Music Talk

Snobbish taste. Outrageous takes. Welcome to the podcast where your favorite music lovers discuss, debate, and deconstruct the music and musicians who fascinate and frustrate them.

Snobbish taste. Outrageous takes. Welcome to the podcast where your favorite music lovers discuss, debate, and deconstruct the music and musicians who fascinate and frustrate them.


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Music Talk


Snobbish taste. Outrageous takes. Welcome to the podcast where your favorite music lovers discuss, debate, and deconstruct the music and musicians who fascinate and frustrate them.






The 35th Anniversary of Janet Jackson’s Control

More than three decades ago, Janet Jackson dropped an album that changed us all without changing anything about itself. As we approach Control’s 35th anniversary, The Music Snobs wonder if this seminal work of art is the first unapologetically Black crossover that didn’t change a damn thing to appeal to the mainstream. Things get even more interesting when the Snobs examine Control’s range and debate whether or not Janet’s slow jams define her as much as her dance tracks. Next, the crew...


Can Music Live Without Live Music?

Your favorite music journalist’s favorite music Snobs are back—and this time, they brought a guest. Legendary journalist and author Nelson George joins Arthur, Scoop, Isaac, and Jehan to explore the perilous state of live music performance, its recent past, and its endangered future. Can the art of music evolve without the presence of live performance to push it forward? Did technology threaten live music even before the pandemic? To help answer these questions, the crew dives into the...


Bill Withers

He was the everyman who spoke for Black men. He turned up his blue collar against the winds of change and remained a straight talker at every turn. He courted no glitz and evoked no glamor. His songwriting was threaded with the yarns of griots and represented the fabric of his people. His voice reverberated against the walls of love and longing, and often managed to break through. He turned complex emotion into simple truth. Bill Withers was the personification of Black music. Join The Music...


Does God Make Better Music?

On a very sanctified yet extremely secular episode of The Music Snobs, the crew sits down to discuss spirituality in music and whether or not God makes the greatest groove. From Soul and R&B, to Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, and Funk: the Snobs breakdown and debate about the influence a higher power can have over the power of music. Put on your Sunday best and meet The Music Snobs at the church, the mosque, and the temple, and get ready for an episode that’s sure to rock the pews and make you want to...


A Tribe Called Quest

In the 30 years since A Tribe Called Quest dropped their debut LP—People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm—the group’s iconic status has become unquestionable. But on this episode of TMS, Scoop, Isaac, Jehan and Arthur get together to explore a more controversial title: Is A Tribe Called Quest the most important group in hip-hop history? Get ready for a compelling, all out debate that covers everyone from The Pharcyde to Dilla to Kendrick Lamar, while taking the time to...


The Music Snobs on Film

For the first time ever, The Music Snobs meets Snobs On Film in one unforgettable episode to celebrate both podcasts’ season finales!!! Listen as the Snobs combine the two shows to go deep on the (im)perfect marriage of cinema and sound. The crew explores the natural relationship between music and movies while questioning which artform impacts the audience the most. The ensuing debate inevitably leads to a wild roundtable: What movie soundtrack do you absolutely love even though you have no...


Stevie Wonder and the 6 Wonders That Changed the World

This is an episode you don’t want to miss. As we celebrate the 45th anniversary of his seminal LP, "Fulfillingness’ First Finale", The Music Snobs dedicate an entire ep to the incomparable Stevie Wonder. The crew examines a specific period of Stevie’s career long enough to ask a vital question: what is it that makes the albums Stevie released between 1971 and 1976 so classic, and how can we explain the undeniable impact they’ve had on music ever since? Join TMS in paying tribute to a...


Will the REAL Artists Please Stand Up?

What determines whether or not a musical artist is authentic? Are artists like Solange and Tyler, The Creator showing us who they really are, or are modern celebrities more manufactured than ever before? Sht gets real on the latest episode of The Music Snobs. The crew dives into the very definition of authenticity in the music biz, then takes it up a notch by calling out the fakers and questioning why "keeping it real" is so important in black music. Before the episode ends, the Snobs get...


Are You A Stan?

On this episode The Music Snobs are asking our Stans to answer an important question: Are the superfans of today valued experts and a vital force for the world to hear new music, or are they a cancer on music appreciation? Get ready to confront your truths and admit your biases while we explore fandom in the age of online armies and off the rails obsession. To wrap up the ep, we ask each Snob: what was your most memorable encounter with a celebrity?


