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We' not anti-people, just anti-social media. Interesting topics, with some logic, originating from the island paradise of Key Biscayne, Florida.

We' not anti-people, just anti-social media. Interesting topics, with some logic, originating from the island paradise of Key Biscayne, Florida.


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We' not anti-people, just anti-social media. Interesting topics, with some logic, originating from the island paradise of Key Biscayne, Florida.




Mayoral Primary: Fausto Gomez

FAUSTO GOMEZ is a former lobbyist who once had the Village of Key Biscayne as a client. Now, he wants to be its mayor. We ask him about the big questions facing the Island Paradise. The primary is Aug. 23, but mail ballots are going out July 21. Important deadlines The deadline to register to vote for the Key Biscayne Mayoral Primary is July 25th REGISTER TO VOTE HERE Support the show


Mayoral Primary: Joe Rasco

Joe Rasco was the former mayor. Now he wants his old job back. What are his positions on financing up to $250 million of upcoming sea level rise projects and many other big issues facing the barrier island of Key Biscayne. The primary is Aug. 23, but ballots will be mailed July 21. This is an interview you won't want to miss. Support the show


Key Biscayne Mayoral Primary: Katie Petros

WHO WILL BE MAYOR of KEY BISCAYNE? -- There is a three-way primary for mayor on August 23, with mail ballots going out in a few weeks. Our guest is KATIE PETROS, a former council member who is competing with Fausto Gomez and Joe Rasco for the seat being vacated by Mayor Mike Davey. We ask her about top issues like resiliency and whether the island's debt cap should be raised, policing, government transparency, education, and of course - how to address safety and traffic on the Rickenbacker...


Eileen Higgins, the Rickenbacker, and other big Miami problems

MIAMI is facing huge challenges - roads, bridges, affordable housing, and the environment. Our guest is Miami-Dade Commissioner EILEEN HIGGINS, who briefly was a Democratic candidate for Congress, about all of these -- especially the iconic Rickenbacker Causeway. What does she think are he next steps for the roadway that carries millions of people a year and recent moves to make it safer for cyclists after a tragic fatal collision. Thom and Tony also discuss the impact of the January 6th...


Tropical Update / The person who gave us the idea for this show

After an update about a tropical system that is causing flooding in Miami, we talk to JESSE RICHARDSON, whose Australia based group SCHOOL OF THOUGHT is fighting for civil, respectful debate on social media - Just like we are! The group's logic poster gave us the idea for this program Check them out here Support the show


AJ D'Amico FL House Candidate + Plan Z revised??

AJ D'Amico, Democratic candidate for Florida House District 113 is on the show to tell you why you should vote for him in the upcoming primary. And an interview with architect Bernard Zyscovich, who talks about the tragic fatalities on the Rickenbacker Causeway and his "Plan Z" proposal for a redevelopment of the roadway that was shelved by Miami-Dade County. Support the show


Can You Improve Paradise? Mario Garcia-Serra

KEY BISCAYNE calls itself the "Island Paradise," but guest MARIO GARCIA-SERRA thinks he can make it even better. A Strategic Vision Board is nearing work on a wish list of improvements from traffic to crime to revitalized shopping district. Mario is the chairman. What is the vision for one Miami's top destinations - listen in and find out. Check out the draft plan here Support the show


Leaks, the Supreme Court, and Defamation

THE LEAK of what could be a major decision on abortion rights is the focus of this week's show - we talk to Supreme Court litigator Karen Harned about how appellate lawyers see the case, the process of opinion drafting, and what might happen next. We also talk about the messy defamation case brought by actor Johnny Depp against ex-wife Amber Heard -- and why anyone would think bringing that kind of a civil lawsuit would make any sense. In segment three, some Key Biscayne residents could...


Going Into Debt To Save Paradise?

KEY BISCAYNE VOTERS will be asked in November if they're comfortable with doubling the amount of money that can be borrowed for huge projects like sea level rise. The current cap of 1% is one of the strictest in the State. But opponents say the measure will monopolize the political debate. OUR GUESTS are two members of the Charter Review Commission who talk about that and seven other changes: Jennifer Stearns Buttrick, and former Mayor Joe Rasco. And we have a whole segment about a new law...


The Inflation Blues with national business journalist Mark Hamrick

INFLATION IS AT A 40-YEAR HIGH as prices soar for energy, food, and in South Florida, housing. Our Guest is Mark Hamrick, a veteran business journalist and the Washington bureau chief for We also ask Mark about Elon Musk's attempt to buy Twitter and what that might mean for democracy and debate PLUS -- it was a busy week -- we cover the top stories in the Key Biscayne Independent Support the show...



