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0657: Nicholas Parsons Remembered

Join Thos as he recalls the time he interviewed British cultural legend, the late Nicholas Parsons, about his performances in Into the Woods, the Rocky Horror Show, Charlie Girl and much more besides. Hear this national treasure (Nicholas, not Thos!) share his memories of Cyd Charisse, Julia McKenzie and the dangers of roller skating on a raked stage! It’s a hugely enjoyable and anecdote-filled tribute without repetition, deviation or hesitation!


0656: The Odd Couples

It’s tea for two with avuncular chatmates, Thos and Mike, as they look at two very different shows addressing the two very different ways that two very different couples can be portrayed in musical theatre. The shows in question are Jekyll Vs Hyde and the Gray Cat and the Flounder – together in an episode that’s odd couples all the way, and that’s not just the hosts!


0655: You and I: Aye aye – it’s AI!

Hear from Cordelia O’Driscoll and Tom Williams, the people behind Buried, as they talk about their latest show, You and I, a touching and funny musical masterpiece about loss and robots – it’s the MusicalTalk Pick of the Fringe 2019. With Thos Ribbits and not Thos Robots.


0654: Beetlejuice and Mean Girls on Broadway

Nick's Broadway adventure with John Sweeney continues... here they discuss Beetlejuice and Mean Girls.


0653: Moulin Rouge and the Radio City Music Hall

Join Nick from New York as he and John Sweeney discuss seeing Moulin Rouge and touring the radio city music hall on Broadway.


0652: Aladdin: See You Later Boys and Girls

David Herzog takes us on one more trip to Pantoland as his production of "Aladdin" takes its final bow. A trip to New York is also on the horizon...


0651: Remembering Jerry Herman

To mark the recent passing of Broadway legend - we rebroadcast the full interview we did with Jerry from episode 20 of the podcast. Join Nick and Thos (mostly Thos) for an hour's chat with Jerry!


0650: Merry Quizmas and a Happy New Earful For 2020

Gadzooks, surely it isn’t the festive season again? Well, yes – now you come to mention it – it certainly is! Which means it’s time for our now traditional MusicalTalk Crimbo Musical Theatre Quiz – a merry mix of quirky questions and superb songs compiled for your diversionary pleasure by Thos. And this year it’s all about song lyrics! Do you know your Gilbert from your Porter, your Sondheim from your Ira Gershwin? It’s the show where you can literally take Hart!


0649: Aladdin is Less Miserable

Join David as he talks to the cast of the Blackburn Empire Theatre’s Festive Pantomime, Aladdin, in his latest fascinating audioblog! Oh yes, he does! And then catch Thos in conversation with Sue Ellerby, the creator of the Edinburgh Fringe Smash Hit, Gilbert and Sullivan’s Improbable New Musical – Less Miserable – a clever retelling of the perennial megamusical with songs from the Savoy Operas and a topsy turvey Gilbertian twist which makes the original……..less miserable! It’s...


0648: Robot Teammate and Pockets

Mike sits down with Chris Bramante, Molly Dworsky, Branson NeJame, Kat Primeau, and Dave Reynolds — a.k.a. Robot Teammate — to discuss the Off-Broadway run of their Hollywood Fringe hit musical Pockets.


David's Audio Blog (Part Two): "Aladdin" at the Blackburn Empire Theatre

David Herzog and the rest of the cast and crew begin rehearsals for the traditional pantomime and chat backstage about characters and preparing for opening night.


0647: The Boy in the Dress

Join Nick and Robert as they travel to the RSC in Stratford Upon Avon to see The Boy in the Dress - their first big new musical since Matilda opened there 10 years ago. How does it compare?


0646: Mary Poppins, Aladdin & Juliet.

In this three parter episode - Nick talks to Andrew Keating about &Juliet, David Herzog gives us the first instalment of his panto blog from Aladdin and Nick talks to Jonathan Cohen about Mary Poppins!


0645: Enigma

Join Thos as he talks to Hedda Rustad Carlsen, composer and lyricist of Enigma, a new musical which tells the unrecognised story of female code breakers in America during the Second World War. With songs and music from the score, you’ll learn about an amazing band of unfairly forgotten women who played a significant role in one of the world’s biggest conflicts – and who had to live with the consequences.


0644: Barely Thirteen

Join Thos, Mike and Ellen for a look at student favourite, Bare – the Musical, a modern high school take on Romeo and Juliet, before Thos surveys Jason Robert Brown’s Thirteen, one of the many musicals charting the life changing transformations experienced by thirteen year olds.


0643: Paradise Lodge

Join Thos as he speaks to the people behind Paradise Lodge, the musical comedy based on writer Steve Cooper's experience of caring for his mother-in-law as she lived with dementia. You’ll hear about accessibility in the theatre and in the community and how to take a sad subject and make it a relatable and compassionate show that creates an immediate connection with everyone. Comes with added ukeleles!


0642: BFI Musicals! The Greatest Show on Screen

Episode 642: BFI Musicals! The Greatest Show on Screen: It’s an early Christmas present for all fans of the musical! As the BFI’s extended celebration of musical films begins across the United Kingdom, Thos chats to Robin Baker, the Head Curator of the BFI National Archive and programmer of the BFI Musicals Season in a wide ranging conversation full of insight and anecdotes about some of the greatest musical films ever filmed in technicolor whilst shining a light on some of the stranger and...


0641: Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area

With a run of this popular Edinburgh Festival Fringe show about to open in Cambridge, Thos sits down with Laurence T-Stannard to discuss his score for this supermarket based musical comedy. And we learn about Cole Porter’s thoughts on song writing, and hear about the Frank Loesser rarity, Where’s Charley?


0640: Jon Robyns and West End Misfits

Nick talks to Jon Robyns about his new album - Musical Direction - as well as providing a song from the album for us all to enjoy and then we hear from Nicholas Chiappetta and Suzie Aries about a wonderful concert called West End Misfits playing at the Other Palace on the 21st October.


0639: Mamma Mia - The BIG Immersive Party

Thos and Nick talk about Big, that's now playing at the Dominion Theatre, the history of Mamma Mia and also about the new immersive Mamma Mia party that's playing in London and how it all links to theme parks.