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Making a difference one conversation at a time:- Real talk about Social, Cultural, and Mental Health issues related to real-life experiences and challenges. Subscribe to your favorite podcast app to receive new episodes every Friday.

Making a difference one conversation at a time:- Real talk about Social, Cultural, and Mental Health issues related to real-life experiences and challenges. Subscribe to your favorite podcast app to receive new episodes every Friday.


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Making a difference one conversation at a time:- Real talk about Social, Cultural, and Mental Health issues related to real-life experiences and challenges. Subscribe to your favorite podcast app to receive new episodes every Friday.






The Dream - Julian Perry

Reflections on MLK's dream, where we are today, and a new dream.


"From Pain to Power" - A Powerful, Riveting and Emotional discussion with Imani Kaliid - Author of the amazing book "There was Violence".

From Pain to Power: Native to Los Angeles, Kaliid boasts a successful career in digital production and also services as an author, entrepreneur, and podcast host of the “Misconnected Podcast,” a series that addresses difficult topics with social commentary, interviews, and analysis. Recently, Kaliid published his first book, entitled “There Was Violence” (available on Amazon, Apple, and Google Books), a gripping memoir based on true events that explore Kaliid’s turbulent journey spanning...


Welcome to 2022!! - with host Julian Perry

What's going on as we enter 2022. Sharing my personal experience and thoughts about the upcoming year and Covid.


The Most "Listened to" episode of 2021: Abducted, Tortured and Raped, she escaped her Captor who is likely a Serial Killer: A conversation with Kathy Shaw

Kathy Shaw: In 1982 (erroneously said 1984 during the episode), she was Abducted, Tortured, Raped, and Escaped her Captor who is likely a Serial Killer still on the loose. She is still on her quest to find the Evil Doer and closure. 0KvJrEegq7MabHRwmQBb


2021-The Year In Review with host Julian Perry

Looking back at the year 2021 - Pandemic, Guests, Lessons learned, etc,


Where we are now?!! Christmas 2021 - with host Julian Perry

Reflections on Christmas 2020 to Christmas 2021. Where we are now.


Despite the odds!! One Year Later - The Inspirational Life Story that is Terry Tucker!!

Update: One year later: In many ways, I believe I am just like any of the billions of people existing on this planet. ​I have reinvented myself frequently over my professional career. After I graduated from college at The Citadel (where I played NCAA Division I basketball), I was employed in the Marketing Department at the corporate headquarters of Wendy’s International in Dublin, Ohio. From there, I worked in hospital administration for Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. After...


Just Real Talk with host Julian Perry

Host Julian Perry shares some personal heartfelt thoughts and perspectives.


"The ultimate result is to emerge with a positive mindset by taking on challenges to reach individual goals" - A powerful life changing conversation with LaJune Singleton, MPH

Some people seem to attract success and thrive in all circumstances, while others seem to only navigate from one failing relationship or business venture to the next. The difference between triumph and loss is simple and revealed in the heralded book, ‘Releasing My Trauma: The Root of Self-Sabotage’ by LaJune Singleton, MPH. “The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.” – Charles Kingsleigh Singleton is a board-certified health coach, nutritional lifestyle coach,...


In The News Ep7 with host Julian Perry - (Thanksgiving Episode)

Discussing Kyle Rittenhouse, Ahmaud Arbery, Covid, Politics. Student Loans and more!!


Discussing the disparities across race, gender, and class with the CEO and Founder of With Respect, LLC - Leah Kyaio

Leah identifies as Two-Skinned, having a Blackfoot mother and an Appalachian white father. Her early childhood experiences gave her insight into the privilege provided by the white skin she wears. That same early experience and trauma made clear the connection of the historical trauma of her Native heritage. With that early lived experience of white privilege and seeing the disparities across race, gender, and class, she recognized her unique position to be able to speak and teach the tools...


Successful Fundraising, 501 C3 non-profits and more!! Expert tips from Heidi Webb

Heidi Webb, CFRE is hard-wired for nonprofit work. She has always been cause-driven, entrepreneurial, and community-focused – from her early days helping companies get their 8(a) minority status and land multi-million dollar contracts to her work in nonprofit which includes five successful capital campaigns. Heidi launched GreenKite Fundraising in 2018 and even as CEO of this boutique firm she still thrives in a hands-on setting. Annually, she picks 1-2 nonprofits to personally serve as...


In The News Ep6 with Host Julian Perry

More on the Rush movie set shooting, elections, vaccines mandates, government performance, etc https://www.teepublic.com/stores/realtalk247?ref_id=24826


In The News Ep5 with Host Julian Perry

Shooting on a movie set, Merck Covid pill, vaccine mandates, Social Media responsibilities, student loans. Click here for 247 Real Talk Podcast merchandise: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/realtalk247?ref_id=24826


Vaccination mandates!! Trying to make sense of the decisions that impact our lives and more!!

Vaccination mandates, what are we not being told? Do we even matter and does anyone care that we are heading right back to that vulnerable place where this all started? Join the conversation!!


In the News Episode 4: with the Host Julian Perry

Law Enforcement, Vaccine Mandates, Student Loans and more....................


The doctors wrote him off as likely too obese to survive!! Today he is an "Athletic Beast" - The Inspirational story of Jimmy Roenick

15 years ago, I was admitted to the Mount Carmel Cardiac center, because I couldn't breathe, and my legs had ballooned up to 5 times their normal size! I was a chain smoker at just over 3 packs a day! An Alcoholic, and Drug abuser, opiate pain pills were my poison of choice, I was in a horrible marriage and when I was admitted to the cardiac care center, I tipped the scales at 420 lbs.! My Life wasn't in a very hopeful or promising place! That day in the cardiac unit my diagnosis wasn’t...


Motivation in Today's World - An amazing conversation with Award Winning & Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker - Anna Nyakana

Anna Nyakana AWARD-WINNING & BESTSELLING AUTHOR, SPEAKER, PRODUCER, & SINGER-SONGWRITER Anna was born in Berlin, Germany in 1986 to a Ugandan father and German-Moldavian mother. Her family immigrated to the United States in the early ’90s, settling in Stamford, Connecticut. Beginning at age six, Anna pursued her musical passions and spent her teenage years honing her skills of songwriting and live performance until releasing her debut album in 2007 all while growing a revolutionary spirit...


Wrongfully incarcerated? Down and out? There is hope! Join me for this amazing conversation with Paul and Tiffany Nutall who are the Founders and Producers of the TV Show 2nd Chance

2nd Chance TV Show & Production is a unique company founded by Paul and Tiffany Nutall that is focused on lending a helping hand to those in need. Having endured many tragic events throughout his life, Paul found his wife who shared his enthusiasm and compassion for others. As he had already been making an impact helping fallen celebrities in Hollywood get a second chance, they collaborated to build their company, bringing the 2nd Chance Saves Lives TV Show to the small screen. The program...


In The News Ep3 with Host Julian Perry

Voter Rights, Covid Vaccine Mandate or Not, Student Loans