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Akira Toyoda :: Benkei

Recorded in New York City, smack in the middle of the 1980s, Benkei deftly sidesteps the era's too frequent production woes. In sharp contrast, the record presents aesthetically perennial. As a piece, Benkei emanates a presence, an atmosphere that in no way feels ad hoc, but one more befitting a group of serial collaborators. This is both a testament to Toyoda as a bandleader and the players innate communion and agility throughout. The post Akira Toyoda :: Benkei appeared first on Aquarium...


Zella Jackson :: Days Are Just Like People

St. Louis-based gospel singer Zella Jackson (whose life story is startling to say the least) wrote and recorded this fierce platter in 1974. A midtempo but empowering work of gospel, “Days Are Just Like People” is a B-side that blurs the genre with its scorching synth-draped funk and prog-infused elements of flute and harpsichord. With a single copy of the original 7” going for a cool 370 on Discogs, here’s a rip for your personal salvation. The post Zella Jackson :: Days Are Just Like...


Transmissions Podcast :: Tim Heidecker/John Coltrane ’58/Johnathan Rice at Gold Diggers

You’re tuned into the Aquarium Drunkard Transmissions podcast...This month, we bring you the uncut edition of our conversation with Tim Heidecker, explaining the classic inspirations behind his latest LP, What The Broken Hearted Do. Also, a review of the John Coltrane boxset, Coltrane ’58: The Prestige Recordings. And to close out, Johnathan Rice live at Gold Diggers, discussing both his haikus—optimized for the social media age—and new album, The Long Game. The post Transmissions Podcast...


Maison Dufrene IX — A Mixtape

Summer respite. Assuage the heat and embrace the mellow with this ninth installment of Maison Dufrene -- a measured cadence of breezy, lilting melodies focused on taking it real slow. The post Maison Dufrene IX — A Mixtape appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


Mitchell Froom :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

But Froom is also a musician in his own right, and earlier this year he released an album and an EP, both projects designed to help revisit and develop his sense of the studio. The Monkeytree EP features a handful of compositions put together with David Boucher, and the Ether full-length took Froom on a working tour of his synthesizers, exploring a past sense of the future. "There's a layer of plastic over it," Froom says, describing the alternate-timeline vision of what lay ahead...


The Lagniappe Sessions :: Six Organs Of Admittance

For more than two decades, Ben Chasny’s Six Organs of Admittance has taken on many forms, from full-band blowouts to spectral acoustic balladry, from esoteric approaches to free-form explorations. Wherever he goes, he’s always worth following. For his debut Lagniappe Session, Ben has re-imagined three Melvins songs, paying righteous tribute to the long-running Washington state rockers. The post The Lagniappe Sessions :: Six Organs Of Admittance appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


Tone Scientists :: Tiny Pyramids (Sun Ra)

This one slipped out quietly as the b-side of a one-off 7" in 2018 - Tone Scientists' cover of Sun Ra's "Tiny Pyramids." True to the 1974 Arkestra original, the ad hoc group ride a heavy Pungi-like groove throughout. With percussion buoyed by jazzist Vince Meghrouni and Tortoise's John Herndon, session producer Mike Watt fills in on bass duties with Pete Mazich on keys. Saturn music endures ... The post Tone Scientists :: Tiny Pyramids (Sun Ra) appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


The Lagniappe Sessions :: Erin Rae

Erin Rae writes and performs folk music. Folk music highlighted by supremely elegant singing and rich lyrical imagery. Her songs are not the immediate sort; rather they slowly envelop the listener like a dense mountain fog on a humid Tennessee morning. Her work is nothing if not sturdy; classic stories and melodies that will be around long after the big machine has washed away, when we’re all back to just playing music for one another. The post The Lagniappe Sessions :: Erin Rae appeared...


Alice Coltrane :: My Favorite Things

While her late husband's 1961 modal rendering helped reinvigorate the Rodgers and Hammerstein chestnut, the orchestral presentation Alice put forth a decade later is a beast of an altogether different stripe. Kicking off Coltrane's sixth lp, World Galaxy, the instantly recognizable melody quickly dissolves amidst a very free, swirling cacophony of sound....something like the aural equivalent of David Bowman's star gate sequence. High praise, indeed! The post Alice Coltrane :: My Favorite...


The Lagniappe Sessions :: Cy Dune

Cy Dune serves as the stage name of Seth Olinsky of defunct freak-punk-niks Akron/Family. While the music of his former group resides somewhere at the intersections of noise, new age, free jazz and rock ’n’ roll, Cy Dune is rooted in the raw power of guitar and drums -- where proto-punk beats blast, and early rock ’n’ roll dance over layered drum riffs. It’s like Teen Wolf fronting The Starlighters – it is hairy but it’s the future! More from Seth – we mean Cy, below … The post The...


