician) is our feature guest talking about life and their latest release - 'How We Disappeared' EP. From the archives: Lawrence Mooney (comedian) chatting music. This year they're Host of the new 'Moonman in the Morning'. Show Notes: Socials: radionotesPodcast on Instagram and Facebook


001 Holly Throsby

Holly Throsby [08'09"] author and singer/songwriter is our feature guest (recorded March 5, 2017). Chat was conducted just after the LP 'After a Time' had been released and they were at the Adelaide's Writers' Week to talk about their debut book 'Goodwood' (Allen & Unwin) had been released the year prior. From the Archives: Doctor Who's Katy Manning [47'18"], on why the move to Australia and who she found here. This is the first episode and as explained within, there are more details...


Marlsand parents speak about Richard's life

Decade ago today, highly talented and generous Richard Marsland did his last radio broadcast and the following day was found dead. The main chat here is a conversation with his parents Alisson and Peter in their family home, recorded in April 2016. Another conversation of note with them was done by The Adelaide Show and can be found - here. Giving more insight to the life of a broadcaster that helped and brought joy to so many. Please note: This episode raises issues about depression and...


Interviewer Is Interviewed

G’day, I’m John Murch (many years of the moniker ‘radionotes’) and this is my podcast. Having interviewed thousands (admittedly high number due to Breakfast radio) of folk, rarely have the tables been turned. On the balcony of my local, perched on a bar stool and unscripted took questions from Steve Davis (The Adelaide Show). Very much going for soft-launch, sure this will mean will not hit the charts - but my broadcasts have never been about that. The first official episode will be...


Two microphones on a balcony

Gentleman walks up to the first floor of a local hotel to find two live microphones. This is a test for the Podcast that will have it's first official episode in 2019. Landing in this feed in the next few weeks will be an introduction, followed in the next month by a tribute. Find 'radionotes' on the socials at: InstagramFacebookTwitterInterwebsTo contact the Podcast - email: Produced (and in future) hosted by John Murch Special thanks to Steve Davis for his...