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Best known for their trilogy of films "The Path: Afterlife", "The Path: Beyond the Physical" and "The Path: Evolution" , Filmmakers Michael Habernig & April Hannah sit down to talk with interesting guests about subjects of consciousness, paranormal activity, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, energy healing, mediumship, astrology, channeling and all other subjects around new age and spirituality.

Best known for their trilogy of films "The Path: Afterlife", "The Path: Beyond the Physical" and "The Path: Evolution" , Filmmakers Michael Habernig & April Hannah sit down to talk with interesting guests about subjects of consciousness, paranormal activity, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, energy healing, mediumship, astrology, channeling and all other subjects around new age and spirituality.




Best known for their trilogy of films "The Path: Afterlife", "The Path: Beyond the Physical" and "The Path: Evolution" , Filmmakers Michael Habernig & April Hannah sit down to talk with interesting guests about subjects of consciousness, paranormal activity, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, energy healing, mediumship, astrology, channeling and all other subjects around new age and spirituality.




393 Everything you wanted to Know about the Afterlife with Hollister Rand

Hollister Rand has provided detailed messages from spirits for more than 25 years. Her latest book, Everything You Wanted to Know about the Afterlife but Were Too Afraid to Ask (published by Beyond Words Publishing/Atria Books), is available now. Her work on television includes Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood and America Now. Hollister’s radio appearances include Sirius XM’s John Edward Psychic Radio, KOST FM’s Angels in Waiting, KBIG 104’s Radio Medium and Coast to Coast AM with George...


392 Spiritual Awakening and Transformation with Rebecca Austill-Clausen

Rebecca Austill-Clausen had no psychic or spiritual experience when she discovered her ability to communicate with her deceased brother. Doubting her sanity, and fearing she would lose the respect and support of her colleagues and her family, she struggled to mesh her spiritual awakening with the practical everyday world. But knew she had to find a way... Rebecca, an Occupational Therapist, Reiki Master, and international speaker found the courage to share these experiences in her award...


391 Activate Your Super-Human Potential with Jerry Sargeant

Jerry Sargeant known as ‘The Facilitator’, is world regarded for his healing abilities. Likened to some of the most influential healers in history, Jerry accesses deep into people’s energetic and holographic blueprint to help facilitate healing. Jerry can achieve results on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. Using his frequency, Jerry can balance and facilitate the body’s own healing mechanisms. His book Healing with Light Frequencies teaches how to harness light...


390 A True Story of Reincarnation with Andy Myers

Andy Myers is a psychic medium, inspirational speaker, life coach, and best-selling author of multiple award-winning books. He’s made hundreds of appearances on popular radio stations nationwide, and is one of the most respected psychic mediums in the country. Andy is known for his sincerity, humor, and remarkable insights into the spirit world. He travels often to conduct sold-out lectures in cities around the country. He's been delivering psychic readings for over a decade, and is highly...


389 Sensitivity is Your Superpower with Dr. Karen Kan

Dr. Karen Kan is a Doctor of Light Medicine™, a #1 international bestselling author, visionary, and pioneer in the fields of healing, consciousness, and spirituality. Her mission is to empower spiritually-conscious people to harness their intuitive, healing, and manifesting Superpowers so that they can reach their highest vibration and help anchor in a brand new reality of love, joy, peace, and harmony for all. As the Founder of the Academy of Light Medicine™, Dr. Karen teaches students...


388 Angel Quest Oracle with Karen Noé & Marie Antoinette Kelley

From author Karen Noé and illustrator Marie Antoinette, this heavenly divination card deck was created to enhance the communication between you and your angels so that you may move forward in life with comfort and protection. For those seeking guidance from above, the Angel Quest Oracle will serve as your guide to connecting with the celestial realm. Karen Noé is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and healer with a two-year waiting list for appointments and consultations. She...


387 Shamanism, Activating Your Higher Self, & Spiritcraft with Eric Lingen and Laova

Eric & Laova are the founders of the Spirit World Center. The center is a refuge for all spiritual seekers who wish to create a positive relationship with the Spirit World. Eric & Laova teach their students how to connect with the spirits through shamanism, intuition, and other modalities. The two have been blessed with many astonishing and mysterious paranormal experiences as a result of walking the shamanic path. ------------------------------- As of...


386 Discover Your Crystal Family with Kathryn Hudson

Kathryn Hudson is a certified Angel Therapy and Crystal Healing practitioner and teacher. Also, a Reiki Master teacher, Kathryn writes, speaks, and teaches all over the world on opening up to the spiritual side of life. She lives in France and in the United States. Why do certain crystals appeal to us while others do not? Are crystals, angels and humans connected in ways we don’t understand? Are there hidden dynamics that, once revealed, will help us to work with certain crystals and...


385 Reclaiming Your Voice with Kevin Hancock

Kevin Hancock, featured in the New York Times, and author of 48 Whispers (Post Hill Press; As the CEO of Hancock Lumber, Kevin struggled to guide the two-century-old lumber company through the 2007 collapse of the housing market only to lose some of his voice to the rare neurological speech disorder, spasmodic dysphonia. This experience sent him journeying more than twenty times to the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota in search of...


