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In the NO covers the New Orleans Pelicans and NBA Basketball in general, including news, analysis, and rumors on and off the court. Hosts Ryan Schwan and Michael McNamara represent ESPN Truehoop Blog Bourbon Street Shots.

In the NO covers the New Orleans Pelicans and NBA Basketball in general, including news, analysis, and rumors on and off the court. Hosts Ryan Schwan and Michael McNamara represent ESPN Truehoop Blog Bourbon Street Shots.
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In the NO covers the New Orleans Pelicans and NBA Basketball in general, including news, analysis, and rumors on and off the court. Hosts Ryan Schwan and Michael McNamara represent ESPN Truehoop Blog Bourbon Street Shots.




In the NO Episode 313: Off-season preview

Michael and I wrap up our era hosting the Pod by going into the Pelicans off-season. How much to offer for DeMarcus Cousins, and could New Orleans land Paul George? Can they go after a big free agent? What is Rondo worth, and what can be offered to him? Will the Pelicans be better next year? To Ian Clark or not to Ian Clark?


In the NO Pod Ep. 312: Season Retrospective

Michael and I put a bow on the season, recapping the experience, what we liked, hated, and if the season was a success or not. We then talked about best moments, surprising players, turning points, and ranked this season against previous Pelican/Hornets seasons. I also really enjoyed remembering that Pelicans sweep. Part 2 will follow in a couple days, and it will be looking forward to the off-season and next year.


In the NO Pod Ep. 311: Brooms! Brooms!

A sweep! Michael and I get to break down quite possibly the most exciting results we've had since starting the Pod! We break down what went right, marvel at having three legitimate MVP players for the series (Mike and I stake out our position on them) and I trash Portland. Cuz screw those guys. We wonder at whether the Pelicans can carry this momentum into Golden State, and talk about GSW both with and without Curry as an opponent. And we make our predictions! Enjoy!


In the NO Pod Ep. 310: Portland Preview

Michael and I talk briefly about the Spurs game, and then give a lot of time to Portland! We talk about weaknesses, strengths, X-Factors, defensive schemes, and best players on the court. I ask three burning questions about hiding on Rondo, the all important turnover battle, and baiting the Pels into three point shooting. And we make our predictions. Enjoy!


In the NO Pod Ep. 309: Will the Playoffs ever be settled?

Michael and I talk about the Golden State win and handicap what is left for the playoff battle. Good news: The Pels control their destiny. Bad news, two losses and they could still be out entirely. Sheesh. We also spend a lot of time handicapping the teams the Pelicans could face in the first round and pick best matchups for particular Pelicans, and best matchups overall. Enjoy!


In the NO Ep. 308: Battling for Playoff Seeding

The war continues in the Western Conference. Will the Pelicans prevail? If so, where will they land? And will it make any difference, since Mike is pessimistic about their chances? Listen to this podcast, and curse his name and basketball opinions forever.


In the NO EP. 307: Rest will be in short supply

Michael and I cover the Pelicans' 8 games since the last pod, picking the games we enjoyed the most - and the one that disgusted us the most. Yeah, Houston. Everyone can't stand Houston. We talk Frank Jackson out for the year, Diallo playing well, who the best matchups will be for this team, and what their record will be over the 4 games in 5 nights coming up, including a back to back to back in New Orleans. Enjoy!


In the NO Ep 306: Jrue the Terror and 8-0

Michael and I spend some time glowing about Jrue's transformation. Then we talk what Mirotic brings to the table, which Pelican is likely to fall off, and what is Diallo, really? We also hit up the coming 4 games, and worry about how insane the Western Conference playoff race is.


In the NO Pod Ep. 305: Davis on the Warpath

Michael and I break down the Pelicans' 6 game winning streak. We dwell on Davis, Mirotic's addition, and whether Jrue is properly paid for his production. Then we handicap the Western Conference playoff picture, giggle some more over Davis going nuts, and then cover the upcoming games and schedule. Including that awful 5 games in six nights at home in New Orleans. Eep.


