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First and Last and Always is a celebration of live music. Hosted by Dan Kaplan, the podcast aims to explore and build a greater appreciation for music in its purest, most cathartic form, through free-form conversations with guests from all walks of life.

First and Last and Always is a celebration of live music. Hosted by Dan Kaplan, the podcast aims to explore and build a greater appreciation for music in its purest, most cathartic form, through free-form conversations with guests from all walks of life.
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First and Last and Always is a celebration of live music. Hosted by Dan Kaplan, the podcast aims to explore and build a greater appreciation for music in its purest, most cathartic form, through free-form conversations with guests from all walks of life.






Episode 25: We're moving!

We're back with an important update: as of the end of August, First, Last and Always will no longer exist as an independent podcast. Why's that? Well, at some point in the future, we'll be joining up with metal blog Nine Circles as a featured series on their recently-revamped podcast feed! (And in case the exclamation didn't make it clear, we're pretty stoked on that!) Exact timing on the move / new episodes is TBD -- Dan's still in school, after all -- but one thing is set in stone:...


Episode 24: Mark Angel Brandt

Last episode before another nursing school hiatus! And joining us this time, the inimitable Mark Angel Brandt! Mark is a teacher, writer and fellow metalhead currently based in Merída, Yucatán, Mexico. He is also co-Managing Editor for UK/EU at the Canadian heavy music website, Pure Grain Audio, which recently acquired his former website, Broken Amp. Mark joined Dan for an excellent, wide-ranging chat just before the end of your host's winter break. It's got your first, last and always,...


Episode 23: Durf!

We’re back with an all-new episode! Joining us this time around: Brutalitopia head instigator, Durf! Durf is a Chicagoan, a blogger, construction worker and fellow metalhead, and friend of Dan’s since the glorious experience that was Maryland Deathfest 2016. He’s also a fellow music nerd, so when he joined Dan on New Year’s Eve day to record his installment of First, Last and Always, all kinds of tangents abounded. (Abund? I dunno. Words are weird.) At any rate, the conversation was...


Episode 22: Kelsey Zimmerman

We're back with Episode 22, and another awesome guest in Kelsey Zimmerman! Kelsey --- known to some as Kelsey Chapstick --- is a drummer, MetalSucks blogger, Blast Beat Network advertising expert, and a friend and former neighbor (sort of?) of Dan's up in New York. She joined Dan just before the holiday for a great chat about her FLA shows --- including one that got Dan all kinds of jealous. There'll be no spoilers in this description, so for more, jump on in and take a listen! KELSEY'S...


Episode 21: Tom Campagna!

We're back with a brand-new, full-length episode of First, Last and Always featuring the most excellent Tom Campagna! Tom is a teacher, a family man, a blogger, and most importantly (nowhere near most importantly) a metalhead. As a contributor to Brutalitopia, Invisible Oranges and others, he's well-versed in all things heavy. Tom joined Dan before the Christmas holiday to talk about his big three shows, and the theme throughout this episode is: "location, location, location!" We're...


FLA Minis #3 - Kevin Dillon Returns!

Kevin Dillon returns to First, Last and Always for his very own FLA Mini! He joined us via Skype last weekend to discuss the recent (okay, it was in March) Kreator / Sepultura / Soilwork / Aborted show he caught in Dublin. As per usual, it was a terrific chat, and we're stoked to bring it to you. Jump on in and give it a listen! **KEVIN'S LINKS** Tumblr -- Bloco Garman -- Fatal Attractions Podcast --...


Episode 20: Bekki Vaden

We're back! Dan's finished up school for the semester and ready to kick off our third "season" with an AWESOME chat with Bekki Vaden! A Tennessee native, Bekki is a mother, a podcaster, a women's health advocate and all-around awesome person. She's an avid #metalbandcampgiftclub member, and a co-host of the podcast On the Rag Again, alongside two of our former guests, Seth Werkheiser and Megan Osztrosits! Bekki joined Dan for a terrific chat about all manner of awesome concert experiences...


Episode 17: Brendan Hesse

Welcome back! Our guest this time out is Brendan Hesse. Brendan is a writer for Digital Trends, a Pacific Northwesterner and a former colleague of Dan's at Nine Circles -- so you know there's gonna be some metal in this chat. But would you guess there's also some Backstreet Boys? And a TOTALLY awesome "Always"? (Seriously--shit-eating grin material, y'all.) Jump in and check it out! **BRENDAN'S LINKS** Digital Trends: Nine Circles post archive:...


FLA Minis #2: Khemmis / Crypt Sermon Pre-Show Roundtable (Brooklyn, NY)

We're back with the second edition of FLA Minis! This time, we're joined by an awesome panel of metalheads, including Tom Campagna (writer for Brutalitopia and Invisible Oranges), Anton Santanen (Zyklonius from #metalbandcampgiftclub, Nine Circles), Frank Santorelli (Frank of Metal, Nine Circles) and our recent guest from Episode 15, Chris Voss! We recorded over drinks at Milk and Roses in Greenpoint, Brooklyn -- just before last Saturday's Khemmis / Crypt Sermon / Sanhedrin show at Saint...


