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Episode 25 - Spotify Making Moves

This was a kind of weird week in music news, but that just makes for a more interesting episode for all you fine listeners. Some of the topics this week are: Travis Scott's terrible idea to have roller coasters at his shows Spotify starting to claim it's rightful place in the industry as the new breed of record label. The Backstreet Boys performing at...The CMT awards? An 8 hour concert meant to put you to sleep Pusha T calling off his beef with Drake and more... This weeks Rockin...


Episode 24 - Concept Albums

Back to the normal show format this week! Hope you're all ready to get back into the swing of things. Some of the topics covered in this episode are: Chief Keef's maybe (or maybe not) getting shot at in New York Who reps what city (and is it important?) Getting your face on/in magazines Why there's too many damn adds in Guitar World/Guitar Player Our Favorite Concept albums Are all Hip Hop albums concept albums? And more... Buy Chris's guitar - ...


Episode 23 - D.I.Y. (Home Recording) Part 5

Ladies and Gentlemen...We've come to the final installment of the D.I.Y. series. I hope the past 5 weeks have provided you with the tools you'll need to create the best quality sonic art possible on your own. Some of the topics this episode are: Spotify pussing out on their new conduct policy Lil' Xan learning the hard way about how the music industry actually works Why Izzy Stradlin isn't joining the new GNR tour The Mutiny Festival getting cancelled due to bad drugs and of course...I...


Episode 22 - D.I.Y. Part 4

Oh boy! This episode I get into my favorite part of the recording process: The mix. I got so into it we skipped doing a rockin' rig and album review this week and STILL didn't have enough time to cover it all. I guess we'll just have to do a part 5. Bring it on! Some of the other things we covered on this episode are: The Laurel/Yanni nonsense The dude from Gorillaz leaving his new album masters in a cab The legal battle over Curt Cobains unplugged guitar Buy Chris's guitar - ...


Episode 21 - D.I.Y (Home Recording) Part 3

This is the third installment in the D.I.Y series. This week we go into the tracking portion of the process. Some of the topics included in this episode are Spotify's spot on policy of separating themselves from artists they don't approve of. People getting butthurt over digital jukeboxes in dive bars Chris goes to see the Smoking popes and relive his youth and of course... How to track your album. This weeks Rockin Rig: Slash This weeks album review: A Perfect Circle - Eat The...


Episode 20 - D.I.Y. (Home Recording) Part 2

This episode is part 2 in the home recording series. This week we go into the buying and setup of the equipment for your studio. Some of the things we go into are: The correct way to set up the tracking area of you studio Some of the gear you can get for a great price Which mics you might want to use for which purpose Sound proofing/sound deflection on a budget The importance of the right studio furniture and more... This weeks Rockin Rig: Billy Gibbons This weeks Album Review:...


Episode 19 - D.I.Y. (Home Recording)

It's the first episode of spring! At least here in Chicago. This episode Bill tries his hardest to give you a one episode tutorial on how to make a quality home recording, but just can't fit everything in, so he'll be going into more detail over the course of the next however many episodes. Some of the topics covered in this episode are: Gibsons financial fuckery Garth Brooks and his odd distribution meathods A quick overview of home recording: The who, what, where, when, why, and...


Episode 18 - The Business of Music

This episode Chris and I will be dropping some hard truths about what it really means to turn your music into money, like... Business agreements between band members Turning something you love into something you sell When to drop cash on a studio The importance of lawyers Signing with a label Working with producers And more... Also, go to Reddit and check out r/letstalkmusic. It's a great place for music discussion. Facebook - Instagram -...


Episode 17 - Airplane Mode

Some of the topics we go over this week: iTunes following Spotify's lead The stress of being a musician on a flight Rappers punching women on facebook live Some of our favorite band names Crybaby festival lawsuits and more... This weeks rock star rig: Pepper Keenan This weeks album review: The Wombats - Beautiful people will ruin your life. Buy it here: Facebook -...


