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Episode 39 - Pop Rocks

I’d like to dedicate this episode to Fedex for not delivering my power conditioner. This screw up is on you guys. Anywaaaaaay… Some of the topics this week are: Apple making more moves and possibly gaining an edge over Spotify, Kanye West almost producing Paul McCartney’ s new album, The 25 “most anticipated” albums of “the fall”, People going crazy over a pretty tame old Beatles story, Nickleback doing more good stuff and people still not giving them a break, The dividing line...


Episode 38 - Riot Fest Weekend

Some of the topics this week are: Eminem’s new album release, and the very mixed reviews on it, Some Foo Fighter fans manufacturing outrage over a Nirvana “reunion” Noel Gallagher and his critique of the city of Yorkshire, The surprise entry of a children’s song into the UK top 40, Metallica expanding their business empire even further, What to expect from Riot Fest this year, and more… This weeks Album Review: Alkaline Trio - Is this Thing Cursed? This weeks RIg Rundown: Randy...


Episode 37 - A.I. vs. N.I.

It's a special Tuesday-recorded episode! I won't know the difference cause you always get episodes on Tuesdays now, but it was special for us. Some of the topics this week are: Who will win the label bidding war for Taylor Swift or if she even needs a label now, The VMA's actually having a real positive effect on artist sales, Noel Gallagher making an "exciting" discovery in his sock drawer, A certain death metal artist (maybe) putting his foot in his mouth, What you might...


Episode 36 - Dave & Busters & AK-47s

Good news guys! Chris only has about 25,000 more people in front of him before he gets his invite for the hottest new social networking app! We'll keep you updated of course.... Some of the topics this week are: Nobody watching the MTV VMAs, K-Pop making it's move into the American mainstream, Nicki Minaj getting just a liiiiiiiiitle upset over not debuting #1 on the charts, Young Thug getting arrested at his b-day/album release party, Marilyn Manson not being able to catch a...


Episode 35 - Music Nazis Get Out

Another episode that mother nature tried to cut short...but NO! We will not deprive you good people of your weekly dose of podcast. Some of the topics this week are: Rock bands jumping on the Vegas bandwagon, R. Kelly rolling the dice on a high profile live performance, Weird Al getting a much deserved star on the walk of fame, Rolling Stone asking some confusing questions about Jamaican dancehall, Robert Daltrey letting his age show with some questionable comments, Azealia Banks...


Episode 34 - 12% Aint Bad (For Now)

Another great episode in the books. Don't forget Chris and Crazy X will be playing Uptown Lounge this coming Saturday (the 18th). Some of the topics this week are: Tekashi 6ix9ine blowing his get out of jail free card, Spotify wanting you to get more familiar with dance music genres, The Plain White Ts getting a TV show out of a hit single, Apex Twin's new promo falling victim to the Harding test, Lady Gaga going the Vegas route, Misguided outrage over "new" artists earnings, and...


Episode 33 - Not So Smooth Criminals

One quick note: Chris will be performing with Crazy X on Aug. 18th at Uptown Lounge. Some of the topics this week are: Lil Uzi Verts poor choice of label art, EMD tribute acts being an actual thing, Hip Hop leading the way in new revenue streams for the industry, Super dedicated fan bases, Londons new 24-hour nightclub, TIm Lambesis getting back into the game after getting out of jail, and more... This weeks album: Kenny Chesney - Song for the Saints This weeks Rockin RIg: Dimebag...


Episode 32 - The R. Kelly Manifesto

Welcome to the first Tuesday episode folks! I promised it would be out today, and as of right now it's...9:55 pm here, so it's technically still Tuesday here in Chicago. We usually record Mondays, but there were some scheduling conflicts this week, thus the "late" release time. Next week we should be releasing it a little earlier. Anyway... Some of the topics this week are: Liam Gallagher getting a fish tossed at him during a show, Demi Levato's drug issue, The internet being Drake's #1...


Episode 31 - Festival Overload

Just a reminder: Shows after this one will be coming out on Tuesdays (the new best day of the week). So get this one while it's hot folks, cause you'll be having another coming your way sooner than usual! Some of the topics this week are: Massive Attack gives festival goers a massive disappointment at Mad Cool, Guns N Roses cleaning up with their new tour and setting youtube records for 2 different decades, London dropping the ball on festival organization, The Deftones starting their...


Episode 30 - Appetite For Chart Position

I hope you guys took advantage of our Amazon links on prime day and helped break their site with the sheer number of orders you were giving them through us. I'm a glass half full kind of guy. Anyway... Some of the topics this week are: Bruno Mars learning about how important it is to have a good pyro tech, John Coltrane releasing his most successful album 40 years after he died Drake beating out the entire genre of Rock on the Billboard charts, Marilyn Manson getting up to his old...


