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Episode 42: Hauntings and Ghost Stories with Mark Christopher Nelson

We're getting spooky on Spirit Guides Radio today and going beyond the veil to explore hauntings and ghost stories with psychic medium Mark Christopher Nelson. As a paranormal expert, spirit whisperer, and modern day ghostbuster, Mark shares his rich experiences with haunted people, places, and things! It ain't all fun 'n games out there, folks! Learn more about Mark Christopher Nelson at positivelypsychic.com Learn more about Arizona and Morgan at spiritguidesmagazine.com


Episode 41: Alien Encounters, Contact, and Abductions with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Do you believe in aliens? Have you ever seen a UFO? Are you prepared for alien contact? On Spirit Guides Radio today we talk with paranormal expert and prolific author, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, on all things extraterrestrial. Contact with aliens and higher beings is something Rosemary has researched for decades and we are so excited to get otherworldly! We are not alone! Learn more about Rosemary at http://www.visionaryliving.com/ Learn more about Arizona and Morgan at...


Episode 40: Animal Communications with Apryl Nicole

What do our animals (past and current) have to say to us? Do they miss us when they die? Does the stray cat we feed on the back porch love us? Do dogs have someone to watch over them and give them treats in heaven? How do we know what our animals are thinking? Psychic medium Apryl Nicole is an animal communicator and has been from a young age! Apryl has been featured on Nat Geo Wild with Andre Milan, for her diverse abilities as an animal communicator. From snakes to turtles to kittens to...


Episode 39: Boundaries for Empaths with Ambi Kavanagh

Do you put everyone’s needs and feelings before your own? So much so, that you are afraid that if you do say “no” or assert your true desires, that you might be compromising the relationship at hand? If you answered “yes,” you are not alone! This is a common way of feeling in the world, as we are raised to think of the word “no” as rude, and are encouraged to people please at every turn. Creating and executing healthy boundaries just isn’t part of the common core of learning. This is...


Episode 38: How to Spot a Spiritual Narcissist with Melanie Tonia Evans

Melanie Tonia Evans is a world renowned narcissistic abuse recovery expert and she joins us today to discuss narcissistic abuse in all types of relationships, including spiritually based relationships. Not everyone in the spiritual community (or our lives!) has our best interests in mind and today we will learn how to discern, set boundaries, and heal from a relationship with a narcissist. Let freedom ring! Melanie’s leading edge healing methods have helped thousands of people from more than...


Episode 37: Life Lessons from a Near Death Experience with Worthy Stokes

In 2014 Worthy Stokes was hit by a 15 passenger van in South Korea and nearly hemhorragged to death from a complicated, traumatic brain injury. At the moment of the collision, she immediately transported to the other side of the veil, where she rested and learned in a state of expanding luminosity for 120 minutes. When she sensed her body was about to shut down for good, she chose to return. She miraculously awakened in the ICU, where she says she began the most harrowing journey of her life...


Episode 36: Unpacking Cultural Appropriation with Jordan Catherine Pagán

Today Jordan Catherine Pagán, the author of our freshly published and extremely illuminating guide “Love & Lightwashing: A guide to cultural appropriation, white privileged, and the shadow side of spirituality,” joins us to explore the ins and outs of cultural appropriation, a topic that is of utmost importance rn and always. Jordan says: “It starts by taking a look at ourselves, to see where we have been unknowingly or knowingly participating in and upholding these systems, especially if we...


Episode 35: Evidence of Reincarnation with Walter Semkiw

Is there evidence for reincarnation (spoiler alert: YES!)? What is the purpose of reincarnation? When does reincarnation on Earth end for an individual? What happens after the reincarnation cycle ends for a person? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Who was Donald Trump in his past life?!😱 We are honored to have THE reincarnation expert, Walter Semkiw, on Spirit Guides Radio today! Walter is the President of ReincarnationResearch.com, which studies and promotes evidence for reincarnation, specifically...


Episode 34: Chakra Healing for Collective Liberation with Kelly Behrend

Kelly Behrend, energy healer and founder of Awaken Your Chakras, has been called the activist’s healer, and on today’s episode of Spirit Guides Radio she enlightens us on the chakra system in a way we’ve never heard before! If the chakras seem “basic” to you, Kelly insists that they are actually rich with spiritual profundity, and that one of the great dangers of transformational work is that the ego tries to sidestep learning important ancient wisdoms and leap into the transcendent too...


Episode 33: We Don't Die with Medium George Anderson

The World’s Most Scientifically Tested and Proven Medium George Anderson is our guest on today’s radio show! Hello from the other side, y’all! We discuss his take on afterlife communication and witness an emotional live reading! George's latest book is Life Between Heaven and Earth. He is also currently working on a series of mini-eBooks "What the Souls Have Taught Me." Each eBook focuses on a specific topic his fans have asked him about over the years. The first eBook What the Souls Have...


