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US Veterans and Active Duty Military discuss everything that affects our soldiers in the field, their benefits (VA and Colorado), and solutions to their problems, such as homelessness, mental health issues, addiction, transitioning to civilian life, and VA Disability.


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US Veterans and Active Duty Military discuss everything that affects our soldiers in the field, their benefits (VA and Colorado), and solutions to their problems, such as homelessness, mental health issues, addiction, transitioning to civilian life, and VA Disability.






The Stamp Revolution: A Chat with Rich the Stamp Guy

What if your mailbox was your ballot box? That's the revolutionary idea we explore with our passionate guest, Rich Lins, more affectionately known as The Stamp Guy. After a personal experience hunting for a 71 cent stamp to mail his ballot, Rich was awakened to the pivotal role of accessible voting. Uncover the lesser-known US Postal Service policy that ensures ballots are delivered regardless of postage, and join us as we champion the transformation of every mailbox into a ballot dropbox. Let's dive into the significance of paid postage for Colorado, the pitfalls of ballot harvesting, and the ripple effects of the failure to pass HR 1 For the People Act. Rich's initiative raises the promising prospect of increased voter turnout through an accessible paid postage return envelope. Tune in to explore the potential of an equitable playing field, and the compelling power of the humble postage stamp in our democracy. Contact Rich Lins Sign the petition! Thanks for listening, Stay safe! v/r AG or


Navigating the Maze of Biased News and Political Messaging

The fine line between news and propaganda is blurring, with biased sources and echo chambers dominating the American political landscape. This episode takes you on a journey through this maze, shedding light on the right's repackaging of pro-life messaging and the alarming possibility of democracy's end game. Get ready for a deep dive into how to determine valid news and spot hidden biases, while understanding the impact of tying news to a personality rather than the truth itself. The ripple effects of American politics are felt globally, and the world is watching. We unpack the global perceptions, from mistrust to outright paranoia, fueled by President Trump's handling of sensitive nuclear secrets and military strategies. Brace yourself as we question the corporate takeover of media, its stifling of independent voices, and the dangerous potential of fear-based messaging that can strip away the rights of minorities and disadvantaged communities. Are you ready for a reality check? The cult of personality around President Trump has deep-rooted effects, creating echo chambers that breed mistrust and fear. We explore the anti-woke movement and the rise of celebrity politics, and how these factors are impacting the political discourse. We end this episode on a solemn note as we discuss the effects of pervasive news consumption, and how we can reclaim balance by reducing our screen time and connecting more with the world around us. Lastly, we delve into the hypocrisy behind politicians' promises and the importance of staying informed, making this episode a must-listen for those invested in the future of democracy. Tune in! or


Interview w/ Gabe Muller Part II

Gabe and I talk about leaving behind past traumas and focusing on the future. Gabe talks about how he copes with his PTSD. He speaks candidly about how microdosing ketamine has helped keep him here with us. Tune in for his story. or


Interview w/ Gabe Part I

This one gets intense! I was fortunate enough to speak with a new friend this last week. In Part I, Gabe tells us about how he was raised in a Neo-Nazi family. His family was close with a leader of the KKK/Aryan Nation. We talk about the issue and some things he saw growing up. Next time, we will discuss his breaking away from the ideology and his time in the Air Force. Thanks for listening, Stay safe! v/r AG or


Candidate Development w/John Morris

Local political activist, John Morris, talks about the process for being a candidate and making changes. Colorado Springs is booming! Your Democratic Party is always looking for strong candidates. If you are interested please reach out on the website. or


Military Promotion Holds

My wife, Hartini, joins me to talk about our time up in Cripple Creek for Donkey Derby Days. We also talk about the Space Command staying in Colorado Springs and Sen Tuberville's hold on military promotions. Find out out what is going on with your local Progressive Vets group. or


Interview w/ Robert Rogers

My good friend and local author, Robert Rogers, joins me in the studio to talk about how he became an author and entrepreneur. Robert shares his secrets to success. Find out what helped him, and me, stay on target. Find all 3 of Rob's books on Amazon: or


Interview w/ David Torres

My wife, Hart, joins me as we were very fortunate to be able to talk with David Torres. David is running for Congress against Rep. Lamborn. We talk about his inspiration for running and some of his thoughts on how to effectively govern. We also address Rep Lamborn's recent tweets at USAFA leadership curriculum. Find out what Mr. Torres has to say about these topics and more... or


Government Contracting Academy

I speak with the founder of the Government Contracting Academy, Randy Wimmer. Randy is on a mission to teach people how to land contracts with the world's #1 purchaser of goods. The US Government. As vets we have a leg up, and Randy explains how he leveraged his Navy experience into a couple start-up companies. (One of which he sold for 8 figures!) Find out how Randy did it. Randal Wimmer Contact Info or


Heroes Home Advantage

Today we welcome to the show C. David Cain - the CEO and Chief Hero Evangelist of Heroes Home Advantage. He has over 20 years of experience as a top-producing Loan Officer, but is on a mission to create brand awareness for the largest hero rebate program in the country when buying or selling real estate! Learn how you can save big money when buying a home! CONNECT WITH DAVID (803) 261-9267 LinkedIn Facebook Instagram or


Leaving the Military

Adam is joined by Jose and another Vet, Israel Parkinson. The three of them discuss transitioning from a high paced operational environment to a more "normal" way of life. Israel also talks about the program he used to get his welding schooling in San Diego, CA. Listen how these vets transitioned into civilian life. or


The Welcome Party

Finally! The party has begun. Today, I talk with Naomi Wyatt. She is the Chief of operations for The Welcome Party. Her organization is looking to bring democrats and non-affiliated voters together to Win the Middle and keep pushing democratic agendas. or


EPCCPV Purpose & Russian Update

In this episode, Adam is joined by Kent Jarnig. They discuss the purpose of the El Paso County Colorado Progressive Veterans group, and some of the wins they've had while helping hundreds of vets. They also share their insights about Russia being on the brink of civil war. or


Headlines & CED Project

We discuss a few headlines and then talk about the CED project. ( Sources: or


Divisive Politics w/ Jose Torres

News Updates lead us into a conversation on being "accidental" progressives. or


Debt Ceiling Highlight - My Evolution of Memorial Day

A few highlights from the debt bill that affects us Vets. A little story I wrote. or


Thoughts about Memorial Day

Kent Jarnig talks about the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. How did they both start? Listen and learn how both National Holidays evolved and became what they are today. or


Mandatory Military Service? With Guest Jose Torres

This is a great conversation between Adam Gillard (Host of All Things Military and Veteran) and Jose Senior, on what does mandatory military service actually mean and are there any possible unintended consequences if this was instituted, or


Introducing Adam Gillard, our New Host of All Things Military and Veteran.

Adam is a retired Air Force E-8 and has some terrific ideas on our Podcast. This is his first, and really not bad. My first I had to record 3 times to get it right - Adam did this on his first try. In this episode, Adam talks about changes in the VA and the services they provide. Be sure to listen to see how these changes will affect you. or


What is the GOP Suggested Budget Cuts Taking Away From Veterans?

Listen as two Veterans, one from the Vietnam War and one Retired from the Air Force discuss the potential loss of VA Healthcare Services and even Charging for Tri-Care. or