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Episode 79: Revealing Your Soul’s Calling with William Stickevers

Today on Spirit Guides Radio we dive into the depths with astrologer William Stickevers about our soul’s calling and how the natal chart is a blueprint for keeping us on track with it. But holy moly, we talk about SO much more: future predictions, artificial intelligence, aliens, multi-universes, and more. Let’s just say this was one of our favorite conversations EVER! A counseling astrologer since 1988, William Stickevers is well versed in psychological, horary, electional, medieval, and...


Episode 78: Modern Alchemy with Sarah Akala

Alchemy and Alchemist are words that are thrown around a lot in the spiritual community, but Sarah Akala is a LEGIT modern alchemist. Sarah is a master herbalist and has been working in the world of clinical alchemy for over 20 years. In this incredibly enlightening episode, we learn about how the plants and planets are connected, what modern alchemy and clinical alchemy are, and how the process of alchemy can help us heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sarah creates custom protocols...


Episode 77: Energetic Protection with Arizona + Morgan

This week's episode is a solo show with Arizona and Morgan! We talk on how hard but rewarding being an empath is and how you can protect yourself and your energy to be empowered! We give you the usual antics with heart-felt stories and experiences that share how we protect our energy as empaths, and sometimes how we don't set boundaries. Energetic protection is also the theme in The Cosmic Collective this month (July) and we have lined up some incredible practitioners to help us learn how to...


Episode 76: Summer Cosmic Energy Update with Rebecca Farrar

Solstice, eclipse season, Mercury retrograde, Saturn and Jupiter—there's a lot going on in the cosmos this summer and Rebecca Farrar, Wild Witch of the West has the rundown to help us keep our sanity. The dynamic this eclipse season is between emotional Cancer and structured Capricorn. This opposing energy is helping us make more sense of our emotions and ask for what we need rather than throw a tantrum and cry for a day. We are also being guided to sit with our emotions and shadows rather...


Episode 75: The Awakened Way with Suzanne Giesemann

Former U.S. Navy Commander turned profound evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann joins us today on Spirit Guides Radio to discuss The Awakened Way—a path to knowing who you are and why you’re here (aka… the big stuff!!!) Suzanne is the author of 13 books, an inspirational way-shower, and incredible trance medium. Find more about Suzanne and her work at: SuzanneGiesemann.com Find daily messages from Suzanne’s team in spirit, Sanaya, at: DailyWay.org Receive $100 off Soul Summit Scottsdale by...


Episode 74: Celtic Energy Medicine with Kelly Behrend and Kelly Germaine

For all of human history, people around the world have cultivated their divine energy for individual and collective healing. Energy has been used (and is still used) to heal disease, integrate emotional trauma, and guide people into movements for freedom… so it’s no surprise that across time and space the ruling class has tried to erase, eradicate, and co-opt our energy. In this episode, "The Kellys" talk about energetic medicine in pre-colonial Europe, Celtic Cauldrons, energetic justice,...


Episode 73: HeartMath with Howard Martin

A global shift is under way and more people are sensing it involves a deeper connection with their heart. This desire for more heart connection is a growing movement—called HeartMath—one that people are drawn to by a nudge from their own intuition or conscience to listen to their heart more and to connect with their inner guidance. We are so honored to have co-author of The HeartMath Solution and EVP of the HeartMath organization Howard Martin joining us today on Spirit Guides Radio! Get...


Episode 72: Healing with Hypnosis with Grace Smith

Grace Smith is a hypnotherapist on a mission to make hypnosis mainstream. Healing can come in many different forms, but Grace believes that hypnosis is the fastest and most effective way to get to the root of the issue and come out with immense freedom. Hypnosis is NOT some sketchy dude standing on stage getting volunteer audience members to cluck like chickens and make an ass out of them selves. Hypnotherapy IS deep healing (either from past life trauma or previous trauma in this life) to...


Episode 71: Life After Religion with Joshua Tongol

From ultra religious to outspoken skeptic to spiritual teacher, Joshua Tongol’s incredible story is relatable to everyone in some way. Today, Joshua is an out-of-body explorer, healing practitioner, and host of The Flipside Podcast, which explores spiritual and paranormal topics in a fresh, modern way. Don’t miss this fun and extremely profound episode where we discuss everything from astral travel to faith healing. To learn more about Joshua and receive $200 off his Law of Attraction...


Episode 70: Akashic Records with Ashley Wood

The Akashic Records is a web of all existence from all lifetimes and galaxies. This powerful information can be used to cultivate inner peace, gain guidance, solve issues, heal past life trauma, and so much more. Ashley Wood describes accessing the Akashic Records for ultimate spiritual healing and support, how to get into the records, what it looks and feels like, and talking to guides, ancestors, angels, and ALIENS! We are ALL so powerful and have the capability to access our own Akashic...


