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Whether you live in Clarenville, Port Aux Basques, southern Labrador or any point in between...CBC Newfoundland Morning is for you. It's an upbeat, friendly start to your day. Bernice and Martin have the information you need, want and can't do without!

Whether you live in Clarenville, Port Aux Basques, southern Labrador or any point in between...CBC Newfoundland Morning is for you. It's an upbeat, friendly start to your day. Bernice and Martin have the information you need, want and can't do without!
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Whether you live in Clarenville, Port Aux Basques, southern Labrador or any point in between...CBC Newfoundland Morning is for you. It's an upbeat, friendly start to your day. Bernice and Martin have the information you need, want and can't do without!




Couple won't leave soon-to-be-resettled island, accomplished student credits her hard work, and SK company invites recruits to follow the puck

Government has approved the resettlement money, but a couple won't leave their island home. Also, a super-achieving student gives credit to her hard work, and a manufacturer in SK recruits people to work AND to play hockey.


A woman comes face to face with a polar bear, a man deals with Parkinsons Disease, and people in NL need ways to handle higher electricity bills

A couple from Labrador get uncomfortably close to a polar bear, a husband and father uses a positive attitude to deal with Parkinson's Disease, and an expert adds up whether a government plan will help us keep the power bills down.


Businessman turned down for ski resort board, Labrador culture promoter gets an honorary degree, and a mayor has concerns about a new ferry service

A west coast businessman has been turned down for a ski resort board of directors position, musician Shirley Montague will get an honorary degree from Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, and a Labrador mayor has questions about a new ferry that will soon serve northern Labrador.


Your love of music might be hurting the environment. Also, a group seeks help to run a palliative care facility and a journalist ponders the future of newspapers

Your music-listening habits are affecting the planet, a group behind a palliative care facility wants help from government, and a journalism professor ponders the perilous state of newspapers.


25 jobs gone as daily newspaper cuts back to a weekly, and police warn motorists not to....shave and drive?

25 people lose their jobs as a daily newspaper becomes a weekly. Also, police warn against texting, reading, sipping coffee, or even shaving (?!) while driving.


Government gives a hospital more beds, ferry users have their say, and a man's love of the outdoors reaches the nation on TV

Eight more long-term care beds will open at the hospital in St. Anthony, ferry users have their say at a meeting, and an NL man's love of hunting and fishing gets him a host gig on Wild TV.


Planning the future of a national park, protecting boys from a possibly deadly STD, and living with Parkinson's Disease

Gros Morne National Park invites you to help plan its future, an advocacy group wants to help protect boys against HPV, and we meet a man who has lived with Parkinson's Disease for over 18 years.


A campaign aims to improve the image of legal aid lawyers. Also, the province looks to encourage organ donations

"Real lawyers for real people" - a campaign seeks to improve the image of legal aid lawyers. Also, NL seeks ways to convince more people to donate their organs.


Throwing out less of the food you buy, a new regional joint council rejected, and still struggling on minimum wage

An environmental group has some good tips about cutting back on household food waste, a new regional council in the Clarenville area has been flat out rejected by residents, and while the minimum wage went up just last week, one group says it's not near enough to help those struggling get by.


Tributes for a gifted, young athlete killed in a car crash, complaints about an inaccessible building, and heavy damage as winds tear off a roof

Tributes pour in for a popular, young female hockey player who died in a car crash, a Stephenville man is shocked that a provincial building is not wheelchair accessible, and winds blow the roof off a building in Baie Verte.


Book teaches kids about "Come From Away," a new party prepares for NL election, and a new art gallery opens at a mall

New kids' book tells how town mascot attends "Come From Away" musical, a new party gears up for the NL election, and university students show their work at a new gallery in a mall.


Parkinson's presents big challenges in NL, a gas station owner struggles against the franchises, and competitive swimmers still lack a pool

Tune in to our series on Parkinson's Disease in NL, hear about an independent gas station's last-ditch efforts to stay open, and learn what's happening to replace a swimming pool that was destroyed by fire.


A new group helps adults with autism socialize, the Canadian Women's Hockey League folds, and birds of a feather really DO flock together

A new group helps adults on the autism spectrum socialize, the folding of the Canadian league is a blow to women hockey players, and researchers study how a species of small, speckled bird travels thousands of kilometres each year.


A school shows love for a student with Down Syndrome. Also, a neighbour complains about dog poop, a soccer coach moves on, and a couple has a GORGE-ous wedding

A school celebrates a student with Down Syndrome, a homeowner complains about poop left near his house by a neighbour's dog, a much-loved soccer coach and technical director is leaving the province, and a couple ride snowmobiles to their high-mountain wedding.


Marking a ski resort's 30th year, combining food and tourism in a college program, and attracting young people to be mining prospectors

Our reporter takes to the chairlift to celebrate a ski resort's 30th anniversary, a college offers a program that combines food and tourism, and mining prospectors recruit young people to the profession.


A new chairperson for NL's human rights commission, a tough battle for icebreakers in the Strait, and advice about your pet

An indigenous woman is the new chairperson of NL's Human Rights Commission, icebreakers keep trying to smash through ice in the Strait of Belle Isle, and an animal trainer offers advice about pets' separation anxiety.


NL pushes to double food production by 2022, a new midwifery program starts soon, and an American resident nails a Newfoundland accent for an audio book

We have an update on NL's efforts to double our food production by 2022, a look at a midwifery pilot project, and a story of how a U.S. resident pulled off a great Newfoundland accent for an audio book.


NL school program teaches kids with autism through games and play. Also, a school jazz band uses a rockin' fundraiser for its band trip

A new program for NL children with autism combines play and learning in the classroom. As well, a school jazz band raises money for its Toronto trip by playing in a rock 'n roll band.


Women endure the pain of endometriosis. Also, NL powerlifters excel at Nationals, and Kindergartners "trash" plastic bags

One in ten women suffers in silence, from endometriosis. Also, two Gander powerlifters bring home national gold, and kindergartners come up with colourful ways to get rid of single-use plastic bags.


Students vow to ban plastic bags, NL may get a new ferry soon, and teachers take a chilly dip to help the school

Bags, boats, and Brrrr...! High school students start a petition against single use plastic bags, Marine Atlantic may get a new ferry soon, and teachers will take an icy dip to raise money for the school.