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The only weekly hockey radio show with no off-season break!

The only weekly hockey radio show with no off-season break!
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The only weekly hockey radio show with no off-season break!




Chesapeake Hockey Week 12.11.18

This week, Scotty Wazz talks about the Maryland Black Bears new hires and how they'll be instrumental in growing the team in the area. Not only that, but the Black Bears finally break their losing streaking this weekend in New Jersey, while the Towson University Tigers break their streak...then let's not talk about Saturday. Also, praise for Towson's Jacob Snyder, who has face a ton of pucks this year so far. All that, plus some player updates. Follow the show on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod


The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #58

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) take a look back at the life and times of Mick McGeough and what he gave back tot he game. Also, this coming week is the 85th Anniversary of the incident between Eddie Shore and Ace Bailey that lead to the NHL All Star Game being started. Also, the story of Taffy Abel and how he started a trend on big defensemen, plus two great stories of Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble


12/5/18 Face Off Hockey Show

I have a feeling that we'll be showing off some @BlackBearsNAHL swag tonight on the show. We have some firings and hirings and a welcome to Number 32. Marc is taking one for the team, and going straight Jäger tonight ... come join us: http://youtu.be/IAzdu4UyeaM


Chesapeake Hockey Week, 12.04.18

This week, Scotty Wazz will break down the continuing skid of the Maryland Black Bears, as even the power of the flag couldn't help them this weekend. The Stevenson University Women's team gets back on the winning side in remarkable fashion, while the Men's side could take a pointer or two from them. The Naval Academy keeps chugging along in the win column, while Towson University is doing their damnedest to get back on the winning side. All that, plus some updates from Maryland players...


11/28/18 Face Off Hockey Show

Everyone's back from holiday, but the Flyers are still deep frying things ... I don't know what that means. Maybe they're just looking for some old time cooking. Come listen, and be a part of tonight's HHFY: http://youtu.be/SaAVPy4Inao


Chesapeake Hockey Week, 11.27.18

This week, Scotty Wazz will detail the continuing woes of the Maryland Black Bears during their long road stretch and ponders what's needed to get the team on the right track. The Stevenson's Men were the only college program in action as they toured through Wisconsin. Also, Scotty will got through Maryland high schools in the MSHL and MAPHL, while being amazing at the statline for Washington County's Harris Blackwood. Follow the show on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod


11/21/18 Face Off Hockey Show: Thanksgiving Show

Sometimes you listen to the Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack ... and sometimes you listen to Baby Shark ... and sometimes, Alice's Restaurant is just the way to go. Happy Thanksgiving, come listen to us: http://youtu.be/ekOTzLY580s


Chesapeake Hockey Week, 11.21.18

On this edition of the Chesapeake Hockey Week, Scotty Wazz will talk about the big points picked up by the Maryland Black Bears to help their grip on the last playoff spot in the East Division of the NAHL. The Stevenson Men and Women's teams had UCHC conference games, Navy welcomes some Pennsylvania foes, while University of Maryland and Stevenson's club teams were too good of hosts to Liberty University. All that, plus Team Maryland updates and players from Maryland updates. Get more Clutch...


The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #57

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) talk about the underbelly of old-time hockey and the crime that came with it. Also a look at pre-NHL Montreal Canadien who didn't get the same respect the other older generation did. All that, plus how two Flyers almost blew up a house thanks to a deep-fried turkey. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble


11/14/18 Face Off Hockey Show

Unlike Tom Wilson, we made Marc sit out his full suspension. We also withheld the full amount of his missed wages for the show ... with all those beautiful zeros. Like Tom Wilson, he's back (has been for weeks). Come Listen: http://youtu.be/E3poUYdWjmQ


Chesapeake Hockey Week, 11.13.18

This week, Scotty Wazz will talk about how the Black Bears of Maryland fared in Johnstown and the insanity of a schedule they have coming up in the next week. Stevenson's Men's and Women's teams continues play in-conference, but had a bit of a tough pull. Club hockey in Maryland didn't have a great weekend across the board; but players from the Maryland-area exploded for the first time this season. Find the podcast on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod


The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #56

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) will talk about the streak that Glenn Hall set that no other goalie will ever accomplish. Also, a look at Tommy Dunderdale and his contribution to the hockey community from down under, as well as a look at this year's Hockey Hall of Fame Class. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble


11/07/18 Face Off Hockey Show

Now I'm right ... the Caps are playing tonight, on Wednesday Night Hockey. Thankfully the NHL promoted this game for 10 days because you don't want to miss it. But you can listen to us, and not those NBC commentators: http://youtu.be/QrDTwFegZiM


The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #55

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) talk about the debut of Dominik Hasek into the NHL. They'll chronicle his career, how he made people change their mind about European goalies, and the style be brought that was all his own. Also, they'll have a new segment looking at the unheralded players from the early years that the NHL casually forgets. Also, how Jim Archibald's "One Last Shift" at University of North Dakota could have turned into a real one. Follow the show on...


Chesapeake Hockey Week, 11.06.18

Still you're source for Clutch N' Crab Hockey, Scotty talks about a split weekend for the Maryland Black Bears and the broadcast troubles that loom for them. Stevenson University's Men's and Women's teams started conference play this weekend, while plenty of inter-Maryland mingling for the ACHA side of things. All that and wondering when the Maryland minor leagues will get off the schnide. Follow the show on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod


10/31/18 Face Off Hockey Show: Halloween Edition

Well... it's Halloween, and there could be costumes or we'll just be our normal scary selves. Come join us, maybe Frank will show up: http://youtu.be/uyQU6uMkFnU


Chesapeake Hockey Week 10.30.10

On this edition, Scotty Wazz will look at the Maryland Black Bears taking on the New Jersey Titans and how the Black Bears may have been jobbed on both losses this weekend. Stevenson University (not Stevensonville like his mush-mouth suggests) took to the ice, with the Women's team in Massachusetts and the Men at home, Navy had a big weekend in PA, while Towson has another weekend they'd like to redo, while the Terps were back and indecisive on their season. We'll talk some Team Maryland...


The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #54

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) are back out of quarentine in time to talk about some stories of ghosts in the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Boston Garden, the Montreal Forum, and the Nationwide Arena. Also, the story of how Doug Favell got his mask to be a nice orange color, as well as reflecting on the things that former NHL President John Ziegler did for the NHL in his tenure. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble


10/24/18 Face Off Hockey Show

Hold on... if there's a Wednesday, without the Capitals playing hockey, did it really happen? Come check us out, and find out: https://youtu.be/p5AL-PVkVqM


Chesapeake Hockey Week 10.23.18

This week, Scotty Wazz recaps the happens with the Maryland Black Bears this week in their set against the Jamestown Rebels, Towson University were too gracious of hosts with Slippery Rock in town, Navy took on Delaware in a home-and-home, while high schools are starting up their seasons this week and some Maryland players racking up some points on the next level. Follow the podcast on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod