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Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.

Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.


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Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.




Joe Biden Rattles Waffle Cones, Not Sabers

America's enemies on the foreign stage aren't exactly fearful of President Joe Biden. In fact, they're mocking -- mocking, laughing, scorning, deriding and biding their time. For what? They're biding their time to take advantage of a feckless and weak president who can't even string together a coherent sentence, never mind put together a tough-on-terrorism, tough-on-socialism, tough-on-enemies-of-America foreign policy. North Korea rattles sabers. Joe Biden rattles waffle cones. China...


Democrats Target Youth To Advance Communist Interests

Democrats are to progressives are to socialists are to communists -- are to America's biggest political and cultural threats to youth. The differences in these parties' platforms are slim; the dangers to today's American youth are huge. Barack Obama was great at pitting youth against their parents and drumming up fake outrage about perceived insults, offenses, disparities and discriminations. But his way of pushing an anti-America narrative into the minds of the younger generations is simply...


Joe Biden Is No Donald Trump In War On Terror

Democrats by and large poll far behind Republicans when it comes to asking Americans to pick which party better protects against terrorism and would-be terrorists. But when it comes to comparing Joe Biden with Donald Trump, it's an apples to cupcake comparison. That is to say: there is no comparing. Americans believe Trump had their backs and that Biden -- well, that Biden's got an ice cream cone to lick. And those are the numbers from 2021, before America even had a full year of feckless...


Democrats Are Driving Away Women

Democrats, in case you haven't noticed, have a little bit of a woman problem this election year. The party has spent the last couple years regulating away all the political capital its members have forged with women through the years, and now, going into the midterms, polls are showing this key voting block is fleeing both Joe Biden and his party colleagues. Look at what the Dems have done in recent times: They've told women to keep their kids home from school. They've told moms the...


Barack Obama, Democrats Destroying Free Speech

It's no coincidence that just shortly after Barack Obama delivered a speech at Stanford University calling for more controls on disinformation -- that is to say, government crackdowns on free speech -- that Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Security rushed into overdrive to announce a new Ministry of Truth, err, make that Board of Disinformation. The Democrats attack the Constitution every chance they get. And free speech is one of their largest points of attack. Why? Simply put, Democrats...


Democrats Gone Off Deep End On Roe v. Wade

Democrats are certainly showing their lunatic side, what with all the protests in the streets about Roe v. Wade, and the verbal assaults on the Supreme Court justices, and the storming to justices' homes in Maryland and Virginia, and the storming into Catholic churches in certain spots of the United States, and all. But why are they so lunatic? The leaked draft ruling doesn't do anything to Roe v. Wade but hand it to the states to decide. And in many states, legislators are busily working...


Joe Biden's Strangled Truths Are Same As School Teachings

President Joe Biden just called the Make America Great Again, or MAGA, crowd the most extremist political organization in all of American history. No wonder America's youth are graduating school with outright hatred of and hostility to this country: this is the same deceptive rhetoric they're being fed by public school teachers. Fact is, Biden's ridiculous claim ignores the Weather Underground, a radical political group that the FBI said bombed 25 government buildings. His claim also ignores...


God, Not Government, Heals and Helps the Abused

National statistics show that millions of children are abused by the ones they love each year -- sexually, mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically. So what of these poor victims? The Democrats would have it believed the government is their only solution; the government is their only savior. But the truth is: Government keeps these poor souls in bondage, by not only telling them they're victims (which is true) but also by telling them their victim status means they can never amount...


Lies and Fear: The Left's Go-To Political Tools

When it comes to advancing an agenda, leftists know they have no principles, no platform and no real ideas that will resonate with American citizens, so they have to rely on lies and fear to advance their cause. Just think about it: If Democrats were honest about their socialist-slash-communist-slash-collectivist designs, how many voters would really vote for their candidates? Right; few. Only the illegals they let in the border; only the most radical of radicals who fund their party --...


Conservatism Needs Quick Injection of 'God-Given'

In America, individual rights come from God, and government is put in place only to secure and protect those rights, not grant them. But far too many times today's government stretches its boundaries and exerts its influences in ways that aren't constitutional, that aren't in line with Founding Father intents and that aren't even particularly moral in nature. If more Americans focused on the war over "God-given rights" instead of running from battle to battle, believing that the next...


