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No Authority: Supervisors Have No Authority In Matter

No Authority In The County Seat Consolidation At today's board meeting, it was made evident that the supervisors have, "no authority in the matter," as stated by County Attorney Carnathan. He cited an opinion from the 1970's which, he speculated, was based on a 1930's case. Though the opinion cited no precedent, nor any law, it seemed to me to be based solely on emotion, as is the modern opinions of many, and not on any sense of fiscal responsibility.Regardless of Attorney Carnathan's...


County Seat Consolidation: The Outsider Strikes Again County Seat-Gate

County Seat ConsolidationHere in Chickasaw County, Mississippi there are two judicial districts. In times past, it was somewhat of a necessity, but in the 21st century, it is no longer so. As a matter of fact, some say it is a liability in as much as it is costing nearly $500,000 per year for duplicate services only twenty miles apart. They are looking for county seat consolidation.There was a poll on the Chickasaw County Facebook page that asked the public whether or not they supported...


Studio Update: Almost Complete!

The update of the Blurred Line Media Studio is almost complete. We recorded a short update to tell you what we have coming up on the podcast. It is going to be interesting, so bear with us as we get all these cable hopefully plugged back into the right spot.


Addiction and Personal Responsibility – Episode: 006 Because of Addiction Episode: 006

Addiction and personal responsibility; what relation do they have? As I perused the depths of Facebook this evening, I found myself on the page of Houston Forward. Yes, I was reading the comments. Within the ranks of the comment artists, I came across a very good response to those against the sale of alcohol.Be certain that the statement made by a young lady did not go long before it was attacked. However, she responded with an even better statement. It was about her addiction. Her victory...


I Am Not Negative, I am Positive

It was brought to my attention, by means of verbal chastisement, that I was being negative about things that some are doing to move our city and county in a positive direction. I Need to clarify, "I am not negative." My friend and I talked, and he expressed his disbelief in my apparent negativity. However, I explained that I was in no way anything other than positive about much of what is going on in our city. We are sitting at the gate of a potential breakthrough for Houston, MS, and I am...


Sean Johnson Interview Episode: 004

In this episode, I interview Sean Johnson of the Chickasaw Development Foundation. We discuss several interesting topics, including his background in advertising, the alcohol petition in Houston, and a couple of elephants!Sean has a unique set of skills to do the job here in Houston. He also has insight into cities that have prospered by implementing some of the things discussed. His dealings with Houston are not new. He has been advertising for Houston long before he came to work here....


Alcohol Petition Comments – Episode 003:

The alcohol petition comments go something like this:"The well-to-dos in town who want their little sip," and "we will not support businesses who sell and promote it," are a couple of the comments about the sale of alcohol in Houston, MS.These comments are from an article on the Chickasaw Journal's Website and Facebook page.In this episode, which is dealing with the petition talked about in an earlier episode, I discuss some of the wild comments, and how they are illogical, unreasonable,...


The Budget and ICC pt. 2 Episode: 002 The Budget and ICC pt. 2 Episode: 002

The Budget is a very important topic, especially right now. Furthermore, there is an election coming up, and everyone should be gathering information about the county budget.The Chickasaw County Budget is one of the more important pieces of information that you could have. If those who have been in leadership for years are unable to have a balanced budget, why keep them there? Move them out, and put someone else in.I have a copy of the budget, and I will also provide this link to it on a...


Chickasaw County Budget and ICC – Episode: 001 Chickasaw County Budget Episode: 001

In this episode I discuss the Chickasaw County Budget and ICC with Margaret Futral, and Nola Colburn. The primary focus is the county giving money to ICC. The money is for a scholarship fund, but the budget is deep into the red.Margaret and Nola run the Chickasaw Politics page on Facebook. They attend most, if not all of the local government meetings.I am including several links so that you can locate what is written on the subject in our local papers.The first article was published in...


The Petition Is Coming – Will You Sign It?

I have word that the petition for alcohol is printed and being retrieved today. Soon, you should start seeing the petition boxes around town.Tonight's libation is "utterly" fantastic!I have, unofficially, secured an interview with Sean Johnson, from the Chickasaw Development Foundation. Hopefully that will take place soon.Check out our Facebook Page, and the Houston Forward Facebook page.As always, Houston, let's move forward!


A Little News About Blurred Line Podcast

Here, I take just a few minutes to give a little information, and clarify Blurred Line Media's primary goal. I discuss a little about the possibility of an alcohol vote in Houston, and talk a little about the upcoming interview with 'Chickasaw Politics.' Also, it is near midnight, and I tell about my current libation!


Blurred Line Podcast Trailer

A Brief introduction to the upcoming podcast.