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Podcast hosted by Zach Hing and Professor Dreg highlighting everyday ideas surrounding lifestyle, politics, and culture

Podcast hosted by Zach Hing and Professor Dreg highlighting everyday ideas surrounding lifestyle, politics, and culture
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Podcast hosted by Zach Hing and Professor Dreg highlighting everyday ideas surrounding lifestyle, politics, and culture






AMAP #50 | Bringing Personal Finance back into Schools...

Personal Finance and Family Dynamics should be required learning in schools, and I believe we'd see a lot of our commonplace problems with debt and broken homes become alleviated in this country. Professor Dreg provides pushback, and we dive into why home economics got removed from academics, and why these concepts are essential in early education.


AMAP #49 | Why Pedophilia is Being Normalized by the Mainstream

This should not be surprising to most people who have been paying attention to mainstream culture. With child drag, NAMBLA, Hollywood sex cults, and prominent figures defending pedophile circles, our mainstream culture is blatantly perpetuating pedophilia and actually advocating for it. NAMBLA, an organization that we dive into, has been a very active advocate of this cause, and in this episode, Professor Dreg and myself discuss the why behind all of this.


AMAP #48 | Black on Asian Violent Crimes... Continued!

In this 2nd segment, we dive into the reality of black on asian violent crimes in progressive cities, talking further about the different types of Asian people, and why some may be more susceptible to the issues of crime and violence caused by progressivism.


AMAP #47 | Discussing Black On Asian Violence and Crime

In this 2 part segment, we dive into the reality of black on asian violent crimes in progressive cities, dispelling some unfortunate truths and realities, and why it is based more on a class system, as opposed to racism.


AMAP #46 | Illegal Immigrants Getting Free Healthcare

Isn't it crazy that people have to present proof of identification and employment eligibility to get a job? And most of the time, people go for jobs because of the good benefits they offer, such as health insurance? And yet, in California, illegal immigrants are being given health benefits, without even needing to show ID or eligibility. Rather ironic and sickening isn't it? We would grant illegal immigrants benefits who cross the border without any background information before we help our...


AMAP #45 | Police Officer Found Guilty of Third Degree Murder

A case you won't see pushed very prominently by Black Lives Matter or the mainstream is the murder of Justine Damond, by a Somali-American Muslim cop, Mohamed Noor. In the event of his verdict, Professor Dreg and myself decide to weigh in on cops, the ineffectiveness of their training, and why the police force needs to be cut back and re-organized.


AMAP #44 | Progressive Social Engineering Through Entertainment

This episode marks a continuation of the social commentary discussed this week: feminization of men, declining testosterone levels, and language. In this segment, we dissect the social engineering that has implicitly replaced our ability to think of ourselves from entertainment and social media.


AMAP #43 | The Greatest Propaganda Machine

Films are the biggest, most expensive creative projects that people will work together, fund, and cultivate. They usually are for entertainment purposes, however originally films and movies were used as propaganda machines to push a particular opinion or belief. When we look at very influential films like 'Birth of a Nation', and its impact on American opinion and culture, the recesses of it's racist impacts are still evident today in our country.


AMAP #42 | Declining Testosterone Levels in Men!

The rise of soy is no secret to most people, and it is feminizing our men. Masculinity is being challenged, but it also manifests in the consumption of soy, or estrogen, leading to emasculated men who push a liberal feminist agenda.


AMAP #41 | When You Don't Pay Bank Loans...

I get a lot of inquiries as to what Professor Dreg does, who he is, and what he does, and in this segment we talk about popular financial scams we've bought into, the conditioning we have surrounding money and investments, and Professor Dreg's current business ventures.


AMAP #40 | Street Conservative Sales Psychology

In this episode, Professor Dreg and myself weigh in on our thoughts on sales psychology, how it works in business, leveraging debt and credit, from a street conservative standpoint.


AMAP #39 | The Tower of Babel in Today's Politics

In the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, the Tower of Babel serves as an example of how nations and people are to remain separate and preserve their sovereignty. God wanted this from the beginning, despite Man's disobedience, and see that our current world is being shaped into a one world government, but it was not the way we were instructed to live. In this episode we dive into the aspects of individualism and collectivism as advocated in the Bible and how it is relevant to today's...


AMAP #38 | Taxation Is Punishment, not Theft

Professor Dreg brings a compelling case to the table arguing that taxation is actually punishment, and not theft, as most conservatives may push. Due to his experience with case law and civil suits, in this episode, we discuss why taxation is not what people think and why foreclosures are awesome!


AMAP #37 | How Progressivism shaped the Anti-Family Belief

As I mentioned in this episode, I rarely see strong, stable, and big families that believe in socialism. Conservatism is part of the root of a stable family unit, and even though we may not realize it, it feeds into how we take care of our parents and siblings, even if relationships are strained.


AMAP #36 | Libertarianism is based on Jesus' Teachings

We've certainly have dived into the deep recesses of our country's values and structure of governance, however libertarianism is not a modern ideology of the 18th or 19th century. It is based on Christian faith, and specifically, how we treat others as it pertains to Christ.


AMAP #35 | Men's Rights and Anti-Male Sentiment

Parental rights, alimony, child support, marriage rights, and custody battles are all aspects of Men's Rights that are actively being fought today. In this episode we dive into the marriage and family court system, and why the laws were written into place.


AMAP #34 | How Socialism becomes more Mainstream

Between AOC's Green New Deal, Bernie Sanders running for president, and Andrew Yang advocating for UBI, socialism has masqueraded itself as a popular political ideology that has taken hold in the mainstream due to the continued manipulation of language and the brainwashing that goes on in popular culture.


AMAP #33 | America's Prison Industry and Progressive Crime Laws

Diving deeper into the '94 Crime Bill, which Joe Biden and Bill Clinton were involved in bringing into effect, we talk about the business of the prison industry in America, and how that pertains to the manipulation and use of language for Americans to give up their rights. Mexican deportees and vigilantes fighting cartel gangs are tied in as well as we bridge the gap between conservatism as it pertains to self-regulation and policing to combat crimes.


AMAP #32 | The Business of the Abortion Industry

Fetal tissue from abortions are a huge industry, especially for stem cell research. Planned Parenthood, America's leading abortion provider claims that they do not make most of their money from abortions, but from counseling and birth control, even though the data says otherwise. It is industry built on lies, manipulation, and racism.


AMAP #31 | Are Blacks Owed Reparations?

Having an open discussion about the potential benefits of reparations may seem more like a left wing idea, but if we were to abolish social services and the welfare state, Professor Dreg makes a compelling argument for reparations. Not for slavery, but for taxation.