Listening to the news can feel like a journey. But 1A guides you beyond the headlines – and cuts through the noise. Let's get to the heart of the story, together – on 1A.

Listening to the news can feel like a journey. But 1A guides you beyond the headlines – and cuts through the noise. Let's get to the heart of the story, together – on 1A.


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Listening to the news can feel like a journey. But 1A guides you beyond the headlines – and cuts through the noise. Let's get to the heart of the story, together – on 1A.




Vaccination Nation: New Omicron Variants And Vaccines For Kids

Kids as young as six months are now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have authorized both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines for use in young kids. Meanwhile, the country continues to feel the effects of the omicron and its subvariants. BA.4 and BA.5 now account for over half of new COVID infections. We answer your questions about vaccinating young kids and navigating these new variants in this...


1A Remaking America: Is It Time For A 28th Constitutional Amendment?

America wouldn't be the country it is today without its 27 constitutional amendments. It was these later additions to the founding document that ended slavery in the U.S. and granted Americans the right to bear arms. It also protected the right for a show like ours to exist—and gave us our name—1A, after the First Amendment. But the last time a new one was added was 30 years ago. We hear from the person who got the 27th amendment ratified. And discuss the push to add a 28th. This...


'O Say Can You Hear'

America's relationship with its national anthem is complicated. Author Mark Clague says it both "echoes the past and gives voice to our present." Clague is an author and musicologist. His new book on the history of Francis Scott Key's most famous work is called "O Say Can You Hear." But, Joseph Horowitz, our guide for this episode says America's national anthem is controversial today for three main reasons. Davone Tines, who also joins us for the conversation, has proposed one solution:...


Best Of: Comedian Cristela Alonzo On Politics, Therapy, And Being 'Middle Classy'

Cristela Alonzo is one of only a few Latinos with a Netflix comedy special. When her first premiered in 2017, she didn't hold back on her dislike for former President Donald Trump or her identity as a Mexican-American in South Texas. Now, she's back for her second special, "Middle Classy." And she's bringing her activism with her, opening up the special with cameos from civil rights leader Dolores Huerta and Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro. She shares with us what it's like being able to finally...


The 1A Record Club: 'ELVIS' (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The movie "ELVIS" tells the life story of Elvis Presley, one of the most famous musicians of the 20th century. Born into poverty in Tupelo, Mississippi, Presley rose to stardom as a teenager in the 1950s. His style and sound were modeled largely after the Black musicians he listened to as a kid and adult. Presley is known as 'the King of Rock and Roll,' but his legacy is complicated. He earned fame and fortune by copying those Black artists who couldn't reach the same level of success...


1A Remaking America: The Definition Of A Constitutional Right

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that established a constitutional right to abortion. The decision could lead to abortion bans in half of U.S. states. In response, states like California are moving to amend their constitutions to include abortion rights. Now, citizens and lawmakers are thinking about what defines a constitutional right and how different interpretations of the constitutions affect those rights. We talk about changing the Constitution and what...


1A Remaking America: Ballot Measures And Direct Democracy

Come November, voters will likely decide on more than 100 ballot measures across the nation, according to a database from the National Conference of State Legislatures. Ballot measures let citizens bypass their elected officials to make direct change. They decide issues ranging from Medicaid expansion and recreational marijuana in South Dakota to digital privacy in Montana. But so far this year, lawmakers have proposed hundreds of tweaks to the measure processes in their states or cities,...


Closing The 'Boyfriend Loophole' With Gun Legislation

President Biden signed the most significant bipartisan gun legislation in decades into law over the weekend. It comes after last month's mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas. The bill includes funding for mental health services and school security. Lawmakers also say it'll close what's known as "the boyfriend loophole." That means dating partners convicted of domestic abuse will no longer be able to purchase firearms, rather than just spouses and former spouses. We...


Understanding Reproductive Care And Civil Rights In Post-Roe America

Protests erupted Friday in the nation's capital and continued across the country over the weekend due to the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe vs. Wade. The landmark decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women's Health Organization ended a 50-year constitutional right to an abortion. Many states were ready for this decision. So-called trigger laws are in effect in 13 states across the country, effectively making all abortions illegal in the event of the Supreme Court decision against Roe. We...


Best Of: Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Female Animals

Submissive. Chaste. Monogamous. That's how evolutionary biologists have classified female animals for centuries — dating back to Darwin and Aristotle. Zoologist Lucy Cooke says they've got it all wrong. Cooke joins us to talk about her new book, "Bitch: On the Female of the Species". Want to support 1A? Give to your local public radio station and subscribe to this podcast. Have questions? Find us on Twitter @1A.


The Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

Just shy of its 50th anniversary, Roe v. Wade has been overturned. In a 6-to-3 decision, the Supreme Court voted to strike down the precedent this morning. In the majority opinion, Justice Samuel Alito wrote, "It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people's elected representatives." It's a historic moment – one with massive implications for every American. And there are a lot of questions about what this means for the future of abortion access and...


Medical Bias Against Obesity Is Preventing Patients From Receiving Proper Care

According to a study in the National Library of Medicine, only 1 percent of doctors are trained in treating one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the U.S. — obesity. That lack of education comes with consequences for patients. The condition has been recognized as a disease since 2013. The CDC reports nearly 42 percent of Americans are experiencing obesity. But a longstanding bias against these patients has affected their ability to seek treatment and weight loss medication. To...


What's Changed One Year After The Deadly Condo Collapse In Surfside?

It's been almost a year since 98 people were killed in an early morning condominium collapse in Surfside, Florida. This week, the South Florida community is commemorating the lives lost and asking what's changed to prevent another tragedy. A federal investigation into the exact cause of the collapse is ongoing. But family members of the victims have reached a nearly $1 billion settlement with developers, engineers, insurance companies, and others. We speak with Martin Langesfeld who lost...


Mental Health, Gun Violence, And Why America Connects Them

Congress is looking to pass a bipartisan gun safety proposal. And if it succeeds, the bill could come with a hefty investment in mental health treatment. Lawmakers have yet to solidify their plans, but they've said a Senate bill would include bolstering school-based mental health services, crisis intervention, substance use disorder services, and suicide prevention. Mental health providers say they'll take all the federal resources they can get, but they aren't convinced it will do much to...


Best Of: What Reconstruction Teaches Us About Today's Politics

A new report from the nonprofit Zinn Education Project found that 45 states have insufficient or non-existent lesson coverage of Reconstruction in schools. Historians warn that eclipsing the aftermath of the Civil War will lead students to be uninformed about the seeds of racial inequity today. We hear from experts about the legacy of Reconstruction. Plus, we share highlights from our tour of a special exhibit on Reconstruction at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American...


Best Of: The Writers' Room: Celebrating LGBTQ+ literature

The late writer bell hooks defined queer as "not about who you're having sex with ... but as being about the self that is at odds with everything around it." As LGBTQ+ rights have expanded, so too has the canon of queer literature. According to industry tracker NPD Bookscan, LGBTQ+ fiction book sales sold almost 5 million copies last year, doubling sales between 2020 and 2021. For this installment of our "Writers' Room" series, we talk to authors about using writing as an outlet to express...


The News Roundup For June 17, 2022

The House committee investigating the events of the Jan. 6 insurrection met twice this week. We learned new details surrounding payments made to Trump surrogates, Ginni Thomas' correspondence on the day, and former President Donald Trump's pressure on his vice president, Mike Pence. The Senate continues to work on a bipartisan framework for a bill on gun control. The plan currently has support from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. However, GOP Sen. John Cornyn says it may need to...


Does 'Hardening Schools' Stop Mass Shootings?

The senators behind a bipartisan gun legislation proposal hope to have the framework ready for a vote by next week. The outline has the support of 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans – enough to put it over the line for Senate approval. But the current outline is vague – and no price tags are attached. It's unclear whether hammering out the details will lead to a drop in Republican support. For now, the proposal plans to ramp up funding for state red-flag laws, mental health resources, and...


1A Remaking America: What The Jan. 6 Hearings Mean For Future Elections

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection — and what led to it — will continue to share its findings later this week. The committee highlighted how former President Donald Trump continued to cast doubt on the 2020 election results, despite being told by his own staff that it was all a lie. We ask election experts what they're watching for in the hearings and what all this means for future elections. This conversation is part of our Remaking America collaboration with six...


The Jan. 6 Committee And The Spread Of The 'Big Lie'

The second day of testimony in the Jan. 6 congressional hearings focused on the lies about the 2020 presidential election that led thousands of rioters to storm the U.S. Capitol. The hearing included testimonies from former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, B.J. Pak, the former U.S. attorney for northern Georgia, and Al Schmidt, the former Philadelphia city commissioner, explaining the various claims of election fraud they investigated and the threats they faced as a result. We talk to...