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Ep 25: Yoni Eggs & Vag Lovin’ with Kiana Reeves of The Tulip

Loving your vagina is a revolution! Yoni eggs, vaginal steaming, sexual wellness, pelvic healing we are diving deep into the feminine mystique today with Kiana Reeves, co-founder of The Tulip. Passionate about the health of our lady parts, The Tulip is an online educational platform that offers tools, information, and support for lifelong sexual wellness, pelvic and vaginal self-care, and helps women maintain an embodied relation with this intimate part of themselves. In this episode we get...


Ep 24: Sacred Travel with Maggie McCloud and Sena Shellenberger

Where is the most sacred place you have travelled to, and why?! Travel has been a main pillar of Spirit Guides Magazine since day one because we realized long ago the spiritual benefits of leaping outside of our own small bubbles. In the words of Mark Twain, Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. Today we have the pleasure of diving deep into the topic of inspired, intentional travel with Maggie McCloud and Sena Shellenberger, co-creators of Tesora Sacred Travel....


Ep 23: Spiritual Charlatans and Frauds with Corbie Mitleid

Have you ever wondered why some people have life-changing experiences with spiritual mediums, psychics, and energy healers while others have been overwhelmed with charlatans? Or have you been wanting to get a reading but don’t know how to differentiate between the truth tellers and the frauds? We’ve lived in Sedona, Arizona, so we personally have experienced the vast array of spiritual readingsfrom the omg, AMAZZZING to the wtf, that was a huge waste of time/money! Today’s guest is one of...


Ep 22: Plant Medicine with Jane Mayer

Plant medicine is the use of herbs, wild weeds, vines, trees, flowers, and fungi to cleanse and nourish the body and provide openings for shifts in spiritual consciousness and mental perception. And according to this week’s guest, shamanic practitioner, Jane Mayer, these plant allies “are remedies for empty souls, meaningless lives, and generationally wounded bodies. Hot damn!!! Ok, we’re listening! If you’re fed up with the western way of alleviating symptoms rather than healing the...


Ep 21: Spiritual Activism with Bernard Alvarez

Marianne Williamson says, Spirituality and activism aren’t either/or they’re both/and. Either without the other lacks the power to effect fundamental change. This week's Spirit Guides Radio guest, Bernard Alvarez, agrees completely when he says, Activism without spirituality is just angry mob. Alvarez is a world-renowned spiritual consciousness teacher and intuitive, as well as a seasoned spiritual activist, certified Reiki Master, ordained Minister, Doctor of Metaphysics, and author of...


Ep 19: Finding Your Life Purpose in Your Astro Chart with Colin Bedell

Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce said the real value of astrology is understanding our cycles of soul growth; not prediction. And perhaps more than any aspect of our natal charts, the north and south lunar nodes hold the keys to our soul growth trajectory in this lifetime. If you’ve never heard of the nodes and their innate guidance before, or have but want some more deets from an expert, or just want to know wtf is going on with this crazy intense cosmic energy right now (like, wtf, Uranus?!),...


Ep 18:The Power of Tarot with Alice Grist

If anyone understands the transformational power of Tarot it’s our guest today, spiritual author Alice Grist. As a young child, Alice’s father was a goddess-worshipping Wiccan, and she spent weekends learning about meditation, the divine feminine, and how to read tarot cards. She began giving tarot readings as a teen to her drunken friends and continues to do so today (well, to less drunken folks, presumably!). She has written several award-winning books on spiritual topics, including...


Ep 17:Mindfully Sober with Carly Benson

There’s not a drug on earth that can make life meaningful. - Sarah Kane. Odds are you know someone who struggles with some form of addiction. It’s so prevalent in our society that when we ran across the work of Carly Benson we knew we had to have her on Spirit Guides Radio for some real talk. With a decade of recovery from alcohol and cocaine under her belt, Carly is a certified Holistic Recovery Coach and yoga instructor who teaches people how to create a life they don’t want to escape...


Ep 16:The Love & Light Myth with Andye Murphy

Have you noticed the trend in the spiritual/new age community where some (many) spiritual teachers sugar coat the entire spiritual journey with the love & light mantra, all the while seeming to gloss over the actual real life muck of human existence? Pain and suffering are so much a part of our world that the Buddha made his First Truth that all life is suffering, pain, and misery. So we wondered: can we even reach the love and light without first digging deep down into our anger, shame,...


Ep 15: Radical Self-love with Gala Darling

Hay House author and self-love guru Gala Darling joins us today to discuss radical self-love and how to live our best, most authentic lives. Gala's passion it is to help people fall in love with themselves by healing past pain and learning to design their lives, all while wearing sequins, a pink wig, and glitter-bomb nails that can cut you (RuPail is her "spirit leader!")! Gala is an inspiring representation of being unapologetically authentic and encourages each and every soul to do the...


