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Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.

Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.


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Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.




Joe Biden, Divider-In-Chief

President Joe Biden says he's a uniter, bent on bringing America back from what he characterized on the campaign trail as the darkness of the Donald Trump administration. But his rhetoric is divisive; his politics are divisive; his policies are divisive; and even his fellow Democrat Party members are horrified at his speeches. Americans aren't fooled into thinking Biden is uniting the country, rather than dividing. Poll after poll after poll shows his job approval is sinking. So how to...


SCOTUS Ignores God-Given Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court told Joe Biden to take a hike on vaccine mandates for private citizens working in the private sector, but said OK to the same being forced on hospital workers whose places of employment take federal tax dollars. What's wrong with this picture? Simply put: Neither case fully upholds the idea of rights coming from God -- the very premise upon which this nation was built, the very ideal that makes this country exceptional. How come private-sector employees are considered...


If You're Sick, Stay Home

Remember when America wasn't ruled by fear? If you're sick, stay home. If you're not feeling well, stay home. If you're not sick, however, go live your life. That's a much-forgotten common-sense idea these days, due in large part to the left's exploitation of the coronavirus for political reasons. So where did all this allowance for the political class to clamp individual rights come from, anyway? Emergency use authorizations, the justification for speedy approvals of vaccines, and the root...


Democrats Are Insane

Democrats aren't just trying to win political elections. They're trying to win political elections so they can utterly destroy all that makes America great. And they're doing so even as they deny doing so. Truly, what is in the minds of Democrats who use January 6 as cause to show all conservatives as violent thugs and who tie January 6 imagery to election reform so as to make it seem as those who oppose the federal takeover of ballot boxes are only conservative violent thugs? That's how...


Democrats Pin Election Hopes on January 6

Democrats have nothing on which to campaign. They're losing favor with the public, they're losing favor with the all-important independents, they're losing favor even with members of their own party. Joe Biden's poll numbers are in the dumper, and falling even dumpier. And Afghanistan is still a massive problem for them because even non-political types in America understand that it's just not morally proper to abandon and betray citizens and allies. So what do Democrats do in order to keep...


America Is Great, But Only Because God Is Good

Is America headed on a crash course toward socialist disaster? Can prayer save the country? These are the questions that are on the minds of God-fearing, constitutionally minded, conservative constituents around the nation who see what's taking place under Joe Biden, who see how the left and the globalists and the Marxists are gaining ground and who wonder: Is it too late for America? Matthew Lohmeier, former Space Force commander, was fired for sounding the alarms on Marxism in the military...


Christian Persecution On Rise Due To Pandemic

The number of Christians being persecuted around the world has risen substantially between 2019 and now and it's due largely from COVID-19-related reasons. That's the finding of a recent religious watchdog group's report. And religious persecution isn't just happening in other countries. America has been seeing its own increased incidents of persecution of Christians, of Jews, of Muslims. If religious freedom is the foundation of freedom, this upward trend of persecution is alarming. Sam...


Destroying American Liberties, One Coronavirus Lie At A Time

This Joe Biden administration has taken the cell phone and pen playbook of governance from the previous Barack Obama administration and run it down the field, and American citizens are in great peril of losing their God-given liberties. The coronavirus mandates have given the White House seeming carte blanche to use so-called science to exert massive clampdowns. Biden, meanwhile, is telling outright lies about the unvaccinated, and using these deceptions to push for more and more clampdowns...


All Democrats Want For Christmas Is Trump's Head On A Platter

Democrats won't quit on the January 6 investigation. Why not? They can't leave any America First spirit intact. It's a threat to their rule; it's an offense to their leftist agendas. So Democrats on Capitol Hill are busily pretending they're investigating criminal acts that threaten national security all as a means of dragging before the media the key players in the Donald Trump administration who've been bold in their own America First views -- people like Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon and...


Vaccine Mandates Are Civil Rights Issue Of Era

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question. But the bigger question is: Does government have the right to tell you to vaccinate, or to force your employer to force you to vaccinate as a condition of keeping your job? The Constitution would suggest no. Common sense would suggest no. But Joe Biden and his band of merry White House tyrants continue to push the idea that government has the right to guide private individuals' medical decisions. And it's leaving the economy in a mess....


