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We bring you 5 stories that will get you up to speed and on with your day. Updates at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 5pm and 10pm Eastern, every weekday.

We bring you 5 stories that will get you up to speed and on with your day. Updates at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 5pm and 10pm Eastern, every weekday.


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We bring you 5 stories that will get you up to speed and on with your day. Updates at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 5pm and 10pm Eastern, every weekday.




6 AM ET: Cheney loses seat, North Korea missile launch, cheaper hearing aids & more

We start the episode in Wyoming, where Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney has lost her seat to a Trump backed candidate. North Korea has launched more cruise missiles - we'll give you the details. Democrats are celebrating after President Joe Biden signed a $750 billion healthcare, tax and climate bill into law. Russian forces in Crimea have been hit by a second explosion in less than a week. Plus, we'll tell you why getting a help with your hearing could be cheaper and easier in the...


10 PM ET: Mar-a-Lago search interviews, dog catches monkeypox, primary elections & more

The FBI interviewed two former White House lawyers about classified documents taken to former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property. Plus, a former congressman accused of participating in multiple financial schemes has been indicted. We’re also following a key primary race in Wyoming where congresswoman Liz Cheney is running for reelection. Scientists say it’s possible that people infected with monkeypox can pass the virus to their pets. Lastly, we have an update on author Salman...


5 PM ET: Climate bill signed, Mar-a-Lago affidavit, Capri Sun recall & more

We start this evening with the latest surrounding last week's FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago property -- a federal judge is set to decide whether to unseal an affidavit that led to the search. President Joe Biden signed the sweeping Inflation Reduction Act into law this afternoon, which includes historic provisions for climate and healthcare. The drought-stricken Colorado River Basin will receive funding through this act, even as severe conditions force the federal...


12 PM ET: Primary day, Jill Biden's positive, student loan debt & more

Primary elections are underway in Alaska and Wyoming – we'll break down what's at stake for some Republican candidates and how Alaska's doing their election differently this year. Historic drought conditions in the western US could force the federal government to take unprecedented steps to manage the water shortage. First Lady Jill Biden has tested positive for COVID-19. Russian forces in an occupied region of Ukraine are facing increasing difficulties. And President Joe Biden cancels...


9 AM ET: $3 gas, Iran nuclear deal, A$AP Rocky charged & more

Things aren't looking good for Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, as voters in Wyoming decide whether she could lose her seat. Gas prices are still dropping and some are predicting they could reach $3 a gallon in some states by the end of the year. A nuclear deal between the US and Iran could be around the corner, with Iran saying remaining issues are “not very difficult to resolve”. Rihanna's partner A$AP Rocky has been charged over a 2021 shooting in Hollywood. Plus, the old boss of WeWork might...


6 AM ET: Cheney's big day, Russia's 'nuclear blackmail', Kenya's new president & more

Former President Donald Trump and his allies face even more legal trouble - we'll bring you the latest in the saga. Voters in Wyoming will decide today whether Republican Rep. Liz Cheney can keep her seat, but it's not looking good. Ukraine's President has accused Russia of nuclear blackmail and is calling on the international community to act. Kenya has a new president, but not everyone is happy. Plus, a story that involves nuclear secrets, cryptocurrency and a peanut butter sandwich. To...


10 PM ET: Mar-a-Lago affidavit inquiries, frozen pizza recall, gas prices & more

Tonight, the Justice Department opposed releasing an affidavit that investigators used to search former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Plus, American Airlines is cutting more flights this fall. Some frozen pizzas have been recalled – we have the details. We’ll also tell you what inspectors found at three Dollar General stores that could lead to fines. Lastly, gas prices continue to fall at the pump. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


5 PM ET: Nuclear plant fighting, frozen Afghan assets, West Virginia flooding & more

The US and the international community are calling on Russia to withdraw its troops from Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. The Biden administration say it does not plan to release seven billion dollars in frozen assets from Afghanistan’s central bank anytime soon – we’ll explain why. A second group of US lawmakers are visiting Taiwan – we’ll tell you how China is reacting. We have the latest developments in Sen. Lindsey Graham and Rudy Giuliani's legal battles involving an investigation...


12 PM ET: Mar-a-Lago questions, Taliban’s celebration, threats to food supply & more

The dots are starting to connect in the Justice Department’s investigation into the former President’s potential mishandling of classified documents, but there are still some unknowns. The Taliban is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its takeover of Afghanistan. A health expert is raising alarm over the polio virus detection in New York City. One-third of the food the US eats is at risk, thanks to climate change. Plus, a strike over mental health services is taking place. To learn...


