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The only weekly hockey radio show with no off-season break!

The only weekly hockey radio show with no off-season break!
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The only weekly hockey radio show with no off-season break!




Chesapeake Hockey Week 10.16.18

This week, Scotty reviews the split this weekend for the Maryland Black Bears, while giving props to the team and fans. Towson University was back on the ice in another long travel weekend, Navy was in the cozy confines of McMullen, while Stevenson and Maryland faced off in a one-off Maryland Derby. All that, plus seasons starting all over means we can finally track the Maryland-based players all over North American and Europe. Follow the show on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod


10/10/18 Face Off Hockey Show: Part II

It's another Wednesday night, and another night the Caps are playing hockey ... this is becoming fun to start the season. We'll also have Black Bears games to cover this week! This is a good week, come join us: https://youtu.be/wJFpK9CsnJU


Chesapeake Hockey Week 10.09.18

This week on the Chesapeake Hockey Week, the Maryland Black Bears and Team Maryland took to the Northeastern part of the US and one team fared a little better than the other-- Scotty will tell you who and how. The NCAA club season is in full effect, with Navy making a big charge in their Division 1 program, while Towson split this weekend after a wild travel schedule. All that, plus the AHL and NCAA started this weekend, so we'll track the Maryland participants in that. Check out the podcast...


The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #53

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) unveil a new format where they pick a story of the week from Jen's Twitter and give more than 280 characters. This week, the story of King Clancy's trade to Toronto and how, if it wasn't for a horse, he'd still be in Ottawa. Also, thanks to the Flyers and Gritty, some wild stories about some mascots, as well as the games of hockey the duo attended. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble


10/02/18 Face Off Hockey Show

It's the day before the Capitals banner raising ... and not a creature is stirring, except maybe a Black Bear. @scottywazz and @NHLhistorygirl went to the Black Bears practice today, are in studio, and we may even have guests. Come join us: http://youtu.be/tAAr8cIrEJ4


Chesapeake Hockey Week 10.03.18

This week, Scotty goes over the weekend that was for the Maryland Black Bears, while also getting to talk to Black Bears head coach, Clint Mylymok. Team Maryland won their first game, while college hockey season is starting up around the state. We'll also check in on ECHL training camps going on, as well as other Maryland minor leaguers, college, and junior players. Follow the podcast on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod


09/26/18 Face Off Hockey Show

Preseason is almost over, and this time this week Scotty and Jen will be at the Capitals opener (plug for Tuesday show next week) ... come listen to us tonight though, we'll talk about things and the FOHSHL! http://youtu.be/HlGRZq5hSpY


Chesapeake Hockey Week 09.25.18

This week, Scotty Wazz will talk about the show at the NAHL Showcase for the Maryland Black Bears, as they make their presence felt to the teams in the Western Conferece. Also, Team Maryland's start in the EHL is anything less than optimal, but there's something else that's bugging our host about this team. We'll also check in to see how Sam Anas has done in the Minnesota Wild pre-season, as well as Adam Varga's debut in his second OHL season. Follow the podcast on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod


The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #52

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) talk about the stories of NHL training camps of yesteryear and how they have changed dramatically into modern day. No more taking three months off, but plenty of stories to be had. Also, a look back at Ab McDonald's life and career on the ice, as well as the importances of having captaints today, as opposed to when they were really a neccessity back in history. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble


09/19/18 Face Off Hockey Show

Tonight... we'll have on Adam Scorgie, to talk about his newest documentary @MakingCoco, we'll talk about the Maryland Black Bears opening weekend, and just how many defensemen does San Jose need? Come join us, it should be fun: http://youtu.be/fkkYdJi2e5Q


Chesapeake Hockey Week 09.18.18

This week, Scotty Wazz will discuss the outcome of the Maryland Black Bears' first games at home and in the NAHL. The sights and sounds that Jonny P was able to communicate to Scotty, as well as what Scotty himself saw from the on-ice product, as well as the off-ice hustle will be discussed. Also, Bel Air's Adam Varga is back at it in the OHL and we'll have some pre-season stats from his appearances. Find the show on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod


09/12/18 Face Off Hockey Show

We have people thinking they missed the Liut Division draft already ... the real question is why aren't you in the FOHSHL yet? Be Dialin'! Also, come join us on the show tonight ... there was a trade this week to talk about: http://youtu.be/kvnlYQiuglE


Chesapeake Hockey Week 09.11.18

This week, Scotty Wazz launches his newest podcast-- the Chesapeake Hockey Week. It's a show about hockey in the Old Line State, following teams from the NAHL to D3 to Club Hockey to maybe even some high school and other developmental hockey. In the maiden voyage, Scotty will wonder about the social media presences of the Maryland Black Bears and how he hopes they'll do better as the season goes on. He'll also give an update on where the Maryland-area players are playing this year and how...


09/05/18 Face Off Hockey Show

Well ... summer is over, no more wearing white, but I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about. I mean, it's not like someone failed a drug test or anything, but training camps soon! Come join us: http://youtu.be/2ZqjeuyhIi8


08/29/18 Face Off Hockey Show

Thanks for all the new listeners, finding us this summer, and deciding that we "don't talk enough hockey" ... Good luck finding your summer hockey podcast! To everyone that gets us, thanks for listening, and come talk to us tonight: http://youtu.be/Nl-1tk_eeyI


The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #51

On this episode, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) will go through a list of nicknames and the history behind them. Don't worry, we'll get to all the Jonesy's and Soupy's, along with some original nicknames as well. They'll also chat very little about third jerseys, and do their hockey card thing. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble


08/22/18 Face Off Hockey Show

Wednesday night, and everyone is back ... except for Marc. Come listen about summer talking of things, and some stuff. Join us: http://youtu.be/o-h72vXYf64


08/15/18 Face Off Hockey Show

Well, we've picked up some furniture, for our anniversary, and now it's back to being August ... I'm sure there's some stuff to talk about, maybe. Come join us and find out: http://youtu.be/wqDIh2p6Zv8


The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #50

On this episode, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) tell stories about the coaches of the NHL past and present. Whether it be why they didn't play longer or just random mischif they got into as a player-- Jen will tell some tales about some of the more notable coaches in history. Also, remember the legacy of Stan Mikita and what he brought to the game and why he did what he did int he community. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble


08/08/18 Face Off Hockey Show - 17th Anniversary Show

Well ... the 17th Anniversary Show is tonight. In 2001, this "podcast" started on an internet radio station, and we're still going strong. Updates in technology have occurred, and I'm sure the show has been updated too. Come listen to find out: http://youtu.be/amLOMhzLHfI