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370 - "Don't Read The God Delusion!"

That's right... Don't read it, okay, you can read it if you really want. This week Pastor Luke answers one of the most popular questions he gets, "what should I be reading?" Buckle up heathens, today Luke breaks down the most life-changing books he's ever read over the last 6 years (28 of them). This is not just a book list, it's a combination of what you should read, why you should read it, and how it's changed Luke's life. Don't worry about writing everything down, if you want the book...


369 - "You’re A Click Away From Becoming An Atheist”

Joining me this week is your new host Stefanie. Stefanie and I sat down a couple weeks ago and talked about where she is in life, newly single and free of evangelical boundaries, and what she'd like to do with YAP moving forward. Also, our Featured Atheist this week is Siji. Siji joins us from Nigeria! He grew up in a "word of faith" church and and has an amazing story! Patreon subscribers will be able to check out 30 minutes of bonus audio with some sex tips and discussions of...


368 - "Fear Casts Out Love"

My guest this week is Betty. I can't say enough amazing things about Betty. Betty was part of a pretty abusive cult and as worked hard to love and accept herself for who she is. She's an incredible mother, mentor, and business owner. Patreon subscribers get a bonus episode with Betty. You're going to love this one! Remember our friend Dave, who's dying out loud?? Keep up with him by visiting: If you'd like to get on the guest list for our next...


367 - Death And Sex

Happy day! It's time for that special midweek announcement. Spoiler alert, Luke is starting a new podcast in December, find out what's going to happen with Your Atheist Pastor!


366 - Jesus, Crystals, Bisexuality, And Nuance with Marie D'Elephant

Marie D'Elephant takes over the podcast this week. Marie is the co-host of Everyone's Agnostic, she's a former evangelical missionary, the virtual assistant for the amazing Dave Warnock, and now an ethical non-monogamy coach. This weeks she introduces us to Caleb Rowe. Caleb is a podcast host, engineer and producer. He started the Post-Christian Podcasting Network, which is the home to podcasts like Revolution Church, Heir of Grievances, and Sacred Collective. They discuss the archetype of...


365 - "Be The Lone Dissenter!"

What could possibly cause over 600 adults to commit mass suicide and poison their children? That's exactly what happened in 1978 at Jonestown. In this week's episode Jim and Stefanie take over the show to talk about pluralistic ignorance, cults, and how important it is to speak up, because more people probably agree with you than you think! The Podcast that inspired this episode was Episode 157 of the "You're Not So Smart" Podcast. For more information on Jonestown visit:...


364 - "When I Become Playful, I Become Powerful

My guest this week is David Lunsford. David is a Holistic Life Coach, a Light Reflector and a Singer/Songwriter living in the greater Seattle area. We talk about what all that means in this episode. We also talk about David's experience with psychedelics to treat his depression and anxiety, how he answers the big questions in life, and how he's moving beyond feeling small in this world. Get out a pad of paper and take some notes! To get in touch with David visit his website:...


363 - How Do You Attach?

On the show today is Dorothy Husen. You may remember her from episode 217, she was our very first "I saw the light guest." She's back, but this time she's helping to answer the question, "how can I deal with my depression?" Dorothy talks to us about attachment styles and how we can learn how to reparent ourselves to work towards having the life we've dreamed of having. So, what's your attachment style. To view the powerpoint slides mentioned at the end of the interview go to:...


362 - FTG Takes Over Your Atheist Pastor

This week Your Atheist Pastor gets taken over by Fade To Gray (FTG). They do it up right. Their featured atheist is author Paul Matthew Harrison. Paul was a guest on FTG for their Post-Deconstruction series and was also on episode 5 of FTG be sure to check out more of his story and check out his work. They also tackle "I'm sorry but I just can't" and things get sloppy! And they introduce us to one of their segments "News for noobs." Be sure to check them out at:...


361 - "I Don't Even Know All The Questions"

Our guest this week is Bill Prickett. Bill is a former pastor, still currently active in a progressive Christian congregation. At one time, he was involved in "ex-gay" or Conversion Therapy, including as a leader, consultant and speaker. He left that back in the 80s and has been a vocal opponent since that time, seeking to expose the deception and dangers of these programs. These days, he writes extensively about religion, religious abuse, and particularly about his time in "ex-gay"...


