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0645: Enigma

Join Thos as he talks to Hedda Rustad Carlsen, composer and lyricist of Enigma, a new musical which tells the unrecognised story of female code breakers in America during the Second World War. With songs and music from the score, you’ll learn about an amazing band of unfairly forgotten women who played a significant role in one of the world’s biggest conflicts – and who had to live with the consequences.


0644: Barely Thirteen

Join Thos, Mike and Ellen for a look at student favourite, Bare – the Musical, a modern high school take on Romeo and Juliet, before Thos surveys Jason Robert Brown’s Thirteen, one of the many musicals charting the life changing transformations experienced by thirteen year olds.


0643: Paradise Lodge

Join Thos as he speaks to the people behind Paradise Lodge, the musical comedy based on writer Steve Cooper's experience of caring for his mother-in-law as she lived with dementia. You’ll hear about accessibility in the theatre and in the community and how to take a sad subject and make it a relatable and compassionate show that creates an immediate connection with everyone. Comes with added ukeleles!


0642: BFI Musicals! The Greatest Show on Screen

Episode 642: BFI Musicals! The Greatest Show on Screen: It’s an early Christmas present for all fans of the musical! As the BFI’s extended celebration of musical films begins across the United Kingdom, Thos chats to Robin Baker, the Head Curator of the BFI National Archive and programmer of the BFI Musicals Season in a wide ranging conversation full of insight and anecdotes about some of the greatest musical films ever filmed in technicolor whilst shining a light on some of the stranger and...


0641: Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area

With a run of this popular Edinburgh Festival Fringe show about to open in Cambridge, Thos sits down with Laurence T-Stannard to discuss his score for this supermarket based musical comedy. And we learn about Cole Porter’s thoughts on song writing, and hear about the Frank Loesser rarity, Where’s Charley?


0640: Jon Robyns and West End Misfits

Nick talks to Jon Robyns about his new album - Musical Direction - as well as providing a song from the album for us all to enjoy and then we hear from Nicholas Chiappetta and Suzie Aries about a wonderful concert called West End Misfits playing at the Other Palace on the 21st October.


0639: Mamma Mia - The BIG Immersive Party

Thos and Nick talk about Big, that's now playing at the Dominion Theatre, the history of Mamma Mia and also about the new immersive Mamma Mia party that's playing in London and how it all links to theme parks.


0638: From SIX to Post Modern Jukebox

This week Nick and Thos discuss taking an old fashioned story and telling it in a modern way as they look into SIX and then discuss how Post Modern Jukebox take modern songs and do them in old fashioned way... and how that enhances the stories behind the songs.


0637: Jekyll Versus Hyde

Thos joins the hugely talented Laurence Owen and Lindsay Sharman to discuss their latest gothic horror comedy musical, the award winning Jekyll Versus Hyde, one of the great hits from 2019’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With songs and anecdotes, this episode showcases the show that puts the jewel into duality! It’s transformative!


0636: I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical

Thos sits down with the talented and generous songwriter, Alexander S. Bermange, to discuss his stunning and brilliant show, I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical – a sharply observed and hilarious revue of songs about the glamour (and lack of it) in the lives of those in musical theatre. It’s a show that almost feels written specifically for fans of MusicalTalk! Hear songs from the show and some of the true stories behind their writing in his insightful conversation with one of Britain’s...


0635: Ed Fringe Round-Up 2019: Josephine Baker and Other Movers and Shakers

Josephine Baker and Other Movers and Shakers: Join Thos and Colm as they look at some more of the great shows from this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe including Legally Blonde, Vulvarine, the Perfect Opera, Josephine – the Josephine Baker Story, Limbo: The Twelve, and MusicalTalk’s Pick of the Fringe – You and I. OMG, You Guys


0634: Ed Fringe Round-Up 2019: Sweet Charity and Friends (and fiends)

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe for 2019 might be over but its memories live on. Join Thos and Mike as they discuss four of the great shows you could have seen in Scotland this August – Sweet Charity, Shreds – A Jack The Ripper Musical, How To Use A Washing Machine and Space Junk – A Soviet Musical. Hey Big Spender, spend a little time with us!


0633: From Judy to Bette: The Stars of Old Hollywood

Join Thos as he catches up with Rebecca Perry and David Kingsmill to discuss the wonderful five star show, From Judy to Bette: the Stars of Old Hollywood, which pays tribute to Bette Davis, Judy Garland, Betty Hutton and Lucille Ball with songs aplenty! Learn about the debt owed to such great songwriters as Irving Belin, Frank Loesser and Cole Porter and how these four fabulous women made Hollywood a better place, as well as what makes Rebecca herself a powerhouse performer.


0632: What To See At The Edinburgh Fringe 2019

With the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe in full swing, Thos guides you through a selection of songs and interviews with the people behind some of the best musical theatre shows and revues that you can still catch!. It's the best of the Fest!


0631: Ed Fringe – The Musical

The world’s largest arts festival is back as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe hits town again – and to get you in the mood (and to help you explore some of the experience of being there yourself), Thos talks to the very talented Patrick Stockbridge, whose acutely observed revue, Ed Fringe the Musical, was one of the hits of last year. It’s the next best thing to being there!


0630: Good Queen Bess and Mess

With the Edinburgh Festival Fringe just about to start, Thos sits down with the man behind one of this year’s shows, David William Hughes, whose witty and splendid production, Elizabethan, is back in Edinburgh. Hear them explore how much and how little popular music has changed over 400 years – touching on everything from lutes to Barbie Girl. And then Thos talks to the two talented people behind last year’s wonderful show, Mess, the musical which investigated the nature of a non-romantic...


0629: Access All Arias

Is theatre for everyone? And what can we do to bring down the barriers? Thos sits down with actor, singer, director and theatre creator, Stephen Lloyd to discuss the ethics of fully accessible theatre and to dissect his amazing career; from working with Ray Davies from the Kinks on Come Dancing, starring in the Ian Dury musical, Reasons to be Cheerful, and helping to launch the 2012 London Paralympics, it’s an episode literally worth popping the champagne for!


0628: Nebular Tuesday

Dom talks about Nebular Tuesday with its composer Stephen Bull. We hear about its journey from its concept album days to where it is now and how Stephen plans to move it forward.


0627: Go, Go, Go Joseph!

Nick and Antonia discuss Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that is now playing at the world famous London Palladium.


0626: The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (with Rosie Ashe and Jake Brunger)

Nick, Antonia and Jonathan head to the opening of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged Thirteen and Three Quarters - at the Ambassador's Theatre in London. Hear why it's the best British musical of the year... Nick also talks to co-lyricist and book writer Jake Brunger and Rosemary Ashe - who played Grandma in the show.