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Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.

Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.


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Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.




Going Woke, Going Broke

Woke, woke, woke. Are you getting sick and tired of being told what to think all the time by the likes of corporate executives and social media censors and left-leaning Big Tech, Big Government, Big Pharma, Bigger Government Marxist-minded tyrants? Of course you are. Nobody likes to be told they're wrong -- constantly -- especially when it seems the only ones being told they're wrong -- constantly -- are the conservatives, the Christians, the patriots of America. Democrats are supposed to be...


Mar-a-Lago Raid Is A Ministry Of Truth Move

It's beginning to smell a lot like George Orwell out there. The fictional "1984" had its Ministry of Truth, committed to telling lies. Joe Biden's America has its Department of Justice and its federal law enforcement. And what they've just accomplished at Mar-a-Lago in Florida shows just how anti-American, anti-law-and-order these supposed standard bearers of American law and order have become. Weaponizing the federal agencies against private citizens is never a good idea; it tends to...


Democrats, Deep State Are Overplaying Their Cards

The problem with Democrats is that aside from their abysmal policies, socialist platforms and globalist, anti-America views, is that once they see an opening to score political wins, they will push and push and push until even the most moderate voters in the country have difficulty keeping down their lunches. That is to say: Democrats are so disgusting in their politics they even turn normal Democrat voters into non-voters, or worse for them, Republican voters. Such is the FBI's raid on...


You Can't Keep A Good American Down

You Can't Keep A Good American Down These times may be dark -- but they're also times of optimism. It's true, most Americans believe we're on the wrong path and that the country is headed in the wrong direction. In fact, a recent poll shows that 88% of Americans believe the nation is going the wrong way, and that dark times are upon us. But that doesn't mean America is dead. That doesn't mean American Exceptionalism is at an end. And that sure doesn't mean Americans have decided to throw in...


Fighting the Unions And Winning!

It's one thing to see the utter damage the unions are causing in America insofar as rotting public students' minds with anti-American, pro-Communism messages, or as far as killing the rights of free citizens employed by private sector companies to speak and act as they wish. But it's another thing entirely to fight against these unconstitutional and even immoral intrusions in a way that's effective. Teachers' unions have become weapons of the Democrat Party to advance far leftist ideologies...


China Has a Population Control Plan for America

China is perhaps the biggest peril to Americans' freedoms these days, and yet, this current administration, this current Joe Biden administration, seems to do more to benefit the communist government than the U.S. citizens. The Democrats can't be that stupid or foolish. The only sane conclusion to this White House's pro-China policies is to see them in terms of purposeful: that is to say, this president would rather help China build, even if means seeing America broken. One key takeaway from...


The World Economic Forum Is Coming For Hollywood

If you're wondering why America's entertainment system is such rot, listen in and learn: it's not just the growing secularization of the culture that's to blame, but also a rapidly growing infusion of globalism. In a recent essay, WEF wrote of the need to start holding high-level talks to find ways to press forward a more approved message, i.e., globalist-minded message, into the world's entertainment systems. That includes Hollywood. That includes America. So if you think a woke Disney is...


The Constitution Is Not Racist -- and Other Democrat Myths

The Democrats have been busily trying to tear America apart by dividing the American people into smaller classes, then using hate and fear and jealousy and anger to pit these smaller classes against each other. The end game? If Democrats can divide, they can more easily conquer. That's been a long-time strategy of a party that doesn't have much of a pro-American agenda to offer voters, and so must depend on ploys and deceptions to win elections. But the truth is, as much as the left tries to...


Christians Are Taking Back America

If America needs moral people to run a government that's moral, then the good news is those in the faith-based communities have been steadily rising up and fighting for the future of American freedoms. Simply put, previous elections have seen massive upticks in the evangelical votes. And while this voting bloc is actually very diverse, and different races and different sexes have different platforms and concerns, fact is all share a common trait of believing the concept of a higher power and...


Secularism and Socialism Go Hand in Hand

Democrats have cast aside all appearances of loving America -- of even supporting America -- and instead, have taken up with globalists who are bluntly bent on doing China's will and turning the world communist. So what's a patriotic American citizen to do? Fact is, as Americans grow more and more secular, America grows more and more socialist, and these two things are decidedly linked. Democrats, like communists, ultimately want to wipe out all evidence of God from the public square, and...


