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The Wild World of K-pop Fanfiction

Welcome to Not Your Average Netizens' first K-pop Fandom Forum, special episodes devoted to discussing topical issues related to K-pop in all its intricacies. And we decided, why not start off our first episode with one of our fave topics - fanfiction! Yes, fanfiction has pushed its way out of the dark corners of fandom to become widely recognized as a powerful creative force in fan communities. K-pop fanfics, in particular, have grown more numerous; but is that healthy for the fandom? Is...


B.I., Big Hit, and Black K-pop Fan Backlash Part 2

It’s the darkest K-pop timeline as we discuss the complete dissolution of the Greek tragedy that is YG Entertainment on this episode of Not Your Average Netizens. It’s a trash fire of such immense magnitude that we needed TWO episodes to talk about it! Is B.I. a misunderstood genius and will YG get away with all his shady activity (probably)? In part two, we continue the lighthearted discourse as we delve into issues of K-pop and colorism (that will likely be covered again). Is being a fan...


B.I., Big Hit, and Black K-pop Fan Backlash Part 1

It’s the darkest K-pop timeline as we discuss the complete dissolution of the Greek tragedy that is YG Entertainment on this episode of Not Your Average Netizens. It’s a trash fire of such immense magnitude that we needed TWO episodes to talk about it! Is B.I. a misunderstood genius and will YG get away with all his shady activity (probably)? In part two, we continue the lighthearted discourse as we delve into issues of K-pop and colorism (that will likely be covered again). Is being a fan...


We Don't Need Your Clout

Not Your Average Netizens is back and it feels so good! We go deep into the psychological aspects of K-pop this episode, as we ponder the mental state of an idol – how does one deal with the stress, the pressure, the lies, the crazy ass fans? By eating your bandmate’s ear apparently. Join us for another spirited conversation, and don’t forget to like and subscribe if you enjoy our content! Timestamps: What we've been listening to 1:20 Comebacks and MVs 11:30 Disbandments 25:50 Monsta X on We...


Shinee On the Cusp Of Blackpink

Fixed! Hello, NYANers and NYANettes (ignore me it’s the lack of sleep talking)! Another week means another podcast as the NYAN crew come together once again to pontificate for another thought-provoking K-pop discussion! This week we wade into some interesting waters, as we consider Micky Yoochun’s place in the K-pop universe, and YG’s mounting PR troubles with a small side stroke into Kpop astrology just because. Come on in, the water’s fine. We had fun this episode. Timestamps 1:24 How much...


Kill This Boy With Love

We’re back to our regularly(?) scheduled programming!. And just in time for the 2019 K-pop invasion of America, as western music execs try their damndest to make BTS and Blackpink happen in the USA. Can these artists truly advance in the industry, or will they just be a fad, used for clicks and likes until the next One Direction comes along? We have an in-depth discussion and try to get to the core of the issue. Also, catch our live Blackpink Coachella commentary on Youtube! :...


NYAN Rewind: Let the Kpop Games Begin

This ep is a blast to the fairly recent past as Ashe leader-nim has been overwhelmed with personal obligations as of late, and while we enjoy working on NYAN, it’s also a pretty small operation - so we’ve had all-hands-on-deck to get our backlog out to you and get the podcast train back on schedule! We appreciate everyone who continues to listen and support our program as we soldier on, and we are bringing you some special projects and creative ventures to show our appreciation! Definitely...


Burning Seungri

It seems like everyone else has chimed in on the Burning Sun controversy, so guess we'll put our hat in the ring. On this episode of Not Your Average Netiznes, we discuss what this scandal means for the future of Seungri, Big Bang, YG and K-pop itself. There were some issues with audio this episode towards the beginning. We apologize, and if it's too much of a nuisance, fast forward about 10 minutes or so. Opening/Closing: Seungri - Strong Baby[Insane Remix] by Buddhaho If you have...


The Secret Life of A Kpop Journalist

We're not done with the marathon-length podcasts yet! Our special guest for this episode is Billboard Magazine's Kpop journalist, Tamar Herman! Find out how YOU can turn your uber-psychotic love of Kpop into a career. Trust us, we were taking notes. We also talk about BTS, Blackpink, post-disbandment Wanna One and Jay Park's inability to stay out of some shit. Timestamps: 1:00 Tamar Herman Interview 1:03:48 BTS and Blackpink in America: Do girl groups get a fair shake in the west? 1:30:00...


The Kpopalypse Is Upon Us

This extra special long-ass episode is dedicated to the fans, and non-fans alike, of the man, the myth, the legend: Kpopalypse. We had a chat with the long-time Kpop blogger to find out how he got into Kpop, his views on the industry, and his feelings about anti-fans. Plus, he joins us for the regular NYAN gossip and debauchery. Enjoy, and as always, timestamps are your friend. Timestamps: 1:26 Kpopaylpse interview 36:30 Girl's Day meets the end? 46:37 The ugly business of sasaengs 1:11:30...


