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Each weekday, Dana Bash and a panel of well-sourced reporters bring you the most important political stories of the day. On the weekend, Manu Raju kicks off CNN's Sunday morning political programming with Inside Politics Sunday. Dana and Manu get answers from the people making headlines, explain the political that stories matter, and report on how the news will impact you.


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Each weekday, Dana Bash and a panel of well-sourced reporters bring you the most important political stories of the day. On the weekend, Manu Raju kicks off CNN's Sunday morning political programming with Inside Politics Sunday. Dana and Manu get answers from the people making headlines, explain the political that stories matter, and report on how the news will impact you.




From Russia with malice

First: The Justice Department pulls back the curtain on a Russian operation to peddle false information about the Bidens and the informant they used to do it. Plus: Alexey Navalny paid with his life for an enduring political protest against a dictator. Now, Donald Trump is using Navalny's name and story not to shame Putin but to shine his own reputation. And: Wannabe future Trump officials build a playbook for what a second term would look like, and we've got some of the eye-popping details. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Can Haley breathe life into her campaign?

First: As today show begins, Nikki Haley is about to take the stage in South Carolina for what her campaign is billing as a major speech, promising to stay in the race even if she loses her home state. Plus: New CNN reporting reveals the president's orders to his senior-most campaign staff: Ramp up how much they're spotlighting "crazy stuff that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth." And: Former Democratic Senator Bill Bradley hasn't run a campaign since 2000, yet he's still younger than Joe Biden. Does that matter? Should it matter to voters? Dana talks to him about that and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ukraine crisis across the disrupts US campaign

First: President Biden pins the blame on Republicans for the fall of a Ukrainian city, while Donald Trump tries to make himself a martyr after the suspicious death of a Kremlin critic. Plus: Joe Biden is facing a new call to step aside as a prominent columnist says he's a great president but shouldn't run again. And: Brand new CNN reporting on why so many top Republicans are deciding not to run again. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Trump's retribution campaign continues after $355M fine

First: Trump is ordered to pay up. New details of his plans for a second term emerge as this unprecedented race takes shape. Plus: World (dis)order. Trump and Republicans threaten to upend alliances and the stakes couldn’t be higher. And: Reality check. After a week of missteps, GOP lawmakers leave town. With a shutdown looming, what next? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ramifications of Navalny's death

As today's show begins, President Biden is preparing to speak on the reported death of one of Vladimir Putin's top critics, Alexey Navalny. Vice President Kamala Harris has already been making the case that Russia is responsible. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Dems pick up House seat

First: Democrats may be humming "New York, New York" after they picked up a key House seat. Plus: Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan tells Dana Bash why he's running for Senate. And: Could a judge's ruling effectively end Donald Trump's business empire? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


It's up to you, New York

First: The special election to replace Republican congressman George Santos is on. We look at what this race means for a House that's nearly evenly divided and the tea leaves to be reading ahead of November. Plus: An election denier and his daughter-in-law. That's who Donald Trump wants to lead the Republican National Committee, showing the all-but-certain nominee is tightening his vice and calling the shots. And: "Disgusting, awful and unhinged." That's how Nikki Haley is responding to Trump after he mocked her husband again, who's in uniform serving America overseas. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Another day, another courtroom

First: Donald Trump and his lawyers are behind closed doors right now meeting with the judge in his classified documents case. This, as the GOP frontrunner faces criticism on both sides of the Atlantic for threatening to throw NATO allies to the wolves. Plus: RFK Jr. is apologizing to his estranged relatives for a Super Bowl spot that copied a famous 1960 campaign ad from his uncle, even though it's still pinned to the top of his social media feed. And: Who will replace ousted congressman George Santos? Dana speaks to both candidates on the ballot in New York's third district. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Biden’s allies push back against reports questioning his memory

First: The panel discusses the comments from the special counsel report and how they will affect Biden’s 2024 presidential re-election campaign. Plus: Trumps campaign is not setting off as smoothly as he would like as he is called out for making controversial comments around not defending NATO allies and encouraging Russia to “do whatever they want” as well as negative comments questioning Governor Haley’s husband who is out serving his country in Africa. And: Concerns about Mitch McConnell permeate Senate Republican Caucus after he champions bill concerning sending support to Ukraine and Israel. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


'A well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory'

First: Those eight words in the special counsel's scathing report about Joe Biden's handling of classified documents set off a five-alarm political fire inside the White House and sent the president himself into a fury. Plus: Nikki Haley's trolling Donald Trump like never before and seems to be having some fun doing it. And: This year's Super Bowl ads won't all be about drinking beer and buying cars. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's foundation is spending $7 million on a commercial to fight anti-semitism. Kraft joins Dana from Las Vegas. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Republicans' epic failure

