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The Song Nerd takes a quirky look at a new musical theme each episode, counting down its 10 best songs while chatting with experts in the field. Music used under licence from AMCOS Online Mini-podcast Featured - Tier A ON-130760 Invoice no M51995 Expires 9 December 2014

The Song Nerd takes a quirky look at a new musical theme each episode, counting down its 10 best songs while chatting with experts in the field. Music used under licence from AMCOS Online Mini-podcast Featured - Tier A ON-130760 Invoice no M51995 Expires 9 December 2014
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The Song Nerd takes a quirky look at a new musical theme each episode, counting down its 10 best songs while chatting with experts in the field. Music used under licence from AMCOS Online Mini-podcast Featured - Tier A ON-130760 Invoice no M51995 Expires 9 December 2014




Episode 45: Andrew W. K.

The single greatest answer to any question I could possibly ask. @TheSongNerd


Episode 44: Slavko Kalezić

The OGAE are an organisation with branches around the world for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. As I explain in the intro of this podcast episode, in their glorious wisdom, welcomed Slavko as their guest of honour to 2018's Australian Eurovision preview parties. Search OGAE to find your local group. Slavko's passion for art is the level it should be. He lives and breathes it. I hope some of his passion for music and connection rubs off on you while you listen to this podcast. I'll say...


Episode 43: Tania Doko

Provider of the greatest "Hey Mum!" in Australian history, Tania Doko is a songwriting powerhouse. In songwriting partnership with James Roche, Bachelor Girl had 3 top 50 singles, 5 ARIA nominations and a Songwriter of the Year award over 1998 and 1999. This freaks me out but we're approaching the twentieth anniversary of this period. Crazy. So after years of writing songs based in Stockholm, I've managed to catch Tania during a three week Melbourne trip, where she's creating a new Bachelor...


Episode 42: Nicole Hayes

Author of five published books with more on the way, a podcast which has been picked up by newspaper and radio entities, teaching masterclasses; Nicole Hayes is a creative guru and won't slow down any time soon. After our chat I believe her extreme creative output has plenty to do with how happy she is on a regular basis. That happiness becomes positive energy shared with those around her, and the world is a better place. This episode of Kids Love Balloons is one big "HELL YEAH" to being...


Episode 41: Belinda Kirwan

Belinda Kirwan is an actor, screenwriter, producer, teacher and dead set legend! Recently she's been co-creating a TV series HActresses, which has become a web series of seven episodes you can watch on YouTube right after you listen to this podcast. You'll recognise many popular Australian personalities including bloody champion Jo Stanley (who features on episode 22 of Kids Love Balloons!). We discuss how tough it can be to achieve your career and creative goals, the struggles you have to...


Episode 40: Mike Mills (Toehider)

It's been a while! But here we are, finally a new episode. Mike Mills is a brilliant all-round musician from Melbourne. He's involved in a multitude of musical projects but is perhaps best known for his work "as" Toehider. (that's where you can find him on Twitter). We had a chat right after the release of Toehider's latest album, titled "Good". As I explain in this podcast, it's better than good. We discuss overcoming mental demons, the weight of expectation, balancing emotions, and how...


Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss, 1990. For Patrick and everyone else.


Episode 39: Alan Brough

Alan Brough has demonstrated his vast music knowledge & passion for years, most famously as team captain in Spicks & Specks. Name me someone more qualified to select three songs for our Ever-growing Playlist of Joy! I'll wait... More recently, Alan has turned his hand to writing books for children aged roughly 10-12. Charlie and the War Against the Grannies was released last year; the next in the series, Charlie and the Karaoke Cockroaches, is released on June 27th. I'm fascinated with the...


Episode 38: Eurovision 2017 Round Table

The world's greatest song contest is fast approaching. Here-assembled is a group of 6 Melbourne-based super experts for your comprehensive preview! Jason-Scott Watkins, Ti Butler Danie Tregonning, Mark Perkins and 2011 contestant Nina share a range of perspectives on the contest. How it makes them happy, their favourite memories, and most urgently: their predictions for the 2017 finals which take place in the second week of May! The politics, the gimmicks, the key changes, the voting, the...


Episode 37: Loyiso Gola

"If your quest of life is happiness, then you're going to be a really sad human being." The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is truly one of the world's greatest. Twice Emmy-nominated Loyiso Gola is one of the first class calibre of talents who have travelled here this year, performing his show Dude, Where's My Lion? His International Emmy noms stem from the South African show Late Nite News, a satirical take on politics in the ilk of The Daily Show or The Weekly with Charlie...


