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B4bookings reaffirms its love for music with the launch of "Be For the Podcast", a space confectioned exclusively by artists from the B4 family and designed to project the diverse musical spectrums that converge in the B4 world. Be For the Podcast: 60 minutes of electronic music mixed with passion because, after all, what moves B4 most is the desire to "be for the music".

B4bookings reaffirms its love for music with the launch of "Be For the Podcast", a space confectioned exclusively by artists from the B4 family and designed to project the diverse musical spectrums that converge in the B4 world. Be For the Podcast: 60 minutes of electronic music mixed with passion because, after all, what moves B4 most is the desire to "be for the music".
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B4bookings reaffirms its love for music with the launch of "Be For the Podcast", a space confectioned exclusively by artists from the B4 family and designed to project the diverse musical spectrums that converge in the B4 world. Be For the Podcast: 60 minutes of electronic music mixed with passion because, after all, what moves B4 most is the desire to "be for the music".




SANTÉ . B4 Podcast 065

The year is about to end, but not before presenting the B4 Podcast made exclusively by the charismatic SANTÉ. Santé, hailing from Berlin, belongs to the new school of artists who exhibit musicality, passion and strength on each tune; in all his sessions, Santé is skillful and creative from start to finish. These 60 minutes are a sample of that, with Santé giving us a finely interlaced musical story: house and tech-house, groove and funk, harmony and energy. With this great episode of...


TINI GESSLER . B4 Podcast 064

In episode number 64 of the B4 Podcast, Tini Gessler delivers a rhythmic, pulsating, challenging and very groovy set. TINI GESSLER, a relative newcomer in the industry, has risen up through the music scene remarkably quickly and gained a solid reputation for her pumping deep, tech-house sets which have seen her perform on stages throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia and, soon, Oceania. In these 60 minutes, Tini develops a great musical discourse, tech-house with an oscillating...


PAUL RITCH . Be for the Podcast 063

In episode 63 of Be For the Podcast, Paul Ritch delivers a superb session,recorded live at BClub Barcelona. Paul Ritch is a highly sensitive artist with impeccable taste, which is reflected in his music and his forceful style. These 60 minutes, extracted and chosen by Paul himself from a three-hour session, are deep and powerful at the same time, astute and also irreverent. Paul plays with textures, melodies, rhythms and energetic brakes to create techno music of the highest calibre


MARC MARZENIT . Be for the Podcast 062

For the 62nd episode of B4 For the Podcast, the talented Marc Marzenit delivers a delicious set recorded live from the Brunch - In the Park closing in Barcelona. In these 60 minutes taken from a two-hour session, Marc leads us on apenetrating techno and tech-house journey. Made of suggestive and deep bass-lines, of organic, sensual and melodic textures, this is a perfectly structured mix, shaped by an exquisite groove and brilliant old-school sounds.


BOXIA . Be for the Podcast 061

For the 61st episode of Be For the Podcast, BOXIA delivers a solid session of brilliant modern techno. Forming a perfect scheme of sonic shades, from groovy to melodic, from classic to industrial techno, Boxia offers 60 exquisite and powerful minutes of high level music. Having recently released a massive EP on Drumcode, Boxia is set to be included on the label's next A SIDES 7 with a track entitled 'Final Call'. In the upcoming months he is set to performance at Drumcode Festival...


MATHIAS KADEN . Be for the Podcast 060

In the 60th episode of Be For the Podcast, Mathias Kaden delivers an eclectic and delicious session of groovy house and tech-house. Overflowing with complementary rhythms, this set displays Mathias' elegant style, rich in sounds that go from deep to progressive, creating pleasurable house designed to keep us dancing. Mathias Kaden is a great ambassador for the contemporary house scene. His works have been documented on labels such as Hot Creations, Cocoon, Vakant, Moon Harbour, Ovum,...


DE LA SWING . Be for the Podcast 059

In the 59th episode of Be For the Podcast, DE LA SWING takes us on a tech-house ride full of life, groove, joy and excitement, combining robust basslines and harmonic vibrations. DE LA SWING is an artist with a career on the ascent. He forms a key part of the elrow family and has travelled literally around the world in that role, performing on the most prestigious stages on the electronic music circuit. At the same time, his solo shows occupy a large part of his schedule. De La Swing has...


TECHNASIA . Be for the Podcast 058

In the 58th episode of B4 the Podcast, Technasia delivers a delicious session of sharp, absorbing and groovy techno. Technasia, aka Charles Siegling, has been turning electronic music lovers into loyal followers throughout his career. Creating a unique fusion between emotion and intelligence, Technasia is driven by a desire to share his love for music. For him, electronic music is the greatest language of all. And as such, this session is a dialogue that flows and persuades, sweeping...


CALEB CALLOWAY. Be for the Podcast 057

Caleb Calloway catches the spring mood with this exquisite and exclusive mix for Be For the Podcast. Caleb, an important part of the Desolat family, HYTE and accomplice on tour alongside Loco Dice, has a career that is in constant ascent. His appearances at Space and Heart Nightclub (Miami), Amnesia and Sankeys (Ibiza), HYTE(Berlin, Ibiza, Miami, ADE, BPM) Fuse (Brussels), Egg (London) and elrow(Barcelona) all proof that he is a man on demand on the scene. In the 57th episode of Be...


