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All things concerning life, love, health and wealth. Learn life’s little lessons from industry leaders, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and non-profit success stories.


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All things concerning life, love, health and wealth. Learn life’s little lessons from industry leaders, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and non-profit success stories.




Alexandra & Friends, Dec 2, 2023 - guest Brad Namdar

This episode we welcomed Brad Namdar General Manager and Sporting Director of Texas Outlaws FC. Our podcast is recorded and livestreamed from Purple Cow Branding studios in Farmers Branch, Texas. If you would like to sponsor or advertise on our show, please contact Alexandra at 972-342-2932 or email


Alexandra & Friends, Nov 18, 2023 - guest Jan C Johnson

This episode we welcomed author Jan C Johnson to talk about her biographical book written with and about Daniel Mellish of BESTWA (Liberian coworker of former guests Andy Perkins and Candi Summers). Special appearance from Elena Glassman. Alexandra Fincher and Marshell "Shelly Dobo" Johnson are the cohosts. Produced by Michael Clark.


Alexandra & Friends, Nov. 4, 2023 - US Army Veteran Eddie Spears

Recorded live at Purple Cow Branding - with Army Specialist 5th Class, Eddie Spears of Dallas, Texas. In honor of Veterans' Day. To advertise on our program email our hostess Alexandra Marshell ShellyDobo Johnson's book Shortcut and Practical Ways to Survive Marriage is available on Amazon.


Alexandra & Friends - Oct 7, 2023 - guest Jacqueline L Shaw

Today we were talking about the great work going on at Champion-Macedonia Cemetery in Lewisville, Texas. A major restoration project being helped along in no small way by our guest Jacqueline L Shaw. We hope you enjoy the program. If you'd like to promote your business by being a sponsor, please email - Today's co-hosts were Alexandra, Elena Glassman, and Michael Clark.


Alexandra & Friends - Sept.30, 2023 - guest Tara Strange

On this episode, Tara Strange. She is an immigrant from India, a wife, mother and grandmother who went blind at the age of 23. It's a wonderful story of faith and commitment, and we hope it touches you. Co-hosts were: realtor Alexandra Fincher; music teacher, singer, and author Marshell Johnson ; and sound engineer/producer Michael Clark.


Alexandra & Friends - Sep 9, 2023 - guests Pastor Nikkole Worship-Wilson & Dr. Sharmee Pratt

Alexandra Fincher and Marshell Johnson welcome Pastor Nikkole Worship-Wilson of Prophetic Praise and Worship Ministries, and Dr. Sharmee Pratt of Mind Management to discuss the importance of mental and spiritual health among other topics. Produced by L&M Productions


Alexandra & Friends - July 29, 2023 - guest Andy Perkins

7/29/2023 is where you can sponsor a child in Liberia, West Africa. You'll learn more about that listening to this episode which was recorded live at A Honey of a Deal Boutique in downtown Carrollton, Texas. Guests today were Candi Summers and Andy Perkins. Cohosts: Marshell Johnson, and Alexandra Fincher. Produced by Michael Clark of L&M Productions.


Alexandra & Friends - July 8, 2023 - guest Tre Williams

On this episode we visit once again with Texas Tre Williams, but this time recorded live at The Daiquiri Shoppe in Carrollton, Texas. . Alexandra, Marshell, and Daisy spoke to Tre about what he's up to with #affordablehousing at Jet Stream RV Resorts as well as his non-profit organization, Inspiring Lives Inc. Produced by Luis Palomo and Michael Clark, L&M Productions.


Alexandra & Friends, June 24, 2023 - Guest Tiffany Majors

On this episode we welcomed Tiffany Majors, co-host of A Major Winn podcast which can be heard on all major podcast platforms. She speaks on her podcast experience, as well as about her aunt, our co-host Marshell "Shelly Dobo" Johnson. Also on our program, host Alexandra Fincher, Carrollton City Councilwoman Daisy Palomo. Produced by Luis Palomo, & Michael Clark of L&M Productions.


