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Gábor Bojár: "They control the entire economy"

Graphisoft founder Gábor Bojár joins us in the studio to discuss Hungary's upcoming general election, how Fidesz came to power, and Lajos Bokros' decision to go at the elections alone. (photo: Ivola Bazánth, 168 óra)


Márta Pardavi, co-chair of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Márta Pardavi speaks to us about the government's "Starve and Strangle Bill." We discuss what NGOs like the Hungarian Helsinki Committee are going through and how the EU has responded to the crisis of negative trends in Hungary. Pardavi tells us the HHC would provide legal aid to the prime minister's son-in-law if...


Anton Shekhovtsov, author "Russia and the Western Far-Right: Tango Noir," joins us in the studio

Anton Shekhovtsov joins Ben Novak in the studio to discuss his new book, Russia and the Western Far-Right: Tango Noir. - How long has Russia been in contact with the western far-right? - Why is this good for Russia? - What can the west expect in the future? - How can the west protect itself from becoming Putinized?


5 important issues with Péter Krekó of Political Capital and Ben Novak

Péter Krekó of Political Capital joins Ben Novak in the studio to discuss five important topics: - Misleading polls in Hungary, - George Soros on Orbán having bought up MSZP, - Political anti-Semitism in Hungary, - Russian relations with Hungary — united in the fight against Ukraine, and - Krekó's new book, "The Hungarian Far Right: Social Demand, Political Supply, and International Context"


Lajos Bokros: This is what Gyurcsány told me

MoMA chairman Lajos Bokros swings by the studio to discuss the break-up between his party and Ferenc Gyurcsány's Democratic Coalition and other news.


Dean Starkman: "We are looking at the Golden Age of Public Corruption"

Dean Starkman is a fellow at Center for Media, Data and Society and a visiting lecturer at the School of Public Policy at Central European University, Budapest. He and Ben Novak discuss the challenges facing public interest journalism, the transformation of journalism as whole, and where things are going from here.


Kész: The only way to defeat Fidesz is with the "Highlander Plan"

Independent MP Zoltán Kész broke Fidesz's two-thirds supermajority in a by-election in 2015. He says the only way to defeat Fidesz in the 2018 national elections is with the "Highlander Plan." (The plan does not involve separating anyone's head from their body.)


Are European politicians being bought up with Azeri money?

Ben Novak speaks to Benedek Jávor MEP about efforts in the European Parliament to shine light on the Azerbaijani laundromat, a slush fund reportedly used to buy influence from European politicians and journalists.


Referendum on NGO-stigmatizing bill!

Momentum executive board member Anna Orosz joins Justin Spike and Ben Novak in the studio to discuss her party's push for a referendum on the NGO-stigmatizing bill adopted by Fidesz in June.


Will this Momentum be enough for the upcoming election?

Ben Novak is joined in the studio by Momentum politicians Márton Benedek and Daniel Berg to discuss the upcoming election, why they chose to run in their respective electoral districts, and whether it's worth it to coordinate the fielding of candidates with other opposition parties.


CEU in legal limbo and US criticism of media sector takeover

Ben Novak and Lili Bayer discuss the Central European University's legal limbo and US Embassy's position on Hungary's media takeover.


Hungary is now the ultimate defender of Christian Europe?

Join Lili Bayer and Ben Novak as they analyze how Hungary's ruling party is going "all in" on the claim that they are protecting the nation – and Europe – from forces seeking to destroy Christianity and nation-states. Brace yourselves, this one is a doozie!


Lajos Bokros on Orbán's fascist state

Former finance minister and chairman of Movement for a Modern Hungary Lajos Bokros joins us in the studio to talk about the Őcsény scandal, the moral hazard of Orbán's fascism, Hungary's upcoming national elections, and what it will take to rebuild Hungary.


Benedek Jávor MEP on the CONT visit to Hungary

Benedek Jávor MEP speaks to the Beacon about the European Parliament's Budget Oversight fact-finding mission to Hungary. They even rode the Felcsút mini-train!


Hot autumn? Soros plan? A guide to Fidesz's campaign terminology.

Fidesz is gearing up for election season. They envision violent street protests and a "Soros Plan" to flood Europe with millions of Muslim terrorists. Lili Bayer and Péter Erdélyi join Ben Novak in the studio to discuss where all this might be going.


NGOs affected by discriminatory law file constitutional complaint

Veronika Móra of the Ökotárs Foundation joins Ben Novak in the studio to discuss why two dozen NGOs filed a constitutional complaint with Hungary's Constitutional Court to challenge the recently-adopted NGO-stigmatizing law.


Vladimir Putin comes to Budapest

Russian President Vladimir Putin comes to Budapest for the second time in 2017. Hungary's opposition parties respond with low-turnout protests. In the studio: Ben Novak, Lili Bayer, and Justin Spike


Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson expelled from Hungary

Ben Novak speaks to's Péter Erdélyi about the expulsion of British far-right politicians Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson. What were these two British nationals doing in Hungary?


Two Activists, One Podcast

Ben Novak speaks to activists Gergő Varga and Márton Gulyás about the failed attempt to throw paint at Hungary's President Palace, whether Hungary's protests are dying out, the infamous meeting with Zsolt Bayer, and more!


How the EU funds the Orbán family businesses

Ben Novak speaks to Blanka Zöldi and András Pethő of the investigative journalism NGO about their article "How EU-funded projects secretly contributed to the Orbán family’s enrichment". To read the article, follow this link: