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Episode 53: A Visual of the Afterlife with Susanne Wilson, Spiritual Medium

What actually happens to us when we die? Does a loved one always greet us to take us to the other side? Where do we go next? What does it mean to become “Earthbound”? Do we have a life review? Do we become spontaneously enlightened and all-knowing after death? What is the afterlife actually like—do we have homes and communities? Can I still eat pasta?!?! There is no one better to ask these questions that a renowned evidential medium! We are so excited to pick the brain of world famous medium...


Episode 52: Exploring the Mystical Arts with Remington Donovan

We hear everyone out there talking about how fab a 3 year numerologically is, but let us not forget that the number 3 is called “Devil or Divine” for a reason! There are always two sides to the coin, bbs! Today Master Numerologist and all-around badass mystic Remington Donovan joins us on Spirit Guides Radio to discuss how we can step firmly into the divine and overcome the fear and confusion devils in the (yes, probably totally fab!) number 3 year ahead. (2+0+1+9=12; 1+2=3). Sing up for...


Episode 51: 2019 Astrology Forecast with Natalie Walstein

It's our one year podcast anniversary! Join us as we kick 2019 off with a bang! We'll be talking to astrologer Natalie Walstein of Soulshine Astrology for a full astrological forecast for 2019! Get ready to take notes and gaze into what 2019 holds in the stars. Get our full 50+ page 2019 astro guide written by Natalie Walstein at spiritguidesmagazine.com/shop Learn more about Natalie Walstein at soulshineastrology.com Join our events newsletter list to stay in the loop on our monthly...


Episode 50: Grief and the Afterlife with Sandra Champlain

Plagued by a lifelong fear of death and dying, Sandra Champlain chose to begin exploring the truth about death, grief, and the afterlife. Studying the ins and outs of these taboo topics for more than 15 years now, she is on a mission to share with the world what she’s learned about the reality of life after death (spoiler alert: there’s nothing whatsoever to be afraid of!) and to help people feel more peace in knowing our souls are eternal. We very purposefully chose to discuss grief smack...


Episode 49: Celebrating the Darkness with Danielle Dulsky

According to Celtic Witch and author Danielle Dulsky, the suppressed aspects of the “Hag” archetype, particularly intuition and psychic power, a felt kinship with death, the dark moon, and the dissolution phase of the creative cycle, darkness and non-doing, and sexual power, are integral to the collective human shadow. On today’s show, Danielle leads listeners through a storytelling journey of shadow integration, working with the Hag archetype to explore where our deepest and treasures are...


Episode 48: Reducing Stress via Adaptogens with Erika Elizabeth

The holidays can be a time of stress, and we force ourselves OUT rather than bundle up and RSVP no to all the things. This can cause a lot of stress on the body (any time of year!) and today on Spirit Guides Radio we talk to Elizabeth, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and founder of @byerikaelizabeth, about all the ways we can support our bodies with ADAPTOGENS! Reishi, cacao, rose, ashwagandha, chaga, moringa, maca ... and the list goes on! Elizabeth is also offering listeners a special...


Episode 47: Past Lives & Life Purpose with George Lizos

How can past-life regression help us follow our life purpose and create change in the world? What is the purpose of exploring our past lives? Is it spiritual entertainment, or is there something deeper to it? Today we talk with the wise, compassionate, and loving spiritual teacher and intuitive George Lizos all about past lives and how they can help inform our current incarnations and align us with our highest purpose. George is the author of “Be The Guru: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming...


Episode 46: Jupiter in Sagittarius with Colin Bedell

Are you all feeling the Jupiter Jubilation?! WE ARE! Today on Spirit Guides Radio we bring back the marvelous Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos (by popular demand!!) to discuss the recent Jupiter in Sagittarius transit and what is means for us collectively and more personally according to our rising signs. If you’re feeling suddenly hashtag blessed the past few days, it’s prooooobs because of this transit, so listen up! We also discuss Venus retrograde, Mercury retrograde, and a wee bit into what...


Episode 45: Exploring the Mystical Arts with Remington Donovan

You’re in for a mystical af treat today on Spirit Guides Radio, friends! We talk all about the ancient mystical arts with master spiritual sage Remington Donovan—including this POTENT new moon in Scorpio (hello, sex magic!)! Remington was born into the tradition of Swami Satchidananda, learning meditation and yoga directly from him at a very early age. Remington’s approach to the teachings of Kundalini yoga, combined with a foundation of nearly 30 years in the Western Mystery Tradition,...


Episode 44: Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit

What better time to hear some messages from the spirit world with totally epic psychic medium Natalie Miles?! The veil is thin and our ancestors and spirit teams are literally standing in line waiting to chat it up with us! If you have yet to experience the magic of Natalie Miles, you’re in for a treat (NOT a trick!)! We’ve had the honor of seeing her messages from spirit readings first hand and HOLY MOLY—mind blowing shit y’all. And not only is she a profound psychic medium, it is also her...


