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19: Spa Day (feat. @ShyThugg & @TheRealJazzyNee)

Szn 2 continues with more shenanigans from DJ AudiTory & Tony Del Freshco. We have two Jasmines on the show today who both have a lot of personality and insightful views. We discuss Woody's new sexual orientation (which is above me now), what likes on IG really mean, DaBaby's violent antics, and much much more. We also have a scenario in which we want you guys to let us know how to feel. If we have comments, I'd say drop em but you know...we still tryna figure that out.


18: Squirtin & Fertin' (feat. @TheRealJazzyNee & Zakiya)

Season 2 of Drop Top Chops begins! We pop off the season with a very insightful conversation about baecation trips and what they truly mean/cost. We also discuss Megan going Gold and potentially dating Moneybagg Yo, bummy niggas and their contribution to the destruction of black culture, what exactly IS trash pussy and a whole lot of other mentionables. You also get to hear what DJ AudiTory has been chopping up for the summer time. We're about to become your new Tuesday enjoyment..one...


17: Marc Can Really Talk (feat. @MarcHaize)

DJ AudiTory & Tony Del Freshco return with a lifelong friend in Marc Haize as a guest. He speaks on his journey of 2 year journey in LA thus far while reminiscing about his upbringings in Houston. We also get to touch on topics such as Transgender Athletics, an Avengers Endgame Review, Schoolboy's "Crash Talk" Review, the Era of Spanking Dying, and much much more. This is our longest recorded episode because Marc really can just talk for hours. Healthy conversation nonetheless.


16: Icken Plus

The Boys are back with a 4/20 episode of epic proportion. It's funny because it naturally took us FOREVER to even get started recording the episode. We was actually so toasted to the point that we all traveled to Chicken Plus afterwards as a family to eat. We touched on the topics of Old Town Road & Dave East's unwarranted hate, T.I. vs. Kodak Black, G Herbo vs. His Baby Mama, Lil Yatchy giving us the biggest bad bitch anthem of 2019 and more. I hope you enjoyed your 4/20 as much as we did...


15: The Stevie Wonder ATM Machine (feat. @Mike_Checc)

The boys are back! Drop Top Chops returns with the local Rap Talents of Mike Checc. We discuss his journey into the rap game and get into some cuts off his new project, Home. Marco also makes a tardy appearance as we discuss the NBA playoffs, Kendrick vs. Big Sean potential, Nipsey's funeral and much more. You'll never know what kind of conversation you'll get from each episode of Drop Top Chops.


14: Rex Had the G-Unit Muscle Shirt with the Matching G-Unit Shoes

After a month hiatus, The Finest Podcast in Houston is back with DJ AudiTory and TonyDelFreshco. The OGs of the show (Rex, Jasmine & Marco) all return to give their two cents on Beyonce's new deal with Adidas, the most expensive divorce in history, the white man's country music and Lil Nas X and everything in between. We also pay homage to the Nipsey Hussle. Enjoy the talks and the chops on Drop Top Chops.


13: Rollo's on Richmond (feat. @VarrieV)

Drop Top Chops takes a more mature route in conversation as we are visited by the talented and gorgeous Varrie V (@VarrieV) & Rapper Yella (@YellaInsta). She gives us insight into where she is now in life, her experiences in LA and back here in Houston, her perception on love & relationships and her new approach towards her music. We also tackle the conversation of R. Kelly's situation, SPM's situation and how it correlates, the Michael Jackson's Leaving Neverland situation and situations of...


12: "Bite It Like A Shipley's Donut...On Ella." (ft. @OhThatsKiara)

The Handsomest Podcast is back for another one, No DJ Khaled. DJ AudiTory & Tony Del Freshco welcome back Marco (aka Ace Boogie, apparently) & introduce the world to the homegirl, Kiara (@ohthatskiara) as we talk about one of the wildest Black History months we've experienced to date. We touch on Cardi B performing in Houston and breaking the Rodeo Attendence Record, Both Robert K's, Nigerian men in Houston, Megan the Stallion, A woman's pride and an assortment of things in between. We got...


