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NBA Draft and College Basketball Expert Sam Vecenie talks all levels of Pro & NCAA hoops.

NBA Draft and College Basketball Expert Sam Vecenie talks all levels of Pro & NCAA hoops.
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NBA Draft and College Basketball Expert Sam Vecenie talks all levels of Pro & NCAA hoops.




2018 NBA Mock Draft w/ Cole Zwicker: How we would select players

In this episode, I chat with good friend of the program Cole Zwicker where we do what will likely become yet another yearly tradition on the podcast: We go through and do a mock draft with what each of us would do. We go back and forth, with me taking the No. 1 pick and all of the resulting odd picks, and Cole taking No. 2 and the even picks. We had a lot of fun and discussed each potential pick in detail. Hope you all enjoy!


NBA Draft Big Board, The Top-8; w/ Cole Zwicker; Charles Bassey to WKU/2019 Draft

In this episode, Cole Zwicker joins Sam Vecenie to chat about the 2018 NBA Draft, but first they talk about the 2019 NBA Draft. Charles Bassey committed to play at Western Kentucky for the 2018-19 college hoops season, so Sam and Cole break down Bassey, his game, what they've seen in the past, and how he projects as a prospect (2:00). They also chat a bit about the 2019 NBA Draft as a whole. Then, they get into the meat of the podcast, where they break down Sam's top-eight prospects in...


NBA Draft Big Board, Nos. 17 to 9 w/ Cole Zwicker

In this episode, Sam Vecenie is joined by Cole Zwicker, where they go in-depth on Sam's current NBA Draft Board. They break down the structure and ideals behind the board, talk about the three players that were just slightly left off of the board, and then dive right into these prospects (in order): Zhaire Smith (13:20),Troy Brown (22:50), Robert Williams (29:50), Lonnie Walker (37:45), Kevin Knox (45:50), Mikal Bridges (53:00), Wendell Carter (1:02:15), Shai Gilgeous-Alexander...


The Future After the Warriors; Colangelo's final collar; RFA Market

In this episode, Cole Zwicker joins Sam Vecenie and chats about the Warriors' remarkable team, then what happens after the Warriors. What does the NBA look like when the Warriors' run finally ends? Are we entering an era where the league will conform back to big men based off of the talent entering the league? Then, they chat about Bryan Colangelo's collars and the absurdity of the situation, and Deandre Ayton seeming to be the next No. 1 overall pick. Finally, they chat about the...


The DeAndre Ayton Podcast; also, NBA Finals Game 2, and silly Jaylen Brown rumors

In this episode, Sam Vecenie is joined by Cole Zwicker where they discuss many levels of basketball. First, they break down the Cavs-Warriors series, and discuss potential defensive adjustments for Cleveland in addition to Cleveland's rotation. Can the Cavs do anything to make a comeback? Then, they delve into the Celtics Jaylen Brown and Mohamed Bamba rumors. Why this makes no sense for Boston, and why the Mavs should take such a deal if offered (even if the venerable Tim Cato already...


NBA Finals, Game 1 Madness: LeBron, JR, and the Refs; NBA Draft Decisions

In this episode, Cole Zwicker joins the show to chat about everything that happened in a totally bananas Game 1 in the NBA Finals. From LeBron's legendary performance, to JR's legendary gaffe, we break it down from all the angles for 45 minutes. Then, we chat a bit about Bryan Colangelo, and how the 76ers basically have to fire him at this stage. Finally, we break down the biggest and most important decisions of the 2018 NBA Draft Deadline. Kevin Huerter, Donte DiVincenzo, Jontay Porter,...


LOL Colangelo burners and NBA Finals Preview with Dieter Kurtenbach

In this episode of the podcast, Sam is joined by Dieter Kurtenbach where they discuss the burners. Specifically, the (ALLEGED) burners of 76ers general manager Bryan Colangelo, according to a terrific and fascinating article by The Ringer and Ben Detrick. What do we think happens? What the hell is this story? How? Why? It's the most internet story of the 2018 year! Then, they break down the 2018 Finals in a somewhat coherent manner, mostly shouting at one another about how the Cavs could...


NBA Playoffs, Covering the Jazz, and NBA Draft talk with Tony Jones

In this episode, Tony Jones from the Salt Lake Tribune joins Sam Vecenie and chats about the NBA Playoffs, covering the Utah Jazz, and some NBA Draft stuff. First, they break down what they've seen so far in the NBA, chatting before the Game 7s of the Conference Finals. Did the Conference Finals save what has been a relatively non-compelling playoffs? Is this LeBron run the best playoff run we can remember? How underappreciated is Klay Thompson all-time, and how good has Draymond been on...


NBA Draft Combine Recap w/ Cole Zwicker

In this episode, Sam Vecenie is joined by Cole Zwicker to break down everything that happened at the 2018 NBA Draft Combine. From the measurements to the five on five, they pick some winners and losers from the event, discuss the forthcoming decisions of guys like Josh Okogie, Tyus Battle, and Kevin Huerter, and chat about the measurements of some of the elite players in the class. Also, does Mo Bamba have longer arms than any human alive?


