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Best known for there films "The Path: Afterlife" & "The Path: Beyond the Physical", Filmmakers Michael Habernig & April Hannah sit down to talk with interesting guests about subjects of consciousness, paranormal activity, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, energy healing, mediumship, astrology, channeling and all other subjects around new age and spirituality.

Best known for there films "The Path: Afterlife" & "The Path: Beyond the Physical", Filmmakers Michael Habernig & April Hannah sit down to talk with interesting guests about subjects of consciousness, paranormal activity, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, energy healing, mediumship, astrology, channeling and all other subjects around new age and spirituality.
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Best known for there films "The Path: Afterlife" & "The Path: Beyond the Physical", Filmmakers Michael Habernig & April Hannah sit down to talk with interesting guests about subjects of consciousness, paranormal activity, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, energy healing, mediumship, astrology, channeling and all other subjects around new age and spirituality.




215 Realizing Authentic Wildness in a Civilized World with Lucinda Bakken White

Author Lucinda Bakken White began her professional career with an MBA and a coveted position at IBM. Throughout the years Lucinda’s deep connection with nature and her insatiable quest for learning has led her to study and work with internationally acclaimed philosophers and prominent figures across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Now, as an Inner Wildness Guide, she is an expert in the process of self-discovery and personal transformation, and is the author of Confessions of a Bone Woman:...


214 Life Rhythms with Robert Alexander

Robert Alexander is the founder and visionary behind LifeRhythms – a business that focuses on creating personalized pieces of music, private sessions and group immersions to help promote wellness, wellbeing and (individual and community) connectivity. As an Audio Alchemist, Robert creates personalized pieces of music for coaches, healers, yoginis, hypnotherapists, Reiki masters and other businesses for use in their offices and promotional media. He also creates personalized audio products...


213 Rituals to Change Your Life with Theresa Cheung

Theresa Cheung was born into a family of psychics and spiritualists. Since leaving King's College Cambridge University with a master’s in theology and English she has written numerous bestselling mind body spirit books, including 21 Rituals to Change Your Life (Watkins) which has sold 14 foreign and audio deals, and two Sunday Times top Ten bestsellers. She has sold well over half a million books, and they have been translated into over 40 different languages. She has been featured in, and...


Preview Episode- Food for Thought - Inner Engineering with Sadhguru

This is just a sneak preview and only half of the episode. To hear the entire episode, visit: In this Food for Thought Friday, April shares the process she has made since taking Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering course with her friend Bill Reid. Hanshi William J. Reid, Founder, President, and Chief Instructor at US Budokai Karate Association. He is a 9th Degree Black Belt with more than 45 years’ experience in the martial arts. He founded US Budokai Karate...


212 The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology with Dominique Antiglio

Dominique Antiglio is a globally sought-after Sophrologist specializing in stress management, self-development, and birth preparation. After studying with Professor Alfonso Caycedo, the inventor of Sophrology, she founded BeSophro, a London-based clinic and consultancy with an online platform to help people find a better life through the practice of Sophrology. In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming, this comprehensive guide to the practice of Sophrology will help you cultivate...


211 Childless Living with Lisette Schuitemaker

Lisette Schuitemaker founded, ran and sold a communications company before becoming a healer, life coach and personal development author. She studied the work of Wilhelm Reich as part of obtaining her BSc in Brennan Healing Science. She is the co-author of "The Eldest Daughter Effect". Lisette lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For more information see:


210 Law of Attraction Mastery with Joshua Tongol

Joshua Tongol is a spiritual teacher, out-of-body explorer, and healing practitioner. And he is the host of The Flipside Podcast. With his unique and diverse background, he has become a fresh voice for modern-day spirituality. As a rising thought leader, Josh's simple yet profound teachings have helped countless people throughout the world recover from legalism. He speaks on topics such as religion, paranormal phenomena, and personal development--offering new paradigms relevant for our...


209 Soul Passages with Sarah Kerr

From Sarah: "When the familiar structures of our lives are stripped away, we show up as we really are, and our most genuine humanity is revealed. My soul is fed in that place where pain and sorrow, joy and love, are so exquisitely true and beautiful that my heart cracks open." Sarah has a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies, and a PhD in Transformative Learning. She has been a long-time student of cross-cultural shamanic healing and nature-based spirituality, and has worked with many...


208 The Stargate Experience with Prageet

Prageet is an English, internationally known channel who has assisted people with spiritual growth for twenty-five years. With his guide, Alcazar, Prageet designed and built the Stargate, which assists groups and individuals in the process of understanding and knowing Self – the process of awakening. His whole life has been dedicated to understanding how we as humans operate, how the unconscious mind and the emotions influence us, and how to move easily out of those patterns that we feel are...


