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EP15: Season One Finale

We would like to appreciate the support shown by all our viewers and subscribers. We will resume for the second season in September and this time, we will have guests and a lot of interrsting and cool individuals joining us every week for fun and serious discussions. 5:00 Bad contracts by record labels 13:00 Chasing viral hits 18:05 Publicity stunts 23:12 Recap of Season One 35:15 Chandarana Foodplus Scandal Hot Twos: Victor: Hold me Down-Eric Wainaina...


EP14: Shooting Up The Club!

Episode 14 is here. Victor and Pepper discuss the Kenyan media and make light of other topics. 1:00 Concerts in Nairobi CBD 10:45 Appeal of foreign acts 11:50 Touring + Endorsements 24:45 Kenyan media poaching 31:25 Voter Bribes and lack of loyalty 34:50 Intermingling of politics and media 38:40 Shooting up the club Hot Twos Pepper: Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzB1VGEGcSU Victor: Wakadinali ft Ares66 - Nibebe...


EP13: Need Jesus and his pieces to shine on me

Back to our regurlarly scheduled programming. Apologies for the last video's quality, but now Victor and Pepper are back to their usual location with another episode. 2:20 Kebs by Nyashinski 18:03 Camp Mulla Break-Up 27:40 Octopizzo Instagram Controversy 30:00 Kenyan TV 36:00 Nasty C-Strings and Bling Album Review 01:08:00 Artist Tournament Follow What is This Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whatisthispod/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/whatisthispod Anchor: https://anchor.fm/whatsthis...


EP12: That's a redundant Argument

This week, Victor and Pepper discuss the Nu-Nairobi scene from Tedd Josiah's perspective and give their own takes on the scene. TEDD JOSIAH REACTS TO #NuNairobi Music [PART 1] || 123SKETCHES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF3lOK5QY4w 4:20 Radio and new artists 12:00 Local language in music 19:00 Copying from foreign acts 27:20 State of Nu-Nairobi 32:40 Artist Tournament Hot Twos: Victor: Wakadinali-Ohh Lord https://soundcloud.com/foreign-mghetto-mkadinali/3-ohh-lord Pepper: L.A Jay-Nights...


EP11: Who's the Chicken now?

As promised, here is a video episode for you. This week, Pepper and Victor engage in a tournament that sees some of the biggest musicians from today and yesteryears pitted against each other. 2:10 Going about music distribution 14:09 Songa music app controversy 23:45 Artist Tournament Joined by Sam, Kevin, Sandra & Michelle Michelle: https://www.instagram.com/michelledonde/ Kevin: https://www.instagram.com/kjamesalpha/ Sam: https://www.instagram.com/sam_thamu/ Sandra:...


EP10: Don't be Share to Shy

This being the last episode without videos, Pepper and Victor discuss matters one hit wonders and other interesting topics. 5:15 Kenyan One hit wonders 30:05 Award shows in Kenya 35:50 The Sophomore Slump 42:35 Formula for a hit song Hot Twos: Victor: Usishangae-Dai X Dasthma https://soundcloud.com/user-136359804/usishangae-dai-x-basthma Follow What is This Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whatisthispod/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/whatisthispod Anchor: https://anchor.fm/whatsthis All...


EP09: SWAT na Matire

With the onset of the cold season, Victor and Pepper delve into issues concerning current music events and speculate on reasons for the cold. Hilarious and serious takes on all issues discussed. Joined by Brandon 6:21 Virality in Kenyan music scene 22:30 Repping your hood 30:09 Music in the political season 44:20 Facebook names of the 2010s 46:15 Bad marketing strategies Hot Twos Pepper: Lamba Lolo-Rekles X Seska X Swat X Zilla https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0ZkjfsQKnk Victor: Badder...


EP08: Khaligraph Jones "Testimony 1990" Album Review, How to make a musical Comeback, and The State of the Industry

Apologies for a late release. With the World Cup fever catching on, Pepper and Victor tell us the teams they are supporting and of course give hilarious and serious takes on various issues. Joined by Sam 2:23 Testimony 1990 album review 42:35 Making a comeback to the music industry 49:00 Kenyan artists getting underpaid in local concerts 53:00 The state of the industry 57:50 What teams we are supporting in the World Cup 01:02:10 Ugandan music Hot Twos Pepper: Colours-Jason Derulo (ft Cassper...