Kai Shoots His Love Shot

...Annnd we're back, hello 2019! It's a new year, with new Kpop and we're as unfiltered as ever. NYAN gets down to the nitty gritty as Ashe, Jemin and Jay discuss dating scandals, shady award shows and daring leotards. Special mention to BTS!Jimin and Jay Park, who both receive the Scalding Hot Tea Treatment this episode. Ain't no kinda love like tough love. Also stop by our Youtube account, NotYourAverageNetizens Podcast, for a special video treatment of our message to Jay Park. Timestamps...


The Best and Worst of Kpop 2018- The NYAN Awards

We give our final say on the best and the worst of the year in Kpop. We can't guarantee you'll agree, but dare I say you'll be entertained in the process? Join us for the NYAN Awards! Timestamp: 1:01 Artist of the Year 12:54 Worst Artist of the Year 22:37 Boy Group of the Year 40:11 Worst Boy Group of the Year 47:13 Girl Group of the Year 57:35 Worst Girl Group of the Year 1:03:06 Solo Artist of the Year 1:13:10 Worst Solo Artist of the Year 1:17:45 Song of the Year 1:19:14 Worst Song of the...


Milking The Mamas

It's been a few weeks since the Mnet Asian Music Awards aired, but that doesn't mean we can't milk them for all they're worth! Join us as we discuss the highs and many lows of the biggest Kpop show of the year. Timestamps: 2:05 Do the MAMA’s matter? 3:30 The winners? #notourmamas 3:50 Janet at the mamas - our worst fears realized? 10:00 We address the video 11:35. The rest of the winners 18:00 NCT stanning 19:05 Edawn and Hyuna, just form a your own unit already 20:21 Heize = Halsey? 28:40...


The Kpop Shade Room

We here at NYAN highly value our rights to free speech. That includes our right to be funny, find messiness and act an entire fool. With that being said, we would like to keep this mind when listening to today’s show. It is our God given right to go forth with the shade, and yea, spread it throughout social media. But yeah, we’re keeping it real for another week in a row. Timestamps: 00;01;26;08 Janet Jackson at the 2018 MAMAs: Get Your Coin, Queen 00;18;59;25 The 2018 Melon Music Awards...


EXO Levels Up Their Tempo

Close out your Turkey Day weekend with a Thanksgiving meal's worth of K-pop content, courtesy of Not Your Average Netizens! Join us as we dissect BTS's Grammy prospects, Kris Wu's iTunes chart scandal and the massive comebacks of both EXO and TWICE. We also try to determine who take home the most trophies at this year's MAMA awards. Thanks for listening, please subscribe and spread the word! Drop us a line at and check out our video content at Not Your...


Stan Golden Child

You know it in your heart to be true. Timestamps (approximate): 1:00 Hyuna/E-Dawn We are done and hope this is done. 25:00 Dramafever The end of an era; we recount our favorite moments. 42:28 Jennie goes SOLO; for once, Jemin is speechless. 54:00 Thoughts on Blackpink's Dua Lipa collab. 1:03:00 Which groups comprise the highest album sales in the big three?Plus Big Three analysis and company stans. 1:30:00 Our weekly BTS review: Suga defends fans, says they’re treated unfairly. Do we agree?...


NCT con Queso

It's another jam-packed episode where we give you a master class in Kpop 101! We examine NCT's English skills and their ongoing American promo, Leeteuk's lack of game and Wendy's special imitation skills. We also have a very special message for Jungook. Listen to the episode and tell us what you think at! TImestamps: 33:00 Hyuna and E-Dawn 13:03 NCT comes back with a Splash! 27:13 Is NCT pop or Kpop? What is Kpop? 34:00 Who really opened the door for today's...


NYAN Extra: Best Kpop Songs Of the Summer

It's October, which means fall is officially here, which means it's as good a time as any to rank our favorite Kpop songs of the summer. Join us as we rank our top five hits of the past few months! We also discuss our least favorite tracks as well as give our predictions for the standout songs of fall. Don't forget to give us your top five summer songs in the comments, or drop us an email at and let us know what you thought of our picks! Opening music: Sistar...


The Tonight Show with B(oys) in T(acky) S(uits)

We didn’t mean to talk about BTS so much this week, but, well they're everywhere. But if you are Bangtan-adverse never fear! It's clear from the time-stamps that we had plenty other Kpop-foolery on hand to discuss this week. 1:00 Cube Ent ain’t shit 19:30: Somi joins Teddy's The Black Label 34:18 Comebacks – Shinee and GOT7, 45:48 who are the best idol rappers? 1:03:59 often imitated…wendy and beyonce as bff? 1:07:35 iKon’s Bobby and Colin Kapernick and past transgressions of racism…Is...


EXO-Ls Are In The Army Now

So you thought we'd stay gone for a minute? Nah son, we're back, and still have way too much to say. Check out the timestamps to find out what was on our mind this week. We also would like to present a challenge to EXO-Ls and Armys everywhere. In the interest of academia and good old-fashioned competition we'd like to know: who can out-sell the other in America? If EXO's new material can chart within the top ten of the Billboard 200 we'll do a special deep dive episode (and possibly a...