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Reda Boustani, On Evolution Yoga

A great talk with Reda Boustani, owner of Evolution Yoga and 1942 Main St. In Wailuku. Their studio is situated in the heart of Wailuku. They are a community of practitioners who share the desire for self-discovery through asana practice, meditation and self-inquiry. They are dedicated to sharing the teachings of Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa on the island of Maui. Their belief is that life is a magical ride that should be lived with joy, gratitude & true connection. Through dedicated...


Danaë Vlasse, A Fantastic Pianist who is a Citizen of the World

Danaë Vlasse is the director of Music Vision Studios, where she teaches piano, theory and composition. She is an MTNA Nationally Certified Teacher with a degree in Piano Performance and over 15 years of teaching experience. As a composer she has contributed to the film industry, and her work as been featured on international radio broadcast. She is a recipient of the Clouzine International Music Awards, Radio Music Awards, multi-recipient of the Global Music Awards, and the Prestige Music...


Find out about the Human Library

DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER Change your mind – human “books” share their stories It’s easy to judge a book by its cover. But what if you could “borrow” it and sit down and talk with the subject about aging, near death experiences, communicating with extraterrestrials, being illegally healed, and more. You can do just that on Sept. 23, during the FREE Human Library Event. You’ll have the opportunity to borrow human books in different stations throughout the library. In four,...


Reincarnation, Past and Future Lives

the 24th in series of Mystical Persective show. Athis one is on Reincarnation, Past and Future Lives. Base3d on Book by Dr. Paul Leon Masters. SPIRITUAL MIND POWER AFFIRMATIONS, DR. MASTERS LATEST BOOK. With Practical, Mystical, and Spiritual Inspiration Applied to Your Life, featuring 130 pages of affirmations to help you shed old mental and emotional patterns, and connect with your higher universal mind for guidance. Available at and at Go to...


Grammy Award winner Paul Avgerinos on his new release Mindfulness

I talked with grammy Award winner Paul Avgerinos about his new release Mindfulness. Paul Avgerions is an American composer, performer and producer of new-age music whose recordings for Round Sky Music are also classified in the genres of ambient, space, world, World Fusion, electronic and drone. Avgerinos also owns Studio Unicorn in Redding, Connecticut, which produces a wide variety of music for film, TV, commercials and albums of all kinds. Avgerinos is recognized as “One of the Giants of...


Reda Boustani, Sue Guille, and Kathy Takushi talk about Morocco

Reda Aniss Boustani, was born in Morocco and he and Sue Guille and Kathy Takushi talk about Morocco on the Travel Angel Show.


Peace, Music and Poems featured with little back story

Rev. Cindy Paulos has a released newCD that is dedicated to finding inner peace. The CD combines songs and poems about peace. It features music by many Grammy award artists, including Paul Avgerinos, George Kahumoku Jr., Ricky Kej, Pat Robinson, and Laura Sullivan. Also featured on the CD are popular Hawaiian recording artistsMarty Dread and Eric Gilliom. Peace, Music and Poems has been submitted for Grammy consideration a Spoken Word CD and is produced by Cindy Paulos and Kenya Autie....


Sue Guille and Kathy Takushi talk about trip of a lifetime

Sue Guille talks about her trip to Lisbon, and a River Cruise in Portugal, plus a great trip to Spain,


Overcoming Obstacles holding you Back

AFFIRMATIONS, DR. MASTERS LATEST BOOK . WE START A NEW CHAPTER ON ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS. WE WILL DISCUSS OVERCOMING OBSTACLES HOLDING YOU BACK We all have things, or issues in our personality that can create blocks and obstacles. We come to this earth to learn lessons. Some of the things we are learning are traits that we have carried with us inform other lifetimes. This brings up the issue of Karma. Karma can bring up things we need to learn to overcome. Lessons come up so you can get...


Tambara Garrick and Kai Nishiki

I talked with tambara Garrick and Kai Nishiki about what is needed by people affcted by Fire in Laahaina. Here is a list of the services I know of currently in place: Aloha United Way 211 "Comprehensive, statewide community information and referral service helping people find food, shelter, drug treatment, childcare, job training and much more. Free from all islands, Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, and all calls are confidential." American Red Cross (808) 734-2101 organization that provides...


Practicing Spiritual Self-Healing

We will delve into Dr. Paul Leon Masters SPIRITUAL MIND POWER AFFIRMATIONS, DR. MASTERS LATEST BOOK . WE START A NEW CHAPTER ON ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS. WE WILL DISCUSS Practicing Spiritual Self-Healing There are many elements involved in healing. The way you treat your body is an important one. Do you exercise, eat rightThere are environmental factors, Skin cancer etcAccidentsThere are karmic elements. For we can carry forces from other lifetimes into our present. The state of your mind...


