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international dancer strategist and DJ Golden (djgolden_1)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with choreographer, dancer, marketing strategist and DJ Golden (@DJGoldenBK). Golden returned after some years to chat about putting together the Pool night Riddim project with artists from around the world, why she originally came to New York, going back to school in Stockholm, the experience of doing an internship in Lagos Nigeria, how she built her own path, work as a dance instructor/choreographer, searching for her biological family in...


entrepreneur artist Jaz O the Originator (@jazokkmg)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught with the Originator Jaz O (@TheRealJazO) fresh off of the new deal with the Roc. Jaz talked about staying original despite changes in the business, mending fences with Jay Z and how everyone else blew the situation out of proportion, his encounters with Notorious BIG, the recent Roc Nation deal, having Irv Gotti as his DJ for his first album, the baker analogy to life and music, producing the demo that got the Lox signed, some possible films in...


Axe-foliation with artist Jackie Spade (@jackiespade_)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) broke it down with Kinston's own Jackie Spade (@jackiespade_). Jackie talked about his love of Eddie Murphy movies, winning a Carolina award, his expert spade card playing skills, writing scripts, being a farmer in Georgia, linking up with Petey Pablo, hate of Duke basketball, life in the army, flaking on the Carolina Panthers, adjusting to red clay, what movie character he's named after, getting back to civilian life after years in the service, why...


lyricist writer and performer T Barz explains her Genesis (@TBarzzzz)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) had a great conversation with well rounded artist T Barz ( @TBarzzzz). She talked about life in Mobile Alabama, her poetry/performing background, playing around with fashion, the difference between Mardi Gras in Mobile vs New Orleans, why people throw moon pies and Ramen noodles, the morals she will forever stand behind, how she became a Lakers fan, the influence of Janet/Michael Jackson, her love of dance, superior college football knowledge, being a...


entertainer and writer Donald Lacy (@DonaldELacyJr) with Mike Bell

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with comedian, performer, writer and activist Donald Lacy (@DonaldELacyJr) along with Mike Bell of Brooklyn United Consortium of Artists. The guys talked about Don's one man show "Colorstruck," background on the Oakland Raiders, freedom radio, anti-apartheid movement, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Bobby Seale, the Love Life Foundation, history of Oakland, Black Panthers, issues with police and recruitment, why Don is the governor of Oakland,...


Cool runnings hangin' with Director Actor Doug E Doug (@dougedougfromtv)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) had a great conversation with actor, writer, director Doug E Doug (@dougedougfromtv). His credits include: An act of war, Blue Bloods, Law & Order, Cool Runnings, Justified, Cosby, Touched by an Angel, Jungle Fever, and Diagnosis murder among others. Doug (@dougedoug1) spoke on the lasting impact of "Cool Runnings," writing/directing missing child film Lil Girlgone, the Ostrich Syndrome, what he learned from Bill Cosby, when comedy goes way beyond PC,...


the Business of artists with Miles Anthony (@RighteousMusic)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with Righteous Music Media's Miles Anthony (@RighteousMusic). We talked about artist management, discovering Queen Sugar/She's Gotta Have it's actress Margot Bingham (@MargotBingham), relationship with actor/artist Darien Dean (@DarienOnline), the Choklate connection, his brief career as a singer, doing the lecture and guest speaker circuit at colleges, why leasing beats is bad, how movie "Sorry to Bother You' hit home, the intro to Insecure's...


author Alfred Obiesie (@crazedafrykan) of "You made it a hotline" Vol 1

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talk with author/producer Alfred Obiesie of the book "You made it a hotline." Alfred discussed: surviving a coma, his background at Lehman Brothers during the height of the financial crisis, starting out as a producer/blogger, the unique design of the book, 4 criteria to having the most influential lines in Hip Hop, his reasons for picking the particular lyric pieces in his book, his plans to expand the series, why "who's the best" lists need to go...


Blitz the Ambassador gets Diasporadical (@BlitzAmbassador)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) catch up with world artist Blitz the Ambassador (@BlitzAmbassador). Blitz spoke on: his debut performance at the International African Arts Festival, creating your own eco system as an artist, merging the African diaspora globally, traveling worldwide independently - 34 countries in 6 yrs, leveraging the global understanding of Hip Hop, the importance of visual art and doing more film work, his family background in Accra, how hip hop sampling brought...