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Bringing you news and analysis of the UK’s departure from the EU and promoting a positive and optimistic vision of Britain after Brexit.

Bringing you news and analysis of the UK’s departure from the EU and promoting a positive and optimistic vision of Britain after Brexit.


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Bringing you news and analysis of the UK’s departure from the EU and promoting a positive and optimistic vision of Britain after Brexit.




Gerard Lyons: Building a post-Brexit economy

This time I spoke to the economist Gerard Lyons, the former Chief Economic Adviser to Boris Johnson. He criticised the ‘can-kicking’ of the previous administration and said businesses wanted to ‘get Brexit done’. We discussed the global financial situation and how the powers gained back from the EU could be used to re balance the UK economy.


Dan Hannan: Why the EU cannot be democratic

Dan Hannan on why democracy can't work in the EU: "Democracy isn't just a periodic right to put a cross on a bit of paper. democracy also depends on a certain relationship between government and governed. "You have a sense of loyalty, of shared affinity in Sweden or Portugal or Britain, but nobody ever really says 'I'm a European' in a way that they might say 'I'm a Swede' or 'I'm a Portuguese'. "So when you have European elections you don't find that they are happening in a context of a...


Lance Forman: Why I'm standing for the Brexit Party

Business owner Lance Forman tells BrexitCentral why he's standing for the Brexit Party and explains how his experience in business persuaded him to not to support Theresa May's deal.


What made Vote Leave so successful? - Part 3

This week I spoke to Matthew Elliott the former CEO of Vote Leave. He discussed his political influences, the lessons he learnt from running the NotoAV campaign and how the repeal of the Corn Laws was similar to Brexit.


What made Vote Leave so successful? - Part 2

This week I spoke to Oliver Lewis the former Research Director of Vote Leave. He explains how he helped set up Business for Britain, the forerunner of Vote Leave, which filled the gap in the Eurosceptic market, making the business case for leaving the UK. He also revealed how using a strategy used by the US military helped to defeat the Remain campaign when arguing in the media. 🧐


What made 'Vote Leave' so successful? - Part 1

This week we spoke to Hugh Bennett from Guido Fawkes. A former Vote Leave staffer, Hugh shared his thoughts on just what made the campaign capable of taking on and beating the might of the British establishment.


What should Theresa May do now?

Charlie Elphicke the MP for Dover and Deal says Theresa May should go back to the EU to get a better deal but should prepare to leave the EU without a deal.


Are MPs warming to Theresa May's Brexit deal?

This week we spoke to Simon Clarke MP to discuss whether MPs were likely to change their minds before the vote on Theresa May's EU deal on Tuesday.


Alp Mehmet from Migration Watch

In discussion with Alp Mehmet from Migration Watch. We spoke about the upcoming White Paper on Immigration, immigration policy after Brexit, and the UN Global Compact on Migration.


What deal did Theresa May make over Gibraltar?

Speaking in a personal capacity, Ben Brickley from the Friends of the British Overseas Territories explains how Theresa May 'sold Gibraltar down the river' with her Brexit deal and given Spain the key to controlling the Rock.


John Longworth predicts civil unrest if Brexit isn't delivered

This week we spoke to John Longworth the co-founder of Leave Means Leave. He said the Withdrawal Agreement was "the worst deal in History" and predicted "riots on the streets" if Brexit isn't delivered.


Fishing For Leave: The problem with Gove's Fisheries Bill

Aaron Brown from Fishing for Leave takes us through the upcoming Fisheries Bill and explains the existential threat that a transition period has for the future of British fishing.


#Standup4Brexit: Our MPs will only vote for Lancaster House vision of Brexit

BrexitCentral spoke to Rebecca and Helen from the StandUp4Brexit campaign to find out how they managed to persuade 51 MPs to pledge not to vote for a Chequers style deal.


DUP policy chief explains party's Brexit thinking

The DUP's Director of Policy, Lee Reynolds sat down with BrexitCentral to discuss Chequers, the backstop and how the DUP envision things moving forward.


Shanker Singham: If we agree to Chequers we can't 'harden' Brexit later

Leading trade expert, Shanker Singham, has attacked the idea that the government can ‘harden up’ Brexit if it sticks with the Prime Minister’s Chequers plan. In conversation with Deputy Editor David Scullion.


Farage: Brexit backlash will be 'unlike anything we've seen'

Nigel Farage urges Conservatives to make one past push to oust Theresa May and deliver Brexit, otherwise he'll seek to return as the leader of UKIP, warning that the backlash to a Brexit betrayal will be 'unlike anything we've seen before in this country'. In conversation with BrexitCentral Deputy Editor David Scullion.


Ross Thomson MP: 'Drop Chequers plan or Tories are screwed'

David Scullion speaks to Ross Thomson MP about Theresa May's Chequers deal.


Crunch Chequers meeting on customs

Ahead of the crunch Chequers meeting on Customs, we discuss the leaked proposals sent out by Downing Street which ties the UK to EU regulations and wonder if anybody will resign.


Peer pressure: The House of Lords amendment that could thwart Brexit

With BrexitCentral's Jonathan Isaby and Hugh Bennett. Presented by Darren Grimes.


The US, UK, France and Germany's response on Russia proves that post-Brexit isolation is a myth

With BrexitCentral's Jonathan Isaby and Hugh Bennett. Presented by Darren Grimes.