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Episode 62: The Marriage of Psychology and Astrology with Debra Silverman

Today is the full moon in Libra, the move from Pisces season to Aries season, and spring equinox! An auspicious and highly energetically charged day expertly explained by astrologer and psychologist Debra Silverman. Debra shares a ritual to do on this full moon to tie up loose ends in relationships and recognize patterns within ourselves. We also talk about the marriage of psychology and astrology and have plenty of laughs. “Psychology will be a dinosaur science until it includes astrology”...


Episode 61: Spiritual Burnout with Arizona Bell and Morgan Gorza

In this special episode, Arizona and Morgan dive deep into spiritual burnout, out to get out of it, the truth about being "spiritual," and the struggles we all face as spiritual humans in the 3D world. Arizona and Morgan really let their guards down in this first ever episode without a guest and have an open and honest conversation. There's some real talk, souls sister love, and plenty of laughs. This convo is sure to resonate with you deeply. It's not easy to navigate the 3D world as a...


Episode 60: The Healing Power of Past Life Regression with Diane Richards

This week Arizona and Morgan chat it up with their good friend and resident spiritual medium Diane Richards about the healing power of past life regressions, the faith required on the spiritual journey, and how to strengthen our connection with the divine and ultimately align with our authentic spiritual paths. Diane’s story is sooo inspiring! You won’t want to miss this one. Learn more about Diane Richards at www.dianerichards.net Learn more about The Art of Divination Retreat at...


Episode 59: Evidence of Eternity with Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® is a fourth generation psychic medium and bestselling author of NEVER LETTING GO and EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY. He is also a successful attorney, licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. In this episode, Arizona and Mark talk the afterlife, grief, mediumship, and more. Plus Arizona is surprised with a live on-air reading from her mom! Learn more about Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony at evidenceofeternity.com...


Episode 58: Oracle Cards + Soulpreneurship with Zoey Greco "The Merhipsy"

Do you use oracle cards in your divination practice? They are a powerful tool to connect with your intuition and communicate with spirit, and Zoey Greco is incredibly knowledgable on how they can help to initiate transformation from within. In this fun and honest episode, we talk with Zoey on the two decks she designed, how to talk to spirit, the change divination tools can help us enact, soulpreneruship and following your heart (even when it isn't easy), and so much more. Zoey is a creative...


Episode 57: Sex + Sacred Union, Heather Kristian Strang, Author and Love Activist

Love is in the air this week on Spirit Guides Radio with sex and sacred union as the topic of today's show and wow, did we dive in with author and Love Activist Heather Kristian Strang. This open, honest, and profound conversation which began last year on Valentine's Day with episode 7 of Spirit Guides Radio, gets taken to new heights and depths today. Kristian helps us wrap our brains and hearts around how to heal from the patriarchal love story we've been told is "right" and how we can...


Episode 56: Love + Relationships w/ Jessica Lanyadoo, Astrologer and Psychic Medium

Astrologer and psychic medium Jessica Lanyadoo is a badass cosmic pro and she doesn't hold back in this episode on love and relationships to kick off the month of love. This juicy and deep episode covers everything from twin flames and soulmates, ancestry in natal charts, sexuality and gender identity, queer astrology vs patriarchal western astrology, life not being fair, sun signs and rising signs, and compatibility and the myths that surround it. Jessica is a triple Capricorn but she's...


Episode 55: Letting In the Divine: A Channeled Message with Andye Murphy, The Rock n Roll Shaman

Andye Murphy aka The Rock n Roll Shaman was voted Spirit Guides Magazine’s Best Shamanic Practitioner for both 2017 & 2018 and today she graces us once again with the present of her presence on Spirit Guides Radio! This time around, we are going to dive deep into what it means to be a divine being in form. She’s also going to channel a potent 2019 message for us all live on air—and if you know Andye, you know what a powerful treat that will be! Andye has been trained in multiple lifetimes...


Episode 54: New Year, New Money Mindset Amanda Frances, Spiritual Business Coach

What is your relationship with money? Do you live in an abundance of worth, or fear and lack? Amanda Frances is a Spiritual Business Coach and self-made millionaire and she's the perfect person to ask about how to change our money mindset in this new year. Embodying worth, declaring what we want to the universe, facing debt, standing strong in the face of financial challenges, and expecting miracles, Amanda Frances guides us through how to bust through blocks to invite (and keep) money into...


Episode 53: A Visual of the Afterlife with Susanne Wilson, Spiritual Medium

What actually happens to us when we die? Does a loved one always greet us to take us to the other side? Where do we go next? What does it mean to become “Earthbound”? Do we have a life review? Do we become spontaneously enlightened and all-knowing after death? What is the afterlife actually like—do we have homes and communities? Can I still eat pasta?!?! There is no one better to ask these questions that a renowned evidential medium! We are so excited to pick the brain of world famous medium...