9 AM ET: Griner appeals, Iran blames Rushdie, India's Independence Day & more

We begin this episode with the latest from the FBI search of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago property. US basketball player Brittney Griner's legal team is appealing a Russian court’s decision to sentence the basketball player to 9 years in prison for smuggling drugs to Russia. Iran says Salman Rushdie had himself and his fans to blame for his own stabbing. In Illinois three people have been injured after a shooting in the parking lot of a Six Flags amusement park. And finally,...


6 AM ET: Mar-a-Lago developments, a year of Taliban rule, another Taiwan visit & more

We begin this episode with the latest developments in the Mar-a-Lago search. US lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are seeking more information about the documents seized from the former president's home. Today marks one year of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, and CNN has obtained a final draft of a scathing report on the US withdrawal. Less than two weeks after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, a second congressional delegation is on the island today in an unannounced two-day...


Sunday Edition: Did We Miss Our Chance to Contain Monkeypox?

As monkeypox continues to spread around the US, federal health officials have rolled out a new strategy they say will stretch vaccine supply amid high demand. We break down what you should know about virus and look at why we may have already missed our chance at effectively containing it. Guest: Jacqueline Howard, CNN Health reporter To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


3 PM ET: Rushdie stabbing suspect, music festival tragedy, nuclear plant fears & more

The suspect in the stabbing attack against author Salman Rushdie is being arraigned on multiple charges. FBI personnel are “doxxed” after executing a search warrant at the home of former President Donald Trump. At least one person is dead after strong winds topple a stage at a music festival near Valencia, Spain. Calls are growing to set up a demilitarized zone around Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine. And a loud boom heard in Utah may have been an exploding meteor. To learn...


10 AM ET: Mar-a-Lago search fallout, Rushdie security scrutinized, CA megaflood fears & more

We’re learning more about what was seized by FBI at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. Security measures at the event where Salman Rushdie was stabbed are being scrutinized. A rare women’s protest in Afghanistan is violently dispersed by the Taliban. An MLB star is suspended after testing positive for a banned substance. And a new study finds climate change is increasing the possibility of a megaflood in California. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit...


10 PM ET: Threats against FBI, Salman Rushdie attacked, Anne Heche’s condition & more

The FBI says it’s received a number of threats after a search at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence earlier this week. The House of Representatives has passed a major bill on climate, energy and health care. We have an update on celebrated author Salman Rushdie’s condition following an attack on stage. In southeast Europe, at least two children died in a mass shooting. Lastly, Anne Heche’s family says she's "brain dead" but remains on life support after a fiery crash sent...


5 PM ET: Trump documents, Salman Rushdie, NYC polio & more

The House of Representatives is on track to pass a massive climate, energy and health care bill. We’re learning more about what documents might have been included in the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search. A suspect accused of attacking celebrated author Salman Rushdie is in custody. Polio has been detected in New York City’s wastewater - we’ll tell you what health experts are saying. Lastly, you might have to pay more to mail packages this holiday season. To learn more about how CNN protects listener...


12 PM ET: Trump’s deadline, inflation feelings, Hong Kong exodus & more

The ball is in former President Donald Trump’s court to decide if the FBI’s search documents will be made public or not – we’ll tell you what could happen either way. Consumers are feeling better about the economy and inflation as Congress is poised to pass a bill that aims to ease price pains more. The Uvalde, Texas community is frustrated with agencies involved in investigating the school shooting. Hong Kong’s population is at its lowest level ever recorded – we’ll tell you why. Plus, tech...


9 AM ET: Climate bill one step closer, ex-VA police officer sentenced, Dijon dries up

In this episode we bring you the latest on the Mar-a-Lago search fallout, with news that CNN and other news organizations have asked a court to unseal all the documents connected to the search of Trump’s residence. The Democrats' Inflation Reduction Act is expected to take a giant step to the finish line today. A fired VA police officer has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison for taking part in the January 6 insurrection. The CDC has revised its Covid-19 guidance - we'll tell...


6 AM ET: Merrick Garland's request, Afghanistan one year on, Anne Heche & more

We begin this episode with the latest on fallout of the Mar-a-Lago search. We bring you the latest from Cincinnati, after a man tried to enter an FBI field office with an AR-15 and a nail gun. The UN's nuclear watchdog is raising the alarm as fighting continues in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine - near the site of Europe's largest nuclear power plant. CNN's Clarissa Ward is in Afghanistan to report on life in the country, one year after the Taliban takeover. Anne Heche is still in hospital, we bring...


10 PM ET: CDC Covid-19 recommendations, deadly Ohio standoff, Bill Russell honored & more

The CDC has relaxed some of its Covid-19 guidelines – we have details. Plus, authorities say an armed suspect who tried to breach an FBI field office in Cincinnati, Ohio is dead. We have new developments about a shooting at a store in Mall of America last week. Drugs may have been found in actress Anne Heche’s system following a fiery crash in California. Lastly, we’ll tell you how the NBA is honoring late Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell. To learn more about how CNN protects listener...