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Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.

Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.


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Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.




The Incompetence of Democrats Is 'Unprecedented'

For more than a year, Anthony Fauci has been the go-to guy for the government and media on all things coronavirus, and he's handled that role by recommending, advising, cautioning, chastising, warning, suggesting and hinting at all the dire things to come if we don't pay attention to his COVID-tied remarks. In other words: He's been the COVID Czar. At the same time, he acts like he doesn't have a thing to do with policy -- that he's all about the science, nothing about the politics. He's...


Loony Left At It Again On Climate Change

Once again, the radicals on the left -- the talking tools of the Marxists -- are at it again, taking to task anyone and everyone in the world who won't bend to environmental regulation that restricts almost all human activity. This time, it's Greta Thunberg in Milan and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on CBS. When will these Green nuts quit? Likely: Never. Environmentalism is far too profitable for the left to just let it go. James Taylor, president of the free-market Heartland Institute, discusses.


Attacked At Work For Political Beliefs

It's one thing to be a police officer and face danger on the job. That's part and parcel of the mission. But imagine trying to go to the bathroom at work and facing a verbal assault just because someone doesn't like your politics? Welcome to the Democrat Party, circa 2021. By now, we've all seen the widely watched video of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, who was accosted by socialist thugs who followed her into the bathroom and scolded her for refusing to support the $3.5 trillion...


Sifting Afghanistan Lies Versus Truth

The Joe Biden administration created a terrible mess in Afghanistan with a hasty, largely unstrategic, even cowardly withdrawal that left scores of Americans, American allies and Afghan innocents scrambling. Now this same administration is trying to pretend like everything went according to plan; that everything in the tribal nation is pretty much as it should be. The White House sounds like a spokesman for the Taliban. Retired Marine Lt. Col. Jonathon Myers talks about Afghanistan, as well...


Woke Corporations Killing American Freedoms

This whole trend of woke corporatism is downright killing American freedoms because it puts the business sector in charge of policy, and sets the chief executives in charge of enforcing government will. And it's always the far left will that's being enforced. What's worse is the left is busily trying to deny that wokeness in the corporate world is even a thing. The left is trying to paint those who sound the alarm on wokeness as tin hat conspiracy theory stupid. Thank goodness there are...


Free Speech Alert!

A new case the U.S. Supreme Court may take could have massive ramifications for the state of America's free speech, free expression and even free market. And with a president like Joe Biden who is busily pushing the idea that those who dare question the government and Big Pharma narrative on the coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccines are dangers to the nation -- killers of the innocent, even -- the idea of courts clamping First Amendment rights even more is frightening, to say the least....


Vaccine Mandates Gone Mad

A weatherman who worked for 33 years in his field was fired because he refused his company's mandate to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. This type of madness is happening everywhere, thanks to Joe Biden's presidential push to force every man, woman and youth in America to get vaccinated. And overseas, from London, liberties are facing similar assaults. Bruges Group director Robert Oulds discusses.


'Pound Sand,' Mr. President

When Joe Biden dared to tell the American people he was growing impatient with those who've refused so far to get vaccinated -- that his "patience" was "wearing thin," to be precise -- the executive of the Texas Public Policy Foundation responded with this brief quip: "Pound sand," Mr. President. Pound sand. What an underused phrase for liberty-loving patriots to toss bureaucrats' way in these coronavirus clampdown times. If only more uttered it -- and backed it with steadfast resistance to...


Critical Race Propaganda Endangers All of America

If America's youth are taught to hate America, then the fate of all of America is in peril. Why? It's the youth who will soon enough take over and run America's political system, America's businesses and economies, America's schools, American society. And if the leaders of America are nearly card-carrying socialists and communists, then so, too, will be the engines of America. Dr. Mary Grabar advises on the dangers and deceptions of the 1619 Project and how the left has been so adept at...


It's Time to Stop Governing By Fear

Americans, under the coronavirus, have been all too willing to give up essential liberties in the name of safety and security. But here we are, fully a year-and-a-half into COVID-19 mitigation measures, and the health bureaucrats are telling us to beware yet another variant, another possible surge of sickness, another potential crisis -- and that we might all have to wear face masks, social distance and prepare to stay at home for weeks, nay, months, nay, years to come. When does it all end?...