Episode 29 - Good Venues Gone Bad

Some of the topics this episode: Dave Matthews having a not-so-great gig at a festival, The justice system coming down on the Ghost Ship "proprietors", The Fyre Festival organizers being on the hook to the tune of $5,000,000.00, Drake dominating Spotify in all sorts of ways, Moogs financial hardship brought on by new tariffs, Swizz Beatz depriving us of a Kanye/Bono collaboration (for now), Rolling Stones (not very good) list of the top 100 tracks of this century so far, and...


Episode 28 - Tipper Gore Blew It

Some of the topics this week are: Old man Reznor complaining about Kanye and The Weekend "stealing" his general idea for a live show, Joe Jackson R.I.P., Canada keeping it classy and sticking up for the wildlife when building their festivals, The "median income" of musicians in the U.S., Barry Gibb getting knighted, Morbid Angel and how the P.M.R.C. totally missed the REAL targets, The Kinks getting the band back together, and more... This weeks Album Review: Christina Aguilera -...


Episode 27 - Bitcoins For Africa

Ladies and Gentlemen...WE ARE ON SPOTIFY. This is not a drill... Some of the topics this week: XXXtentacion posthumously breaking Taylor Swifts single day download record on Spotify Micheal Jackson's new Broadway musical Jay-Z making more crazy business moves Akon starting his own crypto-currency Is Weird Al a legit music act? Fenders unique business strategy leads to some sneaky new shenanigans and more... This weeks album review: Chromeo - Head Over Heels This weeks rig:...


Episode 26 - Power Couples

This week we make our triumphant return to iTunes! I apologize to our corporate podcast overlords for my transgressions. Now then... Some of the topics this week: XXXtentacion RIP The crazy success of The Greatest Showman soundtrack Are CD's officially dead? They are if you read Rolling Stone Chris Brown's unfortunate inability to keep himself from punching women Some of the "greatest moments in metal history" Music industry power couples...who ya got? and more... This weeks album...


Episode 25 - Spotify Making Moves

This was a kind of weird week in music news, but that just makes for a more interesting episode for all you fine listeners. Some of the topics this week are: Travis Scott's terrible idea to have roller coasters at his shows Spotify starting to claim it's rightful place in the industry as the new breed of record label. The Backstreet Boys performing at...The CMT awards? An 8 hour concert meant to put you to sleep Pusha T calling off his beef with Drake and more... This weeks album...


Episode 24 - Concept Albums

Back to the normal show format this week! Hope you're all ready to get back into the swing of things. Some of the topics covered in this episode are: Chief Keef's maybe (or maybe not) getting shot at in New York Who reps what city (and is it important?) Getting your face on/in magazines Why there's too many ads in Guitar World/Guitar Player Our Favorite Concept albums Are all Hip Hop albums concept albums? And more... This weeks rig: Jason Hook - Five Finger Death...


Episode 23 - D.I.Y. (Home Recording) Part 5

Ladies and Gentlemen...We've come to the final installment of the D.I.Y. series. I hope the past 5 weeks have provided you with the tools you'll need to create the best quality sonic art possible on your own. Some of the topics this episode are: Spotify wussing out on their new conduct policy Lil' Xan learning the hard way about how the music industry actually works Why Izzy Stradlin isn't joining the new GNR tour The Mutiny Festival getting cancelled due to bad drugs and of course...I...


Episode 22 - D.I.Y. (Home Recording) Part 4

Oh boy! This episode I get into my favorite part of the recording process: The mix. I got so into it we skipped doing a rockin' rig and album review this week and STILL didn't have enough time to cover it all. I guess we'll just have to do a part 5. Bring it on! Some of the other things we covered on this episode are: The Laurel/Yanni nonsense The dude from Gorillaz leaving his new album masters in a cab The legal battle over Curt Cobains unplugged guitar Buy Chris's guitar - ...


Episode 21 - D.I.Y (Home Recording) Part 3

This is the third installment in the D.I.Y series. This week we go into the tracking portion of the process. Some of the topics included in this episode are Spotify's spot on policy of separating themselves from artists they don't approve of. People whining over digital jukeboxes in dive bars Chris goes to see the Smoking popes and relive his youth and of course... How to track your album. This weeks Rockin Rig: Slash This weeks album review: A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant Buy...


Episode 20 - D.I.Y. (Home Recording) Part 2

This episode is part 2 in the home recording series. This week we go into the buying and setup of the equipment for your studio. Some of the things we go into are: The correct way to set up the tracking area of you studio Some of the gear you can get for a great price Which mics you might want to use for which purpose Sound proofing/sound deflection on a budget The importance of the right studio furniture and more... This weeks Rockin Rig: Billy Gibbons This weeks Album Review:...