First: Dysfunction, humiliation, and inability to govern. That's the most charitable way to describe congressional Republicans right now after a stunning series of mindboggling defeats. And minutes from now, the GOP will almost certainly torpedo the most conservative border bill before them in decades. Plus: Nikki Haley loses Nevada's nonbinding primary even though she was the only candidate on the ballot. Her campaign insists it's still full steam ahead. And: All eyes are on the Supreme Court as it prepares to hear arguments on whether Donald Trump can be disqualified under the Constitution's insurrection ban. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Trump not immune

As today's show begins, we're expecting President Biden to speak about the bipartisan border bill that's on the brink of collapse. The bill includes a host of tough new border policies that the president says he'd sign, but Republicans are ready to torpedo it after Donald Trump came out against it. Dana speaks with the with the Republican who negotiated that deal. But first: Donald Trump suffers a major legal defeat as a DC appeals court unanimously rejects the former president's claim of immunity in the federal election subversion case. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Voters weigh in on Trump's legal woes

First: We reveal the results of a new CNN poll about how voters feel about Donald Trump's multiple legal battles as the former president's delay tactics appear to be working on several criminal cases. Plus: Senate leaders unveiled the most substantial bipartisan border bill in decades. Now the Republican who helped make the deal is calling out his Republican colleagues for trying to torpedo it even before reading it. And: Early voting is underway to replace George Santos. We bring you the latest from the campaign trail. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Read the bill

First, any moment now the leaders in the Senate are expected to release the final text of a long awaited bipartisan deal to address the crisis of the southern border. Despite remaining unknown, the deal has exposed massive fractures in the Republican party on an issue that Donald Trump wants to campaign on. Biden has endorsed the deal while Trump has tried to tank it before reading it himself. Then, The US and UK have retaliated against Iranian backed groups in the Middle East for a 3rd straight day following waves of airstrikes hitting targets across Yemen, Syria and Iraq. The President is already facing the fallout as he comes under fire from Republicans. How will these attacks shake up the political field? And, Nikki Haley is still in the race for the GOP nomination, but for how long? It's less than three weeks until the Republican primary in her home state and the polls are looking rather bleak. Yet she is barnstorming her state on a multi-day swing as well as ramping up her attacks on Trump. Plus, we travel to New York for a look at an election with National implications. Early voting began yesterday in the most closely watched special election in the country - the race to replace Former US Rep. George Santos in the house. George Santos himself joins us to share his thoughts on the Presidential race. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Honoring the fallen

First: President Biden travels to Dover Delaware to attend the transfer of three US soldiers killed last weekend and to meet with their families as their loved ones' remains are returned to US soil. Plus: The first employment report of 2024 is out and it is much stronger than anybody expected. This as new exclusive CNN polling shows that voters are giving President Biden slightly more credit for economic gains. And: A GOP source describes House Republicans' attempt to impeach President Biden a "jumbled mess." We bring you new reporting on how top members are finally admitting it's probably not going to happen. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


All paths lead through Michigan

First: President Biden is on his way to a must-win state trying to lock down key voting blocks that could give him an edge in that tight battleground. Plus: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin admits it was wrong to keep his surgery for prostate cancer and subsequent hospitalization private. And: The district attorney leading the Georgia election case against Trump is refusing to step down amid allegations she had an affair with the lead prosecutor. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Zuckerberg apologizes

Zuckerberg apologizes In today's episode, social media CEOs are grilled during a contentious Senate committee meeting, prompting Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to apologize to parents in the audience who blame their children's exploitation - and even suicide - on Facebook. According to one GOP senator, "You have blood on your hands." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


A fateful choice

First: President Biden announced he's decided how the US will respond to a deadly attack on American troops in Jordan, as fears grow that retaliating against Iranian forces could further ignite a region already on fire. Plus: XI Jinping gave Joe Biden his word that China will not meddle in the 2024 election. We bring you exclusive, new reporting on their high-stakes conversation. And: We explore the growing conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift is plotting with the NFL to get Joe Biden re-elected. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Biden: 'We shall respond'

First: A region reeling from war is ready for President Biden's next move as he promises to retaliate against those responsible for a drone attack that killed three US soldiers. Plus: Donald Trump is pushing Republicans to abandon a bipartisan bill that they have been working on for months and deny President Biden an election-year win. And: Nikki Haley tries to taunt Trump into debating her while planning more than a dozen fundraisers to bring campaign cash in for a needed fight. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The fight for the border deal

First, new details of the delicate border deal which Trump has immediately tried to kill, despite not even seeing the text. The major deal was just secured between President Joe Biden and a bipartisan group of Senators aimed at securing the southern border with Mexico. Next, Trump was at his Las Vegas rally yesterday, where Nikki Haley's attacks on his mental acuity have clearly gotten under his skin. He then proceeded to retaliate with his own attacks against her. We discuss Trump vs Nikki and how this will shape their campaigns. Then, House Republican leaders are all on the Trump train. So what are top GOP Senators saying about Trump's march to the nomination? And are Trump's legal troubles finally catching up with him? Plus, President Biden heads South as he tries to ease progressive protests. He's currently trying to win back support from the local voters as well as taking aim at Donald Trump. Manu and his panel break down the President's strategy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit