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A podcast about two friends investigating what happens at the intersection of culture, identity, and policy. Hosted by Brian Kennedy and Marion Johnson. Support this podcast:

A podcast about two friends investigating what happens at the intersection of culture, identity, and policy. Hosted by Brian Kennedy and Marion Johnson. Support this podcast:


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A podcast about two friends investigating what happens at the intersection of culture, identity, and policy. Hosted by Brian Kennedy and Marion Johnson. Support this podcast:




2021: Our Eyes on the Future, History's Eyes on Us

Brian & Marion kick off season 4 with some visioning: what do we want to see in 2021? Put another way, what do we need to leave in 2020? Brian instantaneously breaks his off-mic promise to not talk about history, while Marion manages to keep herself from going on a thirst rant about the men of One Night in Miami. What we're reading: --- Support this podcast:...


Tall Grass Food Box and a More Just Food System

Brian and Marion are back with a Thanksgiving episode! Note: This episode was recorded in August 2020. Brian sits down with our friends Derrick Beasley, Gabrielle E.W. Carter, and Gerald Harris, the co-founders of Tall Grass Food Box, a CSA that distributes fresh produce from North Carolina's Black farmers to residents and restaurants around the Triangle. They talk through what inspired Tall Grass's creation, food justice, and of course, how they want their reparations. Find them at...


Gene Demby and the Anti-Blackness of Black Exceptionalism

Brian & Marion chop it up with Code Switch co-host and Philly boy Gene Demby about how Black people in predominantly white institutions metabolize white supremacy and anti-Blackness, and why so many "exceptional" Black people hold on to the idea that other Black people don't like them. They also get into how Kamala Harris's career won't save us, how LLC Twitter and Passport Twitter can't even save themselves, and - of course - how Gene wants his reparations. What we're reading:...


Food Politics: You Are How You Eat

Brian & Marion bring you a king-sized episode to talk all things food -- what cooking means to them, how access to food gets determined, policed, and stigmatized, and how Americans bring other cultures' food into their comfort zone. They also share their own cooking hashtags - #teniadetreats and #eatpangea - and favorite cooking tv shows. What we're reading: --- Support this podcast:...


The Normalization of America's Police State

Brian & Marion get into the history of American's violent policing of Black people, and how Hollywood has happily served as law enforcement's PR firm for 70 years. They also talk through why defunding, not reform, is the only real solution. What we're reading: --- Support this podcast:


Quarantine Check-in: How We're Livin

Brian & Marion get back in the (Zoom) studio to catch up on life since they began quarantining. They talk murder hornets, The Last Dance, and the new Instagram club scene. There's also new merch - reparations hoodies! --- Support this podcast:


Jessamyn Stanley and Black Body Positivity

Brian & Marion talk to yoga practitioner, author, and podcaster Jessamyn Stanley about body positivity and the aggressive policing of Black bodies. They also discuss how hard--and crucial--it is to build an inclusive yoga community without falling back into the consumerist, capitalist, and colonialist tropes that dominate so much of American yoga culture. And don't worry, they find time to discuss Adidas x Ivy Park as well. Find Jessamyn's new podcast, Dear Jessamyn, at


Burnout Hits Different When You're Black

To ring in the new year, Brian & Marion get personal about their own experiences with that most millennial of conditions -- burnout. But oddly enough, most conversations about millennials and burnout have a very narrow, very white perspective on it...They also talk about how mental health can literally be life or death, and how policy can actually help our society take mental health as seriously as it needs to. CONTENT WARNING: suicide, self-harm. --- Support this podcast:...


