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Episode 28 -- Husslin' for Us

In this episode, the Bruthas pay tribute to fallen rapper, entrepreneur and activist Nipsey Hussle. In doing so, they talk about the challenges (and necessity) of not forgetting where you came from. And in other Los Angeles-rated news, the Bruthas discuss the surprise Magic Johnson resignation from the Lakers and the (not at all) surprising clapback by South Central’s own Auntie Maxine Waters against Treasury Secretary Mnuchin. In national black news, the Bruthas report on the arrest of the...


Episode 27 -- A Good Week for Empire (Trump & Lyon)

In this episode, the Bruthas discuss the stunning results of the last week; namely, the “exoneration” of Donald Trump in the Mueller probe and the decision of Illinois prosecutors to dismiss all charges against Jussie Smollett. The Bruthas will give their in-depth legal analysis (i.e., “This is some bull*&%), right here!”). Furthermore, the bruthas discuss the college admissions scandal that ensnared Hollywood actresses and ultimately, Dr. Dre. They also discuss the shocking revelation that...


Episode 26 -- R. Kelly, You Quit Playing!

In this episode of the podcast, the Bruthas talk about R. Kelly's blockbuster interview with Gayle King. Sean makes a shocking confession about his initial take on R. Kelly's meltdown and the Bruthas give their predictions about the final outcome of the criminal case against "the King of R&B" (sorry, Jacquees). The Bruthas also discuss the HBO documentary on Michael Jackson documentary and how the revelations therein affect their respective Jackson Five musical collections. They also discuss...


Episode 25 -- Justice for Jussie

Episode 25 is now available! In this episode, the Bruthas discuss the continuing saga of Jussie Smollett. They also discuss the somehow lesser reported story of the Coast Guard officer who was arrested with a cache of weapons and a "kill list." The Bruthas also touch briefly on the issue of whether college athletes should be paid for their talents. And finally, they weigh in on the current "integrity v. money" feud between Steve Harvey and Monique.


Episode 24 -- Blackface All Over the Place

In this episode, the Bruthas try to figure out the fascination with blackface and why seemingly every politician in Virginia has a photo of them wearing it during the 1980s. Well, except for the black Lt. Gov., who is facing a very different allegation of past misconduct. The Bruthas also discuss the attack in Chicago against actor and musician Jussie Smollett, the shocking admission by Liam Neeson that he once attempted to exact racial revenge, and highlights of the State of the Union.


Episode 23 -- Integrating Into a Burning House

In the last year of his life, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a conversation with Harry Belafonte in which Dr. King lamented, "I have come to believe that we are integrating into a burning house." So, in recognition of the Dr. King holiday, the Bruthas examine the results of 50 years of racial integration. In short, they attempt to answer the question, "Has integration been a net positive for the black community as a whole?" The Bruthas also discuss current news events, including Smirkgate...


Episode 22 -- Are We Our Sistas' Keepers?

More than 50 years ago, Malcolm X said, "The most disrespected person in America is the black woman." Sadly, his words seem to be as true today as they were back then. In this episode, the Bruthas talk about the abysmal level of respect and protection afforded black woman and girls. In doing so, they discuss the disturbing documentary Surviving R Kelly. They also discuss an incident involving a sista working at a McDonald's who had to fight off her white male attacker while three "bruthas"...


Episode 21 -- Baby, I'm Banned Outside!

In this episode, the Bruthas discuss the recent controversy surrounding the song, Baby It's Cold Outside. They also discuss Kevin Hart stepping down as host of the Oscars as a result of past homophobic tweets. Sean gives his quick review of the movie Green Book, the movie that tells the story of the great black musician Dr. Don Shirley (well sort of). And finally, they recap the most recent developments in Putingate.