384 Beyond Medicine with Patricia Muehsam MD

PATRICIA A. MUEHSAM, MD, a pioneer in the synthesis of science, holistic health, and contemporary spirituality, has distinguished herself as a practitioner, educator, and research scientist and has been an influential force in shaping the landscape of health-care options available today. Dr. Muehsam is the founder of Transformational Medicine™, a whole-person approach to health and well-being, offering tools and resources for individuals and communities in person and online. She lives in New...


383 Make Your Demons work for you without selling your soul by Jerry Hyde

Jerry Hyde was educated at Bryanston School in Dorset and went to art school at Kingston before working in film, theatre, TV, and the music business. In his late twenties, he sought help for drug dependency and subsequently retrained as a psychotherapist. He followed a fairly conventional career throughout his 30's before completely losing the plot in his early 40's (he's now 50) and rebranding himself in the somewhat out-there style for which he's become known, which some have dubbed...


382 Gaining Everything by Losing It All with John Lefebvre

John Lefebvre, is a musician, composer, entrepreneur, retired lawyer, philanthropist, author, and climate change activist. ------------------------------- As of this moment, we have over 80 hours of premium videos available at, with new videos added regularly. Watch Path 11 TV wherever you want, on the iPhone, AppleTV, Android, Amazon Fire, and Roku Apps. 👉Podcast listeners can use coupon code: PODCAST30, for a 30% discount off the annual plan....


381 Akashic Therapy with Laura Mazzotta

Laura Mazzotta, LCSW-R, is an expert therapist, Akashic Healer & Alchemist, and Reiki Master with over 17 years of experience. Her mission is to empower lightworkers and therapists with chronic conditions, through their deepest, most profound healing. Laura is particularly passionate about guiding therapists, coaches & healers in the space of The Akashic Records, to gain efficiency, clarity, and decisiveness for their business and personal lives. She knows the most successful formula for...


380 How to Reach Out to Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides with Robbie Holz

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer and speaker. She has also worked widely as a medium, helping countless people connect to “the other side.” Robbie is co-author of the award-winning books Secrets of Aboriginal Healing and Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. Judy Katz is a book collaborator, publisher, and marketer. She lives in New York, New York. ------------------------------- As of this moment, we have over 80...


379 The Current is Only but a Moment with Pamela Aloia

Pamela Aloia is an energy practitioner and author who has focused the last 20 years on individual and collective energy healing. In 2003 she opened Sol Angel, an energy center, where she has been offering insight and instruction for people to enhance life experiences, expand their consciousness, enhance their intuition and increase their energetic awareness. Prior titles by Aloia include “The Daily Cloak”, “52 Pick Me Up” and “Nurturing Healthy Change”. She is available for individual...


378 The Space in Between with Signe Myers Hovem

Signe Myers Hovem has created homes on five continents over twenty years, raised four uniquely sensitive children, pursued a special education lawsuit appealed to the US Supreme Court, volunteered in a hospice in Texas and an orphanage in Azerbaijan. Signe works as a spiritual counselor, and teaches workshops and trainings in the art of being an empath and the power of language in many countries around the world. She is an ordained Spiritual Counselor through the AIWP (Association for the...


377 Extraordinary Awakenings with Steve Taylor, PhD

Steve Taylor, PhD, is the author of Extraordinary Awakenings and many other bestselling books. He’s senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University and the chair of the Transpersonal Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society. Steve’s articles and essays have been published in over 100 academic journals, magazines, and newspapers and he blogs for Scientific American and Psychology Today. Visit him online at Here’s the link to the book’s product...


376 Dying to See with Janet Tarantino

Janet Tarantino, a Network Coordinator for a major corporation, was involved in a car accident where she was saved by Divine intervention. This accident was the catalyst to a more in-depth NDE where she discovered the answers to : What is consciousness? What happens after we die? Are God, Jesus, heaven, and angels real? While in the depths of the life-altering experience, God showed Janet moments of her life and told her: “These moments matter. Understand them.” After years of silence, all...


375 Where Do Our Loved Ones Go After They Die? by Mariel Forde Clarke

A journey that will compel readers to view life after death in a completely different way. Where - do our loved ones go - After they die? This is the question that has traversed the universe for centuries and is considered one of life’s greatest mysteries. While many of the world’s renowned philosophers, scientists, theorists, doctors, and great mystics endorsed the existence of the afterlife, no one book has been available to explore it all, until now. Mariel Forde Clarke asserts that...


374 Shared Death Experiences with William Peters

William Peters, M.Ed., M.F.T., is the founder of the Shared Crossing Project and director of its Research Initiative. Recognized as a global leader in the field of shared-death studies, he has spent decades studying end-of-life experiences. Previously, Peters worked as a hospice volunteer with the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco and as a teacher and social worker in Central and South America. A practicing psychotherapist, he holds degrees from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and...