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AINdebrief is a weekly summary of aviation news delivered by the Aviation International News editorial team. To submit news to AIN, please contact

AINdebrief is a weekly summary of aviation news delivered by the Aviation International News editorial team. To submit news to AIN, please contact


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AINdebrief is a weekly summary of aviation news delivered by the Aviation International News editorial team. To submit news to AIN, please contact








September 8, 2021: Bizav Industry Readies for Return of Trade Shows at NBAA-BACE

In anticipation of the National Business Aviation Association’s Business Aviation Connference and Exhibition—or NBAA-BACE—next month in Las Vegas, AIN Washington, D.C. editor Kerry Lynch speaks about the return of the first in-person industry trade show since the pandemic began. Lynch discusses the brand-new exhibit hall for the show, planned Covid protocols—including vaccination requirements—and how things are going in terms of scheduled exhibitors, as well as the debut of owner-pilot and...


June 7, 2021: Fleet Orders Pile Up for Embraer Eve eVTOL

This week, AIN senior editor Charles Alcock discusses the two large fleet orders announced in the past week from Directional Aviation’s One Sky Flight/Halo Aviation and Helisul for Eve Urban Air Mobility eVTOLs. He also addresses whether these commitments legitimize the advanced air mobility market and what effect this might have on other startup OEMs hoping to break into this emerging segment.


May 28, 2021: Why Did Aerion Supersonic Implode?

This week, AIN senior editors Kerry Lynch and Charles Alcock help to dissect why Aerion Supersonic fizzled out last Friday. Kerry delves into what happened, if demand still exists for a supersonic business jet, and what’s next for Aerion—or more accurately, it’s intellectual property. Meanwhile, Charlie gives a look at the current aerospace funding environment and whether investment in eVTOLs is sucking air from longer-term projects such as Aerion.


May 7, 2021: Dassault Unveils 7,500-nm Falcon 10X

This week, AIN editor-in-chief Matt Thurber gives the lowdown on the new Falcon 10X, Dassault’s entry into the ultra-long-range business jet segment. Notably, the $75 million twinjet will be powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X engines and have the widest cabin of any purpose-built business jet. With service planned for 2025, the 7,500-nm 10X will compete head-to-head with the Bombardier Global 7500 and Gulfstream G650 and G700.


April 30, 2021: All-electric Bye Aerospace eFlyer 800 Twin Prop

This week, AIN senior editor and FutureFlight editor Charles Alcock give his take on the nine-seat, all-electric eFlyer 800 announced by Bye Aerospace as a more economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to the venerable Beechcraft King Air. He also discusses Bye’s probability of certifying the eFlyer 800 by its 2026 target, as well as the higher-density lithium-sulfur batteries from Oxis that are slated to be employed as the sole power source on the cabin-class twin-prop airplane.


April 27: What It Was Like Attending Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo in Pandemic Times

This week, AIN news editor Chad Trautvetter explains what it was like to attend the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida, which was the first large-scale, in-person general aviation event to be held since the pandemic took hold 13 months ago. Many people from other show organizers were watching closely to see how things went so that they can prepare to hopefully hold their own events this year.


March 19, 2021: Investment Pours in for eVTOLs, Airfcraft Electrification Making Progress

This week, Charles Alcock, editor of AIN’s FutureFlight, discusses the recent influx of funding into several of the companies developing electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for advanced air mobility purposes. He also talks about overall progress in these eVTOLs and other electric aircraft under what is now being called Aviation 3.0.


March 5, 2021: U.S. DOJ Charges Aircraft Title Firm over Owner-trust Issues

This week, AIN editor-in-chief Matt Thurber discusses federal indictments against Debra Lynn Mercer-Erwin, the owner of Wright Brothers Aircraft Title and Aircraft Guaranty Corp., and seven others. The various charges raise an important issue regarding the responsibility borne by owner trustees when it comes to helping a non-U.S. citizen purchase an aircraft and register it in the U.S. This case also could have implications for other entities that provide similar owner-trust arrangements.


February 12, 2021: Bombardier To Cease Learjet Production

Senior editors Kerry Lynch and Jerry Siebenmark discuss Bombardier’s plans to end Learjet production. On February 11, Bombardier announced several cost-cutting moves, including the Learjet wind down, now that it’s a standalone business aircraft manufacturer. Kerry has been covering the business aviation industry for more than 25 years, while Jerry has been following Learjet—along with Cessna, Hawker, and Beechcraft—just as long in his hometown of Wichita, where these brands were born.


February 5, 2020: Dassault's SmartThrottle for Falcons

AIN editor in chief Matt Thurber recently had a rare opportunity to fly the Dassault Falcon 7X flight-test aircraft fitted with an experimental single-power throttle lever dubbed SmartThrottle. Because SmartThrottle was integrated with the fly-by-wire digital flight control system, Dassault also was able to include a one-button automatic upset recovery feature into the trijet. Go to AINonline for a deeper dive into this story and to view a companion video.


January 29, 2020: Aviation Policy in the Biden Era

Kerry Lynch—who’s been covering the aviation beat in Washington, D.C., for more than 25 years—discusses aviation policy under the new Biden Administration. She talks about what’s currently on the docket for aviation in the nation’s capital, as well as what to watch out for in the coming weeks and months.


January 22, 2021: Flying the Cessna Citation Longitude

In this week’s episode, AIN editor-in-chief Matt Thurber discusses his demonstration flight earlier this month in the super-midsize Cessna Citation Longitude.


