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Gig Economy and Scooter Charging!

This week we talk about the every-growing Freelance (gig) Economy. We talk about the type of people that are part of this economy, why people would want to be part of this world, and our own experience in the fast-paced world of contract work. We take a break from beer and taste some interesting kombucha today too!


Quick Hits Episode: Gigs, Apple, Hurricanes, Tour de France!

We're back! In this episode we have some quick on some pretty timely topics: What's with all those scooters sitting around? What's new with Apple? Are the worst Hurricanes coming this season? Is everyone on drugs (in the Tour de France)?


The Space Episode: What's up with NASA, and what's going on up there?

In this episode we talk about why we should explore space. What NASA has been doing since going to the moon. What's the deal with SpaceX and why you should care. We also talk about some of the Top Tech happening in the world around you so you can be up to speed when talking with your friends about tech.


Interesting Symbology of the Olympics and Interview with Olympian Joey Mantia

Rob and Eric talk about the history of the symbols of the Olympics and some interesting facts about the icons we know and love. We also interview current Olympian and speed skating medal hopeful Joey Mantia. We find out how he got started in speed skating and what he looks forward to on the world stage in a couple weeks.


Solar Power Episode! Is Solar power worth it? Why is Tesla so great?

This week we talk Solar Power! How it works and if it's worth it for your home. We also talk Tesla. Why are we always hearing about them? Are they better than everyone else? Should we care? We also have a special guest joining us: Olympian, Salt Lake local, and friend of the podcast, Joey Mantia!


Weird, Wild Alcohol Laws in Utah & Special Football Guest!

In this episode we go over the history and current state of the weird and unique alcohol laws in Utah. Why is it so hard to get a quality drink in this state? Or is it? What change is coming down the road? We also talk with our Fantasy Football League Commissioner Stefan Teichert!


Blind Wine, Endurance Nutrition and Yoga for Everyone

In this episode we switch to wine for our beverage, and talk about endurance athlete nutrition and overall health a bit. We have a guest on the show for the first time! Emily Long is an endurance athlete and yoga instructor with a history in nutrition. She shares her knowledge (and personal stories) with us! We also get in the Fantasy Corner a bit as well, how can we not?


Belgian Beer and Why We Love Staring Through Lenses

This week we get into the interesting history of Belgian Beer and talk about how amazing and talented monks are. We get into Solar Eclipse photography and relive the exciting and very nerdy moment as recorded during Rob's eclipse event. Watch the video at: We also get into how far we as a society and we personally have come in the world of photography. Why we love it, and why you should too. We also give tips on how you can be better at whatever photography you...


Farewell Cassini, Apple Launch and Terrible Teams

This week we check in on some listener-submitted fun facts about cats, pay homage to a space mission 20 years in the making, dive into the Apple Launch event, and talk a little Fantasy Football. Apple launched a ton of new products this week, so this is a pretty full episode! Fear not though, we break the gadgets done and tell you what's worth buying and what's not.


First Show! Also, Hurricanes, Cats and Fantasy Football

We won't guarantee that we're experts in anything we talk about, but we can bet pretty heavily you'll learn something or find something interesting! This episode we talk about the science of hurricanes and how one woman is on a mission to protect cats from them. We also talk about Fantasy Football, the origin and where we are today. Of course we talk about our current league and the shenanigans occurring during the draft.