11: What do you think...if a guy punches a stud? (ft. @PBnJay__ & @swmarco)

The Sexiest Podcast in Houston is back featuring Charlotte's own, Jaynelle (@PBnJay__) & Houston's own, Marco (@swmarco). We discuss a multitude of things including The NBA All-Star Weekend, The Grammy Award Winners (and losers), DV in LGBT relationships and every in between. The chops were hand picked by everybody involved with this episode. I'm not sure how we get into half of these topics on Drop Top Chops but you got to love it.


10: Chris Brown is 6'1", Offset is 5'8" (ft. @jazzynaildit & @vonzilla)

The boys are back with their 10th episode! DJ AudiTory & Tony Del Freshco invite out local rapper Jay Von and Nail Tech Specialist Jazzy Nee to discuss the pressing issues of 2019, which include: 21 Sauvage vs. ICE, the domestic abuse of Shad Moss, Chris Brown vs. Offset, the longevity of Blueface, Barbiana, Tha Carter 3 being a classic album, "female" being an offensive term and much much more. These are genuine conversations with Houstonians over some fire ass chops. You'll never know what...


9: "No Team Jordan's" (ft. @brandoc)

DJ AudiTory & Tony Del Freshco are back at it with one of the most insightful and culture pushing writers in Houston by the name of Brando. He gives us a breakdown of Houston radio, The 2020 Election Race and much more as he entertains our shenanigans. There's a lot of free game on this episode for those who want to understand exactly how Houston radio works. We also dive back in to the early 2010s history of the Houston music scene and discuss the future of it. All on Drop Top Chops.


8: What Came First: The Hoe or the Trick?

DJ AudiTory & Tony DelFreshco have returned of the 1st episode of 2019! We brought our friends in to discuss the disgusting nature of R. Kelly, Big DRACO leading the 2019 Power Rankings, the impact of hoe/stripper culture and everything in between. It's not a drunken mess this time around so please enjoy this respectful and enjoyable discussion.


7: Wings, Liquor & Shipley's

To cap off a 2018 year, DJ AudiTory & Tony Del Freshco invite their friends over for a podcast episode to discuss all the events and musical endeavors that occurred within. It wasn't considered how liquor would effect the episode in itself. So as a result, what we have is this audio. Excuse the ghettoness.


6: Plenty GoodWood (ft. @angie_goodwood)

DJ AudiTory & Tony Del Freshco return with another healthy episode of Drop Top Chops. This time, we have the assistance of the insightful and witty Angie Goodwood to help give her perspective on certain topics like Jacquees vs. Keith Sweat, Strip Club culture, The history of Jon B., Top Vocalists and much much more. Angie also curates the playlist for this episode so all of the music that's chopped is a personal preference of her own.


5: $250 Panties (ft. @theroyalbadness)

DJ AudiTory and Tony Del Freshco have joined up again to talk shit and drop some chops. We're joined by the wonderful @theroyalbadness as she gives us insight on worlds unseen by the common man. We also manage to discuss who's the REAL queen of Houston, The Top Albums of 2018 and recap the Astroworld fest. The chops featured on this episode are all from chopped albums that will be featured on the relaunch of DJAudiTory.com


4: Sunday Fundays are the New Church Service

DJ AudiTory & Tony Del Freshco return to discuss AstroWorld Fest, recent deaths, the top producers in the game, The Rockets without Melo, trash ass thanksgiving plates and much more. We also got the best chops you can ever find on a podcast.


3: Pineapple Pussy

The kids that did are back with another episode (sorry so late). I honestly don't remember what we were talking about on this episode but I will run it back later so that I can update this bio. It was funny as shit though. and the chops on here are hard too so...check it out.


2: "Nigga, I Love You!"

DJ AudiTory & Tony Del Freshco are back with another episode discussing relationships in the current year of 2018\. We have a panel of seasoned singles, long-distance daters and a lively young couple to help give a wide range of perspectives that help us understand where the mentalities towards dating are currently. We also intertwine that with chops that all speak on relationships in ways that helped us love what it was to be in love. I believe this conversation is one that anyone can...


1: (Pilot) "Befo' The Internet"

This was my first attempt at recording my own podcast. I invited a couple friends over. I set up some mics. We got drunk (got drunk). and I pressed record and let it all happen on its own. It got real nostalgic and real hilarious. I also made an attempt to chop again after taking a 5-Month Hiatus from doing it (due to my website being blocked behind it). Sometimes you just have to jump right into things.