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We' not anti-people, just anti-social media. Interesting topics, with some logic, originating from the island paradise of Key Biscayne, Florida.

We' not anti-people, just anti-social media. Interesting topics, with some logic, originating from the island paradise of Key Biscayne, Florida.


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We' not anti-people, just anti-social media. Interesting topics, with some logic, originating from the island paradise of Key Biscayne, Florida.




FPL Attacks a Reporter: Mary Ellen Klas, Miami Herald

The state's largest utility, FPL, ran paid ads critical of Mary Ellen Klas, ostensibly over a story about rooftop solar power. But there's a lot more to it -- including the "ghost candidate" story unfolding in Key Biscayne and other Florida communities. We interview Klas, the Tallahassee bureau chief of The Miami Herald about the story that expanded to something seemingly totally different -- the ongoing process of redrawing Florida's state and federal election districts. We did ask FPL to...


Omnipresent Omicron: Dan Chang, Miami Herald

THE OMICRON VARIANT appears to be everywhere -- Key Biscayne Mayor Mike Davey got it this week, joining many other members of the Village government who've contracted the virus. It's added another wave of disruption -- is there any good news? Our Guest is Daniel Chang, health care reporter for The Miami Herald, who's been covering COVID-19 and its impact locally. In Segment 3 -- we talk about the impact of January 6th. Support the show...


Bridges, Sheriffs, and Commissioner Regalado

District 7 Commissioner Raquel Regalado joins the show to fill us in on the latest with the Rickenbacker RFP. Will the project die? What's the alternative? Why is this process such a mess? The Commissioner gives us her thoughts on this project and on Miami-Dade County government in general. Support the show (


Ribs, the Rickenbacker, and Ron Magill

"MEAT THE PRESS" - - A special edition of our show that emanated live from the smoke tents of the 15th Annual Key Biscayne Rib Off, with literally hot news about about a major report new report on the financing of the Rickenbacker Causeway that may decide next steps about the $500 million proposed Causeway renovation. Our guest is Key Biscayne Mayor Mike Davey. In Segment Two, we talk about the Rib Off celebrity judge Ron Magill from Metrozoo, who visited the Key Biscayne Independent's...


Rising Seas and Changing Clocks

ON THIS EPIODE --we are joined by special guest host Frances Reaves We talk about rising seas on the biggest high tide of the year -- King Tide -- that is making soggy records all over South Florida. Our guest is Miami-Dade County's chief residence officer -- Jim Murley, who talks about how our community is addressing climate change. Then -- do you hate switching clocks twice a year? We talk to time activist Jay Peas whose organization wants to have permanent standard time year round ....


The Boat Vote: Renovating the Rickenbacker Marina

ON THIS EPISODE we talk about a proposed $115 million renovation of one of Miami's most prominent marinas = the Rickenbacker Marina. City of Miami voters are being asked to waive competitive bidding - after years of contentious debates. Our guest is Aabad Melwani, whose family has been running the marina for decades. On segment three -- we talk about Facebook's new name and safety on movie sets. Support the show...


Train Wreck on the Rickenbacker

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY is moving forward with a plan to possibly privatize a road between the city and its popular beaches, despite resident pleas to reverse course. Why? What are the political drivers? We talk to political analyst Fernand Amandi about political dysfunction. Support the show (


The Mayor And The Rickenbacker RFP

Mayor Davey is live in the studio to talk about Village Council's unanimous decision to request that the Rickenbacker RFP process be stopped. Find out the driving factors on this rare unanimity and hear whether the Mayor thinks it can last. Also: The Mayor updates us on the new budget as well as the finalized Library deal. PLUS: Which team will win the highly competitive Key Biscayne Rib Cook-off??? Stay tuned for more about the newest and, possibly, most informed team: The Key Biscayne...


Homeless Encampment on Virginia Key?

THE CITY OF MIAMI is considering new laws to remove homeless people from downtown streets, and one commissioner suggested a temporary encampment on the island of Virginia Key. We talk to Miami Herald city hall reporter JOEY FLECHAS. Next we track stories in the Key Biscayne Independent - a contentious meeting about the Rickenbacker Causeway and two people who were arrested as a mask policy was enforced. And the adoption of a new budget that had council members shouting at each other. And...


Pat Hanlon Police Chief Finalist, KB's Budget, & Nicki Minaj???

Key Biscayne is down to just two candidates for police chief -- we talk to Thomas "Pat" Hanlon, one of the finalists. He's a former assistant director of Miami-Dade County's police department. What can he bring to the job? A decision is expected soon. And it's Budget Season - Key Biscayne's $35 million budget goes for a final vote on Sept. 21. We talk to Chief Financial Officer Benjamin Nussbaum about a very, very tiny tax increase that's being proposed. And in a special SEGMENT THREE, we...


