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Behind the Headlines gives you insider access to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Find out more about the week's biggest headlines and how we told those stories in this weekly podcast.

Behind the Headlines gives you insider access to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Find out more about the week's biggest headlines and how we told those stories in this weekly podcast.


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Behind the Headlines gives you insider access to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Find out more about the week's biggest headlines and how we told those stories in this weekly podcast.






Is Wisconsin’s economy as good as Scott Walker says?

In March, Republican Governor Scott Walker said Wisconsin’s economy is in the best shape it’s been since 2000. That got us wondering: is this true? We’re focusing today’s Behind the Headlines on the economy. We’ll have three segments, each tackling questions about the economy from a different perspective.


It's beginning to look a lot like baseball

Between the sixty degree weather, baseball and the state budget, spring is finally here. In today's Behind the Headlines from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, we'll find out about a brand new Brewers podcast from our sports team. Our political team will break down the latest developments with the state budget. And if you haven't heard about the latest newsletter we've developed, you'll know about it as soon as we're done.


We're taking a week off

But never fear, we'll be back next week. Behind the Headlines host Katie O'Connell has some tips about a new Journal Sentinel podcast you can listen to in the meantime.


Epidemic of childhood trauma haunts Milwaukee

The challenge facing Milwaukee and similar high-poverty cities goes beyond education, crime and jobs. An emerging network of public health and neuroscience researchers, community-minded foundations and law enforcement officials now believe the primary challenge facing our city is an epidemic of childhood trauma passed from one generation to another, one neighborhood to the next. Reporter John Schmid has a five part series coming out about the role trauma plays in shaping Milwaukee. He talks...


Reports of drug side effects increase fivefold in 12 years

More than 1 million reports of drug side effects were filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2015, a fivefold increase since 2004, according to an analysis by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today. Reporter John Fauber has been working on that story with MedPage Today. He joins Behind the Headlines to discuss the findings and what they mean for consumers. Also in today’s show, opinion editor Dave Haynes addresses some of the changes to his section and why those...


And then there was one: Predictions for this week's episode of 'The Bachelor'

Waukesha native Nick Viall is about to end his time as "The Bachelor." Will his fourth time on the franchise result in love? Our "Bachelor" experts Sarah Hauer and Alison Sherwood break it down in this week's episode of Behind the Headlines. Also in this week's show, business reporter Rick Romell talks about the latest trend in marketing. If you haven't heard of "social influencers" yet, be prepared. Investigative reporter Jacob Carpenter sits down with editor Greg Borowski during this...


Chemicals left in barrels leave workers, neighborhoods at risk

In this week’s Behind the Headlines, we dive into the latest investigation from Raquel Rutledge and Rick Barrett. The reporters examine a group of industrial drum recondition plants, owned in part by Greif Inc., that have disregarded safe practices for handling hazardous materials. Practices at six facilities have resulted in workers suffering chemical and heat-related burns, injuries form exploding barrels, breathing difficulties and other health problems. The operations have caused at...


Celebrating 100 years of Marquette basketball

Where were you when the Marquette men's basketball team took the NCAA title in 1977? In today's Behind the Headlines, beat writer Matt Velazquez walks us through the team's history. We'll hear from players themselves, as well as sports editor Jeff Maillet. Many thanks to Matt for reporting, hosting and producing this week's episode.


Former colleagues stand by man suffering from debilitating disease

Bob Breitenbach was a respected, self-taught engineer at Standard Electric Supply. When Bob became sick with a deadly lung condition, his employer made accommodations for him, enabling him to work for as long as possible. When Bob could no longer work, his former co-workers rallied around him. Business reporter Rick Romell joins Behind the Headlines with the details of this heartwarming story. We’ll also hear from editor Jim Higgins on a new book chronicling Milwaukee’s early punk rock...


