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Hosted by Lou Gum, Arizona Edition, KAWC's news program, is our focus on the issues facing Arizona. Through interviews with local newsmakers, KAWC keeps you informed on issues in the region.


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Yuma PR


Hosted by Lou Gum, Arizona Edition, KAWC's news program, is our focus on the issues facing Arizona. Through interviews with local newsmakers, KAWC keeps you informed on issues in the region.








Arizona Edition: Consumer Safety Tips and a Preview of TEDxAWC

Consumer watchdog Teresa Murray talks about some of the biggest scams impacting Arizonans and Dr. Sara Amani previews the inaugural TEDxAWC event scheduled for March 17.


Arizona Edition: New Report Highlights Challenges for Renters in Yuma County

Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy has released a series of reports on housing insecurity focused on six counties in Arizona.THE BROKEN LINK Experiences of Housing Insecurity in Yuma County is one of them.


Arizona Edition: One Book Yuma Author Reyna Grande

Reyna Grande, author of the memoir A Dream Called Home, talks about confronting her painful past in order to create a new life.


Arizona Edition: Fentanyl in Arizona

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is at least 50 times more powerful than heroine. With the state as a major entry point for counterfeit pills from Mexico, fentanyl is cheap, readily available and taking its toll on the state.


Arizona Edition: Treating migrants costly but no threat to Yuma hospital operations

Yuma Regional Medical Center effort to get the word out about the tens of millions of dollars in care it provides to migrants released by the border patrol led to a headline it did not intend. We speak with YRMC President/CEO Dr. Robert Trenschel.


Arizona Edition: Amberly's Place Helps Shape Local Services for Victims of Abuse

Tori Bourguignon is executive director of Amberly’s Place, she took the role in 2021, but has a much longer history with the organization.


Arizona Edition: Corr on 2022 and the future at AWC

Arizona Western College president Dr. Daniel Corr talks about breaking ground on new buildings and launching new workforce and baccalaureate partnerships to address local demand.


Arizona Edition: Native Plants Good for Wildlife and Your Water Bill

Host Lou Gum visits volunteers at a Yuma greenhouse dedicated to cultivating plants native to the region. The hope is that people will see the plants as gardening and landscaping alternatives to non-native species that often use more water.


Arizona Edition: New Grant Will Train Dieticians for Open Jobs in Rural Arizona

A new grant to the University of Arizona, Arizona Western College, and Imperial Valley Community College looks to address a shortage of public health professionals.


Arizona Edition: Yuma Historian Honored and Military Innovation on Display at YPG

Yuma historian Tina Clark talks about her love of history as she is honored for decades of work in preserving Yuma sites and stories. Also, a look inside a high-tech military science fair at the Army's Yuma Proving Ground.


Arizona Edition: The Role of Population Growth in Western Water Woes

A new study quantifies what was lost as Colorado’s population increased over a 40-year span. Leon Kolankiewicz co-authored the study, as well as similar reports on Arizona and the nation as a whole released over the last year.


Arizona Edition: Enrollment Up at AWC in Yuma, Down Most Everywhere Else

College enrollment is down across the nation, with community college students accounting for half of that decline. But southwestern Arizona is bucking the trend. We talk with Arizona Western College President Dr. Daniel Corr.


Arizona Edition: Aide Group Collects Belongings and Stories on U.S-Mexico Border

Fernando Quiroz is Director of the AZ-CA Humanitarian Coalition. The group makes regular visits to the border, often twice a day, to observe, help migrants with information, and clean up what has become more than just a political mess.


Arizona Edition: NAU President Addresses College Affordability and the Future of NAU-Yuma

Jose Luis Cruz Rivera, the President of Northern Arizona University is wrapping his first year on the job. We hear about changes in higher ed due to the pandemic, plans to increase enrollment numbers and the role of colleges in keeping a college degree affordable.


Arizona Edition Redux: Yuma Ag Setting the Example in Water Management

We revisit a conversation with former USDA Conservationist Bobbi McDermott about the evolution of modern agriculture in Yuma. Parts of this conversation re-aired on August 26, 2022.


Arizona Edition: Grammy Nominated Composer Opens AZ Tour in Yuma

Composer and performer David Arkenstone will be launching a tour across Arizona with a performance Saturday evening at the historic Yuma Theatre.


Arizona Edition: Yuma Growers Know Water Cuts are Coming

States missed a mid-August deadline to come up with a plan to save Colorado River water and the expectation was the federal government would step in and mandate cuts. That did not happen.


Arizona Edition: Looming Deadline for Colorado River States

Colorado River water users face a deadline to detail how Western States will cut 2-to-4-million-acre feet of water from their river allocations beginning next year.


Arizona Edition: Villapando on Somerton Challenges and a Push to Boost Yuma Summer Tourism

Somerton Vice Mayor Miguel Villalpando talks about the city's ongoing challenge to retain local talent in the wake of several resignations by city staff. Also Visit Yuma executive director Marcus Carney discusses a new campaign to boost summer tourism in Yuma.


Arizona Edition: COVID Numbers Up, Driven by Omicron Variants

The new variants of COVID-19 are driving an increase in state cases but lagging death and hospitalization numbers could mean the virus is weakening as it spreads. So, what should you worry about?