Alexandra & Friends, June 3, 2023 - Guest Paul Juarez

This week, recording live from Old House BBQ in Carrollton, Texas, our guest was Paul Juarez with New Day Services in Denton County. Paul walks alongside other men to help overcome barriers to becoming the father their children need. Learn more about his organization at . He has also recently been acting in The Chosen TV series. Our cohosts today were Alexandra Fincher, Daisy Palomo, and Marshell Johnson. Alexandra and Friends is produced by L&M Productions.


Alexandra & Friends, May 27, 2023 - Guest Mike Dooling

In a special Memorial Day Weekend podcast, our guest is US Marine veteran Corporal Mike Dooling. Recorded live at Old House BBQ in Carrollton, Texas. Co-host Daisy Palomo, Marshell Johnson, and Alexandra Fincher. Produced by L&M Productions.


Alexandra & Friends - May 13, 2023 - guest Jeff Young

Alexandra, along with co-host Marshell Johnson, and producer Michael Clark welcome Jeff Young to speak about marriage. Jeff is a hairstylist, realtor, entrepreneur, father, and husband of 27 years. Jeff and Molly have 2 grown children and live in DFW's mid-cities.


Alexandra & Friends, April 29, 2023 - Guest: Elena Glassman

Today it was our pleasure to welcome Elena Glassman, author of Torah Tasting which is available at and . Our co-hosts today were Alexandra Fincher, Marshell Johnson, and Daisy Palomo. Produced by L&M Productions.


Alexandra & Friends, April 1, 2023 - Guest Paul D Perry

Ellis County Commissioner, Paul D Perry, joins us to discuss his career of service, his family, and his philosophy of leadership. Co-hosts: Daisy Palomo and Marshell Johnson. Recorded live at Old House BBQ in Carrollton, Texas. Produced by L&M Productions, Luis Palomo and Michael Clark.


Alexandra & Friends - March 25, 2023 - Guest: Texas Tre Williams

Recorded and live streamed at Creekview High School in Carrrollton, Texas. Hosts: Alexandra Fincher, Marshell "Shelly DoBo" Johnson, Daisy Palomo. Producers Luis Palomo and Michael Clark. Special Guest: Tre Williams of Inspiring Lives Inc.


Alexandra & Friends - March 4, 2023 - Fentanyl Crisis

Alexandra welcomes co-hosts Luis and Daisy Palomo, and Michael Clark to discuss Carrollton, Texas, and the recent rash of fentanyl overdoses. They discuss what it is, what can be done, including family and community involvement as well as local civic initiatives. Recorded live at Old House BBQ in Carrollton, - An L&M Productions podcast,


Alexandra & Friends, Feb 25, 2023 - Ernie Bedell

There are 2 parts to today's episode. Part 1 discusses the fentanyl crisis and its impact on Carrollton, Texas. Led by candidate for Carrollton City Council Place 6, Daisy Palomo. Part 2 welcomes our co-host Marshell "Shelly DoBo" Johnson and her brother Ernie Bedell to talk about the books they've written, and their musical family background. This episode was recorded at Old House BBQ in Carrollton, Texas, in front of a live audience.


Alexandra & Friends - guest Nan Walvoord - February 4, 2023

Today's episode was a birthday celebration for Nan Walvoord, proprietor of The Vintage House in Carrollton, Texas. Hosted by Alexandra Fincher, Daisy Palomo, Marshell Johnson. Sponsored by Old House BBQ. Produced by L&M Productions. To book L&M for podcasts and live events, email Michael Clark at


Alexandra & Friends - Guest Andrea Litsch - January 28, 2023

Recorded live at Old House BBQ in Carrollton, Texas. Our guest was Andrea Litsch, custom closet designer and organizer, based in Dallas. Find out more at Today's co-hosts were Daisy Palomo and Marshell Johnson,


Alexandra & Friends & Company - January 7, 2023

This week we welcome Butch Perry of JPGR: A Beatles Tribute Band. Recorded at Old House BBQ in Carrollton, TX