Episode 69: Manifesting & Sex Magic with Amy Solara

Did you know you can cast spells and manifest with your orgasms? Amy Solara, our beloved resident witch, tells us all about the powerful energy that is built and released when we achieve sexual climax! Sex and manifestation? Yes, please! Harnessing sexual energy and directing it toward manifesting a desire has been used by witches and wise women since time immemorial. Masturbation has been demonized in our modern society and Amy is making a hard case (no pun intended) to get wet and wild...


Episode 68: Trusting Intuitive Messages with Tina Powers

Imagination or intuition? It’s a big, confusing question that often bubbles up as we walk our spiritual path. Expert medium and intuitive lecturer Tina Powers joins is this week to help us crack the code. Tina is a former news anchor and reporter who now works as a professional psychic medium. As she laughingly says: “It’s reporting for the other side.” Sensitive since childhood, Tina felt the presence of people who had crossed over but the intuitive information became a much more powerful...


Episode 67: Lessons from Venus with Miz Chartreuse

Venus is a lush and this Taurus season we are learning to live in the lap of love and luxury! Astrologer Miz Chartreuse is an expert in the ways of Venus and how this goddess and planet impacts all of our lives in love, money, relationships, and the embodiment of the divine feminine. In this juicy episode, we learn all about feminine magnetism, the difference between abuse and growth, lessons from Venus that we can apply to partnership, how the feminine and masculine is expressed in...


Episode 66: Spiritual Bypassing with Nick Pollifrone

If you don't know what spiritual bypassing is, you're probably doing it. If you do know what spiritual bypassing is, you're still probably doing it. We talk a lot about the shadow on Spirit Guides Radio and this episode is the ultimate shadow slaying guide. Spiritual bypassing is using spirituality to avoid, escape, or suppress emotions, shadow, wounds, and uncomfortable issues in life. In this incredibly honest episode, we have a beautiful conversation with Nick Pollifrone, founder of Typed...


Episode 65: Electronic Voice Phenomenon with Sheri Perl

Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) is the process of recording spirit voices in unseen realms using electronic devices. Sound wild?! Oh you bet it is! And sooo rad. Today we talk with EVP researcher Sheri Perl who shares her transformation from serious atheist and skeptic to full-blown afterlife researcher. Her story—including the recorded spirit voices she shares on air—is down right amazing. To access Sheri’s work and free tutorial, visit sheriperl.com. Want to learn more about things like...


Episode 64: Thriving in Saturn Return with Sandy Sitron and Dana Balicki

Saturn is our greatest teacher, and if you're in your 30s or later, you know what that means. In this episode we talk with Sandy Sitron (astrologer) and Dana Balicki (soul coach) on how to work with our Saturn return, which is a huge cosmic event. At 28 or 29 years old, Saturn comes back to the exact place in our charts that it was in when we were born. This planet encourages deep change and demands alignment on a soul level. Anything that is out of alignment with our truth will be...


Episode 63: Invoking Archangels with Shelly Ayers

Working with archangels in your spiritual practice is an incredible way to call in additional support, guidance, and clarity. The archangels all work with different aspects of life, and Shelly Ayers will be telling us how to invoke them (or asking them to come into your life to help you) in times of need. We talk about Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Uriel. Shelly talks on how to connect with your personal angels, how to know they are there, and she also shared an...


Episode 62: The Marriage of Psychology and Astrology with Debra Silverman

Today is the full moon in Libra, the move from Pisces season to Aries season, and spring equinox! An auspicious and highly energetically charged day expertly explained by astrologer and psychologist Debra Silverman. Debra shares a ritual to do on this full moon to tie up loose ends in relationships and recognize patterns within ourselves. We also talk about the marriage of psychology and astrology and have plenty of laughs. “Psychology will be a dinosaur science until it includes astrology”...


Episode 61: Spiritual Burnout with Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza

In this special episode, Arizona and Morgan dive deep into spiritual burnout, out to get out of it, the truth about being "spiritual," and the struggles we all face as spiritual humans in the 3D world. Arizona and Morgan really let their guards down in this first ever episode without a guest and have an open and honest conversation. There's some real talk, souls sister love, and plenty of laughs. This convo is sure to resonate with you deeply. It's not easy to navigate the 3D world as a...


Episode 60: The Healing Power of Past Life Regression with Diane Richards

This week Arizona and Morgan chat it up with their good friend and resident spiritual medium Diane Richards about the healing power of past life regressions, the faith required on the spiritual journey, and how to strengthen our connection with the divine and ultimately align with our authentic spiritual paths. Diane’s story is sooo inspiring! You won’t want to miss this one. Learn more about Diane Richards at www.dianerichards.net Learn more about The Art of Divination Retreat at...