Episode 32: FaceTime with the Dead with Dr. Mark Pitstick

Carl Sagan famously said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” The SoulPhone® is a product in development that aims to create extraordinary evidence for the reality of the afterlife/hereafter/spirit world via a phone-like technology that’s in the works that would allow humans communicate with their deceased loved ones. Sound cooky?! What if we told you this cosmic smart phone is being designed & developed under strict scientific protocols by Dr. Gary Schwartz—a former...


Episode 31: Sweet Baby Angels with Kyle Gray

Last year, y’all voted Kyle Gray as Spirit Guides Magazine’s Best Angel Communicator, and for good reason! Soul & Spirit Magazine says Kyle is “the hottest name in spirituality” and Gabby Bernstein says he’s “an incredibly talented guide for a new generation of spiritual seekers.” On top of that, he’s hip af and so relatable with his chill approach to spirituality. Kyle is a Hay House author, spiritual mentor, and angel communication expert with a twist. With his sharp wit, need for truth,...


Episode 30: Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde with Rebecca Farrar of Wild Witch of the West

Why does Mercury Retrograde get a bad rep? How can we work with retrogrades instead of fear them? What is the best way to know how an eclipse may impact us? These are just a few of the questions we dive into on Spirit Guides Radio this week with our expert guest, archetypal astrologer Rebecca Farrar of Wild Witch of the West. The entrance of Leo season, Mercury Rx, total lunar eclipse, lion’s portal, 6 planets retrograde!!! With a shit load of movement going on in the skies above, we are ALL...


EP 29: Finding Peace in the Age of Anxiety with Dr. Crystal Jones

Dr. Crystal Jones is a multifaceted holistic healing facilitator, doctor, doula, and yoga instructor who is fluent in many languages of healing. She is a guide for those who are ready to dive deep within their hidden places—and heal. Hello!! That’d be us! How about you—ready to dive in and do the damn work? Join us today as we talk with Dr. Jones about how to find and maintain peace in a tumultuous world. Learn more about Dr. Crystal Jones at https://drcrystaljones.com/ Learn more about...


EP 28: Embodying Divine Relationships with Amy Solara

Have you ever felt drawn to someone to find that they are, at their core, the embodiment of your complimentary opposite? This is a divine union, regardless of what you identify as! On today’s show we talk with witch, priestess, yoga instructor, and spiritual mentor Amy Solara on the harmony of divine relationships and embodying each the masculine and feminine in relationship to self and partners. The future is feminine (not female) and Amy helps us all conjure some more of that loving...


EP 27: Evolution of Goddess with Emma Mildon

We have a goddess-empowered conversation with our guest this week, soul scribe Emma Mildon! You may know Emma, who hails from the magical, hobbit-like world of New Zealand, from her bestselling book The Soul Searchers Handbook. She is a leading millennial mystic (and seriously millennial: her spiritual path literally started by Googling “how to be spiritual”!!), and with her next book, Evolution of Goddess, about to drop, we pick Emma's brain on all things goddess energy rising, how to tap...


Ep 26: The Tough Questions with Shaman Durek

How do we handle the downside of everything going on in the world? Are spirituality and politics opposing forces or should they work together? How do we ‘love’ our narcissistic parent? How do I find my EXACT spiritual purpose? On today’s episode, we crowdsourced a bunch of your most puzzling questions while walking the spiritual path and present them to the popular and profound Shaman Durek. If you’ve been hiding under a rock(!), Shaman Durek is a 3rd generation shaman who comes from a long...


Ep 25: Yoni Eggs & Vag Lovin’ with Kiana Reeves of The Tulip

Loving your vagina is a revolution! Yoni eggs, vaginal steaming, sexual wellness, pelvic healing we are diving deep into the feminine mystique today with Kiana Reeves, co-founder of The Tulip. Passionate about the health of our lady parts, The Tulip is an online educational platform that offers tools, information, and support for lifelong sexual wellness, pelvic and vaginal self-care, and helps women maintain an embodied relation with this intimate part of themselves. In this episode we get...


Ep 24: Sacred Travel with Maggie McCloud and Sena Shellenberger

Where is the most sacred place you have travelled to, and why?! Travel has been a main pillar of Spirit Guides Magazine since day one because we realized long ago the spiritual benefits of leaping outside of our own small bubbles. In the words of Mark Twain, Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. Today we have the pleasure of diving deep into the topic of inspired, intentional travel with Maggie McCloud and Sena Shellenberger, co-creators of Tesora Sacred Travel. These...


Ep 23: Spiritual Charlatans and Frauds with Corbie Mitleid

Have you ever wondered why some people have life-changing experiences with spiritual mediums, psychics, and energy healers while others have been overwhelmed with charlatans? Or have you been wanting to get a reading but don’t know how to differentiate between the truth tellers and the frauds? We’ve lived in Sedona, Arizona, so we personally have experienced the vast array of spiritual readingsfrom the omg, AMAZZZING to the wtf, that was a huge waste of time/money! Today’s guest is one of...