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Jacques Loubelo :: Ngando

Spike your egg nog with a dose of this and submerge. Nestled at the end of a compilation of bombastic and grand dance-floor boogies from the Ivory Coast, Jacques Loubelo’s “Ngando” closes out Nouvelle Ambiance !!! [...] The post Jacques Loubelo :: Ngando appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


Aquarium Drunkard Presents: KPM – Be With Records Is The Selector

Following two years of intense work producing 11 KPM platters, we asked Be With founder, Rob Butler, to get creative with the cream of the catalog for this exclusive Aquarium Drunkard mix. Cut live in one take, using all vinyl at Be With’s Manchester HQ. The post Aquarium Drunkard Presents: KPM – Be With Records Is The Selector appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


A Reflection: Vince Guaraldi Trio — A Charlie Brown Christmas

There’s loneliness and companionship, joy and despair, truth-seeking and blithe celebration, all during what’s marketed to be the most wonderful time of the year. Your interpretation of the season begets your holiday spirit, whatever version it may be — bah humbug and good tidings. It’s little surprise then that Charlie Brown’s soundtrack, as well as our own, is something just as introspective and shifting. Something like jazz. The post A Reflection: Vince Guaraldi Trio — A Charlie Brown...


Tranmissions ​​Podcast :: Lagniappe Sessions/Lola Kirke/Irmin Schmidt (CAN)

Welcome to the November edition of the Aquarium Drunkard Transmissions podcast. It’s nearly the end of the year, and we’re looking back on 2018’s Lagniappe Sessions . Launched in 2011, the Lagniappe Sessions is an audio series [...] The post Tranmissions ​​Podcast :: Lagniappe Sessions/Lola Kirke/Irmin Schmidt (CAN) appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Hollow Hand

Lagniappe (la·gniappe) noun ˈlan-ˌyap,’ – 1. An extra or unexpected gift or benefit. 2. Something given or obtained as a gratuity or bonus. Max Kinghorn-Mills is Hollow Hand . Following an exceptional string of self-released 7″s last [...] The post The Lagniappe Sessions :: Hollow Hand appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


RIP Francis Lai :: 1932-2018

This past week we lost one of the most prolific and influential French film composers, Francis Lai. Best known for his collaborations with director Claude Lelouch, as well as his Academy Award winning score for Love Story (1970), Lai scored over 130 films in his lifetime — between 1966 and 2015. The post RIP Francis Lai :: 1932-2018 appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


The Lagniappe Sessions :: The Raccoonists

Lagniappe (la·gniappe) noun ˈlan-ˌyap,’ – 1. An extra or unexpected gift or benefit. 2. Something given or obtained as a gratuity or bonus. In the introduction of his new autobiography, Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back): A Memoir of Recording and Discording With Wilco, Etc , Jeff Tweedy confesses: [...] The post The Lagniappe Sessions :: The Raccoonists appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


Maki Asakawa :: Gogo 午後

Night music. Japanese chanteuse and composer Maki Asakawa’s career spanned three decades, experimenting with the forms of jazz, folk, blues and pop. And while adept at all of the aforementioned, the artist was at her [...] The post Maki Asakawa :: Gogo 午後 appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.


Michael Hurley :: Living Ljubljana

Feeding Tube Records has a nice archival live series going with living legend Michael Hurley. First, we got the excellent Redbirds at Folk City , capturing the singer-songwriter at a mid-1970s peak. Now, the Massachusetts label has released an [...] The post Michael Hurley :: Living Ljubljana appeared first on Aquarium Drunkard.