COVID-19 Conspiracies To Steal American Liberties

The left has been busily using the fear generated by the coronavirus to steal away individual liberties for over two years, and truthfully, the left has no intention to stop. With a feckless president in the White House, who just oddly expanded the emergency order of the coronavirus that had justified clamping individual liberties for two years, and the ongoing press of global bureaucrats to reshape and reset world economies and political systems, the fate of America looks dark -- unless...


Can America Unite? Sean Spicer Discusses

Between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and in just a few short months, it seems as if this nation has gone from America First to America Last. And it's much more than politics that is tearing apart this country. It's culture. It's values, it's virtues. It's the core traditional cultural values and virtues that have stood the test of time, but that are now being challenged daily. Check the streets and you'll see protesters with vicious intentions, assassins even who want to take out Supreme...


America's History is Religious In Nature

Don't let the left fool you: American history is tied at the hip to the quest for religious freedom. More than that, America's government and founding documents are dependent upon keeping religion and faith at the helm in society and politics. For decades, leftists in America have been trying to downplay the religious-based founding of this country, in large part because leftists cannot realize their ultimate top-down controls without booting God from the public arena. A country filled with...


Putting Your Money Where Your Pro-Life Mouth Is

America is facing a problem of corporate wokeness, and no where else is that campaign more dangerous than when it involves abortion. There are far too many companies out there that don't support the pro-life movement or worse, work actively against pro-life causes. Wouldn't it be helpful to know where to shop, where to buy, where to purchase goods and services from companies in line with the pro-life and even pro-capitalist, conservative cause? Enter Rebecca Hatfield, president of 2nd Vote,...


Conservatives Win Big At America's High Court

Abortion has been returned to the states to decide. Gun rights in New York have been restored. And Coach Kennedy can indeed pray on the field after football games. Those are all recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court and those are all big wins for conservatives in America. And guess who's to be thanked for these court rulings? By and large, Donald Trump. If it hadn't been for Donald Trump, and Donald Trump's pressing on his Republican colleagues in the Senate, and Donald Trump's...


Lunatic LGBTQ Agendas on College Campuses

Think twice before sending your kids to college in America -- that's the sad and sorry takeaway of today's show. Why? Because the LGBTQ agenda is in full steam ahead mode on most places of higher learning in this country, and the fact is, students are being caught up in the crazy. Professors are being punished for refusing to call students by their chosen pronouns. Clubs are being created to advance an idea that transgenderism is normal, not abnormal. And those kids who disagree with the...


America Has Turned Into An Oligarchy

Once upon a time, politicians in America truly cared about representing the people who voted them into office, if only because they were sensitive to the need to at least appear to uphold the Constitution. But times have changed. And so has America's government. And nowadays more politicians from both parties (sadly) seem to represent the far left views of a handful of far left globalist-minded Big Tech types more than the taxpayers, more than the voters, more even than the Constitution....


America's Growing Cold War With China

America is falling, China is rising and relations between the two nations are in a cold standoff: Agree or disagree? And before deciding, realize the many, many ways China's communists are stepping toward global dominance, versus the many, many ways America, under feckless leadership and far leftist political influence, are stepping away from that role on the world stage. China's building up its military; America's not. China's making many of America's own products, like pharmaceuticals;...


America Needs a Great Awakening

America is facing a time where individual liberties are being stolen daily by a government filled with people who certainly don't fear, or even respect, the citizens who pay their salaries. The role of government has been flipped to the point where elected politicians -- or even unelected bureaucrats -- have become the bosses of the taxpaying citizens. Founding Fathers never intended America to be a place where government officials ruled, but rather a country where individuals took their...


America In Decline, Bible Prophecy On the March

Most Bible scholars agree there is no mention of America in Revelation or during end times. So this prompts the question: Where does America go? The nation is certainly in a state of decline -- much as many hate to admit. But in order to fight effectively, one must see the battlefield for what it is. In other words, you can't fight what you don't recognize as an enemy. But many wicked agendas are being advanced through the culture and the government by enemies of individualism who are...