Episode 20 -- Negrophobia

In response to a listener question, the Bruthas take a deep dive into American slavery and one of its lasting effects -- negrophobia. This is the irrational fear that, at any moment, black folks will rise up and commence the "negropocalypse." The Bruthas not only show the roots of this fear and its affects during slavery and beyond, but also, the corresponding fear that black folks live under -- caucaphobia. This is the black person's (quite rational) fear that any act could result in a...


Episode 19 -- We Back Up in the Heezy!

The bruthas recap the results from the 2018 election. And despite their disappointment from the (apparent) losses of Abrams, Beto and Gillum, they rejoice in the fact that the Dems took back the House. Moreover, they highlight some of the many minority and women candidates who won their races. The bruthas also discuss the various state ballot questions, including the restoration of voting rights for felons in Florida and the ever-growing popularity of the sticky-icky (i.e., weed). And as...


Episode 18 -- This Election is Blowing Up ... Litcherally!

In this episode, the bruthas discuss this week's breaking news of the Magabomber. We also tackle the upcoming gubernatorial elections in Florida and Georgia. They also discuss Megyn Kelly's attempt to bring blackface back and the latest round of white women calling the police on black folks.


Episode 15 - Can Omarosa Get Her Black Card Back?

In this episode, the bruthas review Omarosa's book, Unhinged, and discuss the possible reinstatement of her black card or at least, a provisional invite to the cookout. In related news, they discuss the guilty of plea of Trump's fixer, Michael Cohen, and the guilty verdicts of his "ride or die" campaign manager, Paul "Paulie" Manafort. And finally, the bruthas weigh in on the toppling of the Silent Sam monument at the University of North Carolina.


Episode 14 -- Skin or Kin, We Ride

In this episode, the bruthas give their thoughts on Coonapalooza -- the black pastors pilgrimage to the White House. They also weigh in on Donald Trump's Twitter rant against King James (and Michael Jordan's rather feckless response to it). And to end on a high note, they celebrate the victory of Wesley Bell for St. Louis County Prosecutor in the response to Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson in 2014; and what this victory might portend for possibly curbing the epidemic of police brutality.


Episode 13 -- Home (Not So) Sweet Home

In this episode, the bruthas explore the question of whether they would ever leave America and if so, as black man, where would they consider putting down new roots?


Episode 12 -- Doing Nothing While Black

In this episode, we put our formidable legal minds to the task of determining exactly what black folks can do without having the cops called on them. As a result, this was going to be a very short episode because we could only come up with three activities between us. However, we were able to fill the rest of the time by discussing the myriad reasons for which cops were called on black folks in just the last few weeks alone.


Episode 11 -- The Lost Episode (Part 1)

The Bruthas discovered this lost episode from May 2018 deep in the BNL vaults. Enjoy!


Episode 10 -- A 50-Year Report Card on Dr. King's Dream

In recognition of the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King 50 years ago this week, the bruthas give a 50-year report card on America's progress towards recognition of Dr. King's dream. Needless to say, America is going to be spending the next few years in summer school trying to make up for lost opportunities. That being said, there is some good news on various fronts and the bruthas discuss ways to move forward, collectively and individually.


Episode 9 -- Comply and/or Die

In this episode, the bruthas discuss the latest controversial police shooting of an unarmed black citizen -- Stephon Clark of Sacramento, California. In particularly, they tackle the current regime of comply and/or die policing and the lack of political reforms on the horizon. In doing so, they contrast the nation's reaction to the latest mass school shooting and the Austin bomber.


Episode 8 - A Brief History of This Week

In this episode, the bruthas discuss the lessons to be learned from the passing of the great Stephen Hawking, the black Twitter debate over Bruno Mars and cultural appropriation, the latest developments in the Stormy Daniels / Donald Trump scandal, and Putin's coming out party as the real leader of the world.


Episode 7 -- Wakanda Til 3 O'Clock

In this episode, the Bruthas give their shout outs to the blockbuster film, Black Panther and wrap their discussion of the film around the context of the tragic incident at Stony Douglas High School in Florida. Spoilers are limited.