Ep 14: The Art of Manifestation with Stephanie Powers

Stephanie Powers has a beautiful life not because she’s lucky, but because she is a master manifester! But of course this wasn’t always so. Before the life of beauty and ease she lives now, she, like most of us, experienced the soul-sucking reality of mainstream life, corporate work, and modern illness. On today’s show she discusses the art of manifestation, and lets us in on her secrets to having the life of our dreams! Join us as we dig deeper than positive thinking pop spirituality and...


Ep 13: Igniting Our Intuitive Superpowers with Nicholle Caldwell

Albert Einstein said “the only real valuable thing is intuition. We agree and so we called in our fun and knowledgeable friend on the topic to learn more about what exactly it is and how to fully access it. Nicholle Caldwell is an intuitive healer and holistic lifestyle mentor, and on this episode she talks with us about how we can fire up this divine guidance system inside of us, offering us practical tools to plug straight into our intuition.


Ep 12: Pre-birth Planning with Robert Schwartz

Do we plan the trajectory of our lives before we are born, and if so, in how much detail? If it’s all planned out, how can we have free will? Why would someone plan for things like suicide, a physical handicap, or mental illness? This week our guest, spiritual author and pre-birth planning expert Robert Schwartz, answers these questions and explains why lives that might seem like a mess in the physical world are actually considered successful from the soul’s viewpoint.


Ep 11: Near Death Experiences with Jeffrey Olsen

Bestselling author and inspirational speaker Jeffrey Olsen joins the show this week to share his profound near death experience and how it completely shifted the way he views both life and death, as well as religion and God. In 1997, Olsen experienced a horrific car accident that took the lives of both his wife and youngest son. He suffered multiple life-threatening injuries, including the amputation of his left leg above the knee. As a result of the accident, Olsen had many out-of-body,...


EP 10: Evidential Mediumship with Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium

What does it mean when we see paranormal things? What are the differences between intelligent communication with spirit versus residual energy? Does everyone have the ability to connect with their loved ones who have passed and spiritual teams? Do demonic spirits exist? Considered one of the best evidential mediums in the world, renowned medium Susanne Wilson, also known as the Carefree Medium, answers all our questions about the ins and outs of communicating with Spirit.


EP 9: Releasing Our Limiting Beliefs via Applied Kinesiology with Juli

Have you ever wondered how your beliefs are controlling your life? Or if there is a way to truely know what our subconscious beliefs are? Our guest Julie Forbes, will be discussing all things to do with our mind, body and soul connection, and how we can improve that connection by finding limiting beliefs through applied kinesiology (ie. muscle testing). This energy work is a profound way to subconsciously find the problem at it's source, bring it out into the light, release and reprogram...


EP 8: Compassionate Deposession 101 with Shaman Suzanne Connolly

Compassionate deposession is a shamanic technique that helps release attachments or entities that are residing within a human being’s energy field, restoring the client to balance and harmony and helping the suffering spirit find the light. If you think this doesn’t apply to you, think again! According to Arizona and Camber’s guest this week, shaman Suzanne Connolly, most "all of us are possessed, usually by at least four spirits, sometimes far more. Tune in to this week’s show to learn...


EP 7: Spiritual Matchmaking with Love Guru Heather Kristian Strang

This week Arizona and Maeluna talk with spiritual matchmaker and love activist Heather Kristian Strang about a crazy little thing called love! An ordained minister and author of multiple books, Kristian committed to living a Spirit-led life after a health crisis led her to John of God in Brazil in 2008. She now brings through transmissions from five non-physical guides that she met while at the John of God casa in Brazil in 2013. She is an expert in helping us understand what love really...


EP 6: Tarot Your Heart Out with Devin Strickler

Arizona & Maeluna’s guest this week is Tarot reader and evidential medium Devin Strickler, the curator and mystic behind Ambient Light Tarot (formerly Mystic Moons Tarot), which won Spirit Guides Magazine’s 2017 Best Tarot Reader! Devin will explain the ancient divination tool of Tarot and how she uses it as a way to tap into Spirit. She will also be taking live calls for on-the-spot intuitive Tarot readings!


EP 5: The Ins and Outs of Angel Communication with Ivory LaNoue

Have you ever wondered who and what angels are, what they look like, and how they guide us throughout our lives? Tune into this week’s episode of Spirit Guides Radio as Arizona & Camber chat with angelic intuitive medium Ivory LaNoue. LaNoue has been working as a psychic for more than two decades, and mentored with one of the best mediums in the world, Susanne Wilson, for mediumship. Today, the core of LaNoue’s work centers around angels and helping people deepen their connection with...