360 - "If I Worship Anything Now It's My Body"

Our Featured Atheist this week is Ashley. Ashley is a fiction writer and a teacher. She grew up in a non-denominational evangelical church in the Colorado Springs area. Then she went to college at an Assemblies of God (Pentecostal) university in California where she got a bible minor. She stopped going to church about 5-6 years ago, and began officially identifying as an atheist for about a year ago. She and Luke have a great conversation about attractive youth pastors, confidence, Jesus,...


359 - "We're Waking People Up"

Our Featured Atheist this week is Matt. Matt was an evangelical christian for about 35 years and has been an atheist for about six months. Even though his faith left the building about six months ago the process started way before that. Remember our friend Dave, who's dying out loud?? Keep up with him by visiting: If you'd like to get on the guest list for our next quarterly gathering visit Visit...


358 - Breakin Up Is (Still) Hard To Do.

A show about break-ups.


357 - ”I Am More Important Than Sex”

Our guest this week Marie D'Elephant. Marie was immersed in the Christian religion as a child. She attended a Lutheran church growing up and then General Baptist Conference. She took church very seriously as its message satisfied her need for black and white in the world. Correspondingly, her doubts about the supernatural also began early, at the age of 13. The Christian high school she attended required "religion class" every year and in her freshman year, the teacher pretended to be New...


356 - “I Drowned When I Was 2 Years Old”

Our guest this week is Omar. Omar is the co-host and founder (kinda) of the Fade to Gray podcast. He's a former minister with the Assemblies of God church. He spent over a decade involved in discipleship programs as a student and a staff member. He met his wife while in ministry. They “deconstructed” together and found podcasting. Omar and Luke talk about why Omar still has faith, what he hopes will come from Fade To Gray, what it's like trying to build a community with atheists, theists,...


355 - "It Was Like I Became Born Again"

Our Featured Atheist (agnostic) this week is Chris. Chris is the non-religious voice of the Fade To Gray Podcast. Chris has been an agnostic for about two years but used to be a hardcore, on fire, bible believing southern baptist. When he left his faith he felt like he was actually born again. Chris and Luke talk about the process of leaving faith, leaving a marriage, and redefining dating, love and monogamy. If you want to help Lyft Driver Larry check out:...


354 - "Don't Drink, Don't Smoke, Don't Have Premarital Sex"

Our guest this week is Seth. Seth is one of the hosts of the Fade To Gray Podcast. Seth is a Christian who grew up with very strong Southern Baptist roots. Seth's religious journey has taken many twists and turns, from being in ministry to coming out as gay. He still believes in God and hosts a weekly online gathering for people who've been hurt by the church. Seth is an amazing guy and we talk about a lot, including "where in the bible does it say it's okay to be gay," and "what can you get...


353 - Don't Worry, We're Staying

Our Featured Atheist this week is Jason. Jason is a recovering Pentecostal Holiness Christian and began his deconversion journey about ten years ago. He has fully classified himself as Atheist for about a year now. Jason also has a background in science, so you can imagine how all that creationism went over. Luke opens the show talking about the future. The support and emails this week were very encouraging, and a few people, well many people, were afraid we would be going dark after the...


352 - "It's All On You"

Our Featured Atheist this week is Kevin. Kevin has been an atheist for 20 years, a vegan for 25 and an amazing dude pretty much his whole life. Luke and Kevin talk about veganism, how to find confidence, and also talk about heaven. Make sure you pay attention to the "Hot Grandma Dilemma." Luke has an announcement about the next few months. And make sure you listen for today's keyword that will give you an opportunity to win an IPU Pendant! Keep up with our friend dave by visiting:...


351 - “I Saw My Role As Taking Care Of Men”

Our Featured Atheist this week is Rachel. Rachel is the oldest of seven children. She was homeschooled in a very Evangelical Christian household. Rachel talks to us about what it's like deprogramming that early indoctrination and how she's raising her kids to be good, secular, moral human beings in a religious world. Keep up with our friend dave by visiting: you'd like to get on the guest list for our next quarterly gathering visit...