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3DCB Ep. 41 - Treat Your Mother Right

Happy late Mothers Day, humanoids. This week we start with Ed's mom doing a little cameo and joining in a game of Would You Rather. We talk episode 5 of Game of Thrones, some more random TV/movie stuff, Warwick's school lunch problem, Colorado decriminalizing mushrooms and of course music. This week we Gary MIA again we each chose 3 tracks. 1 acoustic and 2 randoms so check it out.


3DCB Ep. 40 - Return of the Hipster Vegan

Gary is back and he has tales of his Chicago adventure to go see The Misfits. We're back around to our album rewind where we do a full review of an album of choice, this time selected by Ed. We also dive into this past weeks Game of Thrones again and from here on out so SPOILER ALERT and do a little You Know What Grinds My Gears. The boys are back in town so settle in with a brew and hit play.


3DCB Ep. 39 - I'll Just Put A Literally Before Every Basically

Where in the World is Gary Deangelis?! Chicago to see the OG Misfits play. And he left us a message to tell out how much of shit hole it is. Otherwise we **SPOILER ALERT** cover episode 2 of the new season of Game of Thrones and other general bullshit. This week musically we all had to pick stuff from vinyl we actually own to listen to and critique which made for an interesting time before and during recording. A blast as usual!


3DCB Ep. 38 - 3 Dudes (Reprise)

This week we're back to 3 Dudes as Gary accidently ate meat and banged out of the podcast for the week. This week we talk about about the first episode of Game of Thrones, a bit of movie talk and a whole lot of music. Don't worry Gary will be back soon after he gets over this traumatic experience.


3DCB Ep. 37 - Black Man's Child

This week the boys are back and talk a little about last weeks annual record store day and its good points and bad points. The boys also list their 10 movies that they can watch over and over. Musically we each select a foreign language song and a random song.


3DCB Ep. 36 - The Girl from Joe Dirt is a What?!

We're baaack. We missed a week due to scheduling but we're back on track. With the week off the boys have some movies to talk about new and old. We're back to our album review rewind and Gary chose some CKY. Speaking of Gary, 2 Scoops pays a visit to cut a promo on Donald Trump and Jussie Smollett among others. A fun episode so check it out.


3DCB Ep. 35 - This Past Weekend...

On this weeks show we all go over our weekend debauchery which doesnt come close to the debauchery of Motley Crue during their heyday. In case ya haven't guessed we talk a little about the Netflix movie about the Crue called "The Dirt". For our music segment the 3 Dudes select 3 songs released in 2019 which caught their ear. Gary sits this one out as he's a dildo and doesn't search out new music. We also get into another You Know What Grinds My Gears segment as well as various other 100%...


3DCB Ep. 34 - Poutine, the Russian President

This week after a bit of movie talk, Ed gets into the Mr. Rogers documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" which leads to his motivational minute. Our music segment this week is 2 live songs which one has to be official and the other can be what ever you want. Then the boys go into a little rant about what grinds their gears. Word of advice; don't forget Rays honey mustard!


3DCB Ep. 33 - Apple Head

After a short reflection back on Lords of Chaos the boys continue down the documentary rabbit hole and do a deep dive on HBO's Leaving Neverland and the whole Michael Jackson Saga. For music this we we pick 1 band, 1 song the music they were known for and one something hardcore fans would consider a sellout but you actually enjoyed. And finally, good friend of the podcast and heavy metal legend, Lemmy Kilmister drops by and does a stirring rendition of "Beat It" by Michael Jackson to close...


3DCB Ep. 32 - Lords of Chaos

This week we go deep on the new **SPOILER ALERT** Lords of Chaos movie which if you didnt know is based on the book about the murders and church burnings of the early black metal scene. We also do our monthly full album review and this weeks pick came from ray and he picked Lore by The Flight of Sleipnir. We also test Rays music knowledge, go a little deeper on "space is fake" and we find out if Steve lost enough weight to keep his beard or not. **SPOILER ALERT** He doesn't and Gary shaves...


3DCB Ep. 31 Lemmy, Robert Kraft and Phil Anselmo Walk into A Bar...