Teri Freitas Gorman shares some incredible adventures

Wouldn't you love to take off anon a round the world? Teri Freitas Gorman Di with her husband and two babies and she talks about how she did it , and where she went. Talking story with her and Kathy Takushi, from Captivating Journeys.


“Brunch & Learn" with Michael Backes

Due to overwhelming demand, a second presentation about managing pain with medical cannabis been added—a new “Brunch & Learn” is scheduled for 9:30-11:30 am on Saturday, August 25 at the Leis Family Class Act Restaurant at UHMC. Presenter Michael Backes, author of Cannabis Pharmacyand member of Maui Grown Therapies Science & Medical Advisory Board, will share the latest research on cannabinoids and pain management and how medical cannabis is helping patients to wean off of prescription...


Life Beyond the Physical World.

LIFE BEYOND THE PHYSICAL WORLD Welcome Mystical Perspectives. I’m your Host Rev. Cindy Paulos. I have been studying and teaching with The University of Metaphysics, in its various forms for over 50 years .We will delve into Dr. Paul Leon Masters SPIRITUAL MIND POWER AFFIRMATIONS, DR. MASTERS LATEST BOOK . WE START A NEW CHAPTER ON ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS. WE WILL DISCUSS LIFE BEYOND THE PHYSICAL WORLD Dream and awakening I sit and let this dream of Spirit living inside of me bring rays...


Talk with Tyler Reardon Senior Business Development Manager with Collette

A Talk with Tyler Reardon Senior Business Development Manager with Collette and Kathy Takushi, from Captivating Journeys. Collette delivers a sense of possibility across all seven continents. Since 1918, they have been sharing our love of travel. Today their worldwide travel collection features comprehensive land tours, river cruises, rail journeys, small group tours, family trips, garden holidays and more. With Collette, wake each morning on tour with a new experience in front of you, and...


Into the Woods interview with Choreographer, Yezzi and JoJo costumers

Had a fun chat with folks A story filled to the brim with a feast of fabled characters ... a little mystery, a lot of irreverent humor, and touch of seduction.The ingenious collaboration of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine brings us Into The Woods, an edgy, whimsical, wickedly funny and enchanting musical adventure that goes beyond “happily ever after.” Presented by Maui Academy of Performing Arts in partnership with The Makana Aloha Foundation, Into The Woodsfeatures a live orchestra and...


Grammy® Award Winner Kalani Pe'a and Allan Cool talk about new CD, No 'Ane'i

Grammy® Award Winner Kalani Pe'a and Allan Cool came by to talk about their new release No 'Ane'i. Kalani not only got a Grammy® Award 017 but also Nā Hōkū Hanohano Winner releases his sophomore album No 'Ane'i in Fall of 2018. No 'Ane'i means We Belong Here. In metaphoric meaning, Pe'a is describing and defining his Hawaiian music compositions with the intention of explaining to the listeners the values of maintaining our Hawaiian identity, our language and arts and building and retaining a...


Talked to Mike from Mulligans about Ireland

Michael O’Dwyer hails from Clonmel in County Tipperary and emigrated to the U.S. in 1993 to work in food & beverage management at the Four Seasons in Dallas, later transferring to the Wailea Four Season in 1996. On May 1st 2001, he realized his dream and opened Mulligans on the BlueMulligans is Maui’s only Irish owned and run restaurant and bar. While operated independently of theWailea Old Blue Course, Mulligans provides excellent food, beverages, and service to the Blue Course’s patrons.


Jerleen Bryant CEO of the Maui Humane Society

Jerleen Bryant joined the Maui Humane Society as CEO in June of 2014. She immediately reached out to the community, built bridges, increased revenue and consequently MHS regained support from the community as their confidence in MHS was restored. Jerleen successfully assembled a dedicated, capable and energetic management team who are focused on MHS’s mission which includes saving the life of every animal possible. Under Jerleen’s leadership Maui Humane Society’s Live release rate (LRR) for...


MAPA"S Into The Woods, Summer production

Music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; book by James Lapine "Anything can happen in the woods..." In the shadows of trees, curses reverse and wishes come true. Something fanciful and peculiar happens...magic! A flash of red, a basket of bread, a tall furry stranger. Golden slippers, a girl on the run, and a witch on a rampage over rutabagas. A story filled to the brim with a feast of fabled characters ... a little mystery, a lot of irreverent humor, and touch of seduction. A journey into...