In the NO Pod Ep. 304: Mirotic arrives and Davis slacking

Michael and I talk about the Pelicans-Bulls trade for Mirotic - and then the Dante one for entirely too long, orobably because I'm so happy to see it happen. We then address who in New Orleans is most impacted so far by Boogie's injury, and wonder at Mirotic's future with the team. Then we make predictions for upcoming Basketball games.


In the NO Pod Ep. 303: Boogie Injury Fallout and Potential Trades!

Michael and I talk the stretch of Pelicans games leading up to Boogie's Injury, the impact to the team for this year, the playoff chase, and the franchise going forward. Then, with the trade deadline looming, we also looked at what Dell Demps will do to try to keep New Orleans afloat, what teams are sellers, and what the Pels could hopefully get their hands on this trade deadline. Enjoy!


In the NO Ep. 302: Shh, we're being Positive

Michael declares he's going to do the entire podcast talking positively about the team. He doesn't pitch a perfect game, but comes close, at least. We talk Rondo and his fluctuating role and minutes, is Jrue an All-Star, who is the team Alpha Dog, and we cover the games of the 3-1 week. Look, a winning week!


In the NO Pod Ep 301: The Key Stretch

Michael and I tear up Boogie. Then we tear him up some more. Then we tear up Rondo. Then we tear up AD. I guess the Pelicans-Timberwolves game affected us strongly. We talk about trades, and what the team should target, and then we look ahead at a very key stretch for the team. If this team is better than a .500 squad, they will prove it over the next 2 months.


In the NO Pod Ep 300: Looking for an Identity

Michael and I talk about the Pelicans and their missing identity at the end of games, including in those bad losses in New Orleans. On the way, we talk about things that surprised us so far this season, I grumble about Rondo, and we give Moore some love. We look ahead to next week, of course, and then talk Star Wars. Enjoy!


In the NO Podcast EP 299: WLWLWLWLWL...

Mike and I address the Pelicans' frustrating losses and how it seems this team beats itself more than the other team does. I wonder at why New Orleans fans are so upset about a 15-15 team when the expectation going into the season was a .500 team, and then we talk Boogie and his issues a little. We celebrate the crazy shooting, talk about the defense possibly getting better, and wonder at the morphing offense in the fourth quarter compared to the rest of the game. Enjoy!


In the NO Podcast Ep. 298: Davis injured - what to do?

It was a gut punch week for the New Orleans Pelicans, but the win against Portland was pretty sweet nonetheless. Michael and I speculate about Davis' injury, what the team should do on the trade market or not depending on him being out, and guess at a timeline. Then we also talk Rondo's contributions, Omer Asik's return, and what the Pelicans should have done with Donovan Mitchell. Then we talk about an upcoming slate of winnable basketball games.


In the NO Pod Ep 297: Winning against good teams, the Boogie Experience

In the NO returns and the New Orleans Pelicans are above .500 and just completed a 3-1 week! Michael and I talk about a few of the games, including the Raptors, Warriors, and Spurs, addressing issues we see like the interior defense, how Rondo has played, and who our favorite Pelican to watch is. We also show Miller some love, swear off beefy Jared Dudley, and address the idea of trading Boogie. Enjoy!


In the NO Ep. 296: Rondo back, Tough Games incoming

Michael and I touch on a bunch of subjects, including trading for a big man, turnovers, improving offensive play, Rondo being back, and an upcoming slate of tough games. Will the Pelicans continue to play winning basketball? Enjoy!


In the NO Pod EP 295: Jrue still bad, Team staying afloat

Michael and I spend some time talking about how awful the players have been on this team beyond the twin towers and how it's forcing the Pelicans to play them a lot of minutes. We also talk about how bad New Orleans is even with just one player is on, I rant about the Prevent Offense, and Michael addresses his thoughts about the dead Reggie Jackson trade rumor. Then we preview the next 3 games. Enjoy!


In the NO Pod Ep 294: Wait, are they 500?

A winning week brings the New Orleans Pelicans to .500 for the first time in . . . ever I think. Pretty sure it's never happened before. In basketball. We talk Sacramento and that awful first half, whether Cleveland was giving a damn, and what could have been if Davis didn't get hurt in that Portland game. Then we preview the four game upcoming week and make a bold prediction. Bold I tell you! Enjoy.


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