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All the things you're supposed to know about managing your money - but no one ever taught you! FOX Consumer Expert Steve Noviello takes your questions and turns them into a chance to learn about what to do, and what not to do, with your hard-earned cash.


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All the things you're supposed to know about managing your money - but no one ever taught you! FOX Consumer Expert Steve Noviello takes your questions and turns them into a chance to learn about what to do, and what not to do, with your hard-earned cash.






BECKY OLIVER: From Investigative Reporter to Real Estate Expert

Her career as an investigative reporter earned her dozens of awards, changed laws and sent people in federal prison. Now Becky Oliver is writing her next chapter as a realtor. We sit down to talk about what she's been up to and what you should know if you're thinking about buying or selling a house but don't know where to start. A must listen!


Tara Harper - Idea to Invention (and BRAVO Reality TV)

Reality TV veteran, entrepreneur, animal advocate, "Most Beautiful" list topper- there's not much Tara Harper isn't involved in. Fresh from a spot on QVC, we sit down with the woman behind the Blushly makeup vanity to talk about how to turn ideas into inventions. (And for those of you who recognize her name from Most Eligible Dallas on BRAVO, yes, we dish about that too!)


Is that 5G I see? How to navigate the new speed of information

What's 5G? When is it coming? Or is it already here? My 4G phone says 5G is that marketing or a miracle? We sit down with a tech expert from Samsung to talk about 5G, its evolution, capacity and what you need to do to get on board as we take your questions on this week's episode.


Organizing 101

From clearing clutter to organizing old photos and trinkets, organizing expert Jessica Nickerson is in for a one on one talk which includes questions from our listeners. Who doesn't have a box of "stuff" collecting dust? Jessica can help you weed through your mess, display what's special and create a sustainable system for your lifestyle.


Surrogacy - Our Journey to a Growing Family

tarting a family is an amazing journey. There's an emotional part, a practical part and even a financial part. Starting a family through surrogacy has all of those things, plus some challenges that only someone who's gone through them can really appreciate. Heather Hays joins Steve to discuss "Surrogacy - Our Journey to a Growing Family." CLICK HERE TO WATCH the video component


Hiring a Roofer

Eric Armstrong, President and Partner at Quick Roofing talks with Steve about all the questions you should be asking before hiring a roofer – and probably don’t. Do roofers have to be licensed? Insured? Should you have to pay money upfront? How to discuss setting a completion date with your roofer What the term ‘bonded’ really means and why you should be cautious of it How to spot common roofing mistakes and what to do about them


FinCon Special: Hey, Richfriend!

Steve talks with Nicole Walters about monetizing your life by knowing your worth! Topics include: Adding a price tag to your knowledge Overcoming the fear of getting started Using social media as a tool to build your business


FinCon Special: Savings Angel

Josh Elledge, founder of, joins Steve to talk about how to save money, make more money, and live a more abundant life. Topics include: Knowing the rules for getting the best deal Accessing upgrades, freebies, perks and discounts Why the best deals go to nice people!


FinCon Special: Best-selling author David Bach

Steve talks with author David Bach about wealth and how to retire the way you want to. Topics include: The concept of paying yourself first Budgets – why they don’t work and what you should use instead The ‘Escalator to Wealth’ and why Millennials are missing out


Broke Millennial

FinCon Special Erin Lowry, Author and Personal Finance Expert, joins Steve to talk about the lesson of the Candy Tax and how to get control of your money, YOLO, FOMO and the biggest barriers to get Millennials to start saving, social media and the fear of losing friends by being seen as frugal.


FinCon Special: Nerd Wallet

Nerd Wallet writer Liz Weston joins Steve to talk about figuring out where you are in your savings plan and how to automate the whole thing. Topics include: Why it really is harder than it used to be to save What to do if your employer doesn’t offer a 410(k) retirement plan Choosing the best credit card for you Why you may need a ‘credit freeze’ after the Equifax data breach


FinCon Special: Blooom

Steve talks with Blooom CEO and co-founder Chris Costello about helping people get the most out of their workplace retirement account. Topics include: The most common mistake people make with their 401(k). What’s considered ‘bad’ debt and why you should get rid of it first. If there’s a ‘right’ amount you should be saving for retirement.


FinCon Special: $5 Meals

Erin Chase, The Meal Plan Guru, saves you time, money, and stress by down-sizing your grocery bill. Topics include: Cutting the cost of your groceries 20-percent by getting one ingredient on sale Using the store sale prices and coupons to help decide what’s for dinner Coupon apps vs store circulars – which is better?


Couples Figuring Out Finances

Handling one person’s finances are hard enough, here’s how couples can grow their cash together. Steve talks with Michelle Manners, First Vice President - Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors about: Where to begin building a financial future together When to keep some accounts or credit cards personal What to do when one of you has dents in his/her credit How clean should your credit really be (hint: VERY) The right amount of debt to keep and why that should determine which credit cards to keep, and which ones to close.


Dealing With Dodd-Frank

President Trump’s agenda may be big changes to the Wall Street reform law. Here’s how to get ready. Steve discusses possible changes in the Dodd-Frank Law with Ken Goodgames, CEO of the Community Council of Greater Dallas about: What the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was designed to do. Why avoiding knee-jerk reactions to bad financial news can help you succeed Avoiding ‘predatory lending’


New Year's Resolutions

Dr. Robert Vasquez and Steve discuss the best ways to make healthy changes in your life – and make them stick! In this episode – why you shouldn’t try and lose weight or get fit on your own, deciding what change you really need to make and which ones are a waste of time, and technique to get your conscious and unconscious minds working together to help you!


Take Control of Your Money

Certified financial planner Ken Moraif from Money Matters with Ken Moraif joins Steve to discuss how to get started on saving money and building wealth - no matter how much money you make! Plus: the biggest misconceptions people have about money management, why financial planners are not just for rich people, what's the difference between fee-based vs. commission-based advisors, how to max out your savings potential, IRA and Roth IRAs explained, facing up to a financial rough spot and how to conquer the problem, and putting your investments on auto-pilot.


Responsible Giving

Mary Jalonick from the Dallas Foundation talks with Steve about how to make every dollar count when you donate to charity. Find out: How to pick a charity Why you should volunteer with an organization before giving money What to look for on charity monitoring websites like GuideStar or Charity Navigator Why sharing the news that you donated will help multiply your gift How to give to charity as a family Explaining the ‘Giving for Good’ card to benefit any charity in the United States


Year-End Tax Strategies

Former IRS attorney Deborah Gregory talks with Steve about beating the tax man – and saving money - by planning ahead. Find out: What to expect from a Trump tax plan and how you can take advantage. If you have losses there is a way to capitalize on how you report them. How to dig yourself out from under a big tax bill. Why getting an extension doesn’t buy you any more time to pay.


Rather Be Shopping!

Kyle James, founder of spends his days trying to find the best online coupon codes, printable coupons, and bargains at all your favorite online stores. Steve and Kyle take about: - Developing in-store relationships to find insider tips and deals - Which stores have the best deals on which days (like Anthropologie, Best Buy, CVS, Old Navy) - How to spot the products that haven’t reached their lowest price - Which stores will likely give you price adjustments on clearance items - How to get access to coupons that aren’t usually available to everyone