Week Ending December 11, 2020: VBACE, Airbus Plans Hydrogen-powered Aircraft, Aerion Builds Backlog and New HQ, FAA and the Covid-19 Vaccine, Dassault Falcon 6X Rolls Out

In this week’s episode, news editor Chad Trautvetter talks with senior editors Jerry Siebenmark and Kerry Lynch about NBAA’s virtual business aviation show last week; Jerry explains Airbus’s ZeroE hydrogen-powered aircraft plans; Kerry outlines Aerion’s announcements this week about the growing backlog for its AS2 supersonic business jet and groundbreaking on its headquarters complex in Melbourne, Florida, as well as provides an update on FAA/DOT funding extensions pending in Congress and...


Week Ending Nov. 20, 2020: FAA Unground the Boeing 737 Max; Gulfstream Sees Better Days Ahead; and Hermeus Gets Funding for Hypersonic Business Jet

In this week’s episode, air transport editor Gregory Polek explains what the FAA’s decision to unground the Boeing 737 Max means, when airlines will start flying the type again, and when Boeing will resume deliveries of the narrowbody; and senior editor Kerry Lynch discusses why Gulfstream Aerospace executives are optimistic about business aviation sales in the fourth quarter and 2021, as well as Hermeus Corp.’s new funding for a hypersonic business jet.


Week Ending Nov. 13, 2020: Florida's Air Mobility Plans; How U.S. Elections Might Affect Aviation; Citation CJs Get Gear Overhaul Option; 5G Frequencies Could Harm Aircraft Radar Altimeters; and Scott Releases New International Flight Planning App

In this week’s episode, AIN’s FutureFlight editor Charles Alcock gives an overview of the Florida regional air mobility initiative announced this week in Orlando; Washington, D.C.-based editor Kerry Lynch discusses how the U.S. elections could affect the aviation industry in 2021; Wichita-based editor Jerry Siebenmark talks about Textron Aviation’s new landing gear overhaul program for its Cessna Citation CJ series; and editor-in-chief Matt Thurber explains how new 5G frequencies could...


Week Ending November 6, 2020: Bombardier 3Q Results; UK Lockdown; Argus North America Bizav Traffic Update and Forecast; Traveling in Covid Times; Avidyne FOQA Program

In this week’s episode, AIN senior editor Kerry Lynch gives highlights of Bombardier’s third quarter results; London-based editor Charles Alcock explains how the new Covid lockdown in the UK will affect travel there; news editor Chad Trautvetter discusses the latest North American business aircraft activity data from Argus, along with the company’s near-term forecast; and editor-in-chief Matt Thurber joins us from a lounge at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport to talk about traveling during the...


Week Ending October 30, 2020: Canada forms Advanced Air Mobility Consortium; Third-quarter results for Gulfstream, Textron Aviation, Boeing, and Airbus; Mitsubishi Aircraft Shelves SpaceJet

In this week’s episode, AIN senior editor Curt Epstein gives the lowdown on the new Canada Advance Air Mobility Consortium; news editor Chad Trautvetter provides highlights of Gulfstream Aerospace’s third quarter; senior editor Jerry Siebenmark details the third-quarter results at Textron Aviation and Boeing; and London-based editor Charles Alcock talks about Airbus’ third-quarter results and Mitsubishi Aircraft’s decision to shelve its SpaceJet regional airplane.


Week Ending October 16, 2020: Bizav OEMs Announce eVTOL News; Aircraft Automation Issues; Falcon 6X To Roll Out in December; NATA Pushes for Anti-human Trafficking Training; Martin Truex Jr's Charter Operation Pivots in Covid Times

In this week’s episode, Charles Alcock, editor of AIN’s FutureFlight resource, discusses the spate of eVTOL-related news this week from three established business aviation OEMs; AIN editor-in-chief Matt Thurber talks about how the big-three avionics manufacturers are trying to keep the pilot in the loop as aircraft become more automated, as well as providing an update on the Dassault Falcon 6X; senior editor Kerry Lynch explains NATA’s push for FBO employees to get anti-human trafficking...


Week Ending September 25, 2020: Airbus and Boeing Split Views on Sustainability; TBM Series Hits 1,000; State of the Private Charter Market; AIN's Special Coverage in October

In this week’s episode, London-based editor Charles Alcock highlights the diverging views of Airbus and Boeing on sustainability efforts; senior editor Curt Epstein marks the rollout of the 1,000th TBM series airplane; Washington, D.C.-based editor Kerry Lynch gives an update on the state of the private aviation charter market; and editor-in-chief Matt Thurber talks about AIN’s special coverage in October.


Week Ending Sept. 4, 2020: Turtles Fly Too, Saudis Allow Overflights From Israel, New Test Hels Prevent DEF Contamination of Jet-A, JetNet Midyear Report of Preowned Bizjets, Air Charter Hype Doesn't Match Data, Flight Dept Managers Need To Shape Post-Cov

In this week’s episode, AIN editor-in-chief Matt Thurber gives a first-hand account of a sea turtle rescue flight from Seattle to San Diego; air transport editor Gregory Polek explains how the thawing of relations between Israel and the UAE and Saudia Arabia might positively impact Saudi overflights; senior editor Curt Epstein discusses a newly available test that could help keep jet-A from being inadvertently contaminated by diesel exhaust fluid, as well as provides highlights from JetNet’s...