Feckless Joe Biden Fumbles As Russia Troops Aggress

Foreign policy under a Democrat is never a particularly safe moment in time for American citizens. Why not? Because Democrats, by and large, favor a foreign policy that focuses solely on diplomacy, and that is seen as weak by the rest of the world. But feckless Joe Biden takes this weakness to an entirely new level. The United States, under this administration, is being treated like a little girl on the international stage -- unable to make decisions, unable to take a strong stand, unable...


Remembering Rush Limbaugh, And Other Stories From James Golden

America may be facing some tough times right now. Americans may be seeing their civil liberties stripped at government whim, their abilities to earn for their families stopped at every turn, their freedoms to travel and freely associate absent political intrusions clamped on a near daily basis -- but as Rush Limbaugh might say: It ain't over yet for America. James Golden, a.k.a. Bo Snerdley, author of the new book, "Rush on the Radio," talks about the radio giant, but also the issues in...


The Danger Of So-Called 'Dangerous Speech'

America was founded on a concept of rights coming from God, not government, and chief among those God-given rights is the one that says individuals have the authority to express themselves as willed -- that individuals have the right to free speech and expression. The Founding Fathers underscored that authority in the First Amendment. But the left has taken it on itself to label some speech good, other speech bad, and even other speech as downright dangerous. Question Anthony Fauci and it's...


Inflation Lies And The White House Inflation Liars

It's one thing to see higher prices at the gas pump, higher prices at the grocery store, higher prices on the Thanksgiving dinner table. But it's another thing entirely to be told that these higher prices are actually signs of a healthy, vibrant and chugging economy -- and to deal with it because, well, as Team Joe Biden argues, things aren't that bad really. Kevin Hassett, former economic adviser to Donald Trump and author of the new "The Drift: Stopping America's Slide to Socialism," sets...


America May Not Survive Joe Biden

America, under this Joe Biden administration, may not make it through the next four years without undergoing a radical and foundational change, the intensity of which would compromise the country's civil liberties forever. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich discusses life after Biden in context of chatting up his new book, aptly titled, "Beyond Biden." But he also talks about the growing threat of China and debates whether or not this White House can properly address the communism...


Joe Biden Even Worse Than His Polls

President Joe Biden's poll numbers are plummeting, and he's losing favor with the American people near-daily. But it's even worse than that, says media giant Bill O'Reilly. This administration is doing everything it can to run from Donald Trump-type policies, it's actually undercutting its own hopes for success. The economy's down, inflation's up and America's morale is crumbling. Meanwhile, China's coming on strong. And Biden's big response? To attack American citizens who haven't yet...


How To Fight Woke Corporations

It's getting pretty difficult for patriotic American citizens to find companies that aren't offensively preaching social justice causes, or Black Lives Matter agendas, or LGBTQ causes. And with the holidays coming, and shopping swinging into high gear, the question for conservatives is rapidly becoming: Where can I find a place to shop that isn't supporting radical leftism? Well, that's a tough call. But Bill Flaig, co-founder of American Conservative Values ETF, has some ideas on investing...


‘Rigged’ 2020 Election Questions Persist

Donald Trump has alleged from day one that the only reason he’s not in the White House today is because leftists successfully stole the election from him and gave it to Joe Biden in November of 2020. But how true are those claims? Mollie Hemingway, noted author, esteemed journalist and famed Fox News contributor weighs in with a well-researched look at the 2020 elections called “Rigged.” And one of her red flag findings? There was more to the election fraud claims than meets the eye. That...


Beating Back the Unions, One Christian School At a Time

Jack Brewer, former NFL player and self-described “slave of Jesus Christ,” says an “anti-Christ spirit is sweeping the nation.” What say you? Before answering, look to the public school systems. Boys dressed as girls are allowed in the girls’ dressing rooms. Libraries offer little kids reading materials that are just shy of pornographic. Teachers’ unions have seized control and sent in the socialists to take over classrooms. And parents are increasingly being told their voices aren’t needed...


Mark Meadows, The 'Chief's Chief,' On Faith And America

Former White House Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows says his ex-boss, President Donald J. Trump, may indeed run for another term -- but even if he doesn't, that he will be intricately involved in helping select and support the next commander-in-chief. This is good news for patriotic Americans; bad news for America-hating Democrats. The Democrat Party has been taken over by far-left socialists, communists, globalists and collectivists and their end game is to not only destroy America and the...