EP07: Kenyan Legacy Acts, Piracy and The world's Number One Bootlegger

Pepper and Victor are back again with another episode. As always, jokes are cracked and serious stuff discussed. Joined by Sam 3:00 Legacy Acts in Kenya 20:15 Kanye Samples a Kenyan on Ye 24:19 Monetization of music 30:29 Avenues of music consumption 43:50 Piracy in Kenya 54:50 DJ Afro: The world's number one bootlegger Hot Twos: Pepper: Nene K-Sometimes (Unreleased) Victor: Urban Bl!ss-Nimechizi (ft Alexis and The African) https://soundcloud.com/urbanbliss/nimechizi Follow What is This...


EP06: Fueling Careers with beef, Relevance of music videos & What is the pink line on Thika Road?

Another fun filled episode with Pepper and Victor. We tackle serious and not so serious topics. Joined by Sam, Stan, Nikki and Sandra 7:00 Rappers fueling their careers with beef 18:20 Pepper breaks down the TGR festival 25:11 The importance of music videos to music careers 38:10 Kenya's underground scene 41:02 Rise in number of photographers 45:30 Safaricom Twaweza live 48:39 Khaligraph album speculations 55:20 What is the pink line on Thika Road for? 1:01:10 Boring club music Hot Twos...


EP05: Intellectual Property, Censorship and Top Kenyan Producers

This week, Victor narrates his near death experience and he and Pepper delve into other issues. Joined by Sam, Benny, Stan, Nikki and our amazing producer Sandra. 1:25 Victor's near death experience 3:50 Intellectual Property 17:35 Censorship and KFCB 31:41 Sauti Sol retirement + New song 40:57 Top producers in Kenya 47:17 Khaligraph new song a troll 52:12 Recent Kenyan hits Hot Two's: Victor: Vallerie Muthoni-Brown Suga https://soundcloud.com/valleriemuthon... Pepper: Unreleased Public...


EP04: Showbiz in Kenya, Separating the art from the Artist and Foreign acts living in Kenya

In this week's episode, Pepper and Victor are joined by Ellenor, Sandra, and Nikki as they discuss important and not so important issues. There is no Album review this week but we'll definitely have an album to review. 3:30 Seperating the art from the artist 20:05 Foreign Artists hanging around Kenya 26:48 Showbiz in Kenya 39:00 New Khaligraph Jones album + Sauti Sol low YouTube numbers 44:52 Enhanced body parts Hot Twos Pepper: Brian Nadra-Lover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaqwX......


EP03: Kenyan labels should give artists an advance, Dela 'Public Demand' Album Review

Pepper and Victor give their weekly dosier of the Kenyan industry and their interesting takes on various issues (Sandra is back!) 1:58 Nation Media Group's record label and top Kenyan record labels 13:15 Dela-'Public Demand' Album Review 33:40 MSCK publishing music 38:25 Our favourite Ukambani musicians 42:25 Lack of unity among artists 46:40 Bill seeking to increase percentage of local content in media 53:00 Kanye West and J Cole Kenyan shows Hot Twos by Pepper and Victor Pepper: PRXNCE -...


EP02: Ezekiel Mutua's Double Standards, MDQ's SHE album review & Where is Juliani's music ?

In this week's episode, Victor and Pepper had a lot to say. 2:15 Rafiki Film Ban 17:30 MDQ-SHE album review ( Muthoni Drummer Queen's art on her album cover was designed by Michael Soi https://www.facebook.com/Michael-Soi-... ) 32:00 Unproffessionalism by Kenyan producers 36:18 Blink Bill On Sway In The Morning 39:23 Prezzo & Jaguar Beef and New Song 42:00 Tunji's new music 45:18 Otile Brown Relationship 50:50 Juliani Bold Claims on Twitter 53:50 Exclusivity of Kenyan Music 57:00 Songa Music...


EP01: Kenyan Radio is a sham, Octopizzo In-depth Album Review & Are Camp Mulla trolling fans?

What Is This Episode 01. Victor and Pepper5 delve into issues regarding the kenyan music industry. The following topics are discussed in this episode 01:05 Octopizzo New Year Album Review (Apologies to Kay Green who was refered to by the wrong gender on this episode) 28:55 Avicii's death. RIP 30:25 Rick Ross Kenyan Show 34:25 New Camp Mulla Music? 37:40 Radio Controversy 47:01 New Music: Dave Ndegwa- Kairetu https://soundcloud.com/dave-ndegwa/ka... Public Holiday- Hey Sarah!...