Episode 36: James Cridland

"Here's one I prepared earlier"... James paid Melbourne a visit in November to speak at the CBAA conference. The afternoon of his presentation, we caught up with a beer and my microphone and discussed radio, podcasts, music and what makes us happy. This weekend I'm pleased to finally share it. The time is right. James is a "radio futurologist". What's that? Click play and listen to him explain it! I never knew cereal could have this much effect on a person's life. Cereal. Breakfast is not...


Episode 35: Tegan Higginbotham

Podcasting at the footy! You'll hear the ambience of pre-match entertainment at Ikon Park as Tegan & I prepare for our teams to do battle in AFL Women's Round 5. You'll also hear Tegan and I chat about what makes us happy, the multitude of creative endeavours she's involved with, and the gob-smacking way sexual references in music such as Grease and the Rocky Horror Picture Show go straight over kids' heads. Oh how naïve we were. Tegan is currently preparing to perform at the Melbourne...


Episode 34: Brooke Satchwell

The Play That Goes Wrong opens at Melbourne's Comedy Theatre February 22nd. Star Brooke Satchwell feels like she's doing good civic duty in being a part of something that creates so much laughter, happiness and real escape for the thousands of people who will see it across Australia this year. I crashed afternoon rehearsals and scored a quick but bloody awesome chat that I hope you'll really love. Brooke nails exactly why I make this podcast and I feel like the energy in this play could...


Episode 33: Damian Cowell

OK so I couldn't resist using a TISM reference in my intro, despite the language being filthy, and now I'm caught somewhere in between "that's a great dad joke" or "why did you swear like that you buffoon". TISM was one of Australia's most iconic and entertaining bands and when a song title such as "I might be a ..." exists, the opportunity to use it contextually was too rare to resist. Nevertheless. Former member Damian Cowell popped around to my place and we had a great yarn for a couple...


Episode 32: Michael Pope

As I say in my intro to this podcast - Michael Pope HAS entertained you, even if you aren't aware of it. If not as a host or actor in his own right from the 1980s to now, it's likely as a producer of The Price is Right or rallying up the crowd on Millionaire Hot Seat. You'll hear about his life in the Australian entertainment industry but also a few specifics of Millionaire, as that's where we got in contact in 2016. I was a contestant! In essence, his job has been to help us smile for...


Episode 31: Santa Claus

What an honour to have some time to sit down and chat one on one with Santa Claus! Who better is qualified to discuss enthusiastic joy, the happiness of kids, taking time to smile and feel positive? I don't need to write much here. You know who Santa Claus is. Listen to the chat, get a few answers to some of your questions and be a little inspired by the magic shared through the community at this time of year. Importantly: Which songs will Santa add to the Ever-growing Playlist of...


Episode 30: Sibylla Stephen

Catching up with a friend you haven't seen in 13 years. That makes me happy. What originally made me happy was stumbling across a band I liked, then realising I used to know the singer. Then determining she'd be the perfect guest for the podcast and it would be a great excuse to catch up! Sibylla Stephen has achieved so much since we last knew each other and it was a delight to discuss it and muse over what she's learned. You'll find out more about the two bands she runs with her sister...


Episode 29: Joan Kornblith

4 days following the US election, I have a chat with an American who works for their Government! "It's an odd country in many ways, and there's people that take great offence at certain things, yet those same people don't take offence at other things so go figure!" Politics will not be the main focus of the chat... do you know anyone who thinks politics really makes them ultimately HAPPY? :-) Joan's trip to Australia this week left her with a lasting, inspirational memory before she even...


Episode 28: Gideon Haigh

"A girlfriend once dumped me because she didn't like how enthusiastic I was about..." I love this quote from Gideon. This level of enthusiasm, as long as it's not criminal behaviour of course, should be celebrated! Sharing your enthusiasm and is the reason for this podcast and Gideon Haigh is as passionate as they come. Once the footy season ends, the Australian sporting focus turns pretty sharply straight on to cricket! I love this time of year. The smell of fresh cut grass, the extra...


Episode 27: Tony Liberatore

Following October 1, the day when my favourite footy team, Western Bulldogs, won their first grand final in 62 years... (I struggle to believe that's even true as I type it...) There was just SO MUCH happiness created. I don't even mean just for myself or my family. Millions of Australians were caught up in it. It was a true fairytale. If I was to publish a new podcast episode asking "What makes you happy?", I knew I had to find someone associated with the Bulldogs and discover what it...