Episode 16: Kevin Dillon

We've got our first intercontinental guest this week! Kevin Dillon joins us from Ireland to share his First, Last and Always in Episode 16. Kevin is a drummer, a writer and a film buff who combines those last two interests on his blog, Small Screen Saver. He's also a dedicated metalhead, who told some great stories about Metallica, Babymetal and a particularly riveting tale of lost shoes. What's that mean? Jump on in and take a listen! **KEVIN'S LINKS** Small Screen Saver --...


Episode 15: Chris Voss

Our guest this week is Chris Voss! Chris is a musician (Necrolytic Goat Converter, FirstForgiveness), writer (Nine Circles) and all-around good guy from Long Island, New York. He joins Episode 15 to talk about, well...a whole bunch of shows that make Dan jealous as all hell! We're talking Def Leppard, Opeth, you name it. Plus, a whole bunch of nerding out about Metallica and philosophies of music fandom. It's a great time all around, so jump on in and take a listen! **CHRIS'S LINKS**...


Episode 14: Eric Pressman

Our guest this week is Eric Pressman! Eric is a veteran of the punk and hardcore communities, having played in both The Mistake and Terror, as well as served as tour manager for Throwdown. He joined for a chat last week and covered all manner of awesome stuff: a Bon Jovi and Skid Row show, tales from Ozzfest, plus a recommendation for Minneapolis black metal band False's next all-covers set! What band did he recommend? Jump on in and give it a listen! **OUR LINKS** Web:...


Episode 13: Travis Turner

Our guest on Episode 13 is Travis Turner! Trav's a fellow music podcaster -- creator, producer and host of a terrific show called As The Story Grows -- as well as the co-founder of Lavirra Productions, which handles all manner of online media. Our conversation covered everything from Christian metal, to Insane Clown Posse, to how best (if at all) to classify Primus. Tons of great stuff in between all that, so jump on in and take a listen! **TRAV'S LINKS** As The Story Grows --...


Episode 12: Jonathan Petkau

We're back with a new full-length episode at last! Joining the show this week is Jonathan Petkau. Jon runs three terrific podcasts -- Respectably Loud, The X-Hausted Files, and Metal Minute -- and is also the mastermind behind the independent metal project Domestikwom. He's got three terrific stories to share, so jump in and take a listen! **JON'S LINKS** Respectably Loud -- The X-Hausted Files -- Metal Minute...


FLA Minis #1 -- Carcass, Deafheaven, Inter Arma and Divination in Reading, PA

It's the first edition of FLA Minis -- a new segment here on the pod that'll focus on one-off concert experiences. Seen a good show lately? Tell us about it -- whether you've been on the show before or not, we want to hear it. For the first edition, Dan covers last Friday's Carcass / Deafheaven / Inter Arma / Divination show in Reading, PA. Give it a listen!


Episode 11.5: We're Back!

Welcome back to First, Last and Always! (That's right, the first "and" in our name has gone away. Fare thee well, first-and!) After an eight-month break, Dan's resurrected the podcast and he's here to tell you all about it. Plus, a recap of the Skinny Lister / Lincoln Durham / Trapper Schoepp show he went to in Philadelphia last week. Dive on in and take a listen!


Episode 11: Shayne Mathis

Our guest on Episode 11 is Shayne Mathis! Shayne is a writer, fellow metalhead and, of course, a fellow podcaster -- producer of the terrific heavy metal podcast, Full Metal Hipster. Shayne and Dan had a great conversation about Lollapalooza, getting into metal, a riot at a particular show in Columbus...hell, Shayne even surprised Dan by revealing that "The Crow" had sequels. Multiple sequels! Great times all around, so give it a listen!


Episode 10: Lindsey Turnbullet

Our guest in Episode 10 is Lindsey Turnbullet! Lindsey is a blogger, editor, publisher, fellow tweeter, and just an all-around good person. And her conversation truly brings back THE METAL to First and Last and Always. We cover everything from Iron Maiden to Nifelheim to Pig Destroyer -- so for fans of a heavier persuasion, this is the episode for you! (Okay, we also touch...BRIEFLY...on Blood, Sweat and Tears and the Backstreet Boys. But very briefly. Like...a sentence each.) All that and...


Episode 9: Dan Marsicano

Writer, #MetalTwitter personality and all-around good dude Dan Marsicano is our guest this week Episode 9! Dan joined for a terrific conversation about his first, last and always, featuring a little metal, a little progressive rock, and one all-around KILLER story for his always section, whose genre we will *not* spoil here. Good times all around in this week's chat, so take a listen!


Episode 8: Tommy Parnelle

Our guest this week is Tommy Parnelle! Tommy is a web developer and musician from Charlotte, NC. He's also a totally stand-up guy, who filled in at the last minute when this week's planned guest and recording session fell through. (Seriously, this episode almost didn't happen!) And what's more, our conversation was AWESOME. Great concert stories and tangents abound, so check it out!