This week we go a little news heavy in the first half of the show and cover Michelle Carter, Jussie Smollet and Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots joins us on the podcast! We also host a Ouija seance to contact Lemmy and his coco puff and he shows up to give us some words of wisdom. Phil Anselmo is back and he and Robert Kraft have an interesting conversation. Fun stuff! Our music theme this week is a song that got us into a band and you get some good stuff as we all had a different...


3DCB Ep. 30 - Shut Your Mouth You 2 Livered Bastard

This one is a doozy as Ray is Dobbied up on Scotch almost immediately and Ed's daughter Rosie is in the house. Our musical theme this week is women in music and we get a wide variety old and new. We also talk the Fyre documentary, the mind numbing Abducted in Plain Sight and a bit about Until the Light Takes Us seeing as The Lords of Chaos movie is now in theatres. Steve finally watched Young guns and, hey Mikey, he liked it. And Garys new segment continues as he reads some Jack Off Jill...


3DCB Ep. 29 Eddie Goes Deep

This week Ed's got some shit to get off his chest and goes deep in the first hour as we watch UFC 234 in the background. Our music theme for the episode was completely random and boy did we deliver. All over the map musically so maybe you'll discover something. We'll be giving you "riveting" coverage of Adesanya v. Silva. We also introduce a new segment where Gary reads lyrics from one of our song selections but he has to improvise them based off a subject we give him. This week he reads...


3DCB Ep. 28 - One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime

This week everyone has finally finished The Punisher Season 2 and we discuss in detail so...SPOILER ALERT. We also start our album rewind series this week featuring All Shall Perish Awaken the Dreamers. We're all over the map as usual so just listen to the goddang show, ok?


3DCB Ep. 27 - The Good Thing about Livers is You Have 2 of 'em

R.I.P. Bruce Corbitt This week the boys change it up a bit and get together on Sunday which means Royal Rumble talk. Pssst, we don't make it to the mens rumble. We also talk The Punisher season 2 and The Night Comes for Us. This weeks music theme is song with a memorable guest vocal appearance which makes for some interesting discussion. A fun show as always so check it out.


3DCB - Ep. 26 - I'm Getting Thick in the Pants

On this weeks episode we talk memories about an old friend, the miracle of Air Fryers, a little UFC and of course the music segment which this week is something you liked as a kid but find cringey now and vice versa. It's kind of a return to the 90's theme so enjoy!


3DCB - Ep. 25 - The 90's

Sit back and get nostalgic about that bomb ass decade we call the 90's. Break out the Red Dog and some pog's and turn your Walkmen up loud!


3DCB Ep. 24 - Grapes Are Natures Perfect Little Popsicles

RIP Mean Gene. This week the guys each select their personal top 10 albums of the year, discuss and then breakdown some of the songs. We give a small update on tour 2019 goals that we made on the end of episode 23, break into some random Married...with Children talk, some Mean Gene memories and albums we're excited for in 2019. See you next week we go back to some old segments and start some new ones. There's also a Spotify playlist containing a song from each of our top 10 albums if your...


3DCB Ep. 23 - Did You Just Ask Me For Wetnaps?

On this weeks episode we cover Uncle D.'s #1 album of the year, Krisiun - Scourge of the Enthroned. We also watch UFC 232 Jones v. Gustafasson and talk the whole steroid debacle involving Jon Jones. We get into another Heavy Metal witch hunt discussion involving a shitty website and Nergal of Behemoth, generally shoot the shit and all set some personal and podcast goals for 2019 as this is the New Years episode. Happy 2019!


3DCB Ep. 22 - No Presents For Christmas w/Benny Sherman

Merry Christmas! That's right, you get to spend Christmas with dem 3DCB boys and guest Benny Sherman. On this weeks podcast Gary presents Ray with a very heart felt Christmas present, Benny gives us the rundown on his affiliate Twitch channel, Gary actually buys some metal, we go over Ed's number 1 album of the year "Revival" by Light the Torch and Ed tells an eggnog story all while some so called "Best of" WCW Nitro plays in the background as well as perennial classic, "Friday". Check out...