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The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN




What you should know if you have to travel for the holidays

Veteran wellness and travel journalist Laura Powell joins guest host Amy Guth to talk about what we need to know if we absolutely have to travel for the upcoming holidays.


How you can safely celebrate Thanksgiving during the COVID-19 pandemic

Chicago novelist, blogger and Thanksgiving meal expert Stacey Ballis joins guest host Amy Guth to tell us everything we need to know about preparing your holiday meal this year.


Amy Guth’s Summer Book Club 8/1/2020

Amy Guth speaks with Activist and Author Lee Weiner, about life on the South Side of Chicago and his new book “Conspiracy to Riot: The Life and Times of the Chicago 7“. Lee shares background information on the “Chicago 7” and how he became one of the 7; explains how the trial personally impacted him; […]


Steve Dale 5/17/2020 Full Show | Dr. Anne Beall, the issues with swap meets, and more

Dr. Anne Beall, author of Helpful and Caring Cats: Felines Who Make a Difference says cats can be every bit as heroic and loyal as dogs – they’re just misunderstood. She discusses how cats have changed lives and saved lives. She maintains cats are most often misunderstood. You’ve heard about the wet markets in China and elsewhere […]


Amy Guth Full Show 3/10/20

Amy Guth Full Show for Tuesday, March 10th: Do you have questions about early voting? Chicago Board of Election Spokesperson Jim Allen joins Amy at the top of the show to break down everything you need to know about early voting, vote by mail applications, and preparations related to concerns related to COVID-19. Shamus Toomey, the […]


Amy Guth Full Show 3/9/20: COVID-19 and what you should know, making daylight saving time permanent year around, & how to talk to your children and ease their fears about coronavirus

Amy Guth Full Show for Monday, March 9th: Amy Guth is in for Anna Davlantes. As new cases of COVID-19 continues to rise, one school in the Chicago area shuts down over the virus. (At 6:22) WGN-TV’s Erik Runge shares the latest on the closing of Loyola Academy and the state’s response to COVID-19 in […]


Amy Guth Full Show 02/22/20: Have you cut the cable cord?

Amy Guth is in for the rained out White Sox on this Saturday afternoon. Have you cut the cord on cable? Amy talks to listeners and producer Curtis Koch about cutting the cable and how listeners are getting their TV. Later Amy chats with Al Lewis from Quizzify to talk about some important information regarding […]


Amy Guth 2/1/20: the best Chicago albums of the 2010s, plans for the Obama Presidential Center, & the Facebook/Illinois class action settlement

Amy Guth is in for John Williams today. With a slate of expert guests, she discusses the Chicago Reader’s list of the best Chicago albums of the 2010s, the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show and advertisements, complications in the planning of the Obama Presidential Center, a payout that Facebook is making to its Illinois users, […]


Amy Guth 1/25/20: Re-thinking DNA tests, other effects of the coronavirus, & celebrity sightings

Amy Guth is in for John Williams this Saturday. In the first hour, she discusses the Coronavirus, the burgeoning marijuana industry in Illinois, and asks for your favorite celebrity sighting stories. Later, reporter Jack Herrera joins her to discuss his recent piece in Popular Science about the flaws in the way that we think about […]


Amy Guth Full Show 1/20/20

Amy Guth Full Show for Monday, January 20th: The spectacular Amy Guth is in today for Anna Davlantes. To kick off the program, Dr. Dilara Sayeed, board member and programming lead of Women’s March Chicago, joins the show to discuss the highlights of this year’s Women’s March. WGN Radio’s Ryan Burrow joins Amy to shed […]


Amy Guth Full Show 01/12/20: What are some of your unpopular opinions?

Amy Guth is in for Pete McMurray this weekend. Amy talks to the owner of a cheesecake business that has over 600 flavors! Nikki Lynette shares some of her newest projects including the latest play she is writing. Later Amy talks travel with Laura Powell, and talks with producer Curtis Koch about some unpopular opinions […]


Here is the Chicago connection to the success of the Washington Nationals

Fred Frommer chats to Amy Guth about the Washington Nationals World Series win and his book You Gotta Have Heart and the work Chicago native Mike Rizzo has done to help get the team to the promise land.


Here is how you can be a better traveler in 2020.

Amy Guth welcomes Laura Powell, who is a nationally-recognized travel journalist. She has covered the world of travel for more than 25 years. You can find more information and her work on


What are you bragging about?

Amy Guth, producer Curtis Koch, and listeners chime in on what they are proud of. Have you done anything lately that you’re proud of? Did you take that big leap of faith? Amy asks you to share!


Nikki Lynette shares her latest project coming to the Steppenwolf Theater

Artist Nikki Lynette shares her inspirational journey of improving her mental health and gives some insight into her new play Get Out Alive. For more information on the play and to check out Nikki’s next project visit


Here is where you can pick from one of the 600+ flavors of cheesecake!

Amy Guth welcomes Tami Cabrera, the owner of Muddy Paws Cheesecake, to the show to discuss the 622 flavors of cheesecake she offers and how you can have some sent to your home! For more information, visit


Van Mobley professor of economics on WGN

Host Amy Guth talks to Van Mobley, professor of history and economics at Concorida University Wisconsin. Mobley and Guth talk the year in review in terms of economics and policy.


Amy Guth Full Show 12.21.19 | Make your LinkedIn stronger, know where your data is going, International Travel, Marijuana Legalization and more!

Amy Guth, in for John Williams and Scott Kitun, brings you all the news you need to know this Saturday morning. Listen in as Amy kicks off the show talking with a Certified Master Resume Writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, and Advanced Resume Writer Brenda Bernstein. Next, the CEO of Verdium James Strickland joins the […]


Amy Guth Full Show 12/12/19

Amy Guth fills in for the lovely Anna Davlantes. Crain’s government and politics reporter A.D. Quig shares the latest news on the citywide affordable housing task force. Jeff Kreisler, Editor-in-Chief of the behavioral science website, explains why Twitter users are slamming Peloton for their branding and messaging to potential customers. He also elaborates on […]


Amy Guth Full Show 11.27.19 | WiscoPop, Top Political Stories of 2019, and more

Today on the show, Amy Guth speaks to Austin Ashley, founder of WiscoPop, about their best selling beverages and how you can incorporate their drinks into Holiday drinks that everyone can enjoy. Heather Cherone, The Daily Line’s managing editor and City Hall reporter, also joins us to discuss the top political stories of 2019 and […]