Episode 43: Wild, Wild, Witch with Lisa Lister

The season of the witch is brewing and we are conjuring some magical vibes up in here! On Spirit Guides Radio today, we chat with wild witch, and sassy af Lisa Lister about all the witchy and timely things for this mystical season. Samhain and Halloween are just around the corner and if you're wondering how you can tap into the essence of these holidays and the wild witch within, you won't want to miss this episode! Learn more about Lisa Lister at thesassyshe.com Learn more about Arizona and...


Episode 42: Hauntings and Ghost Stories with Mark Christopher Nelson

We're getting spooky on Spirit Guides Radio today and going beyond the veil to explore hauntings and ghost stories with psychic medium Mark Christopher Nelson. As a paranormal expert, spirit whisperer, and modern day ghostbuster, Mark shares his rich experiences with haunted people, places, and things! It ain't all fun 'n games out there, folks! Learn more about Mark Christopher Nelson at positivelypsychic.com Learn more about Arizona and Morgan at spiritguidesmagazine.com


Episode 41: Alien Encounters, Contact, and Abductions with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Do you believe in aliens? Have you ever seen a UFO? Are you prepared for alien contact? On Spirit Guides Radio today we talk with paranormal expert and prolific author, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, on all things extraterrestrial. Contact with aliens and higher beings is something Rosemary has researched for decades and we are so excited to get otherworldly! We are not alone! Learn more about Rosemary at http://www.visionaryliving.com/ Learn more about Arizona and Morgan at...


Episode 40: Animal Communications with Apryl Nicole

What do our animals (past and current) have to say to us? Do they miss us when they die? Does the stray cat we feed on the back porch love us? Do dogs have someone to watch over them and give them treats in heaven? How do we know what our animals are thinking? Psychic medium Apryl Nicole is an animal communicator and has been from a young age! Apryl has been featured on Nat Geo Wild with Andre Milan, for her diverse abilities as an animal communicator. From snakes to turtles to kittens to...


Episode 39: Boundaries for Empaths with Ambi Kavanagh

Do you put everyone’s needs and feelings before your own? So much so, that you are afraid that if you do say “no” or assert your true desires, that you might be compromising the relationship at hand? If you answered “yes,” you are not alone! This is a common way of feeling in the world, as we are raised to think of the word “no” as rude, and are encouraged to people please at every turn. Creating and executing healthy boundaries just isn’t part of the common core of learning. This is...


Episode 38: How to Spot a Spiritual Narcissist with Melanie Tonia Evans

Melanie Tonia Evans is a world renowned narcissistic abuse recovery expert and she joins us today to discuss narcissistic abuse in all types of relationships, including spiritually based relationships. Not everyone in the spiritual community (or our lives!) has our best interests in mind and today we will learn how to discern, set boundaries, and heal from a relationship with a narcissist. Let freedom ring! Melanie’s leading edge healing methods have helped thousands of people from more than...


Episode 37: Life Lessons from a Near Death Experience with Worthy Stokes

In 2014 Worthy Stokes was hit by a 15 passenger van in South Korea and nearly hemhorragged to death from a complicated, traumatic brain injury. At the moment of the collision, she immediately transported to the other side of the veil, where she rested and learned in a state of expanding luminosity for 120 minutes. When she sensed her body was about to shut down for good, she chose to return. She miraculously awakened in the ICU, where she says she began the most harrowing journey of her life...


Episode 36: Unpacking Cultural Appropriation with Jordan Catherine Pagán

Today Jordan Catherine Pagán, the author of our freshly published and extremely illuminating guide “Love & Lightwashing: A guide to cultural appropriation, white privileged, and the shadow side of spirituality,” joins us to explore the ins and outs of cultural appropriation, a topic that is of utmost importance rn and always. Jordan says: “It starts by taking a look at ourselves, to see where we have been unknowingly or knowingly participating in and upholding these systems, especially if we...


Episode 35: Evidence of Reincarnation with Walter Semkiw

Is there evidence for reincarnation (spoiler alert: YES!)? What is the purpose of reincarnation? When does reincarnation on Earth end for an individual? What happens after the reincarnation cycle ends for a person? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Who was Donald Trump in his past life?!😱 We are honored to have THE reincarnation expert, Walter Semkiw, on Spirit Guides Radio today! Walter is the President of ReincarnationResearch.com, which studies and promotes evidence for reincarnation, specifically...


Episode 34: Chakra Healing for Collective Liberation with Kelly Behrend

Kelly Behrend, energy healer and founder of Awaken Your Chakras, has been called the activist’s healer, and on today’s episode of Spirit Guides Radio she enlightens us on the chakra system in a way we’ve never heard before! If the chakras seem “basic” to you, Kelly insists that they are actually rich with spiritual profundity, and that one of the great dangers of transformational work is that the ego tries to sidestep learning important ancient wisdoms and leap into the transcendent too...