207 Energy Speaks with Lee Harris

Lee Harris is the author of Energy Speaks. He is also an intuitive medium, transformational leader, musician, and visual artist. In 2004, he began holding channeling sessions and readings in his home, and today he leads workshops throughout the world. A native of England, he is now based in California. Visit him online at


206 How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just The Beginning with Peter Panagore

Rev. Peter Baldwin Panagore, M.Div, Yale, broadcast for fifteen years daily in Maine and New Hampshire as the minister, executive producer, writer and storyteller of Daily Devotions reaching a hundred thousand viewers a week on News Center Maine, and on a variety of AM and FM stations, bringing Light, Hope, Love and inspiration through compelling and devotions as the fifth executive minister of First Radio Parish Church of America, founded in 1926 on WCSH AM. A two-time Near-Death...


205 Going with Grace, with Alua Arthur

Alua Arthur is a death doula, attorney, and the founder of Going with Grace, an end of life planning organization that exists to support people as they answer the question 'What must I do to be at peace with myself so that I may live presently and die peacefully?' From private end of life consultations and public education about death to online coursework to train death doulas, she is tirelessly committed to bringing awareness to death and dying. She passionately believes considering death...


204 Near Life Experiences and Lessons Learned with Jeff Olsen and Jeff O'Driscoll M.D.

In 1997, Jeff Olsen experienced a horrific automobile accident. The accident caused multiple life-threatening injuries, including crushing both his legs. He had 18 surgeries and spent six months in the hospital. His left leg was amputated above the knee. The most devastating outcome of the accident was the loss of his wife and youngest son, both killed instantly. Overwhelmed by the injuries his body suffered, Jeff had a profound near-death experience in which he met his wife on the other...


203 Men and Grief with Mitch Metzner

Mitch Metzner is a hospice midwife and environmental epidemiologist who studies the planetary hospice risks associated with climate collapse. He completed postdoctoral studies in public health and received a PhD degree in human services from Capella University with epidemiological dissertation research conducted at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine. Dr. Metzner has decades of experience as a behavioral psychology and clinical laboratory research scientist and public...


202 Alien Contact, Moorish Legacy & Human Origins with Richard Smith

RICHARD SMITH is a Professional Life-Changing Speaker and Motivational Experiencer, Web Design Consultant and Visionary Author on the topic of Extraterrestrial Contact, the Moorish Legacy, Human Origins and related matters. Smith received high honors at New York State University for his dedicated work with Extraterrestrial Intervention and Alien Contact Phenomena. A published author of the groundbreaking book series, The Vaulted Journals of UFOteacher, Smith is committed to raising...


201 Earth Medicine and Animal Magic with Sonja Grace

Sonja Grace is an award-winning author as well as an internationally-known mystic and healer with over thirty years of experience. Her work offers immediate stability, clarity, and guidance to clients around the world, helping people who are suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sonja’s ancestral background includes a fascinating blend of Native American Choctaw, Cherokee, and Norwegian. She has been adopted by the Hopi Tribe of Arizona, where she is considered a...


200 Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader with Marc Lesser

Marc Lesser is a CEO, Zen teacher, author, and leads trainings and talks worldwide. He has led mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs at many of the world’s leading businesses and organizations including Google, SAP, Genentech, and Kaiser. He is currently CEO of ZBA Associates, a company providing mindfulness-based leadership trainings and creating community by supporting ongoing groups. Previously, he served as CEO and co-founder of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute,...


199 How to Talk to an Alien with Nancy du Tertre

Nancy du Tertre, known as "The Skeptical Psychic," created as a forum for discussions and information about various types of communication with aliens, extraterrestrials, visitors, light beings, inter-dimensionals, hybrids, time travelers, off-world intelligences and other types of nonhumans. Nancy's background makes her uniquely qualified to understand and analyze the various issues involved in what she calls "Exolinguistics" or the study of off-world languages. Not only is...


198 Signs from the Other Side with Bill Phillipps

Psychic Medium Bill Philipps is the author of Signs from the Other Side and Expect the Unexpected. His life’s mission is to help people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information, and beautiful messages from Spirit, which heal and bring a sense of peace. He conducts individual and small- and large-group readings and has appeared on high-profile television programs like Dr. Phil and Access Hollywood. He lives in Orange County, California....


197 The Emotionally Healthy Child with Maureen Healy

Maureen Healy is the author of The Emotionally Healthy Child and also Growing Happy Kids, which won Nautilus and Readers’ Favorite book awards in 2014. A popular Psychology Today blogger and sought-after public speaker, Maureen runs a global mentoring program for elementary-aged children and works with parents and their children in her busy private practice. Her expertise in social and emotional learning has taken her all over the world, including working with Tibetan refugee children at the...