Frank Sousa Police Chief Finalist & Budget Deadlocks

Key Biscayne is down to two finalists for police chief. Our guest is Frank Sousa (SOO'-sah), Fort Lauderdale's interim chief. We ask him why he's interested in being chief and his philosophy of policing in a time of deep societal change. We also talk about why a routine budget vote went haywire, and President Biden's decision to impose new COVID-19 rules. Support the show (


The Mayor and the Rickenbacker: Daniella Levine Cava

It's one of Miami's biggest public projects -- rebuilding the iconic Rickenbacker Causeway connecting islands with the mainland. Our guest -- before a live studio audience -- is Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava , who is proposing a privatization plan. In Key Biscayne, some leaders say the plan is too oriented to cyclists and doesn't go far enough to address other needs. We ask the mayor about the project and how it might change as it moves forward through a complex process. A...


Climate Crisis: AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein

The United Nations climate report said that global warming is "a code red for humanity." Associated Press Science Writer Seth Borenstein joins us to talk about the grave report. It's bad, but is there any good news? Then, Fire Chief Eric Lang fills listeners in about Tropical Depression Fred, and the latest stats about coronavirus in Key Biscayne. Despite a high vaccination rate, the positivity remains stubbornly hight. And you'll have to wait to the end of the show to hear about next...


Mayor Mike Davey on Mandatory Vaccines & Rickenbacker Update

THE DELTA VARIANT is raging and some businesses like Wal-Mart, Google, and even some cities are requiring employees to get the shot. Should that happen in Key Biscayne? We ask Mayor Mike Davey. And we welcome H. Frances Reaves, a local condo leader and senior citizen advocate as a guest host. BRIDGE TALKSabout the Rickenbacker Causeway.FOUNDATION EXITcontract with the Village of Key BiscayneFinally -- due to a technical fault on our end, we lost the last few minutes of the live radio...


Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Gene Stearns

ON THIS EPISODE -- We talk to Gene Stearns, a prominent attorney, about plans to rebuild the Rickenbacker Causeway -- a project that's expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars. We hear his take on -- Later, Thom and Tony talk about Dr.Anthony Fauci's confrontational exchange with Sen. Rand Paul, and a new name for a baseball team from Cleveland. And Please -- support us with a donation today -- link below Support the show...


Cuba, Haiti, and a Wobbling Moon

On this Episode, Professor Ana M. Lòpez, director of the Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute at Tulane University, joins us to talk about historic demonstrations in Cuba. What lead to this and do the protestors have a chance to succeed without U..S intervention? You'll hear her opinion of what can be done, what should be done, and what most likely will be done. Also joining us is Jonathan Myerson Katz, an author and AP correspondent know for his reporting on Haiti to talk about the...


Condos and The Causeway

Miami-Dade Commissioner Raquel Regalado's coastal district has thousands of condos. She is live in the studio sharing insight on how the condo collapse in Surfside may change laws and policies regarding HOA's throughout the county and beyond. Plus, the commissioner shares her thoughts on the latest idea to rebuild the iconic Rickenbacker Causeway connecting Miami across the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay. And in the now infamous "Segment Three" -- What does New York City have against...


Surfside Condo Collapse: What Happens Next?

Key Biscayne Council Member Brett Moss, who is also an architect, reacts to the collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside and what it means for communities with many condos like Key Biscayne Condominium lawyer and Sunny Isles Commissioner Dana Goldman walks us through the potential legal fallout from such a high-profile case. In Segment 3, Tony and Thom comment on a tense community budget workshop. Email the Village of Key Biscayne about building degradation concerns at...


Taking Care Of Business (and the Skate Parks and Police Chiefs and...)

Executive Director of the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce Tatyana Chiocchetti, stops by the studio to update us on the state of the Key Biscayne business community as the pandemic grinds to a close. Find out how Key businesses are staying safe, staying open, and handling the labor shortage. We'll also give an update on Chamber Chair Art Yerian's health. If you would like to donate to Art's rehabilitation and recovery fund, please go to Also, Thom and Tony catch up...


Law & Order: Bond Court

In this episode, the chairman of of the Protect KB Paradise political action committee, Alan Fein tells us why the lawsuit agains the results of the November election is ridiculous and off base. On the other side of the issue, Attorney David Winker, who filed the lawsuit and committed to being on this episode, stood us up 3 minutes before air. Listen to Tony and Thom to try and figure out the claims of the lawsuit and the sweeping demand to force Mayor Mike Davey and nine other people to...