Time for Christians to Reclaim America

The secular left is coming on strong, and "we have to reclaim America," says Mike Pompeo, former secretary of state under Donald Trump. And he's absolutely right. America is going Rome-like with its moral decay and spiraling into dark and difficult times. If you think that's hyperbole, ask yourself this pandemic-era question -- as Pompeo posed: Why would bars be open and churches be closed because of the coronavirus? The answer is simple: Because Americans allow it to happen. Because...


Police State U.S.A.

It’s beginning to look a lot like a police state out there, and unless more Americans get in the game, the Democrat Party, along with their communist and collectivist friends in the media and in global government, will steal every ounce of liberty we have left. Florida representative and attorney Anthony Sabatini gives an update on how he’s fighting the coronavirus clampdowns, and motivates others outside his state to do the same. In the meanwhile, one mother in Illinois finds herself barred...


Afghan Women Abandoned By Joe Biden

As President Joe Biden makes excuses over his botched pull-out from Afghanistan, scores of Afghan women and girls tremble in their homes, awaiting bleak fates at the hands of radical Taliban members. Already, women have been killed and beaten for the crime of appearing in public without full-body cloth coverings. Already, schools are being closed to girls, jobs are being shut to women and females as young as age 14 are being targeted by Taliban men to take by force for marriage. Conservative...


FDA's Curious COVID Approval-Not-Approval

Have the COVID-19 vaccines actually been approved -- or not? Sen. Ron Johnson says the feds' paperwork on one hand seems to extend the emergency use authorization; but on the other, fully approves the vaccines. Which is it? And why the puzzler in the first place? If the health bureaucrats in government are really watching out for the citizens, there wouldn't be these questions about the approval process -- or about the thousands upon thousands who've died after taking the shot.


Indoctrinating Our Youth In Ways Of Socialism

Americans need to launch a concerted attack against the leftists who've been busily corrupting the minds of youth by filling their heads with socialist and communist rot. The battle for the schools has reached epic proportions. And if you're not taking part, you're part of the problem. We cannot cede the battle for our children’s minds to the Marxists who want to abolish individualism in favor of collectivism. PragerU has some solutions to help parents, educators and those who care about our...


America's Debt Is Enslaving Youth

Tomorrow's Americans are being unfairly saddled with the debts of today's irresponsible leaders. And the financial obligations this generation's taken on are unsustainable. The end result for America and for the Americans who must pay for this unbridled spending is financial slavery. At the rate today's government is now spending, each and every individual American will be on the hook for $855,000 in debt. That figure, sadly, is still rising. Just look at the coming climate change regulatory...


Women Vote Democrat: Why?

One of America's biggest puzzlers is why women continue to vote Democrat. If women truly care about the fate of America, about the future freedoms for their children, then today's modern Democrat Party is about the last place they should be -- right? Today's Democrats are essentially communists and as the Richard Nixon-Nikita Khrushchev "Kitchen Table" debates proved, capitalism, free markets and constitutional freedoms serve women best. Tune in to this conversation with Michelle Easton,...


Today's Tyrannical Times Are Bound To Turn

It's tyrannical times in America, that's for sure. Everywhere you look, individual rights are being usurped by Big Government, Bigger Government -- Socialist-Slash-Communist Government. And the Joe Biden White House shows no signs of slowing down. But freedom-loving Americans can still win this war. How? Here's a hint: Democrats and leftists always overplay their hand. So says "The Authoritarians" author and constitutional attorney Jonathan Emord.


America's In Deep Communist Trouble

If you want to learn how socialism sneaks into society and spreads its rot and plants the seeds of communism, tune in and listen up: America's in trouble. Our exceptional concept of rights coming from God, not government, is under attack. Guest Rebekah Koffler, whose family fled communism, says she's seeing signs of red here, on U.S. soil.


America's Marriages Are In Shambles

The family structure in America has fallen, and continues to fall fast. Why care? We must care. The foundation of society is family. That means as the family goes, so goes society -- so goes the country -- so goes America.