Primaries, Electability, and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Brian & Marion are BACK in the studio to talk about the already interminable 2020 election season and how primaries work. They also dive into the concept of "electability," which has come to mean "appealing to imaginary but somehow very important white folks." Also, the merch has dropped! Head to to get a "how do you want your reparations?" t-shirt or mug! Wear responsibly. --- Support this podcast:


The Evolution of Voter Suppression

Brian & Marion are back from their unscheduled hiatus with something light and frothy for the summer: voter suppression! They delve into the history of gerrymandering, current disenfranchisement, and the swindling of a Supreme Court seat. They also go on a hella tangent about hanging chads, so enjoy that angry jaunt down memory lane. --- Support this podcast:


Dr. Ciara Zachary and Black Maternal Health

Brian & Marion talk to public health expert Dr. Ciara Zachary about how systemic racism is killing Black mothers at an alarming rate. (They also go on a semi-relevant tangent about facial recognition software, so look forward to that coming up again in a future episode.) Brian also talks to his wife Brianna about her own experience being a Black mother in America. --- Support this podcast:


Gentrification, or Revitalization?

Brian & Marion discuss the hottest trend that's showing up in cities from D.C. to Brooklyn to Durham, NC -- gentrification! They get into the difference between gentrification and revitalization, what your responsibility is as an individual to fight gentrification, and whether there are any communities out there who are actually getting it right. Marion also gets profane talking about The Sims, which is shockingly relevant; and Brian takes us on a history detour to 9th-century Ethiopia. ---...


From Punchline to Protagonists: Blackness in Horror

Brian & Marion dive into the surprisingly rich and complicated history of Black representation in horror movies, starting with The Birth of a Nation and ending (for now) with Us. Marion has a LOT to say about Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman's new Shudder documentary Horror Noire, and Brian surprises everyone by giving a world-class history lesson. They also answer that eternal question - what's your favorite scary movie? --- Support this podcast:


Listener Questions

Brian and Marion answer your questions! Well, technically *answered* - this episode was recorded in December, so the takes aren't as piping hot as they could be; but they're still pretty hot so what is your damage? Be sure to vote us in as Best Local Podcast at! --- Support this podcast:


The Reparations Episode

Brian & Marion finally dedicate a whole episode to reparations. They talk historical context, cultural opposition, and how reparations has gone from a throwaway to a presidential litmus test in ten years. They also discuss how each presidential candidate so far has answered the reparations question; and discover that right now, Marion doesn’t particularly care for any presidential candidates or perennial almost-candidate Joe Biden. --- Support this podcast:...


Talila Lewis and Disability Justice

Marion talks to disability justice activist Talila A. Lewis about the often erased or ignored intersections of disability and other marginalized identities. They also talk about the myth of productivity as a value, and a deeper form of reparations. Transcript available here, and find more about Talila's work here. --- Support this podcast:


Legacy, Opportunity, and the Green New Deal

Brian & Marion dive into the historical and cultural context of the Green New Deal, America's latest stimulus proposal triggered by a specific crisis - in this case, climate change. They also refuse to check any acronyms before or during the episode, so fact check them at your leisure. Also also, this is their one-year anniversary episode! --- Support this podcast:


Edgar Villanueva and Decolonizing Wealth

Brian & Marion talk to philanthropist and author Edgar Villanueva about his book Decolonizing Wealth. They get into the role philanthropy can play in solving wealth inequality, how to protect your own energy as a Black or brown person in a white space, and why all of us are responsible for each other's healing. Obviously they talk about reparations too - what you think this is? You can find Decolonizing Wealth and the "decolonizer" t-shirt at! --- Support this...


Fyre Fest: White Privilege and Modern Colonialism

Brian & Marion are back with an emergency episode about Fyre Festival and what we’ve all learned from the Hulu and Netflix documentaries. Of course that means getting into the history of the Bahamas and breaking down how Billy McFarland ain’t nothin new. Marion also coins a new phrase despite Brian’s insistence that another version of it already exists, and Brian pronounces the word “Bahamian” correctly exactly once. #Millennials, amirite? --- Support this podcast:...


Dr. Jessica Barron and Surviving White Spaces [LIVE Crossover With Black Future Manifest(o)]

For their first crossover episode, Brian & Marion are joined by Micah and Mariah of Black Future Manifest[o] in front of a live audience! Together they talk to the brilliant Dr. Jessica Barron, author of The Urban Church Imagined, about her research on people of color in white spaces that want to use them to appear progressive and multiracial. On Black Future Manifest[o], Micah Gilmer and Mariah M. talk to leaders and community members working against racism, patriarchy, and capitalist...