OutKast 25

Have you ever wondered how an unknown Atlanta duo broke through a landscape dominated by the East and West coasts to become, arguably, the greatest hip-hop group of all time? So did The Music Snobs. To answer that question, and many more, we invited singer Keisha Jackson—an eyewitness to the rise of music’s favorite ATLiens—to sit-in with us and dive deep into the legacy of André Benjamin and Antwan Patton. Along the way, the Snobs discuss everything from the origins of the Dungeon Family to...


Let’s Be Frank—You Don’t Know Sinatra

Although he defines the term ‘iconic’, it’s a safe bet that you don’t know enough about the artist whose career has influenced everyone from Amy Winehouse to Drake. The Music Snobs dive into the style and legacy of Ol’ Blue Eyes and examine the impact of Sinatra’s cool on every aspect of pop culture.


Media Assassins: Music Journalism in 2019

This is the episode only The Music Snobs could do. In this era of music streaming, corporate interests, and brand dominance, we take an uncomfortable look at the role of music journalism in the digital age. Guest-Snob and Vibe Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Datwon Thomas, joins us to ask some important questions. Is genuine music criticism still alive? Or are modern journalists too afraid to bite the hand that feeds them? The crew also finds time to present “All the Critics Love U”—a roundtable...


Anderson .Paak: The Mainstream Star Who Shines Underground

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 1 of The Music Snob’s new format! To kick things off we’ve centered this episode around one of today’s most innovative and promising artists: Anderson .Paak. Join us as the Snobs discuss .Paak’s unique brand of music and his atypical rise to stardom. Then get ready for this season’s first roundtable: What great song by one artist would fit perfectly into another artist's catalogue?


Episode 48: Did You See Donald Glover’s New Song?

When Childish Gambino released This Is America he verified a burgeoning truth: sight is the new sound. With the recording industry now dominated by the visual appeal of online and mobile content, TMS asks: what does the power of YouTube, video albums, and Instagram branding mean for the future of actual music? Stick around for a picture-perfect roundtable when the Snobs ask each other: what album would have been better received with different cover art?


Episode 46: Guest Snob Salaam Remi Joins TMS

In mid-February love is always in the air, but is it in the groove? Salaam Remi—producer behind hits for Amy Winehouse, Miguel, Nas and more—joins TMS to debate the past, present, and future of the ballad. From Sinatra's stylings and Miles's blues, to Marvin's longings and Drake's feelings, the Snobs dive into the heart of the love song only to discover the soul of the slow jam. Before leaving, Salaam and the fellas nominate their pick for greatest break-up song of all time. Happy...


Episode 45: The (Black) British Invasion

The Music Snobs take a sonic trip across the pond to discuss the lasting love affair between U.K. artists and black music. From Soul II Soul to Sampha: what is it about the British that connects them so passionately to what’s commonly viewed as an American art form? Lastly, during an inspired Round Table, the crew gets the rare opportunity to right their wrongs when each Snob is asked: out of every opinion you ever stood behind on TMS, which one would you take back?


Episode 44: In the Company of Tourists

A special From the Vault episode of TMS: After his untimely death, just as it was during his unparalleled career, the mainstream has celebrated Prince’s purple pop while consistently ignoring his black funk. During this special and previously unreleased 'From the Vault' episode of TMS, Scoop, Isaac, Jehan, and Arthur give the man who may well have been the greatest artist of all time the eulogy that only they could. During an unforgettable conversation, the Snobs explore life without a...


Episode 43: The Triple Threat of Donald Glover

The Music Snobs take on the future by examining one of the present’s most talked about artists: Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. With his 2016 album “Awaken, My Love”, the creator of TV’s “Atlanta" elevated himself from hip-pop prodigy to neo-funk pioneer—or did he? Scoop, Isaac, Jehan, and Arthur question the impact of Childish on the current soundscape and wonder if his explorations can ignite tomorrow’s sound. And to top off the episode, the fellas ask each other what was the most...


Episode 42: Guest Snob Van Hunt Joins TMS

Join us for a very special episode of The Music Snobs as the crew welcomes the multi-talented singer, songwriter, and musician Van Hunt and debuts a brand new TMS segment. With the advent of online ‘crowdfunding’ becoming a regular occurrence in the music industry, the Snobs plus their Guest Snob debate the pros and cons of moving the crowd in the digital age and what it means for fans to become investors. And if that wasn’t enough, this ep features the premiere of ‘Versus’, where Snobs pair...


Episode 41: The Race Episode

After spending all of 2016 trying to shake off 2016, Scoop, Isaac, Jehan, and Arthur have returned to take a critical look at race and artist responsibility in current music.