Season 5 of Anti-Social kicks off with Village Manager, Steve Williamson, stopping by to talk about all of the big ticket projects that are coming to Key Biscayne. . Projects such as stormwater drainage, undergrounding, beach nourishment, and many more. - When will these projects start? - How long will they last? - How much will they cost? - How is the Village going to pay for them? (NO.... "BLANK CHECK" IS NOT THE ANSWER). Support the show...


We Almost Interviewed Our Congresswoman

On this Episode, District 27's elected official to the US House of Representatives didn't call in for our show. (Her staff said she was running too late to join us). We'll tell you what we would have asked Representative Maria Elvira Salazar had she actually made the show. PLUS find out which Key Biscayne Resident has been nominated by the Governor to a statewide position. AND will the next Village Council meeting have a rapper visit? Support the show...


School Protests - Don't Say Gay / KB K-8 center w/ Dr. Michael Lewis

PASSION AND PROTEST over education matters this week in Miami -- involving the "Don't Say Gay" bill and how a large school on Key Biscayne is being run. Our guest is Dr. Michael Lewis, the central superintendent for Miami-Dade County Public schools. We ask him about student protest at MAST Academy, and what the action plan is for the K-8 Center. Read these stories and more in the Key Biscayne Independent. Support the show


Russia and Ukraine: Dr. Dina Moulioukova, Global Security Analyst

IS VLADIMIR PUTIN CRAZY? Our guest is an expert on geopolitics at the University of Miami who has extensively studied “decoding” Russian intentions regarding Ukraine. Dr. Dina Moulioukova is assistant Director and co-founder of the Global Security Initiative. We ask her about how we got to this global crisis, and is there any way out Support the show (


What They're Doing In Tallahassee: Rep. Nick Duran

From Abortion to "Don't Say Gay," legislators in Florida's state capitol are working on major legislation in the Sunshine state. And this show will give you a run-down of both the debate and what's expected. Our guest Nick Duran, D-Miami, who represents most of coastal Miami including Key Biscayne In Segment 2, we talk about the latest in the Key Biscayne Independent and the kick-off of the 2022 Mayoral race. And in Segment 3 -- we talk Olympics and Luke Skywalker. Support the show...


Racism in the NFL? Professor Richard Lapchick

THIS SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, the National Football League is awash in fresh controversy. A lawsuit claims the organization's hiring practices are racially biased -- it was filed by a fired black Miami Dolphins head coach, Brian Flores. The NFL and the Dolphins say the allegations are without merit. Our guest is professor Richard Lapchick, a na tional expert who's studied diversity in sport and is the director of the Institute for Diversity and ethics in Sport that rates efforts to improve...


Smedley Butler and Paul Nichols: Men of Mystery

RUSSIA, UKRAINE, Jan. 6th. The world is in turmoil, but our guest's new book points out that turmoil is a part of U.S. history. Jonathan Katz is a former AP correspondent whose book Gangsters of Capitalism traces the career of a decorated Marine Corps general who realized he'd been sent around the world to secure profits for business. Next we talk about a new legal action in Key Biscayne filed against the Islander News by a former Village council candidate - and her search for someone named...


Sunshine Laws Under Threat & Baseball's Hall of Fame Debate

EVERY YEAR, politicians debate making more and more government records secret in Florida. Our guest tries to keep government in the sunshine. Learn about a "dark money" bill that seems to be racing forward from Pamela Marsh, the head of the First Amendment Foundation. In major league Sports, perhaps no annual debate gets more attention than who should be in the Hall of Fame. This year, two famed players lost their last chance to become "enshrined." Our guest is Steve Wine, former Associated...


Armed Robbery on Key Biscayne/Chief Frank Sousa

An early morning armed robbery on Key Biscayne has residents rattled. Our guest is the island's new chief of police, Frank Sousa. We get the latest on the arrests and his plans to address policing. Special guest host Frances Reaves joins in the questioning. Also this week -- a plan to privatize the Rickenbacker Causeway was scuttled by Miami-Dade County elected leaders. But what happens next? Finally, we review our social media feeds in segment 3. Support the show


FPL Attacks a Reporter: Mary Ellen Klas, Miami Herald

The state's largest utility, FPL, ran paid ads critical of Mary Ellen Klas, ostensibly over a story about rooftop solar power. But there's a lot more to it -- including the "ghost candidate" story unfolding in Key Biscayne and other Florida communities. We interview Klas, the Tallahassee bureau chief of The Miami Herald about the story that expanded to something seemingly totally different -- the ongoing process of redrawing Florida's state and federal election districts. We did ask FPL to...