Missed warning signs lead to suicide attempt at Copper Lake School for Girls

This past week, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit alleging that guards at the Lincoln Hills School for Boys and the Copper Lake School for Girls frequently used pepper spray on teen inmates who broke minor rules and have continued a practice of extensively using solitary confinement. Reporter Patrick Marley has the story of Sydni Briggs, a teen who attempted suicide at Copper Lake while in solitary confinement. Also in today’s show, editorial editors David Haynes and Ernie...


Wisconsin's role in the Trump White House

From White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, President Donald Trump will lean on Wisconsin leadership during his tenure. What can those leaders expect? Our politics team has some answers. Also in today's show, Green Bay Packers beat writers Bob McGinn and Michael Cohen offer their predictions for Sunday's game. And business reporter Tom Daykin details the tricky challenges in renovating the historical Warner Grand Theatre.


As pipelines stall out west, oil flows through Wisconsin

As pipeline protests have raged out West for the last decade, ever-growing volumes of North American oil have been discreetly flowing through the far more populous Great Lakes region, under its forests, rivers, ponds, wetlands, cities and towns and even, in one extreme case, across the bottom of the Great Lakes themselves. Great Lakes reporter Dan Egan joins Behind the Headlines with his investigation into the oil the flows through Wisconsin. We'll also hear from Washington bureau chief...


Nohl Fellows explore their transracial adoption stories

Two winners of the prestigious Mary L. Nohl Fellowship are using their award to create art exploring their transracial adoptions. Arts reporter Sarah Hauer joins our show with more on that story. We'll also hear from business reporter Tom Daykin with the latest on an eastside development offering affordable housing. And political reporter Patrick Marley talks with opinion editor Dave Haynes about the incoming Republican legislature.


Looking back at the biggest stories of 2016

From a contentious election to the unrest in Sherman Park, 2016 was a defining year for many. Of course it wasn't all bad, with more breweries opening and expanding in Milwaukee as well. During today's Behind the Headlines, our reporters and editors look back at the biggest headlines from a provocative and unusual year.


Stitch in Time: A story of Christmas

Each year editor Greg Borowski writes a fictional Christmas story for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. This year our staff came together to bring the episode to life. Enjoy the radio version of our story and happy holidays.


The latest on the crisis at Lincoln Hills

The Lincoln Hills School in Irma made headlines last December after a sweeping FBI probe at the institution. There were reports that the youths were not receiving adequate education. Since then, the reports have only gotten worse, including allegations of sexual assault, physical child abuse and more. Reporter Patrick Marley joins Behind the Headlines with a look at the story as it’s developed over the course of the year. Patrick also examines alternatives for handling juvenile offenders,...


Special Edition: A Day Of Infamy

75 years ago today, Japan attacked United States forces at Pearl Harbor, launching the reluctant country into World War II. Meg Jones, veterans reporter with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, joins Behind the Headlines to reflect on the attack and its significance for Wisconsin families.


How one local painter mastered his craft

71-year-old Charles Munch attributes his ability to use color to his training as an art conservator. Learn more about him from art reporter Sarah Hauer before heading to his show at Tory Folliard Gallery. Also in today's show, education reporter Annysa Johnson joins us with a report on chronic absenteeism and what Milwaukee Public Schools are doing to push back against the problem. We'll also hear from business reporter Rick Barrett on the economic impact deer hunting season has across the...


Your guide to the election

The election is quickly approaching. To prepare you for Tuesday, our political team looks at everything from the latest PolitiFact claims to the impact of early voting. Never fear, we know it's been on contentious campaign season, so we'll keep the show light by hearing from Sarah Hauer. Sarah looked into the infamous "I Voted" stickers to track their origin, but that proved to be trickier than she expected.


Savoring fall before it dashes away

As Wisconsin Trails editor Chelsey Lewis said in her column this week, "When it comes to fall colors in Wisconsin, few spots beat the Northwoods." And for those chasing fall hues, Chelsey joins our show with suggests for the best spots to see. We'll also hear from reporter Cara Lombardo. Cara looked into Wisconsin's status as the only state in the nation where children as young as 10 can be tried as adults for first-degree intentional homicide. And Rick Barrett has the latest on a tiff...