Episode 52: Exploring the Mystical Arts with Remington Donovan

We hear everyone out there talking about how fab a 3 year numerologically is, but let us not forget that the number 3 is called “Devil or Divine” for a reason! There are always two sides to the coin, bbs! Today Master Numerologist and all-around badass mystic Remington Donovan joins us on Spirit Guides Radio to discuss how we can step firmly into the divine and overcome the fear and confusion devils in the (yes, probably totally fab!) number 3 year ahead. (2+0+1+9=12; 1+2=3). Sing up for...


Episode 51: 2019 Astrology Forecast with Natalie Walstein

It's our one year podcast anniversary! Join us as we kick 2019 off with a bang! We'll be talking to astrologer Natalie Walstein of Soulshine Astrology for a full astrological forecast for 2019! Get ready to take notes and gaze into what 2019 holds in the stars. Get our full 50+ page 2019 astro guide written by Natalie Walstein at spiritguidesmagazine.com/shop Learn more about Natalie Walstein at soulshineastrology.com Join our events newsletter list to stay in the loop on our monthly...


Episode 50: Grief and the Afterlife with Sandra Champlain

Plagued by a lifelong fear of death and dying, Sandra Champlain chose to begin exploring the truth about death, grief, and the afterlife. Studying the ins and outs of these taboo topics for more than 15 years now, she is on a mission to share with the world what she’s learned about the reality of life after death (spoiler alert: there’s nothing whatsoever to be afraid of!) and to help people feel more peace in knowing our souls are eternal. We very purposefully chose to discuss grief smack...


Episode 49: Celebrating the Darkness with Danielle Dulsky

According to Celtic Witch and author Danielle Dulsky, the suppressed aspects of the “Hag” archetype, particularly intuition and psychic power, a felt kinship with death, the dark moon, and the dissolution phase of the creative cycle, darkness and non-doing, and sexual power, are integral to the collective human shadow. On today’s show, Danielle leads listeners through a storytelling journey of shadow integration, working with the Hag archetype to explore where our deepest and treasures are...


Episode 48: Reducing Stress via Adaptogens with Erika Elizabeth

The holidays can be a time of stress, and we force ourselves OUT rather than bundle up and RSVP no to all the things. This can cause a lot of stress on the body (any time of year!) and today on Spirit Guides Radio we talk to Elizabeth, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and founder of @byerikaelizabeth, about all the ways we can support our bodies with ADAPTOGENS! Reishi, cacao, rose, ashwagandha, chaga, moringa, maca ... and the list goes on! Elizabeth is also offering listeners a special...


Episode 47: Past Lives & Life Purpose with George Lizos

How can past-life regression help us follow our life purpose and create change in the world? What is the purpose of exploring our past lives? Is it spiritual entertainment, or is there something deeper to it? Today we talk with the wise, compassionate, and loving spiritual teacher and intuitive George Lizos all about past lives and how they can help inform our current incarnations and align us with our highest purpose. George is the author of “Be The Guru: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming...


Episode 46: Jupiter in Sagittarius with Colin Bedell

Are you all feeling the Jupiter Jubilation?! WE ARE! Today on Spirit Guides Radio we bring back the marvelous Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos (by popular demand!!) to discuss the recent Jupiter in Sagittarius transit and what is means for us collectively and more personally according to our rising signs. If you’re feeling suddenly hashtag blessed the past few days, it’s prooooobs because of this transit, so listen up! We also discuss Venus retrograde, Mercury retrograde, and a wee bit into what...


Episode 45: Exploring the Mystical Arts with Remington Donovan

You’re in for a mystical af treat today on Spirit Guides Radio, friends! We talk all about the ancient mystical arts with master spiritual sage Remington Donovan—including this POTENT new moon in Scorpio (hello, sex magic!)! Remington was born into the tradition of Swami Satchidananda, learning meditation and yoga directly from him at a very early age. Remington’s approach to the teachings of Kundalini yoga, combined with a foundation of nearly 30 years in the Western Mystery Tradition,...


Episode 44: Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit

What better time to hear some messages from the spirit world with totally epic psychic medium Natalie Miles?! The veil is thin and our ancestors and spirit teams are literally standing in line waiting to chat it up with us! If you have yet to experience the magic of Natalie Miles, you’re in for a treat (NOT a trick!)! We’ve had the honor of seeing her messages from spirit readings first hand and HOLY MOLY—mind blowing shit y’all. And not only is she a profound psychic medium, it is also her...


Episode 43: Wild, Wild, Witch with Lisa Lister

The season of the witch is brewing and we are conjuring some magical vibes up in here! On Spirit Guides Radio today, we chat with wild witch, and sassy af Lisa Lister about all the witchy and timely things for this mystical season. Samhain and Halloween are just around the corner and if you're wondering how you can tap into the essence of these holidays and the wild witch within, you won't want to miss this episode! Learn more about Lisa Lister at thesassyshe.com Learn more about Arizona and...