PAULA CAZENAVE. Be for the Podcast 056

B4’s new signing, Paula Cazenave, delivers the 56th episode of Be For the Podcast. Paula is an artist of precise sounds, great technique and a massive ability to fuse styles. Her performances are full of force, her sessions built with intelligence and thoroughness. In this episode, Paula presents an exclusive 100% techno set with exquisite old school hints but also interspersed with modern, industrial, strong and eloquent sounds; forming a session that perfectly represents contemporary...


BLACK ASTEROID Be for the Podcast 055

Black Asteroid, a Dynamix DJs’ artist and one of our great 2018 new signings, delivers the 55th episode of Be For the Podcast. This brilliant DJ and producer from New York has a career on the rise. In addition to publishing on labels such as Mood Records, Octopus and Electric Pressure, among others, he has taken his live act and explosive DJ set to massive stages like Melkweg at the Amsterdam Dance Event, Mysteryland festival, Berghain, Ageha and Fabric London, to name a few. For...


YAYA . Be For the Podcast 054

YAYA . Be For the Podcast 054 In the 54th episode of Be For the Podcast, YAYA delivers a delightful set. Electronic music with strong roots from techno and percussive house, hybrid and acid sounds interspersed with delicious breaks and active vocals. A key artist on Loco Dice’s Desolat label, YAYA has published on imprints including Cadenza, Be As One, Kina Music, Etruria Beat, AdMaiora, Earlydub and Monologue. YAYA toured around Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa in 2017 alone and...


ALEXANDER KOWALSKI . Be For the Podcast 053

In the 53rd episode of Be For the Podcast, Alexander Kowalski delivers a solid one-hour session of brilliant old-school techno. With a career spanning more than 20 years, Alexander’s style drinks from the most classic techno spectrum, featuring precise, deep basslines and pure strength, sometimes interspersed with melodic notes and on other occasions alternated with crunchy textures, but always integrated into a radiant German sound. In this episode, Alexander has designed a...


MARK REEVE. Be For the Podcast 052

Mark Reeve’s underground sound shapes episode 52 of Be for The Podcast. Blending his British roots with a pure German style, Mark Reeve is one of the most faithful representatives of the underground sound, and he is making his mark on the international techno scene. For this episode, the British DJ and producer delivers a solid techno set, structured by deep basslines and synth jabs that see their way through a balanced foundation. Supported by big names including Adam Beyer, Sven...


NAKADIA. Be For the Podcast 051

Nakadia, techno’s rising star from Thailand, takes charge of instalment number 51 of Be For the Podcast. Nakadia’s technical abilities have been imprinted on a new episode of Be For the Podcast as she delivers a passionate set built under a skilled musical framework in which a deep and solid bassline lets acid synths filter to create a powerful result. Her groovy and energetic music has been heard in clubs such as Cafe d'Anvers Belgium, Watergate Berlin, Ushuaïa and Sankeys Ibiza, Egg...


MARCO FARAONE. Be For the Podcast 050

From the skilful and warm groove of Marco Faraone comes episode number 50 of Be For the Podcast. Marco Faraone has earned a special place within the electronic music scene thanks to the exquisite musical taste behind his intense and contagious contributions. Drumcode, Moon Harbour, Desolat, Be As One, Sci+Tec, Ovum, Holic Trax, Get Physical, Truesoul and his own imprint UNCAGE have all been home for his productions. In addition to being part of Marco Carola’s Music On Family since 2016,...


EDU IMBERNON. Be For the Podcast 049

Valencian DJ and producer Edu Imbernon keeps the summer energy alive on episode number 49 of Be For the Podcast. Since his arrival onto the electronic scene back in 2008, the Eklektisch and Fayer label boss has written his name on the most important showcases in the industry. In addition to his summer residency at Space Ibiza, Edu has performed at renowned clubs and festivals such as Sankeys, Privilege and Amnesia Ibiza, Pacha Barcelona, ​​Fabrik Madrid, Blue Marlin Ibiza Dubai, Electric...


EGBERT. Be For the Podcast 048

Egbert kicks off the summer season with a banging techno set, printed on episode number 48 of Be For the Podcast. One of the outstanding artists on the international electronic scene, Rotterdam DJ and producer Egbert has firmly established his reputation with some superb live performances. Festivals such as Awakenings, Loveland, Time Warp, Welcome to the Future, Valhalla or Dockyard Festival have witnessed his magical cuts, along with renowned parties and venues including Music On Ibiza,...


JESSE CALOSSO. Be For the Podcast 047

New Yorker Jesse Calosso prints his irradiant groove on Be For the Podcast 047. Bronx-born Jesse Calosso is part of a tight circle of New York DJs and producers, also including The Martinez Brothers and Filsonik, with a long history of collaborations and also friendship. Drawing on a wide range of musical influences, Jesse has developed a standout sound using the resources of many genres such as disco, funk, house and techno. For episode number 47 of Be For the Podcast, he crafts a...


TIGER STRIPES. Be For the Podcast 046

Number 46 of Be For the Podcast was crafted by Tiger Stripes, the latest grand addition to the B4bookings’ family. Tiger Stripes is a legendary sound mechanic that has successfully confectioned his very own style of house and techno music, and it is this concept that is now imprinted on episode 46 of Be For the Podcast. Strong basslines hold up select groups of vocals inserted through the entire session, fusing shiny elements with varied textured synths to keep the groove rolling through...