Episode 16 - Merry Licksmas

Some of the topics this episode include: - Paying your damn taxes - My new holiday for musicians - The difference between and expert and a professional - Why MTV can’t hang with ESPN - Albums we like from artists we dislike - How jealous I am of people with perfect pitch - The importance of PRO’s and copywriting your work and more… This weeks rockin’ rig: Yngwie Malmsteen Facebook - Instagram -...


Episode 15 - Finish Him: FRUGALITY!!!

Some of the subjects we get into on this episode are: The lack of Jews in fighting games Chris's charitable music endeavors My unceremonious return to giving guitar lessons The Adventures of collecting unemployment The terror of having custom ear plugs made The Grateful Dead's insane live sound fetish and more... This weeks famous setup: Don Donegan of Disturbed Facebook - Instagram -...


Episode 14 - A Whole New (Instagram) World

Some of the topics on this episode include: My new iPhone Getting sued (by Gibson? Probably, if you make guitars) Me stepping up my Instagram game, and how celebrities deal with that shit The "proper" way to play/practice and I introduce a new segment for those of you who wanna know how the pro's get down gear-wise. Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat -...


Episode 13 - Guitar Heroes

This episode I decided we should just get it out of the way and go over some of the guitar heroes that are closest to our hearts. We keep it to three each just for times sake, so you best believe it was in no way a complete list for either of us. We also go into such topics as: Guitar tabs How terrible St. Patricks day is. How losing a dog is just as bad as losing a child (fuck you parents, fight me) How getting good at guitar almost made me quit Sensational women guitarists Why I...


Episode 12 - Unpopular Opinions

Oh boy...I hope you guys won't get mad at me expressing my right to free speech in this one. One thing's for sure, arguments you have in your head never go the same as when you actually have them coming out your mouth. Some of topics this episode: Rick Ross dying (almost) Bon Jovi's ability to still be killing the music game The West Wing vs. The Wire Why I don't like The Beatles or Hendrix The unexpected social consequences of pointy guitars And plenty more Social...


Episode 11 - NAMM

It's our special NAMM episode! What makes it special? The fact that we did it. Because trying is half the battle, right? We go into detail about Chris's trip as a brand ambassador to NAMM. Is the underbelly of the music merchandise industry as dark and seedy and full of secrets as you might hope? I guess you're about to find out.


Episode 10 - Chis Walker

This episode I'm accompanied by the silky smooth voice of Chris Walker, who just so happens to be my future co-host of a new podcast we're starting! This episode was sort of a test run for the new show, but was so full of knowledge and goodies that it's worth putting out as an episode of this show too! Some of the stuff we discuss are: Sweetwater and how awesome it is How someone might go about acquiring copyrights The shitty attitude of a certain music review blogger How terrible...


Episode 9 - Twitchin Skratch and Brian Boncher

This episode I brought in Twitchin Skratch and Brian Boncher, my two good friends, and two guys who've made a name for themselves in the Chicago dance music scene. I pick their brains on a number of topics relating to the current state of dance music. Twitchin Skratch: Brian Boncher:...


Episode 8 - MIke Petro and Manny Arredondo

This week I have my first three-way....podcast. Mike Petro and Manny Arredondo are in the studio with me to discuss topics such as: Drummers irrational fear of click tracks Hip Hop: flow or no? The role of image in commercial music How to make your studio engineers life easier and plenty more. You can check out the studio Mike currently works at


Episode 7 - 31 review

This episode I'm trying something new. Stretching my podcast muscles you might say... This is my first movie review episode. I kidnapped my best friend Kristina and we discussed Rob Zombies new movie 31. Surprise surprise, its a horror film in the 70's!


Episode 6 - Chase Ferguson

Chase is back to get the podcast train rolling again. This episode we get into something that's close to my heart: Anime. Go ahead, judge me. Not only do we get into all the typical nerding out you can expect between two anime buffs, we also delve into the topic of cosplay and "con" culture. Some of the topics we get into this episode: Cosplay: Art or Not? What qualifies as anime Tentacle rape...why? Also a surprising history lesson. American vs. Japanese animation The merits of fan...