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Interviews with Musicians about the creative process.

Interviews with Musicians about the creative process.
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Interviews with Musicians about the creative process.






10 ? with Tara Lynch.

Multi-Instrumentalist Tara Lynch (A.K.A. Gui-Tara) may have been relatively unknown to the wide world prior releasing her debut album Evil Enough, but she was no stranger to those in the know. When it came time to finally put her skills on display she ...

10 ? with Tony Franklin.

Being a unique voice in music is extremely rare. How many players in rock music have truly brought a innovative sound to popular music? There have been only a dozen or so, and I submit to you, dear reader, that Tony Franklin brought the idiosyncrasies ...

10 ? with Michael Sweet.

The eighties had a slew of successful hard rock and metal bands. Most of them made sincere attempts to stand out, either through image or virtuosity. Only one in the ranks of memorable hard rock bands of that era had the courage to go a different route...

10 ? with Donna Halper.

In this episode of 10 ? with the Musical Mind, we take a slight detour. I say detour because we usually focus on the musicians behind the music. For this show, we had the pleasure of interviewing someone who has had an enormous impact on rock music wit...

10 ? with Joel Hoekstra.

“I’m still trying to prove myself”. Joel Hoekstra has carved out for himself quite the career as the guitarist of choice. Whether it be as a band leader in his own right, a sideman for icons such as Cher, touring with the ultra-successful Trans-Siberia...

10 ? with Trev and Jules of ZFG.

Trev Lukather, Jules Galli, Sam Porcaro, and Josh Devine all knew each other previously, but it wasn’t until they got together for a jam session that ZFG was conceived. They spent a day playing together with no preconceived notions about what would res...

10 ? with Gary Husband.

Iconic Jazz musician Gary Husband needs no introduction to many of you. This bandleader has lent his expressive style to not only his own projects, but graced the music of many other virtuosos. His career has seen him with Allan Holdsworth, Level 42,

10 ? with Mike Smith of Threefold Maze.

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Threefold Maze has its beginnings with friends Mike Smith and Doug Whittenberg jamming on guitars. What started off as fun playing sessions 25 years ago eventually turned into serious song writing.

10 ? with Jeff Pilson.

The End machine is an exciting new project from a group of musicians that have experienced success previously both together and apart. Consisting of guitarist George Lynch, drummer Mick Brown, vocalist Rob Mason, and bassist Jeff Pilson.

10 Questions with Anthony Corder of Tora Tora.

Tora Tora are back in action, with the guys from Memphis getting ready to release their long awaited new album Bastards of Beale. Lead singer Anthony Corder and I have spoken on a few occasions and you couldn’t find a more sincere, genuine guy. In this episode of “10 ? with the Musical Mind ” you’ll find it’s not exactly our ten-question format. Basically we chat and I let Anthony tell us all about the new album. He gives us the inside scoop on everything from the individual songs to how...

10 ? with Ed Wynne

I don’t remember exactly when I became aware of Ozric Tentacles, but it had to be somewhere between the late eighties to early nineties. A good friend and I ravenously dived into the collection of this truly unique group.

10 ? with Rudy Sarzo

Name some of the biggest hard rock and heavy metal acts of the last several decades; Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Blue Oyster Cult… Ok, this will take too long, so let’s just reference the resume’ of the legendary Rudy Sarzo,

10 ? with James Kennedy.

There are versatile musicians, and then there is James Kennedy. As the frontman and songwriter for Kyshera, James has crafted some of the most avant-garde, progressive, alternative rock you have ever heard. More than this,

10 ? with Jeff Kitselman.

The great state of Kansas has bragging rights for producing legendary rock bands such as well…Kansas. I can’t think of any others off the top of my head, but that’s probably because it’s just so far away from everything else. Traditionally national acts have sprung from epicenters of culture such as New York, L.A., Seattle, and Nashville. That was then, this is now. As we all know, the modern age of digital streaming and social media self-marketing has busted down the necessity to be where...

10 ? with Rachel Reese.

Oklahoma native Rachel Reese is carving out her place in the music world. Packing up her car at the age of 18, Rachel drove to Nashville with no other plan in mind other than to pursue her dreams. Reese has obviously been productive,

10 ? with Steve Bello.

Time for another episode of the “10 ? with the Musical Mind” podcast! This week, we feature veteran guitar virtuoso Steve Bello. Hailing from New Jersey, Steve has multiple albums under his belt and continues to impress with his fluid chops and songwri...

10 ? with Starla Starshine.

Having been a promising young teen with a rock vibe, Starla Starshine has emerged from the chrysalis fully reborn. The transformation suits her well. Her new EP Red Lagoon is the sort of dreamy, transcendent music that sets itself apart from the endles...

10 ? with Steve Wheeler.

Composer, performer, and producer Steve Wheeler is a multi-instrumentalist that has no fear of crossing genre boundaries. His work can be heard nationally on CBS sports, including the PGA Tour, NCAA, NFL, and SEC Football.

10 ? with Mitch Malloy.

The latest episode of our podcast is our interview with Great White vocalist Mitch Malloy. This interview was conducted a couple of months ago, and is available on our Youtube channel. Now in podcast form you can listen on the go!

10 Questions with Jasmine Cain.

In this weeks episode we talk with veteran rocker Jasmine Cain. Jasmine has spent much of this year touring in support of her recent live album Live at Suck,Bang,Blow. Now she joins us again to discuss her upcoming new studio record,