The Lagniappe Sessions :: Mega Bog

The songwriting vehicle of Erin Birgy, Mega Bog bathes in the multiplicity of the human condition via an ever-eccentric blend of oblique pop experimentalism. Anchored by Birgy’s ethereal yet fixed vocals, sonically, the project leans as deftly into Badalamenti-esque jazz-scapes as it does biting, angular art-rock. For their Lagniappe Session, covers of Yukihiro Takahashi, Lady June & Kate Bush. The post The Lagniappe Sessions :: Mega Bog appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Sassounian Sunset / A Mixtape

Global entry, the following is a summer heater. Darone Sassounian recently wrapped a four year quest digging for 70s & 80s Armenian and Middle Eastern rarities. Based in Los Angeles, himself of Armenian descent, the DJ and record collector traveled through Lebanon and Europe, unearthing a cache of tracks by a handful of local producers and Armenian musicians. The post Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Sassounian Sunset / A Mixtape appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


The Lagniappe Sessions :: Damien Jurado

Jurado’s latest, In The Shape of a Storm, finds him once again pulling elements out of the nostalgia slipstream. Though less science fiction and supernaturally informed than the records he made with the late, great Richard Swift, it’s no less evocative. Its songs often play out like half-remembered episodes of a forgotten sitcom, transmitted through the static and picked up by ever sensitive antennae. For his first-ever Lagniappe Session, Damien selected a number of classic theme songs....


Ryley Walker: The Fivethirteen Sessions

June 22, join Ryley Walker and Aquarium Drunkard to benefit the ACLU at Trans Pecos in Queens, New York, To prep, give this a spin. Recorded at Fivethirteen Recording in Arizona in the fall of 2016, this collection finds Walker, drummer Ryan Jewell, and bassist Anton Hatwich working through a set of new, experimental recordings. In many ways, they presage the direction Walker and co. would take on Deafman Glance and The Lillywhite Sessions—knotty, electric, and searching. We previously...


The Lagniappe Sessions :: The Quiet Temple

The end of July sees the release of left-field jazz ensemble The Quiet Temple's self-titled debut. A collaborative effort, the group’s primary members are Rich Machin (Soulsavers) and multi-instrumentalist Duke Garwood; further augmented by Spiritualized's Thighpaulsandra and Doggen Foster, with Stereolab saxophonist Ray Dickaty. An expansive, free and very out affair, for this installment of the Lagniappe Sessions, the ensemble stretch out on the godhead of Coltrane's "Africa", Band of...


Norma Tanega: Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog

Tanega's debut was recorded and released in 1966. Twelve tracks in 29 minutes, the album stylistically scans a hybrid of folk and blues traditions, along with erstwhile doses of orchestral-pop balladry. No matter the approach, the entirety of Walkin' is driven by and framed by Tanega's unorthodox vocals, unusual lyrics, and atypical time signatures. Hardly conventional compared to her peers, the album still managed to reach #22 on the charts. Imagine that today... The post Norma Tanega:...


Los Hermanos Calatrava :: Space Oddity

Fictional astronaut blues. Here’s a chestnut we’ve been spinning via satellite for years, a grotesquerie which seems to elicit an equal measure of delight and horror depending on the beholder. Via Barcelona, Los Hermanos Calatrava’s wholly bizarre rendition [...] The post Los Hermanos Calatrava :: Space Oddity appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


The Lagniappe Sessions :: Boogarins

Brazil’s Boogarins recently released their third album, Sombrou Dúvida, a set which finds the group refining their Tropicália influenced, mutant psych-rock into a concentrated, glowing sheen. For this installment of the Lagniappe Sessions, the group lay their influences bare with covers from My Bloody Valentine, the Velvets, and the Kinks. The post The Lagniappe Sessions :: Boogarins appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


Oh, How She Dances: An Evening With Tav Falco & Panther Burns

... I can’t recall if Falco opened that show with “Oh, How She Dances” but it has been his set opener every time I’ve seen him in the intervening decades. The tune is a litany of sideshow freaks, an evocation of forbidden delights, and the de facto theme song of Falco’s 40-years-and-going outfit, the Panther Burns. The post Oh, How She Dances: An Evening With Tav Falco & Panther Burns appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


Be And Bring Me Home: Remembering Roky Erickson

In 2010 Roky Erickson released his first album in 14 years, True Love Cast Out All Evil, backed by fellow Texans Okkervil River. Below, Okkervil's Will Sheff reflects on the iconoclast and his time spent backing him. The post Be And Bring Me Home: Remembering Roky Erickson appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.