Democrats Are Destroying the Military With Social Justice

Democrats destroy everything they touch -- but seriously, do they have to go after the military, too? The U.S. military is the finest in the world, the best trained, best funded, best equipped. But beginning under Barack Obama, and continuing under Joe Biden, is a determined push to turn America's fierce fighters into social justice experiments. Troops, airmen, Marines -- they're all being subjected to tens of thousands of hours of forced social justice training, including critical race...


Cultural Marxism Hits Hard At America

A new poll shows that a majority of likely American voters believe President Joe Biden is compromised or conflicted when it comes to dealing with China because of his family's long-running business partnerships with the communist country. What's more, it's not just Republicans who believe this; a large percentage of independents and even Democrats think he's conflicted on China. Add to that an undercover investigation conducted by Accuracy in Media that finds schools in America that have...


Christians In America Are Losing Free Speech

Christians in America certainly don't face the same intensity level of persecution felt by those of the faith in other countries; American evangelicals, for instance, aren't getting their heads cut off and aren't being thrown in jail for the simple act of worshipping God and reading the Bible at home. But remember: Churches were just shut down by government order due to the coronavirus clampdowns. And meanwhile, in schools across America, it's becoming harder and harder for youthful...


Christian Apathy Has Led to America's Downfall

Apathy in the Christian community is why America is facing such perilous times -- agree or disagree? If the more secular America grows, and the more secular Americans grow, then it stands to reason that the more secular the cultural and political worlds become. So where does leadership take its moral compass if not from the church, if not from the Bible, if not from once-commonly accepted Judeo-Christian beliefs and ideals? The answer is from self. Today's America is governed by those who...


The Stifling of Young Conservative Voices

The lunatic left simply cannot allow any differing viewpoints. Just ask Amber Athey, the former WMAL/Cumulus radio talk show host who was fired because of a tweet she put out joking about VP Kamala Harris and her brown suit that reminded of a UPS employee. The left rounded up its crazies and demanded radio executives fire Athey -- and why? They called her tweet racist. They called her racist. And once that "r" label gets tossed, it's tough for the weak-kneed to stand tall. Thus, the...


Christianity in Crisis In Ukraine

Christians in Ukraine are facing especially difficult times right now because the Orthodox Church in Russia is trying to take over, and that means those of faith may face persecution if they don't go along. Why? How so? One of the curious oddities about the Orthodox church in Russia is that many of its members are barely one step in faith away from atheism. So if that church seizes control in Ukraine, it'll be akin to having a faith community of Christianity that's barely Christian. It's an...


The Perils of Politics Over Principles

When American politicians put their own political parties first, and their constituents second, degradations to the concepts of God-given rights and limited governance take place. Out goes the Constitution, in comes the partisan bickering and fights and political infighting. Many of America's founders, including George Washington, detested the idea of parties running the political world because they feared a) political leaders would then become beholden to party leaders, not voters and b)...


Truth Without the Bible Is Half-Truth At Best

Where do you get your truth? If it doesn't start with the Bible, then that's a truth that falls short. America's greatness comes from the fact that individual rights come from God, not government. In order to preserve and protect that system of God-given rights, however, the people must be knowledgeable of the principles of the Bible. How to profess being a nation of individualists, with rights coming from God, and government only being in place to protect those rights -- if God is removed...


Metaverse and the Perils of This Emerging Technology

Metaverse isn't just simply the next shiny bit of technology to embrace. And it certainly isn't a video game. The metaverse threatens to be the breaking point for American liberties -- for American liberties as they come from God, not government. Once realized, the Metaverse will become the fictional alternative reality that will steal individual liberties, threaten the safety and mental health and well-being of the American citizenry, and zombie-like, hypnotize a generation of youth into...


Joe Biden's Breathtakingly, Astonishingly Fast Takedown Of America

It's only been a little more than a year since Joe Biden took to the office of the president of the United States, and just look at all the destruction that's ensued. America's economy is faltering. America's inflation rate is soaring. And Americans' morale is crumbling. One has to wonder: Is this by accident, or by design? As Rep. Jim Jordan says, the open borders have to be purposeful -- aimed at destroying a system of law and order and national security, and ushering in an age of...