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ScotIndyPod 164 - Some of the Best

Around this time of year I usually try to put out something with some of the best bits of the year in a compilation. However, given the early birth of our son Cailean, I haven't had time to scour through the stuff I have saved to put that exact show together again this year. So instead, here is what I thought was the best of this year, along with two of the best of ANY year in the Scottish Independence movement. It's not all happy-smiley, but it is all excellent. Hope you enjoy. LINKS...


ScotIndyPod163 - They Don't Make This Difficult

The 163rd episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast is a thank you for some of the great moments that Scottish Labour leaders have given us in recent years. Today the new empty suit put himself right in the mix with the previous empty suits and dresses, and he is hardly in the job. Hope you enjoy. LINKS


ScotIndyPod 162 - Tories & Trump

The 162nd episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast is a quick run through of some of the things that Trump and the Tories have been up to. Some listeners may find the amount of Ruth Davidson in it upsetting, however, when she is in it, she is constistently making an arse of herself. She also says some terminological inexactitudes, seems to forget that welfare isn't a devolved matter and more. There is also someone making fun of Trump, but the problem with that is that whatever you say...


ScotIndyPod 161 - Christians for Indy

I noticed that the only people I hadn't had on the show among the conveners and voting organisations were Elaine C. Smith (I've tried - can't seem to get in touch with her), AyeScotland, Christians For Independence and Pensioners for Independence. I then immediately tweeted out asking if any of those organisations would like to come on the show for a talk about independence. The first I managed to organise something with (and I'll be working on the others shortly) were Christians for...


ScotIndyPod 159 - Colin Fox at SNP Edinburgh

The 159th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast features a talk given at the Edinburgh SNP Club last night by Colin Fox of the SSP. Colin always speaks well and this time was no different. As well as being his usual genial self however, he also spoke about some of the difficulties the independence movement is in and how we can get out of them. Hope you enjoy. LINKS


ScotIndyPod 158 - How Bad & Incompetent The UK Government Is

"In the case of Brexit, I heard assurances throughout the course of the mission and yesterday at the human rights council from the government that Brexit would not lower protection from environmental threats. However, I also heard, or actually did not hear any clear assurances of how that would be the case. There have been statements from members of government saying that existing laws will be maintained WHEREVER PRACTICAL AND DESIRABLE, which I find very worrying." The 158th episode of...


ScotIndyPod 157 - Anna Arqué on Catalonia

The 157th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast is the second time on the show for Anna Arqué. Anna has been a long-time campaigner for Catalan independence and also works for the International Commission of European Citizens. I asked her about the preparations for the Independence Referendum they are about to have and also about the measures that the Spanish government is using to try and disrupt the process. I also asked her how the people are reacting to some of these measures...


ScotIndyPod 156 - Thomas Muir Lecture 2017 by Tommy Sheppard

We're back! The 156th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast features the Thomas Muir lecture for 2017, which was given by Tommy Sheppard MP (who has also been on the show himself). Hope you enjoy.


ScotIndyPod 155 - A Party Political

It's good to give time to your opponents, , so for the 155th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast I've decided to cover this election broadcast by the Scottish Conservatives.


ScotIndyPod 154 - McSmörgåsbord

At the moment there isn't really enough talk about choices. Everything is being presented as either a future in Brexit UK (with all the lack of choices that entails), or an independent future in the EU. However there are more options than that available. If one looks to Scandinavia it is possible to see many different types of engagement and activity with Europe, from full membership and trying to change things from within, to various kinds of halfway house. In this talk presented here in...


ScotIndyPod 153 - Wait, what?

Just a reminder. LINKS


ScotIndyPod 152 - Crying 'Wolf!'

For the 152nd episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I’ve pulled together some of the recent notable comments by some pro-indy folks and by some unionists. The Tories seem to want to deny everything, some people are trying to ramp up the hysteria and others are trying to calm it all down. In the middle of it all Gordon Brown made another intervention, and then went away again without anyone noticing. Apart from that, the BBC edited Nicola Sturgeon rather sneakily, and there are two...


ScotIndyPod 149 - Something Fishy

A recent episode of the Lesley Riddoch podcast mentioned a couple of things regarding what's going to happen to fishing and agriculture in Scotland post-brexit. I felt what they were talking about was so important that we should go straight to the horse's mouth, and then to the horses a***s (Mundell & Farage). So for the 149th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I've pulled together the relevant comments and something fishy does indeed seem to be going on. Hope you enjoy. LINKS...


ScotIndyPod 148 - Sweeties

I had just put together and mastered episode 148 of the Scottish Independence Podcast before Sturgeon announced that we're going for Indyref 2, so it doesn't have any of that in it. I hope you'll still find it funny and/or infuriating though. Hope you enjoy. LINKS


ScotIndyPod 147 - This & That

Due to a large quantity of people I'm going to interview soon being on holiday, just to keep things ticking over, episode 147 of the Scottish Independence Podcast is a few interesting clips pulled from here and there that you may have missed. Hope you enjoy. LINKS


ScotIndyPod 146 - Murray, Orr & Harvie

First of all, a huge thank you to all of you who donated in our little fundraiser. You've secured the podcast for another year and we're very grateful. Episode 146 of the Scottish Independence Podcast continues the series of talks given at the recent Scottish Independence Convention and has a couple of little bonuses thrown in too. There are another two talks featured. The first was given by Lesley Orr of Women For Indy, and the second by Patrick Harvie, and this was his speech to round...


TPS 20 - Where We're At

This time Ivan and I did a little Saturday review show. Where are we at in the campaign? Where's it going to go from here? Is Project Fear 2 going to work? We also have William Duguid on the latest barkings of the Milibeing and the concept that Scotland was encouraged to lead, and not leave, the united (sic) kingdom (capitals deliberately not used).


TPS 18 Hunting & Animal Welfare

In this episode I speak with Dr Morag Kerr. Morag is a veterinary surgeon and also the author of Adequately Explained By Stupidity, a book about the Lockerbie disaster. We talked about Cameron's plan to hold a free vote on legalising hunting and more generally about the case against hunting, and for better animal welfare policies.

TPS 17 - Minimum Wage V Living Wage

In this episode I spoke to Robin McAlpine about the minimum wage and the living wage. Why aren't they the same thing? What are the differences between the various parties on these issues. More importantly, is there a better way to look at the while issue? William Duguid has excelled himself again too. This time he's keeping us all up to date on the latest from the Ministry of Patronising Pish.



In this episode Ivan and I had a chat about TTIP. What are the big problems with it, why is it so secretive and why don't the coalition government and that other neoliberal party seem to want to use some of the veto powers that are rumoured to be in there? William Duguid's Terminalogical Inexactitude of the day this time features the Tories getting caught out on one yesterday.

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