NBA Draft Lottery Breakdown Emergency Pod; Combine Preview

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Cole Zwicker to break down everything we saw at the NBA Draft Lottery, breaking down prospects and chatting about fits and needs of every single team in the lottery. They go in the order of the draft, breaking down each team: Phoenix, Sacramento, Atlanta, Memphis, Dallas, Orlando, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, and Denver. Then for 20 minutes, they preview the NBA Draft Combine. What should folks be...


Boston-Cavaliers Game 1 Breakdown; Warriors-Rockets preview

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Cole Zwicker about the NBA Playoffs Conference Finals. First, they break down Game 1 of the Celtics-Cavaliers series, which Boston ran away with by 25 points. We go into the Xs and Os, the performances, and some of the potential adjustments for Game 2. Then, we break down Golden State vs. Houston, a series that should be absolutely tremendous. How does each team match up with the other? Who is the key player? Who wins?


Celtics-Sixers series breakdown; Cavs move on, Raptors future?

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Cole Zwicker about the Eastern Conference semi-finals. First, the two chat about Celtics-Sixers and break down what's happening on the floor. Why are the Sixers struggling a bit, and why being able to play defense on the perimeter and in space is possibly the biggest market inefficiency in the NBA right now. Additionally, "The TJ McConnell Game," and how that could change things going forward. Then they go into the Celtics, how incredible Al Horford...


Stan Van Gundy Out in Detroit; More NBA Coaching Carousel news

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with friend of the program Cole Zwicker, where they break down the end of the Stan Van Gundy tenure in Detroit. Does this spell the end of dual coach/GM positions? Where does he leave Detroit? How do they get out of the hole they've created? Additionally, they chat about the Knicks hiring David Fizdale, the Suns hiring Igor Kokoskov, the Grizzlies hiring JB Bickerstaff, and the processes some other teams are undertaking to hire head coaches. Finally,...


NBA Playoffs Offseason Preview: Oklahoma City, Washington, Milwaukee, Indiana

This is a two part episode. First, Sam Vecenie chats with Fred Katz to break down what happened with the Oklahoma City Thunder this season. Why did they fail and end up falling in the first round of the playoffs? What happens now, what with Paul George being a free agent and Carmelo Anthony being...well, Melo. Then, Sam chats with Cole Zwicker, where they break down what happened with Milwaukee, Indiana, and Washington. A brief moment of silence for Joe Prunty's NBA head coaching career,...


NBA Playoffs Second Round Preview w/ Cole Zwicker

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Cole Zwicker about the second round of the NBA Playoffs, diving deep on each of the series. First, they run through a post-mortem of the Boston-Milwaukee series where Milwaukee was an abject mess in terms of lineups and Boston saw Al Horford, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart really make key differences. Then they dive into the Xs and Os of Philadelphia-Boston in the second round, and start to wonder about just how Boston matches up with...


NBA Playoffs: First Round Breakdown, Wolves/Spurs/Heat Post-Mortems

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Cole Zwicker, where they breakdown all of the remaining playoff series, in this order: Thunder-Jazz, Cavs-Pacers, Wizards-Raptors, and Bucks-Celtics. Then, the two of them do postmortems and offseason look-aheads for the Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs, and the Miami Heat.


NBA Playoffs Weekend That Was with Cole Zwicker

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Cole Zwicker about the weekend that was in the playoffs. They open with about 20 minutes on the Bucks pulling even with Boston following Joe Prunty stumbling backwards into the Thon Maker adjustment, which changed the complexion of the series. Then, the two move on to Wizards-Raptors, Pacers-Cavaliers, and then Philadelphia taking a big lead over Miami. Are the 76ers now the favorite in the Eastern Conference? Following the East, they chat about...


NBA Playoffs: First Round Game 2 Breakdowns w/ Cole Zwicker

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with friend of the program Cole Zwicker about all of the Game 2s in the First Round of the NBA Playoffs, breaking them down much in the same way they did Game 1. They went in this order: Pacers-Cavs, Philadelphia-Miami, Utah-OKC, Milwaukee-Boston, Pelicans-Blazers, Wizards-Raptors, Wolves-Rockets, Spurs-Warriors.


NBA Playoffs First Weekend Breakdown; Hoop Summit Scouting

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Cole Zwicker and talks goes in-depth on the first weekend of the NBA Playoffs, breaking down the first game of each series. Here's the order: Utah-OKC, Milwaukee-Boston, New Orleans-Blazers, Pacers-Cavs, Philly-Miami, Wizards-Raptors, Minnesota-Houston, Golden State-San Antonio. Then, they chat about lessons teams can learn from the playoffs in terms of the NBA Draft. Should boards be altered based on the fact that big men are being played off the...


NBA First Round Playoff Preview with Zach Harper

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Zach Harper of Fan Rag Sports and the Count the Dings podcast network to preview the 2018 NBA Playoffs. They run through each series, chatting about their overall thoughts on the series, the matchup within the series they're looking forward to, and the fake over/under they're most looking forward to tracking. They chat in order of seeding and by conference, meaning the first series they talk about is Toronto-Washington, followed by Boston-Milwaukee,...