PAINT :: Heaven In Farsi

Here’s one we’ve been listening to and playing regularly on the show since PAINT principal, Pedrum Siadatian, shared it with us this time last year: “Heaven In Farsi”– a tune that is now available, as of last week, via PAINT’s debut lp on Mexican Summer. Produced by the singular touch of Frank Maston, whose own […]


The Mighty Sparrow :: Fyaah & Fury

There’s a wannabe dictator in the Oval Office and answers don’t seem to be blowing in the wind. The dearth of the protest song is astonishing. Perhaps overwhelmed like the rest of us, perhaps needing more time to be inspired to sing about what many find so dispiriting, artists have, by and large, yet to […]


SIRIUS/XMU :: Aquarium Drunkard Show (Halloween Edition)

Our weekly two hour show on SIRIUS/XMU, channel 35, can be heard live dead every Wednesday night at 7pm PST with encore broadcasts on-demand via the SIRIUS/XM app. Happy Halloween… The Aquarium Drunkard Show: The Halloween Edition SIRIUS 542: Aquarium Drunkard Halloween Intro 2018 ++ Eartha Kitt – I Want To Be Evil (AD Halloween […]


Transmissions Podcast :: Kurt Vile / ECM Records / James Booker

Happy Halloween and welcome to the October edition of the Transmissions podcast. Hope you enjoyed our bonus podcast episode, featuring AD’s Halloween mix. If you haven’t heard it, check your feed or MixCloud. It’s essential listening. Our topics today aren’t quite as spooky, but they’re good nonetheless. First, Kurt Vile. Earlier this month he released […]


Akofa Akoussah / Sonafric Records

Via 1976, dig the smoldering and slow-burning nocturnal blues of Akofa Akoussah’s “I Tcho Tchass,” a humid noir groove that closes out her sole, self-titled, long player. Hailing from the West African nation of Togo, Akoussah blurred sounds, traditions, and styles from her neighboring Ghana, fusing psychedelic rock, soul, jazz, funk, and, here, a unique […]


The Lagniappe Sessions :: Mountain Man

Lagniappe (la·gniappe) noun ˈlan-ˌyap,’ – 1. An extra or unexpected gift or benefit. 2. Something given or obtained as a gratuity or bonus. It’s been eight years since we’ve written about Mountain Man, the last occasion being the release of their debut album, Made The Harbor. How time flies. Last month saw the return of […]

Calvin Love :: Highway Dancer

Across four records and numerous EP’s, the speed, direction, and gesticulation-level of Calvin Love’s music may have changed, but the Canadian singer and multi-instrumentalist has rooted his music in the one thing that’s remained constant: his captivating voice. Surrounding that voice has at times been lofi synth-drenched dance music, searing guitars (one of Love’s many […]


J. Mamana :: Nothing New in the West

Shortly after I moved to Providence, an ex-girlfriend was telling me about a kid named Jay. Together, we went to catch one of his shows in a dingy little room above an arts centre. A metal band opened for him. When he finally came on, he looked like the younger brother of Louis Theroux. I […]


Mondo Boys :: Blood Moon Baby (A Halloween Mixtape)

The full moon rises and there’s a chill in the air. But why is it RED? A child’s scream in the distance? Surely, just the wind. A crow flies across your path and you stumble and fall. CRACK. Your head on the pavement. Blood spills onto the ground. Vision fades. Music in the distance. Back […]


Gilles Peterson: Roy Ayers 75th Birthday Mix

Nicked this from Gilles Peterson’s soundcloud and converted it to mp3 several years back; his tribute to Roy Ayers on the eve of the vibraphonist’s 75th birthday. A heavyweight hour kicking off with Ayers vibe work on “Ramblin'”, via The Jack Wilson Quartet, the selects draw from lesser known work within the Ayers orbit. Gilles […]


Bobby Russell :: How You Gonna Stand It

Imagine Leonard Cohen covering this. Of the many songwriters to chart hit singles in the U.S. during the golden era of the Nashville Sound, perhaps none are as overlooked or underrated as Bobby Russell. From 1966-1973, Russell penned five hit singles, including Roger Miller’s “Little Green Apples”, Bobby Goldsorp’s #1 hit “Honey”, and wife and […]